What’s the Biggest news?

Surely, the year ending December 31st 2020 you would have figured the answer.

By Midnight it will be 1st of January the Year 2021.

What will be the Biggest Political News in Malaysia, Your family, Your Business, Your Life?

These are just the everyday worries which we will ponder and want to overcome.

Have you decided on what will be the Biggest News?


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Anwar”I’ve Got the Numbers Again..!!”

U-Turn or Anwar knows only Mahathir can deliver as it has been proven in GE14.

What choice does Anwar has? Has he got the Numbers Again?

PH with DAP, PKR and Amanah at the present moment together can only do that much and at best maintain their ‘current MP seats” of 91.(DAP 42,PKR 38,Amanah 11)

Mahathir Perjuang and Warisan plus others make up 17.

Anwar knows GE15 will be his final assault as he tries for the Coveted PREMIERSHIP CHAIR and Putrajaya.

Will Anwar go on his bended knee?

This time though Anwar also need to ensure that Mahathir’s political boys will be very much part of the Government setup.

There are a lot of negotiations needed and the Anwar/Mahathir tag team will only see the Light of the Day if the grey areas are fulfilled.

We shall see and Anwar has not given up in his quest as per this extracted report from an internet portal

Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim has expressed willingness to work with “anyone” – including former nemesis Dr Mahathir Mahathir – for as long as the coalition’s principles are honoured.

A second condition is that collaborators must not bring forth “personal agendas”.

“I leave this (decision) to Harapan. They can invite anyone but they must abide by principles.

“They can’t bring along personal agendas or continue with the destruction of the past,” he said when doorstepped after an event in Shah Alam this afternoon.

Barisan Nasional Needs to Go into the the 15th General Election to check its Relevancy!!

When the commentary of an internet portal played the title up,’Will Barisan Nasional go it alone into the next general election?” the crystal clear answer is obvious.


One of the clearest reason for BN which took them down with a mighty BIG BLOW was the 1MDB case. This now has been dealt with accordingly .

Now its up to BN to take the challenge as the voters have tasted blood, shown them the door in GE14 and simply BN knows that very much like Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party they will be back. BN has certainly took upon themselves to revamp, reengineer and restyle their approaches and ways of handling political uncertainties with most Malaysians.


That is for another political commenter to come out with another masterpiece to stimulate politically our taste buds which we all know universally as sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

So until then let’s watch this space very closely shall we………..

(Extracted from an online portal with thanks)

COMMENTARY, Dec 28 — Muafakat Nasional (MN), the “coalition” made up of the two largest Malay-based parties in the country, which came into being just last year is now on the brink of dissolution or probably unofficially “dissolved” already.

The reason is simple: PAS is now under Perikatan Nasional (PN) and has given Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) the mandate to discuss seat allocations for the coming general elections (GE) with Umno.

In short, the Islamist party has abandoned Umno as its comrade-in-arms and embraced its new political partner Bersatu, which is seeking ways to win influence among Malay voters in rural and urban constituencies.

With PAS now in its corner, Bersatu has less “work to do” and can focus on setting up the party machinery for seats where PAS has lesser influence and where Umno is dominant and seats which are marginally Malay dominant.

The formation of MN last year gave the country a new political equation for the next general election where two Malay-based parties dominate the political arena and the scenario was further enhanced when Bersatu was accepted into the two-party coalition.

With three Malay-based parties dominating the political ground, opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) was considered not an obstacle anymore for Tan Sri Muhyidddin Yassin-led PN to continue ruling after the GE.

After all, the present favours PN and the political equation also tilts towards PN with opposition PH in disarray and losing direction as Malaysians at large lose confidence in the coalition’s capability and ability to lead the nation after being given the opportunity for 22 months.

Moreover, Malaysians have put their trust and confidence in the present Muhyiddin-led government to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

The federal Budget was also approved despite the opposition’s “earnest” non-synchronised effort to block it.

However, the political equation changed when PAS joined the bigger PN coalition, leaving Umno on its own.

PAS’ move has left Umno in an awkward position — to move alone or wait for the Islamist party to change or make up its mind about whether to continue with MN or go all in with PN.

Umno, which is the backbone of Barisan Nasional (BN), does not seem to be threatened by PAS’ move as the multi-racial Malay-based coalition is confident of its standing in the coming general election.

In fact, leaders of the once powerful ruling coalition have been calling PAS leaders to state the party’s stand clearly so that BN can move fast with the general election nearing.

