Atishoo “Knocked out”

If an incumbent YB and MP is dropped from the lists to contest in GE13 there will be all sorts of reasons handed to him/her. But when it involves health there is no choice but to step aside to someone who is capable and has the energy to serve the people of the constituency.

Our team of Natasha,Cindy and Ramesh are at the moment at home and unable to bring up to date stories/articles as they are suffering from influenza and cough. Could it be the Haze? A pharmacist said many people are sick and we should drink more water and stay indoors. Well even the boss is “KNOCKED OUT”

There were stories of the R.A.P Team (original or new)and also the Petra Jaya Incumbent who will not be renominated? We will get to that with insights when they are all well and giving “juicy stories”


Dayaks-“Silence Deafening..??”

Is there any truth what is being written in this report-we extracted “Unrestrained drinking, frequent fightings in public places and other activities have been cited” ( click below)?

 An emeritus professor said that our Dayak Assemblyman should be at least be seen to do something if thats the word to be used to address the issue. They are put there,voted in by the people who have faith in them and if mosts of them lost their jobs in their thousands it will be a major social problem for the Sarawak State in the long run.     

Even a former newspaper critic said,” Our Ministers must make an effort to find out the truth of the matter backed up with statistics. Can they justs take a Ban as a ban when it affects their own countryman?

 A delegation with the Malaysian government to the Singapore republic would just draw more light to a rather touchy issue. This will have adverse effects on the manpower business between both countries.

The Silence is deafening but lets take that as a Starting Point to ensure that we will always lbe there for our people in their hour of need. We musts not take it as absolute truth until the ban is in totality for reasons which the country rejects our workers.

Efforts has been made by a political party from Sarawak and they have informed the Malaysian Home Minister and at press time the ministry has yet to meet their counterparts to resolve this issue.

When will we know..?

Will all our workers be victims of mindless some..?

“Independants Tales of Sarawak Elections 2011…”

41 independants took the field in the last Sarawak State elections and only one(1) came out tops to stand tall. One had a dream to be a GIANT SLAYER while the other took the chance to swap seats at the very last minute and the GODS were smiling towards him.

Tedewin Ngumbang and George Lagong are two very close friends who knew each other from the earlier years in PBDS to PRS. One of them was unceremoniously kicked out from PRS as he was one of the many so called “recalcitrants” who challenged James Masing as the President of PRS and who seconded the motion to “censure” the President using Article V111,clause 19(a)of the Party Constitution . (copied letter to Penolong Pendaftar of ROS on 15th June 2006) The reason for the action taken was to prevent  the party from deregistration.

Would you believe that James will take back George Lagong.This statement,”“Yes he (Lagong) can apply and like the normal process anybody who applies to join PRS we will consider, the Supreme Council will consider…it will be the decision of the party not that of the president,”

George Lagong was once a campaign and operations manager for James Masing in the earlier years in PBDS. In a last minute twists he opted to stand in Pelagus as Independant  instead of in Baleh against James Masing as a SNAP candidate. 

Is there a CONSPIRACY here?

Tedewin meanwhile saw the opportunity that as an independant he could and might have been a power broker in this election.He left PRS as deputy information chief and had everything going in PRS but he blamed ‘Taib’s bullying PRS’ as one of his reason  for him to resign.

He was also known to Jabu as the “gangster’ for being very vocal in the appointments of PRS members in various government agencies and in the portfolios given. He was always holding an ‘invincible sword ready to slit Jabu’s throat”

Tedewin was putting his plans in action looking at some (6)six constituencies where he felt the independants might just have a chance to win. He saw the change in the world order in some developed countries like Australia and New Zealand where independants had a field day.

He pointed out to an article by the STAR on 8th April 2011 where the headline ‘Independants daydreaming” got his heart pumping doubly fast. His wife even told us at audie61,”Tedewin’s got to do what he has to do or else he would have been termed a ‘coward” In the political circles he was even being touted to be financed by James Masing(PRS) and even Awang Tengah(PBB) to see the end of Jabu who has helmed Betong for a good 37 years.

Why was George victorious while Tedewin was humiliated at the polls..?

