“Tuai Kayau” Mawan…!!

mawanterasMany have taken the character and personality of SPDP President as easy going and indecisive to a certain extent. But through the years little do they know that he has built an “alter ego” which has come to his aid when he needs it the most.

A close aide says, “I have noticed it coming and that’s the reason why I have stuck with him. They tell me on the other side lies a character set in the days of Three Kingdoms period of Chinese History by the name quite similar to Cao Cao.”

Don’t you fear him? Do I need to?

Mawan is to me is looking every bit an Iban Warrior and he would be described bests as ‘Tuai Kayau” It does sound brutal though but lately Mawan’s back has being pushed to the wall and stabbed by many FRENEMY. We rather have him now as this rather than the more subtlety named “Raja Berani or “Panglima Perang”.

Back to some history he was engaged in the SNAP wars with the same group together with Tiong that fought and fend off James Wong. Round 2 was the Battle with Tiong and him and against the G5 and now its developed into ‘Tiong vesrus Mawan”

The part players who have been busy coming out to engage Mawan have been the Wanita Chief very much earlier and now the Youth Chief. Mawans patience were tested to the fullest and as we interviewed him there was a tinge of sadness in his eyes when he spoke of events leading to this “crisis”

He was even at his mosts brutal when he spoke on how he has helped the very people who turned on him and suddenly the eyes popped up and there were goose pimples on our hands.

Its all headline news and suddenly he was his calm and collected self and he was like an enthusiastic leader breaking new grounds when he spoke of “passing the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE”

.Many phone calls have been received eversince especially so after what we wrote in our last article on  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/new-hope-and-a-new-beginning/

” Tuai Kayau did say I stopped them from taking further action even after what the wanita chief had said ‘Maybe I am not a Politician lah..!!” which was really absurb for an SPDP Wanita Chief. The Vote of No Confidence against me would have any other Presidents jumping OUT OF THEIR CHAIR and weild their sword.

Today the youth chief was implicated or designed by others to ask this,”“What makes the president willing to exchange his loyal supporters during the previous crisis for the very people who caused him so much trouble and called him all sorts of names in public?”

They have been told for the sake of Barisan Nasional Solidarity we must not think of Personal gains but rather the whole coalition. My God,It’s amazing how they have kept on with it. My gears have shifted forward and they can keep on harping on the “same subject” but the new entity put forward will be in place sooner than they expect.



The leads points to the article which will be published in the main stream media

If an SPDP grassroots leader’s statement yesterday has anything to go by, then the BN Plus is few more steps to become a reality.

SPDP Meluan divisional chief Jerry Clement said SPDP deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s outright rejection of  the readmssion of members of the G4 into SPDP and / or party Teras as possible new entity in state BN only serve to fast track the registration of the BN Plus vehicle to accomodate several elected representatives whom might be rejected by their own parties.

That also applied to unsavouary statements of SPDP Youth chief Robert Ayu in condemning SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and SUPP Bonfire team in rejecting Teras as solution to their squabbles with those elected representatives aligning to SUPP Sibu chief Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Jerry told The Borneo Post yesterday.

The G4 refers to assemblypersons Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru); Datuk Sylvester Entrie Muran (Marudi); Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau).

He stressed that based on Mawan’s body language and his (Mawan) statement in The Borneo Post on Wednesday, it appears that Mawan has given the blessing to Tiong to take over leadership in SPDP.

“That to me, is a suggestion by the president (Mawan) that since the deputy president (Tiong) is adamant in rejecting the readmisison of the G4, there is no point arguing about it. The president (Mawan) will go ahead driving a ‘rushing supersonic train’ with VIPs as passengers,” said Jerry who sounded irritated with the Bintulu MP Tiong and lawyer Robert.

He said he was also not fine with a statement by PRS Youth chief cum Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang in condemning Mawan for rejecting PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing’s proposal of a PRS-SPDP merger.