BN did not join the bigger coalition of PN as it wanted to be treated as an equal and not play second fiddle to the dominant Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) as it has more seats than the latter.

Refusing to play second fiddle to Bersatu, BN may go on its own in the general election despite the coalition numbers probably not being sufficient to form a government.

In fact, many feel that no party will be able to form a government given the complication of the equation if PAS is with Bersatu and abandons BN.

In fact, the most sensitive issue the three Malay parties face in their discussions is distribution of seats in the coming general election.

PAS’ swing towards PN is inevitable given the Islamist party seems to benefit more than if it joins BN, which is not in power.

JAKIM “Merry Christmas” In Sarawak Stays on.

WE DO NOT FOLLOW the Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) says Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU) Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi.

The Message is crystal clear as quoted,”‘Merry Christmas’ stickers can also be put on any products without any restrictions.”

Extracted from an online Portal which is self explanatory

“MERRY Christmas’ stickers can be used on products to wish celebrants, including on ‘halal’ products.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU) Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said that there was no directive or fatwa from relevant authorities on this in Sarawak.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU) Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi he said when met after the launching of ‘Juh Tukar ke unifi @ Tebingan Sungai BGS’ today.

According to Borneo Post, he added that the state government only referred to Islamic Affairs Department Sarawak (Jais) and Sarawak Islamic Council about anything involving Islam religion.

“‘Merry Christmas’ stickers can also be put on any products without any restrictions.”

He was asked to comment if putting on such stickers will cancel the ‘halal’ certification on ‘halal’ products.

On Friday, Jakim deputy director-general (Operations) Datuk Abdul Aziz Jusoh said that there were no provisions for other religious celebrations in the Malaysia Halal Certification (Domestic) Procedure Manual 2020.

This manual and the Malaysian Halal Management System (MHMS) only apply to applicants and holders of the Malaysia Halal Certificate.

Abdul Aziz said that festive wishes are allowed on products if they are produced not to be displayed in halal-certified premises or on products with the halal logo.

A local news portal on Dec 24 reported that a store rejected a customer’s request to write “Merry Christmas” on the cake he ordered to be delivered to his friend because it was in the process of getting a halal certificate from Jakim.


Salam sejahtera and Salam Sarawakku Sayang

First let me extend a very warm Christmas greetings to all our Christian friends. On behalf of my family I would like to wish all our Christians friends, a happy and merry Christmas, and a happy new year 2021 to all Sarawakians.

It is the time of the year again that Christians look forward to with full of hope. But as with other celebrations before this, it is a bit sad that our Christian friends would not be able to celebrate Christmas as they used to due to restrictions during this time of COVID-19.

This time around you may not be able to have full services in churches, organise Christmas parade, or visit friends and relatives on Christmas day all because of the need to restrict our movement to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection.

So far with the hard work of the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), the dedication of our frontline personnel and the co-operation of our people, our State has been able to control the infection to single digit. Our social and religious institutions, particularly churches, have been very co-operative by observing the SOPs and I sincerely hope that we will continue to abide by the SOPs so that we stop the chain of infection.

With travel restrictions imposed, I am aware that some who are staying outside Sarawak now, may not be able to return to their hometowns, kampongs, longhouses or villages for fear this will cause another spike in infections. On behalf of the State Government, I sincerely hope that all who are affected understand the need for us to be strict with the SOPs.

Covid-19 has caused extensive damages to our economy, especially the tourism industry. Many businesses, big and small, have to struggle to stay afloat, and workers who are laid off have to find other ways to put food on the table for their families.

The State Government had tried its best to help those affected through the various assistance under BKSS 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 involving a total fund allocation of RM2.6 billion. This is the second biggest total value of assistance from any state government besides the assistance from the federal government. The State Government is still paying some categories of the assistance until the end of the year to cushion the impact on the affected groups.

Dear friends,

Despite the dire consequences of COVID-19, as Chief Minister I am highly confident that Sarawak can still be on track to achieve a developed and high-income status by 2030. This is not a hollow confidence because our economic fundamentals are strong, our policies structured and realigned after COVID-19, while our political stability is the envy of others.

The recent signing of the Commercial Settlement Agreement (CSA) with Petronas gives us added confidence that our state can derived more revenue from our oil and gas resources besides the mere five percent royalty that Sarawak used to receive, on average RM700 to RM800 million a year. The petroleum sales tax at five percent, of which Sarawak’s power to impose is recognised by the court, has given a new stream of revenue of about RM3.2 billion every year.