We know that independants are opposition in their own right and mosts have no clear view and some join in because they strongly oppose a party or a candidate.  Some are even planted to be “vote spoilers” Surely George winning was no freak result and also Tedewin losing so badly when he was termed a giant slayer comes as more than a surprise. There were even smses received from Tedewins friends “believe kah Tedewin only received 170 votes? Your comments please”

We met Tedewin at 9898 coffeshop his favourite haunt where we wanted to “tahpow-takeaway“our “ayam penyek”.Tedewin said in this constituency of 8109 N31 Layar the turnout of 5934 voted for BN Alred Jabu 3703,PKR Stanley Embat 1787,SNAP Joe Unggang  183 and Ngumbang @Kibak Datu (ind) 170.

He said his sources said Jabu was so afraid that he capitalise on the government machinery and also his personal wealth to ensure that the pulls through. Tedwein said he can ‘walk tall” as before the 6th of April he was informed by his sources in Betong that Jabu has called him to come infront of many “tuai rumahs and penghulus “and take Jabu on. He came to the nomination centre and Jabus face was even darker than charcoal.

There was also a dispute on the nomination form where Jabu put his profession as Deputy Chief Minister. Technically this is wrong and Stanley,Joe and Tedewin voiced their dissatisfation with the returning officer. On another day Jabu would not have made it and he could thank his lucky stars he stands to serve another day in the cabinet says Tedewin.

Tedewin had nearly 200 working for him voluntarily and even had funds from supporters overseas to assist him in this campaign. Its not cheap he said to us and everyone needs to be paid especially the fuel and food. We also have to pay for accomodation to house our supporters from outside. He said he must have spent in totality close to nearly 300K. Imagine what Jabu would have spent? Your guess is as good as mine. One person even said,”Jabu must have spent nearly close to 20 semi detached houses and thats hell of a lot of dough you know.”

Jabu’s campaign manager has the Accurate and Precise Information right.??

 170 votes for the amount spent could sent any sane man thinking its not worthwile but for Tedewin it was money used and spent to exorcise the ghosts as if it could have been a “penalty miss” We went down fighting and he said he only returned yesterday and he thanked his supporters with a dinner function.

He meant well but it was a distant too far and to come fourth after all the promises by the people who voted Tedewin can anytme return back home to Betong with his head “held high”.He said it was a good move to see who your friends and relatives are or by your side.

George he said,” slayed both PRS and PKR candidates and he secured 5740 beating Stanley Nyitar @ Unja Malang of BN/PRS 2903 and Edward Sumbang Asun (PKR) 1171 with a mjority of 2837 in Pelagus with a voter strength of 15322.  The turnout was 9986.  

George made used of the “hidden hands” which was very instrumental in getting him into office. Of course the recent spat with some personalities which James has openly gone against did assisted George more than he could have imagined. James has also said the amount of money flowed into and used by the independant was something which must be investigated. 

George had also used his experience in the last parliamentary elections to good use. He knew some friends betrayed him openly in the lasts elections and knew that only family which are close can be trusted. He used the connections which he has built through the years being with the Assemblyman of Pelagus Larry Sng to his greatest advantage.

Larry’s nomination which was thrown out by PRS was the trump card. He knew the people of Pelagus is still very much a favourite with the voters and Larrys workload and dedication to the constituency was second to none. They saw in George something similar and George even had “cheques” drawn out “some reliable source” to assist minor immediate problems during campaigning.

Both the independants have different task at hand and George after failing but coming so close in the last parliamentary knew he had to break his duck. Tedewin had a different agenda and he was using his grandparents past history to assist him.There was too much negative talk about him in the political circle for him even to dream of not standing. 

Their own personal agendas plus substancial backing from behind was enough for them to go for it.After the 16th of April George was elected as the New Peoples Representative for N54 Pelagus  while Tedewin lived to fight another day for a seat in N31 Layar. Both of them have been badly bruised but the Gods smiled at George for reasons which the constituency will  find out in due course.

We are keeping QUIET…. 

“BN Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan,Jabu versus James and Pakatan”

Is it already written in the history books? It has already been simmering for sometime now and relations between James and the ones mentioned has not been at their bests.Pretty sure,no greeting cards will be exchanged during festive occasions.  

Taib crossed swords with James instrumental in KM1 and KM2 during the infamous Ming Court Affair and the PBDS ‘dayak struggles for power days.  Taib no doubt has been using the divide and rule of the dayaks and political parties to ensure that he is No.1 and also by living close to the enemies. 23 years on the dayaks are coming up again as now they have really grown up in economics and politics and the time is ripe.

