Paul,”Missed Opportunity” Mawan,”Effective Decision”

1spdp.jpgThe President of PDP Tiong have finally been ‘smoked out of his fox hole‘ by the interview conducted by Borneo Posts Peter Sibon.

Tiong as President, says a former youth member.”he has to come out with a statement or say something to appease the party loyalists and aspirants or they will all lost hope of their lobbying for their “traditional seats”for GE14.  Moreover he also touched on Anyi who needs to be work harder to improve his performance and this would not give motivation to yet another incumbent MP.Will Nogeh sail through that is another tricky question?

This is a political decision which PM Najib himself would and could easily advised Tiong,”the quality of  decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon..” However,Najib knows that Tiong is very much in a hurry to wrap up this “imbroglio” and informed his colleagues in BN that all is under control.

He himself is not 100% safe and looking over his shoulders in Bintulu or else he would not have talked about delineation exercise. We know that he won in 2013 with voters of 26458 against DAP John Brian Anthony garnering 19025.

Meanwhile audie61 made two separate phone calls one each to Paul Igai and William Mawan. Paul said its a ‘missed opportunity for reconciliation” as the momentum was there after the Pahang BN retreat. The PM had said in so many words that on Mawan’s case  it had to be done ‘fast”.

When questioned further on Tiong ‘s statement he gave a positive answer as ‘all is not lost” He also mentioned that Mawan would be welcome back with open arms and will not be dropped as an incumbent. Of course Paul knows very well what transpired too in the last state elections when Mawan was fielded as a direct BN candidate.  He also told us that there are too many ‘piranhas” swimming around and lurking around the President.

Before we said thank you for his inputs Paul said,’please read his statement which was published a few days ago.”

If we read it politically PDP would not want this seat to fall to another BN component party. They have every right to claim the traditional seat and the press release is a strong enough statement to justify .


We managed to track down Mawan who after coming back from Kuala Lumpur made his way to Kabong his MP constituency and now is on his way to Pakan for his DUN duties. audie61 asked him on the newspaper articles which PDP has made and he said ,”

‘I am serving both the people in my constituency and am more interested in getting down to the grassroots than doing petty politicking.

I have been elected to serve and am doing just that. The interest of Barisan Nasional is more important as we approach the GE14 and he said that he is so “entrenched in Saratok” that he will not take a step backward.

His main task is to consolidate all the groupings that exist in Saratok and to ensure that seat remains BN after GE14.

We were informed by our reliable sources that PDP President Tiong has been misinformed and illadvised on the situation on the ground. Mawan said ,’its up to Tiong to camp in Saratok for week or so and find out for himself instead of listening to hearsay’s which will do no good to Barisan Nasional.” He should come unnoticed quietly and he will know the real situation on the ground.

Mawan’s phone was breaking up as reception was not very clear he said,”in any elections, the product of information,analysis and critically the EFFECTIVE DECISION to act is important. This is a”bonus”safe seat for BN as he is the incumbent and he has worked hard to solidfy the seat for BN for GE14.”

Did Tiong make the effective decision and timing or will Tiong live to regret his actions?

Tiong knows the final say will rest with the State BN Chairman Abang Jo and PM Najib as the BN Chairman and for them to Sacrifice “WINNABILITY WITH LOYALTY” with a new and untested candidate is not exactly on their menu.

PM and CM will not want to go on the back foot and knows that Mawan will deliver the seat when called upon. PM himself  came down in 2013 when Mawan was at his lowest peak and he campaigned for Mawan to sail through against a “worthy opponent” in Ali Biju of PKR and other detractors who were hell bent of destroying and finishing off the then SPDP President.

PM Najib and CM Abang Jo will take all this factors into consideration and Paul could not have put it more nicely,”all is not lost

A Formidable and Winnable BN Quartet

Oh No! Is this necessary to put a message across.

anajibjo.jpgHave these 4 Parliamentarians from PDP suddenly being caricatured ?