“Someone has to tell the dissenting ‘lawyers’ in SPDP and also in PRS that Mawan is not confused but opening more options for several YBs (or elected representatives whom may be ousted from their own parties). Neither is Mawan deceptive. All he does is trying to his best to accomodate all these YBs in a new entity. Now who are in fact confused and deceptive?” he asked.

By ‘lawyers’, Jerry said he meant those SPDP, SUPP and PRS politicians who are still aruging along the constitutional or legal line over the readmission of the G4 and the setting up of the BN Plus as political solution.

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SPDP”…007 Shaken not Stirred..??”

frenemyIan Fleming’s fictional British Secret service agent James Bond would have loved to play a part in this ongoing ding dong battle between the Deputy’s “boiling hot” group of disgruntled SC members and the ICE cooled President William Mawan and his men.

Many have been telling Churchill Edward that he needs “some security” but he keeps on avoiding to make a report on the number of “provocative and unwarranted” smses. We too have received some from other members but of course we have already activated our defence system.

Gag-Order is of course in place and is duly followed with no dirty linens thrown but this “threat” is  well below the political belt so it will receive attention from many viewers in the blogsphere.

Churchill said he is “stirred and not shaken” and in Bond’s movies only two are not in tandem. One is Casino Royale,which Bond, after losing millions of dollars in a game of poker, is asked if he wants his martini shaken or stirred, and snaps, “Do I look like I give a damn?” and the other time was in You only Live twice-“That’s, um, stirred not shaken. That was right, wasn’t it?” To which Bond replies politely, “Perfect.”

My friend, and for the safety of a good journalists we think that he must look beyond the “friendship” as in politics no one will remember losers. Could his friend (FRENEMY) now cares about his wellbeing? No way and I can bet my last dime that his FRENEMY will do his utmost to topple Churchill to shut him up good and proper. Are you still in doubt? That means you are reading a wrong article. Turn and log out and restart your computer. It’s pop backup to this page and you too have been stirred up and not shaken.

Bro..please tell your friend to do something. Maybe you can put this in. My friend send me this message,”shaken, not stirred” is used to mean “having had a shock but not suffering lasting mental effects from it“.

This is no more 007 my friend and below are the very smses between Churchill who is stirred by it all but his usual cool poise is affected slightly. Even his voice shakes when he stresses a point. So after reading all the smses below his friends not FRENEMY better advice him to be on guard. The battle lines are drawn by the loyalists and disgruntled members and one SC member even said to audie61..”IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME

The smses..”Bros,Today I received a ‘not so nice”sms from an anonymous accusing me of changing and forging minutes of supreme council  meeting. I politely smsed him back that I am not privy to any minute and I asked him to ask somebody else.Tq( I believei will be getting more sms like this in the days to come.I will share with you.” –This is to his friends and members aligned to President William Mawan .

This is the anonymous 1st SMS”Slmat pg en.churchil kenapa kamu berani memalsukan minit meeting sup konsil.Kamu buat spdp mjadi parti plasu dokumen.Tak perlu kita tipu walaupun slah

2nd sms”Memang kamu bukan pegang.Tapi kamu yg memalsukan.Semua orang tahu.SEDIH ada orang berniat jahat macam kamu dlm parti

3rd sms”Apa apa pun kamu kata,memang sah kamu lah orang nya.Harap polis siasat nanti”

Churchills reply -1st ( Good morningsir,anda sendiri pun tahu bukan saya buat pegang minit.Sila Tanya orang lain.Tq)

2nd reply ( Tuan Tuan Kamu sendiri pun tahu yang saya tidak memalsukan apa apa. Kamu sendiri pun tahu siapa yang berniat jahat.Tq)

3rd reply (Kamu sendiri pun tahu yang Polis yang siapa yang bersalah dan ada niat jahat)

Churchill said to us “I was stirred up this morning by an anonymous sms that accused me of forging minutes.How to forge? It’s not like its a hire and purchase agreement. Any minute will still have to be tabled and for all members of SC to see and approved in the next SCM( supreme council meeting) 

We also have in our hands the telephone number which we were informed not to disclose at this Material time.