Sng Chee Hua who aligned himself to Tajem and later James Masing has been casts into political oblivion though he has tried to use his Son’s platform and Ting Pek Kiing to stay relevant in BN. He got found out very fortunatedly as some dayaks and PKR members said during Lubok Antu by elections. One remembers what famous politicians will say to their ‘hidden machais or understudies”- Once you show your head you are term useless to me and in place someone will take over.” 

Tiong without a doubt and even a little kid would be able to point out ” has been labelled as one of the certain personalities” in the proxy fight and illusionary merger process of the SPDP Separatists 5 plus 3 with PRS.

The “CRISIS BREEDS OPPORTUNITIES” and “18 YBs in Kapit” in togetherness certainly has sounded the alarm bells within BN. Word has it also that there is no more turning back. James is listening more than ever to his trusted aides.  

Certainly dont even rule out that PRS will follow the footsteps of PBS said a final year political studies student. History has a funny way of coming back and Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu are watching these developments with curiosity.

 There needs to be a check on PRS movements and Taibs ears and eyes needs to be strongly planted into PRS or else it will be a little too late. Taib is 74 and James you are 61 and thats the blunt message which is blowing from the winds across the dayak hinterlands. If not NOW, WHEN similarities to someone’s remarks don’t you think..??

Tiong has even brought 40 MPs to Taiwan and Taib will know that Tiong is not someone who he can do without. Enemies becomes Friends isnt this common in the political alignment of politics when there is a necessity…?

Jabu as we know has always been attacked as he only focusses on his Betong Constituency and he was the giant killer in 1974 when he defeated SNAPs Kalong Ningkan at SNAPs fortress. In the internet blogs and in the political circles it is very clear that Jabu will be challenged and there might be a GIANT KILLER.

Who will present himself with this opportunity to write himself into Sarawaks political history books? There are a number of names being touted and Stanley Embat and Tedewin Ngumbang seems to be the GRADE A package. 

James is looking into the possibilty of leading the charge as the political scenario has changed more in favour of the dayaks who are now frustrated and disgruntled by the Melanau led regime of 28 years of as Chief Minister. Will James take this bait..?

It is without a doubt that Baru Bian himself an Orang Ulu will willingly step aside if the PKR leaders sees James as more than capable of overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule. 29 dayak majority seats,26 melanau/malay and 16 Chinese majority seats and one need not use geography/history but mathematics to see where the winnable seats are.

 Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already indicated 24 seats as depriving 2/3rds majority while 36 as overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule.

The hard core within the defunct PBDS has not forgotten the embracing of the Melanau uncle and nephew on stage at Hilton and James will know its an opportune time to “PAYBACK” to the dayaks on what should have been theirs instead of being ruled by the minority race says a veteran politician.

This is alarming and its very calm on the surface. James knows without his troops in PRS beneath the surface are gauging the sentiments and working out the bests possibilities to overthrow not only Taib but the names mentioned.

Will SUPP come to the rescue again as it did in 1987? It certainly is a different era and if the UNLIKELY Happens with James leading PRS into battle with Taib it will be very much closer. Ths time the Frogs might come from BN says another political observer. If Selangor can fall why not Sarawak he added.

How many of the 18  dayak YBs we ask will follow James into battle with Taib? He has nothing to be worried as he will have with him this time round PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP. BN will be left with PBB,SUPP and SPDP remnants. eventhough those who will walk out of James in PRS they will have to fight at the dayak majority seats. They will be termed ‘BETRAYERS” too if BN plays the same game.

The warning tsunami signs are already approaching the coastlines of Sarawak and the ground movements are certainly growing in strength. Taib has to muster all his experience and above all his POLITICAL WITTINESS to stem this tide. Its not only ‘dayakism” but another New Partner. 

1987 was Permas and PBDS but this time Taib will know he faces his greatest challenge. James knows Taib has not forgotten and James likewise will get his revenge at the mosts opportune time.

Will they be another time? The simmering water will be turned up to BOILING POINT and Taib will need to turn to his trusted collegues to undo this ambition of the powers to be. 

Are we telling the readers something which they already know or are we telling Taib the traps are already opened and the Tigers you have will ALSO FALL SOON. Chan the SUPP President has even sounded confidently that BN wil make a clean sweep and one seasoned politician said,”He is trying to whip the sentiments of the Chinese in that the fast flowing waters have reached his neck.”

 Its a rallying cry and we did ask earlier will SUPP be able to come to BNs rescue again? The undercurrents are too strong now and more than ever Taib will need Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu to not only  double check but triple it up.