Surely, one cannot take them only as face value as between them staying United as a Formidable Force towards GE14 will make PM Najib’s work as Barisan Chairman much easier.

Tiong and Mawan carry with them many years of experience going into an election and Nogeh and Anyi would certainly benefit as they enter into the election ring for only the 2nd time.

Working together and responding to the ground level will very much be in the minds of Sarawak BN Chairman Abang Jo and National Barisan Chairman Najib Razak for this “Formidable Winnable Quartet”.  BN will not take the chance of changing any of the 4 faces as it will backlash unnecessary and create a not so favourable “HEADACHE” for the Barisan Nasional .

Of course in any election its not a certainty SURE WIN for any candidate but they will be a thorough breakdown on each individual candidacy and the constituency they represent.                                    These 4 incumbent candidates :-

P192  Dato Anthony Nogeh  Gumbek ( Mas Gading)

P205 Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom (Saratok)

P217 Dato Seri Tiong King Sing (Bintulu)

P220 Tuan Anyi Ngau (Baram)

Barisan Nasional will come to consensus and even the Party President in a telephone interview was quick to point out that especially to the candidacy of William Mawan BN MP Saratok and ADUN Pakan.

The specific question of course the candidacy of Mawan to be fielded as candidate. In  his usual no nonsense and direct answer DS Tiong said,”It’s not for me to decide . It’s for the Prime Minister to decide.” 

Mawan in a Press Statement have this to say on Saratok Parliamentary seat,” I am fully Entrenched in Servicing Saratok and I am not taking a step backward. I have moved so far and therefore it is almost impossible to make a RETREAT.”

There are many who are working tirelessly to see this uneasy political chapter to come to a an amicable solution and to see this divide be history. The latest to come out openly came from Tasik Biru YB and Supreme Council member Datuk Henry Jinep who gave a clear  political statement ,”It’s up to the BN leadership to decide and the party PDP have stacked their claim.” 


Enough is enough and this political uncertainty must be put to the back burners as the BN goes into the GE14. Political wisdom and intervention will be used by both the top BN leaders to ensure that the 4 incumbent parliamentarians will be returned as MP after the General Election. 

The critical advantage of fielding the 4 Formidable Incumbents by BN gives added advantage and the smell of victory will not be down to “CHANCES” The voters in this constituency will want to see their Member of Parliament who have worked the ground and are approachable by all sections of the the community.

Without a doubt, PM Najib and CM Abang Jo will not have many ‘sleepless nights‘ when these 4 Formidable and Winnable BN Quartet is finalised.

Adenan Are We Missing Something?

asupppCM Adenan have already called both parties to sort out their differences?Who and Which party is now trying to play the “good guy” and the “bad guy”?Truth be told says a political analyst the Rakyat will still turn their backs on them as both are still at each other throat’s and its a”Never Ending Battle”.

The Rakyat have taken to Adenan’s style and approach in terms of his way of governance and no nonsense approach on state matters. He have won many fence sitters to believe in his ways but it does seem for his popularity to turn to votes for both the parties it will still be a herculean tasks.

As a blogger Bugi Wijaya puts it.”We are the New Media truthtellers” We are not for the money but we have what it takes to full blown the story or facts just for everyone to see. Believe it or not and if its good enough it will sell.”

Adenan, we know we are not missing anything but the two rival factions within the BN stable are. You don’t need a Harvard or an Oxford Political Scientist to tell you ,Sir…!!! The Truth hurts…

PBB “Supportive for Solidarity”

The journalists and UMB BN cyber troopers that attended the courtesy visit of SPDP Pending Division to Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Minister of Science,Technology and Innovation , PBB Pending Chairman and Sarawak State Youth Chairman ) got what they wanted to hear,”In terms of solidarity PBB is all out together for solidarity with all the other component parties in SUPP,PRS and SPDP. Thus this P195 and P196 Friends of BN we are fully behind supporting the idea through.”