The CSA also paved the way for Sarawak to participate actively in the upstream and downstream activities of our oil and gas resources through Petros, the State’s oil and gas company. Sarawak is the only state where the onshore oil mining will be revived with two leases already granted to Petros.

Despite criticism from certain quarters, the CSA gives a better deal for Sarawak and no less important, reaffirms Sarawak’s right over its oil and gas resources and the validity of the Oil Mining Ordinance 1958.

Dear friends,

The future is bright for Sarawak as long as we do not squander it. All of us must refrain from dwelling on and promoting racial and religious issues that would undermine our unity and harmony. The GPS Government strives to be inclusive as no one should be left behind. We must work together to develop Sarawak into a digitalised economy, leveraging on our rich natural resources and human talent.

Saudara dan saudari sekalian,

Dalam pada kita berada di ambang meninggalkan tahun 2020 dan melangkah ke tahun 2021, saya mengajak saudara dan saudari sekalian untuk terus mengukuhkan iltizam kita untuk menyumbang kepada keharmonian dan kemajuan Negeri Sarawak dalam apa jua kapasiti dan peranan.

Akhir kata, sekali lagi saya dan keluarga mengucapkan Selamat Hari Krismas kepada saudara dan saudari yang merayakan hari Krismas dan selamat tahun baharu 2021 kepada semua rakyat Negeri Sarawak.

Sekian, terima kasih.

PKR Sarawak Chairman calls it quits after 9 months in Charge.

Barely a year in charge and PKR is hit with another resignation. This time its Larry Sng MP for Julau who took over as Chairman PKR Sarawak and surprisingly now call it quits after 9 months.

It comes as no surprise says a PKR member to audie61 as “it’s considered job done” and time for him to hand over as there has been speculations and rumours that he will leave the position soon.

PKR Sarawak he said has to move on with a new leadership which will be endorsed by the Central Leadership.

Pandemic #Covid19 “Christians grateful they can celebrate Christmas Vigil, Christmas Day services In Sarawak and Malaysia”

Christmas is a time for sharing, giving and a time of reflection for most Christians.

They will celebrate the Festival of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Pandemic #Covid19 is still very much around and the necessary Standard operating Procedures (SOP) and guidelines laid down by the authorities must be adhered and followed by all for the Christmas Period.

Wishing Everyone a Blessed Christmas and continue to #staysafe

(Extracted a message from Archbishop of Kuching and Chairman of Association of Churches in Sarawak)

KUCHING: Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) is grateful that they are able to celebrate Christmas Vigil and Christmas Day services, says its chairman and Catholic Archbishop of Kuching Simon Poh.

He pointed out that it is understood from the perspective of major festivals and cultural days of the major religions and cultures in Malaysia in order to minimize points of contact and exposure to Covid-19 infection.

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will have restrictions on the hours for visiting houses of worship by limiting from 7am to 1pm on that particular religious day.

“The aim is to prevent large gatherings of people that will continue into the afternoon and evening.  Seen this way, the worship and prayer in churches on Christmas are allowed within the allocated time given,” he said yesterday in response to the SOP established by the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), Unit for Other Religions (Unifor), and also the National Security Council (MKN) for Christmas.

Poh also said that Catholic churches in Kuching City that have only one Mass on Christmas morning have been coordinated to schedule additional Mass services in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia while all Masses scheduled after 1pm on Christmas Day are cancelled.

“Those who have already pre-registered for the cancelled Masses are to go to their church website to make new registration once these Mass slots are opened,” he said.

Poh is aware that because of the reduced capacity of churches in view of social distancing, the majority of Catholics would not be able to go to church on Christmas Vigil and Christmas Day.

“With the anticipation more than 30,000 viewers will log in on-line,  I would like to assure Catholics that we will continue to make available the Vigil Mass and Christmas Sunday morning Masses via live streaming.

“Do check the latest schedule available from the Archdiocese of Kuching website or Facebook page,” he said.

Poh also requested that every Christian follow the SDMC and Unifor guidelines by confining visit on Christmas day to less than 20 close family members, keeping strictly to the recommendation of maintaining hand washing hygiene, and so on.

“With these challenges in preparing for Christmas, I see that this has enabled all our Catholic churches in Kuching to work together with the common aim of making available places for Catholics to come to worship in any church on Christmas Day.

“We would like to ensure that SOP will be followed so that our churches are safe for worship on Christmas Day,” he said, adding that as the Catholic Archbishop of Kuching, he will not be holding any open house for Christmas this year.