Obviously the message is crystal clear that Churchill will not back stab his friend no matter how grievous the harm has been done and he still have the forgiving heart. The issue though is they are looking at Churchill as being the one that they can shake and deliver the death kneel to the ice cool Mawans group. Mawans loyalists are clinging on to the HOPE which one SC member says and the 2% window of reconcialtion.

Is there a need to go to this extend? In many political battles many have also suffered badly and some lives have also been losts.  The political virus does penetrate the gullible and it will affect their everyday lifes and the poison is unstoppable unless one has a HARDEDED HEART AND SOUL.

The gifts have been offered and now its the results which is the FINAL DEMAND. Lets draw all the instigators out to stop the harm it will affect the preparations for Barisan Nasional towards the State Elections. Its time to be RUTHLESS and let those who think selfishly to join the ranks of the VANQUISHED.

Don’t worry Churchill many are still with you eventhough they try to get to you…


SPDP-” Shocked and Total Disbelief…??”

iiiii2The on-goings in the SPDP ‘admission of the G4’ has escalated into a full scale skirmish which was inevitable given the “love and hate relationship between the two groups“. The person in between the two groups slugging it out appears to be the Deputy President of SPDP who remains at the moment very much in the background.

The moment will come when he has to ‘rear his head and showhand” and the date is ever so closer as he moves his ‘loyalists” of around 25 SC members to convene a SC meeting on the 26th of April at 10.30am. One source even have the courage to inform the writer that there is only 2% left for reconciliation between the President and the Deputy.President who were very much ‘good friends”. Have they now become sworn enemies or are now “FRENEMY“?

FRENEMY now as common as “SELFIE” used in the social media fraternity as “”A slang term used to describe a photo that is taken of oneself for the purpose of uploading it to social networking sites and image sharing websites. Now Have Mawan and Tiong being lured to be a “FRENEMY“? Your guess is as good as mine. Well,Ah ha mine will be more solid an argument though. Lets dissect what is FRENEMY first….

The word that we are going to use very often from now on is “FRENEMY” or in other words political manouevering to the advantage of the situation and disregarding the very essence of REAL politics. Of course in politics they say there is no number 2.and we will not take any prisoners along and tagging with us.

The buzz word of FRENEMY at this instant is of course the “readmission of the G4 who was sacked from the party for insub-bordination and gross indiscipline but who was readmitted by words of just “reinstate” So whats the fuss on all these? Someone is taking advantage of THE SITUATION for own personal gains and to elevate himself higher. Who is still playing catchup on the situation?

The question too is now why the G4 has been so quiet and letting the two “FRENEMY” having a slugging match within the party and outside in the public domain. Why should they get involved? They were in the heat of the battle and have told the political world that they are still unacceptable by this group led by Deputy President.

To put it our interpretation FRENEMY is” We can know our enemy but it is always the known friend which backstabs us ‘invincibly’ which will not hurt until all our political know how are drained out


  • Where are we getting at in this article?.
  • Who are the fingers pointing towards for all the inability to control the disgruntled and dissenting voices within the party?
  • What is behind all these which the Deputy is pursuing?
  • Why are they doing this at this time when a new CM in Tan Sri Adenan who have just being sworn in?
  • How will the group in open defiance and no self control be able to oust the President?

Have you answered them all? Retract back when we said one source have said that there are only 2% left. There are no clearer answers than what we will put in below and he is throwing the constitutional book and also in open defiance of the State Barisan Nasional Chairman Tan Sri Adenan to wrestle the Presidents seat.

ARTICLE 14 (i) “The Deputy President will assume the posts as Acting President and act on his behalf as the President have failed in his duties to safeguard the Party’s interests and thereby is not able to perform his duties and functions.”

The Supreme Council in which Tiong has is 25 out of 39 and he has the simple majority to call for a SC meeting to push for an EGM (extra ordinary meetingi) and which they will certainly use Article XXIII to further their cause.that is the decision by the SC upon any question of interpretation of the constitution will be final and will rests upon the General assembly members who will be present.