Meanwhile,Wanita Chief of Pending Winnie Lim mentioned to the journalist this will make us work harder to strenthen the BN machinery in anticipation of the upcoming GE13. We are not competing with anyone and we are playing a supplementary role to assist our component party SUPP in P195 and P196. The programme/concept is collectively well received by members of 4 component parties. 

If the opposition parties thinks that its going to be a “walk in the park” against BN they are in for a real fright come this GE13 says one of the BN Youth Exco.  

PRU13 “Pakatan Joining In December/March..??

Oooh Yeah.. Just being reminded by a component Sarawak State BN Secretary-General that he will be taking the flight out today to KL. Nerve racking for sure he says as on November 1st Najib will be meeting BN State leaders in Putrajaya.

The adrenalin is building up as he spoke to us as he anticipates that the PM will be asking a million and one questions on his party. Well,we shall know soon wouldn’t we? The signs plus signals are positive that the PM wants to consider all options before he announces the Parliament dissolution to prepare for GE13. Could he justs..hmmm?

A party member joined in to say one thing remains ,”Will the Pakatan states throw in a spanner in the works. Somehow my gut feeling is that Kelantan will join in as if they delay they will be experiencing an onslaught by BN. This way if GE called in December or in March they will join in. The other states of Selangor,Penang and Kedah will opt out and gauge how Pakatan performs in the GE13.”

Absolutely,they have got nothing to lose by waiting. The mandate is given by the people of the respective states and they will see it out serving the people who voted them in. 

The twists might even be that one or two of the BN States co-opted out and just concentrate on the Federal elections to also derail Pakatan. Anything is possible in politics.



PKR/SPDP “Political Vultures”

The speed in which Vice President Sylvester Entri capitalised on the weaknesses of President Mawan is an opportunity which he has been reminded that he has to exploit. Entri acted fasts with his group who remains intact after the State elections. Mawans right and left arm has been severed in that he not only losts his SG Nelson who was not renominated to stand but also his Deputy President Nyarok who losts to PKR Ali Biju in Krian.

The numbers game now looks like that Entri has 4 Aduns and 1 Mp while Mawan has 3 Mps and 2 Aduns.What remains though according to a close political aide in Mawans camp is,”Who is actually behind Entri and the group? What do they intend to achieve and will they be an End Result.?”

The party will surely be divided no matter what happens now and the only way to see an end to the infighting would be a TDC where the winner takes all. The fractures are highly visible and both sides would not just give in as the real ” war ” in the State elections is already achieved.

 The battles and skirmishes within SPDP will carry on and the vultures will circle around the party hoping to pick up what is left behind. Entri is moving ahead with his agenda and he is fighting for the ultimate prize.He is capitalising on the ever growing disturbing distrusts amongst the party faithful towards the President and sees himself as a Champion in unifying the resources available in the party to achieve his goal.

The President remains unmoved as he knows the majority are with him but the numbers can easily be switched as time and time again political scenarios changes and at times of crisis it will always be very fluid. Certainly there has been whispers on the ground that one or two of the MPs might just take this opportunity to be aligned to Entri as it was mentioned that Mawan has said only ‘winnable candidates” will be picked for the General Elections.

The question is the party can recommend but who has the final say? The ticket is still a “Federal Barisan National Candidate” Of course they will be lobbying for the seat but even if the Party President says he is my man but if the BN Federal Chairman decides otherwise chances are the party still needs to toe the line. Entri according to our source is moving in this direction and he knows that the “strong hidden hands” are all out to assist him. 

Will Mawan be fooled by this political strategy thrown down by Entri’s Hidden hands? Mawan has shown to be cool and calculated unlike Entri as per this newpaper article” was seen as ‘jumpy’ after SPDP president William Mawan advised party members not to create any more factions.” Mawan still has strong man MP Tiong behind him for advise and the financial pull but one cannot underestimate Entri too.

