2012″Minimal Impact of Recession In Sarawak …?”

Sarawak is indeed in very good hands as the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud says that the Sarawak economic growth is on the right track.

What else do we need?

Taib as leader of the state proclaims as such which was unlike Idris Jala who said that the country Malaysia would be bankrupt in 2009.(he has since rescinded on this statement) We need very strong reassuring political statements which for the business community above all will mean a stable and secured business environment.

Politically also there should also be no upheavels and Sarawak will continue to progress and develop.

However ,one himself musts be thrifty and musts make sure that we don’t burn a HOLE in our pocket even though we have been assured. Taibs statement which appeared in bernama news is extracted below.

The extracted article:-

The Sarawak economy will  continue to grow next year as the global  recession is likely to have minimal impacts on the state, said Chief  Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud today.

Taib, who is also the State Finance Minister, said based on the  positive economic growth in China and India, it was expected that  similar growth would be experienced in other Asian countries including  Malaysia.

“We believe Sarawak can overcome the global economic recession and at  the same time (are) confident that the state economic growth is on the  right track,” he told reporters after chairing the state Barisan  Nasional (BN) and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) meetings in  conjunction with the State Legislative Assembly sitting at the PBB  headquarters, here.

On the 2012 State Budget to be tabled at tomorrow’s sitting, Taib, who  is the state BN chairman and PBB president, said next year’s budget  would be a realistic one that focused on stimulating economic growth and  strengthening existing sources of income.

Only two bills will be tabled in the eight-day sitting that will start  tomorrow, namely the Supply (2012) Bill 2011 or better known as the 2012  Budget and Supplementary Supply (2011) Bill 2011.

The sitting will end on Nov 23.