Furthermore they will use article XVI clause 28(i) to make their cause more solid to entice the President and his men to come to the meeting to hear their dissention.

There was already a gag order implemented by the Barisan Nasional Sarawak Chairman but their overtones in this case was overpowering. An sms which we received late gives more cause for concern.

It reads,”Bro.you know this evening I heard a lot of people talking about Tiong big plans to become President as soon as possible…n he has been pouring money to buy everybody with big varying amounts…he is in a hurry to become President cos he wants to pursue the Agenda od SPDP-SUPP merger so he becomes President of SPDP…after merger he becomes President of the merged entity..bringing dayaks under Chinese domain cos Chinese will become majority..do we want this to happen to Dayaks in SPDP..get views from President as to whether this can be exploited to get Dayaks in SPDP to reject Tiong’s ledership.the money pouring in is extensive in central and north regions.pls share with our gp people

It’s good Tiong has a vision to be Acting President but it does seem he is too much in a hurry. His source says “time is the essence‘he cannot wait” Does this mean him or his people? Moreover if its delayed to next year 2015 for the General Assembly he and his team will be IRRELEVANT.

Mind you he will still be a Member of Parliament for Bintulu and Acting President of SPDP who might or shall we say unfriendly to BN Sarawak. We are not putting ideas into Tiongs mind and am sure he has more than what it takes to challenge the President and the CM of Sarawak in Tan Sri Adenan Satem. He is capitalising on the weaknesses of Mawan.

He can do that and may we remind him,”Where absolute superiority is not obtainable,you must produce a relative one of the decisive point by making skilful use of what you have “-Carl von Clausewitz

Tiong and his men are concentrating on their strength but they might have just misread some POLITICAL OVERTONES….(this we leave it for them to think…should not reveal too much should we..?)

What too have prompted Tiong to go charging forward besides the G4 is the humiliation he was told by SUPP leaders on his busybodiness to interfere (good intentions or not) in SUPP affairs. Reliable sources have informed us that he was deeply hurt and wants to teach SUPP leaders a good lesson. He has worked wonders and ousted the then president of MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association) and what is SUPP compared to MCA?

Tiong of all persons should know the procedure that everything has to go through the party including convening an EGM for major decisions. At this juncture, whatever he (Tiong) does is his own initiative on his personal capacity and not sanctioned by the party,” the leader stressed.

Not only SUPP have condemned Tiong but also his party SC members. Its a double humiliation and knowing the spark in Tiongs belly he is not pulling the handbrake on this matter. This would fit perfectly the plan to move himself to the President’s Chair and thereby manoeuvre a saving grace for SUPP. Its all to save “waterface” for Tiong  and not a “political one” which the State administration have in mind.

Tiong needs to move rapidly but they will be many obstacles in front of them and in the end Tiong’s Win all Attitude will suffer the same fate like many before him. Never ever challenge the state leaders unless you are in cohorts with the Opposition. Might as well join the opposition front don’t you think..!! Agree..

The very word of “everyone has a price” will send shivers to many who greed for a little more. However in any conflicts Tiong must be reminded that it is not only him who can give the “golden tickets or use the ugly side”  but both can play the same game.

The writer was reminded before he bid farewell remember how the cock crew three times as what was written in the bible. Principled men will all not be easily taken in by promises at the end of the rainbow but will be able to read the political situation of the day.

Many of Tiong’s men are still caught sleeping with their hands outstretched while others have moved on with the times.

They have long been obligated to…..




Yesterday we were informed that “threats were directed at a SC member” and apparently his body language and actions showed it as a man living under political stress.

The source mentioned that the words uttered were ,”At the rate you are going better think of your career and your family and not politics. In politics they are also an “ugly side.” This is a friendly advice.”