This battle in SPDP needs to be clipped sooner rather than later as the longer it carries on the party will lose its direction and the trusts of its members and the public as a whole. A party which has infighting will surely bear the brunt of the voters. This is a reminder which was mentioned by Azmin Ali then VP now Deputy President of PKR at a dinner in Kuching and in his ceramahs in and around Sarawak,”A party which goes into an elections embroiled in infighting will certainly pay the price by losing the seat. We must capitalise”

BN knows that it musts see an end to this infighting and of course there musts be a ‘negotiator’ in place. It does no good to BN and Pakatan will and make no mistake about it as Azmin has already sounded the battle cry. The cracks in SPDP will surely be an advantage and PKR/Pakatan knows that the 4 seats which SPDP holds will provide them that opportunity. 

The sooner the misconceived disagreements be settled the better it is for BN/SPDP. On paper PKR will also have marked winnable seats from SPDP.

Who will benefit more…..?

The political vultures are circling above and we don’t need to have a political degree to work it out.

“Anwar in Sarawak on the 30th”

Apa dia buat disini..? Sumber berkata Anwar cari Jam Omega di Serikin…hahaha

It seems that Anwar will be in Kuching on the 30th of March to announce some of the candidates and the number is Taibs Favourite No which is 9. Besides that he will be giving to the candidates “$900,000.. each”  to wrestle this 9 winnable seats.

 Is this the carrot to tempt the PKR candidate for shopping..?? Will BN candidates be tempted..? Surely, someone must be just pushing up the numbers of ringgit available as Baru Bian on the other hand seems to be asking for donation. 

 Baru Bian must have been too tired to wait for the $$$$$$ from PKR Headquaters or the financiers and thats why he is quietly looking at alternatives for funding the Sarawak elections.

Goes to show that in desperate times people might use other measures to find solutions and answers. Wow..!! Any takers for Anwars $900 K..??   

Surely the BN will not be fooled by the offer on the table if there is any. What else will they come up with next.?  By the way for those who dont know where Serikin is please “google’ it up.

The press will have a field day on the 30th and the political boys from BN will be watching and having their ears on the ground. 

Anwar should have just come on the 1st of April shouldn’t he..??

PKR “Balai Ringin Ketua Cabang”

It goes without saying “An hour in politics is certainly a long time for the rural voters.”The PKR supporters knows that they need to be patient in the heat of the election. The intensity and the commitment shown by the candidates in garnering support was second to none. There were close calls of “eruption of fireworks” and also just  a minor skimish of “shouts of disgusts“heard but cool heads by the PKR scrutineers prevented the cancellation of voting according to a PKR spokesman to audie61.

Balai Ringin the first Iban Majority Seat and Constituency saw a three way tussle on who deserves to head the division. PKR Wanita Chief Ibi Uding was challenged by Sarawak PKR Vice President Jimmy Donald and PKR Member Cobbold John.

The final tally of results Jimmy Donald heads the division with 84 votes with Udi Uding polling 76 votes while Cobbold only managed 10 with 2 spoit votes.

It is indeed a severe blow for the PKR Sarawak Wanita chief as she will need to reassess her strength on the ground.She will need to close ranks and remain hopeful that she will still be picked to stand as a candidate for the upcoming state elections in N25 Balai Ringin.


SUPP” Far From Over 2″

The phone rang very early and it was a very familiar ring tone. We immediatedly called back and on the other side was the SUPP Pemanca who we have not heard for a good six months. He has gone on a good tour to visit his sons in Australia and must have enjoyed himself tremendously. He said,”Breakfast young man and lets talk about my dear party.”

He bought me laksa and we sat down for a good chit chat. He reminded me to look up the previous article and reposts it to remind the SUPP boys. He started “EE LANG BEH HIAW TIA.PBB TO KONG SUPP SIANG BANG PARTY LOH.LANG KA WA KONG” {They will never listen.Even PBB say SUPP is already like a mosquito party.People tell me when I was still away}

He carried on and said,”If the party does not pull in new,calibre and a face well accepted by the constituency the party will still be where it is in Kuching. He said that he was well pleased to hear that the Cardiac Doctor Sim was earmarked and Pending will be a good battleground. Kota Sentosa it will take a herculean push by Alfred Yap to unseat Chong. There is also a possibilty that Chong might make way for his young protege Wong King Wei and if he does that it will be even harder to unseat DAP.