He encouraged everyone to minimise unnecessary trips outside the house and to know that Christmas can be celebrated meaningfully while ensuring that Covid-19 is contained for the common good of the people of Sarawak.

“In this time of Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us, I pray that this Christmas will bring hope, joy and peace and build solidarity and cooperation among all people of good will as we work together to alleviate poverty and suffering.

“On behalf of church leaders of ACS, I wish all Christians and all friends a Christmas filled with joy, peace and hope,” he said.

DCM Sarawak Uggah Extends leave till End of Year.

DCM Sarawak Douglas Uggah Embas will extend his leave until the end of the year and will start work in the New Year 2021.

The doctor has advised him to take a further leave of 2 weeks and recover well before he starts work.

In the meantime the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee( SDMC) will still be headed by James Masing as the Acting Chairman until Uggah resumes duty in 2021.

Wow! This is Serious “Covid-19: Four women found positive have returned to Indonesia, says Sibu deputy OCPD”

Do we need to say more on this report published in a news media [see below}?

The tightening of the border is very important! This is indeed a very serious matter and we are sure that the authorities concerned are working on it.

Wow! BOARDED A BUS from Sibu to Entikong and escaped through the jungle!

Isn’t this interesting said a netizen when this report was published.

(Below article extracted from an online portal)

SIBU (Dec 17): Four Indonesian women who were confirmed Covid-19 positive here on Wednesday were found to have returned to Kalimantan, Sibu deputy police chief Superintendent Collin Babat said.

He said the women had boarded a bus from Sibu to Entikong via Serian at 1pm on Wednesday and the police had tried to contact the women but failed.

“Today at 1.07pm, one of them contacted a woman who brought them for the swab tests and informed her that they were now in Entikong. The Indonesian was using a foreign number when she called the woman.

“She told her that they were fetched by someone in Serian and later on continued their journey on foot through the jungle to reach Entikong,” Collin said.

Collin said a health officer had informed the police at 9.19pm on Wednesday that the four women was positive after the swab at a private medical centre

Based on their investigation, Collin said the women were sent to the medical centre on Dec 6 by their 38-year-old local contact for their first swab for employment purposes.

He said on Dec 15, the four got in touch with their local contact go collect their test results and to go for their second screening.

Collin said the local contact has since been ordered by the Health Ministry to undergo 14-day quarantine at a quarantine centre in Kemuyang.

The State Disaster Management Committee, in a statement today, confirmed that the four women were among nine new cases in the state today.

It said the women were asymptomatic and were classified as import cases, adding that contact tracing was being carried out.


Netizens in Sarawak was having a field day and the changed name of “SARAWAK DARUL HANA” was going VIRAL in most social media platforms for the last few days.

The Sarawak State Government has no plans to change the State’s name as per CM Abang Jo.

The issue must not be prolong to satisfy a Political Party’s Interest and Sarawak Government must be commended for its stand in easing the dissatisfaction most Sarawakians.

PAS have courted with various controversies see the article:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2020/08/29/pas-cawat-to-bible-been-amended-whats-next/


(Below please find the article from an online portal with thanks)

SARAWAK Chief Minister criticised PAS for creating a new controversy by using the term “Sarawak Darul Hana”.

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Abang Openg said there were no plans to change the state’s name.

“This issue is being played up by PAS. Whatever PAS wants to say, let them. But there is no attempt (by the GPS government) to use the term ‘Sarawak Darul Hana’.

“PAS has purposely created this issue because they have no other problems with the state government,” said Abang Johari, according to a FMT report.

“What we have now is only Jambatan Darul Hana and Kampung Darul Hana,” added Abang Johari.

He said it was no easy task changing the state name to Sarawak Darul Hana as this had to go through the state assembly for approval.

Yesterday, PAS state commissioner Jofri Jaraiee said “Darul Hana” was used during the rule of Sultan Tengah from 1627 to 1657 and the term meant a harmonious and safe place for everyone.

Five local NGOs have issued a statement stating the continued use of the “Darul Hana” term could disrupt racial and religious harmony in the state.

It was signed by Dayak Think Thank Association deputy president Edward Awan, Dayak National Congress president Paul Raja, Sarawak Iban Association president Samuel Suring, Persatuan Balang Balai Nyabong president Mengga Mikui, and Sarawak Dayak Iban Association Miri secretary Rafael Dru.

The NGOs wanted PAS and other groups to immediately cease using the term “Sarawak Darul Hana”.

They claimed using “Darul Hana” when describing Sarawak was an attempt to change the state’s identity from a secular state to one based on religion.