It does seem that the SG of the party was quick to act and these words which appeared at the STAR newspapers he used,”It was truly a serious act of defiance and disrespect” seems like they are not taking things lightly and are SHARPENING THEIR KNIVES FOR THE KILL…

A blogger went further to questioned the SG and his comrades.? This we extract from the site ”

You have the courage to tell the world on what actually happened – i.e. the Supreme Council did agree on the admission!


And the second one was infront of Adenan!

But when one man, yes One Man, suddenly said he disagree, all hell broke loose!

Why did any Supreme Council member who disagree don’t say it loud and clear in front of Adenan?

The blog site article can be read here

1. http://melayustampin.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/want-to-pull-down-mawan-go-ahead-but-please-dont-drag-adenan-into-the-ring/

2. http://melayustampin.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/mawan-which-interest-will-you-choose-spdp-or-barisan-nasional/


while the STAR article we extract fully below:-

SPDP leaders have been reminded to abide by Chief Minister’s directive telling them to stop public bickering, in light of a recent statement by party’s deputy info chief claiming that those who were against the re-admission of the four sacked assemblymen,

MIRI: SPDP secretary-general Datuk Nelson Balang Rining ( pic) has reprimanded deputy information chief Churchill Edward for openly defying the gag order imposed on party leaders.

“It was truly a serious act of defiance and disrespect,” he said in reference to a public statement issued by Churchill, who is also Muara Tuang SPDP secretary, on Monday stating that those who opposed the move to readmit the four sacked assemblymen, had ulterior motives against party president Tan Sri William Mawan.

Balang, who is also Lawas SPDP chairman, said the gag order was personally imposed by Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem in his capacity as state Barisan Nasional chairman, and as such it should be obeyed without question,

“I am shocked that he (Churchill) issued such a statement when there is already a gag order imposed on us by the Chief Minister. Why the need for him to issue such a statement to the press? The Chief Minister had warned us against indulging in public quarrelling.

“Issuing a public statement like this is not going to help us resolve our internal problems. I hope there would be no more of such defiance, or else the problems in the party would deteriorate even further,” he said, stressing that no one in SPDP should defy any gag order.

Churchill in his statement said the readmission of the four assemblymen — Datuk Sylvester Entri (Marudi), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and Datuk Peter Nansian (Tasik Biru) — had actually been endorsed by the supreme council.

He also said the group which opposed the re-admission had kept silent and did not protest when it could have.

“They had in fact clapped their hands at the CM’s office where Mawan accepted the membership forms from the four to rejoin SPDP,” he was quoted as having said on Monday.

The four assemblymen were part of Group of Five (G5), which included former Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, who were sacked by SPDP in late 2011 for alleged gross misconduct and acting against party interest.

The four were last month readmitted into SPDP following the advice of Adenan who wanted to see the party becoming one again so that it would be strong enough to face the next state elections.

However shortly after that, SPDP deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing criticised Mawan for readmitting the four without first consulting the grassroots and without calling for an extraordinary general meeting.

Soon after, a joint statement, said to have been submitted by “30 divisions”, was issued in Kuching urging for Mawan to explain the decision, which it said had contravened a 2012 AGM resolution that barred the four from returning to the party.

Last week, Adenan issued a gag order on all SPDP leaders, telling them to stop their public bickering.

Balang declined to comment on the merits of Churchill’s statement, saying that would also be tantamount to an open defiance against the gag order.

He said whoever wanting to express their views should wait until a proper forum was convened by the party leadership, where they would be free to have their say.

He said SPDP supreme council had already issued notices to convene the party’s emergency supreme council meeting in Kuching on April 26.

Meanwhile, a senior SPDP leader who is opposed to the readmission of the four, yesterday told The Star that Churchill’s statement did not reflect the stance of the supreme council as a whole.

“There was a verbal opposition to the readmission even among the supreme council members. There was no black and white that said the supreme council members had unanimously approved the move to readmit the four.”

Attempts to get comments from Tiong, who is also Prime Minister’s special envoy to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, has proven futile.