Chong it seems will go for the BN bastion of Batu Kawa. (Aboi A Chai Ho!) {Don’t know yet HO!} This might just be a wise move by Chong as on the ground he has done nothing much for the constituency of Kota Sentosa. Seems the defeated candidate Alfred Yap has put in more hours than his usual workload and he is slowly gaining more appraisals than condemnations.

 He is seen to be mixing freely and listening to his constituents more and once he told audie61,”Its hard work in an urban constituency. We must not take anything forgranted. When I was in Batu Kawa constituency it was very safe and work was concentrated in a few areas. Kota sentosa is a challenge but we will not just let DAP get away scot free.”

The Pemanca nodded and agreed that Yap has genuinely put in more efforts for SUPP to try to gain a foothold back for losts seats. It was his mistake to move and for a friend he paid dearly for it.

Padungan he said if its Lily again eventhough Dominique who is not well accepted to be a candidate might find his outing this time easier than expected. (PANG SIN LANG A TANG FIGHT) {Mixing Hockien as he gets aggitated-Put in a New Face there will be a good fight}

Voon Lee Shan if he is still in Batu lintang Sih Hua Tong {A KANG KOH TAMPO- O } {Will experience some difficulty} But with the right amount of comradeship ,proper and systematic machinery at his disposal might just win over the voters in Batu Lintang. Take this from an old Pemanca who is already nearly 80 years old.

I have gone away on a holiday for a good six months or more and George Chan also went to UK I heard and they was a gag order again. How ironic from my first interview with audie61 he said. SUPP if they dont play their cards right and get the necessary ammunition to move the machinery they will be in for a difficult outing and may end up like Gerakan in 308. George {A CHAI WAH GONG HA MI} George knows what I am talking about.

Lu tatio pang ki kah SUPP Kong .{Please put up to tell SUPP} 

I was given my souvenir and he told me this thing will serve to knock some heads of SUPP if they dont listen well. YOU GUESS WHAT IT IS

Our earlier article:- SUPP”Far from Over” November 20th 2009

An SUPP Pemanca said to audie61,” What Gag orders ?? They are treating us like Kids. We have sweated and toiled for SUPP all these years and used all our own dollars and cents and they think we are still children.” Hmmm very strong words from one who has seen good times and difficult times with SUPP even through the opposition days.

Don’t ever for once take us lightly and it is us who are the main players in SUPP and not the Ministers,Assstant Ministers and those who think they can wield their influence. I’m absolutedly ashamed of the “DUDONG signboard fiasco and its a real slap in the face of veteran SUPP members. Even PRS at its height of infighting or UMNO Protem Signboard no one dared to take it down.

He went on and said,” .” This is not only about Team A or team B and if it spills over and sees that SUPP is in bad shapeIsn’t it a slap at one’s face as whoever directed it to take it down forgot to look at the mirror good he said. We will rise like a PHOENIX. The late President Stephan Yong would have put his foot down earlier and  George Chan should have stepped in so much faster and now its a little too late to repair the damages done. What would you give SUPP chances in the next state elections?

He even went on to say and remind Wong Soon koh how his uncle Wong Soon Kai had tears in his eyes when his nephew a headmaster decided to step into the world of politics. Has he forgotten what are his ideals when he joined SUPP? Does he need to be reminded?

audie61 was invited to sit down for this lunch date and it came as a surprise from someone who loves SUPP so much and today seeing his beloved party in such a shameless state and the direction it is taking is not a step forward but three steps backwards. Don’t you think that the younger set of voters has had enough of SUPP and they will surely turn to DAP to fight for their rights. SUPP is only interested in fighting their own wars and have really forgotten their REAL SENSE OF BEING POLITICIANS.

It must be noted that most people join politics to try to better their own environment and a better grasps of individualistic aspirations. There must be a love for the party ,instinct for political survival and a joy of working in that environment. These must not be detached or else the ideals and central principles of a political life is just ZERO. It seems most SUPP members are so enbroiled in protecting their own camps or castles that they have forgotten their real tasks at hand.

A compromise solution is good but there must be tabled to the whole SUPP members on the parties direction and its course of actions. No use to talk and next day they are all at each others throats again. Its just plain nonsensical and the elder and veteran SUPP members has had enough up to their necks and some got themeslves in deep holes going for second mortgages to keep SUPP afloat.Have they forgotten?

The Pemanca added ,”A lot of explaining is needed and those who are just so power hungry should just be reminded to have a browse through the party constitution and do not make a mockery of SUPP as a party. “

Did audie61 get himself in a tight situation? 25 years ago I signed on the dotted line to be a member on the shuttle flight between Singapore/KL  but I eventually ended up being very active  in the football arena  instead. Those days SUPP was the party for the people in Sarawak and many just love the thought of being a member of SUPP. Its a bit similar to the football scene even if one was being paid a $100 to watch Sarawak some would just take the $ but end up going to the movies.

SUPP is finding it hard to be the party people love and its all due to the leaders self interests and lacklustre attitude and completedly losing the plot of political ideals.

So the pages of Team A,Team B, Dudong branch fiasco will see a bitter end an a winner  takes all as it is a clear fact that Soon Koh has his eyes set on the Presidents Chair and so has David Teng. Will the SG Senator Sim be the spoiler and Peter Chin might just walked in put his hands on both the arm rests of the Presidents Chair.

Its far from over  in SUPP says the Pemanca and even George Chan has to think twice before he even dares to take my title away. Nothing is clear in politics and we will see more turmoils in SUPP before the ship steadies herself. Could this lunch meeting be the start of better things for SUPP and he just had a word for DAP Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong “We are going to win back the seat and believe me and DAP will not know what hit them.” On one flip of a coin he suddenly sees a common enemy and has a go while his backyard the troubles are already at boiling point. The Pemanca ended by saying “For better or worse I am a SUPP member and this is my vow and its like a marriage vow.

“Unlikely Meetings For Some…??”

The knives are already drawn and ready to be pushed into and carve out piece by piece into the  Sarawak BN administration. The seemingly quiet groundswell built up by the Pakatan4 group has not help the situation either. BN is not only fighting the opposition who is on the other side of the fence but also from within amongst the component parties. 

Instantaneously, one can point to the open rivalry between the MP for Igan P207  Wahab Dollah and the two ADUNs under him YB N38 Abu Seman (Jemoreng) and YBN36 Mohd Asfia (Semop). He has openly said in so many words and a close confidant of a deputy minister from a component party even said to me,” I think I need to use Cotton Buds after hearing and seeing it.” I will be called a BULAK (Sarawakian slang for LIAR.) 


What about the Sibu SUPP unresolved Dudong issue? The SPDP 5 insistent of not budging from their stand? PRS claims on Pelagus still murky?

Its no wonder that the BN Sarawak Chairman needs some “miraculous Panadol” to solve these teething problem. He knows leaving it to the component party to solve their own problems will be a slow process and he needs to get his hands greased or the dirt will continue to pile up on himself. The past few months there has been so many allegations and unsavoury details of his accumulation of wealth and this has created a very “BAD PERCEPTION”

He can do no right at the moment.

The Pakatan group especially PKR and DAP are not spared the lashes from within. There have their set of problems and all is not well inside. The DAP Voon episode has created a bad taste in the mouth  for the DAP faithful. PKR has to deal with so much jostling for positions especially with their National convention in November. 

There will be more juicy articles after the Raya Holidays and we will try to fill you in with more details. Its still holiday and festive cheer and we went together with our journalists friends for some satay and cakes. Hope you like them…