Will James not want to sit at the HIGH CHAIR and see that his KM3 work. Lim Kit Siang did not give up and finally in 308 Penang was taken over by Pakatan and today LIM GUAN ENG is the Chief Minister. (His son)

It is indeed very calm within the Pakatan alliances and they do hope that the Miracle of PRS will do a PBS. Nothing is Impossible in Politics they say…Don’t you agree…???

24/36″The Fear of 1987 Repeating Itself”

1987 was the Ming Court Affair. Thought Provoking..?  History about to repeat itself.? Didnt 1987 changed the way how the powers control the political scene in Sarawak ? Is Pakatan Sarawak the New force and a New platform for the opposition to surf their way to the Corridors of Power?

Usually there must be a spark of some sort which will further PUSH FOR A REVIVAL. The groundswell is there and even amongst the BN dayak politicians there is a call for “Dayakism”. Why? What ‘s wrong? Where is it happening? Who are the forces behind?  When is it happening?

One school of thought is that,”Its not so much the opposition is strong but BN versus BN  which will benefit the Pakatan group? Even the push to oust the so called towkays in the BN aligned political parties is reaching feverish momentum. PRS has already reengineered the move with the Sng faction taken out of the equation and it seems SPDP is also moving towards that. 

SUPP will self explode and DAP will be the beneficiary if they still maintain the OLD GUARDS to protect the already cracked castle. PBB is also experiencing the posts Taib Era and the successors to be pushing their claims for the holy grail. Will they be able to even SNIFF THE HIGH CHAIR..?

 Lim Kit Siang has even dared the opposition to look at depriving the Sarawak BN of its 2/3rd majority and even suggested for the 36 magical number of overthrowing the BN.

Nothing is impossible as the dayaks are slowly but surely pushing the BN powers from within on a collision course and it spells TROUBLE FOR BN AS A WHOLE. The boiling point will be very soon and the ground is reverberating with calls of NO U TURN by the Separatists 5 plus 3 which does not help BN in totality. 

BN should be looking at going to the ground serving the rakyat instead of the “Whispering Revival of Dayakism” Imagine hearing with my own ears,”I am for Dayakism”

The rural areas “appears on paper“though as still BN stronghold but with Borneo Warrior and Broken shield playing this up,” “Jabu has a lot of weaknesses and failures and we need to highlight these failures to the voters and make them understand the issues,” said Tedewin Ngumbang, another potential candidate for the constituency.

It certainly is BN versus BN which will galvanise and ensure the people or rural voters make a switch and a very opportune time to do it. In the 2006 elections you could hardly see any opposition members so “DARING or OPENLY” carrying SLOGANS or party flags.

24/36 seems to be the rallying cry for the Pakatan Sarawak group to inspire and push the oppositon members to capitalise on the dissatisfaction and infighting which is so evident in the BN parties.The waters are calmer now especially with the Pakatan machinery in place and their ground troops moving not only out of their fox holes but openly mixing and capitalising on BN’s weaknesss which is INFIGHTING .

Who would have thought this year alone the world is experiencing a lot of Earthquakes whether its a small recorded seismic reading or a devastating one. 308 BN parties were so complacent and look what happen?

2006 SUPP President George Chan apologised and said sorry that SUPP losts 8 seats. One cannot imagine what will happen in the next State election as there are too many factors which are not in BN’s favour. PBB will almost certainly retain all its seats but if the ground shake is nothing short of devastation a few seats might  justs be lost. 24 or 2/3rds majority looks realistically within reach. 

The towkays in BN needs to know who will they back and they might just be the catalyst for change. Dont overlook what has been written and BN will need to buck up or they might just be deprived of the majority.  Who dares to predict that the Opposition parties will not capitalise on BN’s weakness?

Its up to BN to shore up the cracks in the fortress or be left devastated into a rumble of rocks. 1987 is a lesson learnt and “dayakism” can never be ruled out nor ignored as Sarawaks population is made up in majority of dayak origin. The first person who said it will not happen again will deservedly be given a good right hook or a slap to tell him don’t be over confident.

 Read the ground movements………….. Just a thought “Who then will be the next Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie as the commanders in chief as in 1987? Do you have their names….???

PBB-A Heavyweight Clash for Youth Chief..Wanita Chief Uncontested

Our earlier article:-  It seems that at this present period barring any withdrawals the PBB Youth posts would see a straight fight between Incumbent MP YB Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Federal Minister Science, Technology and Innovation ) against ADUN YB Karim Hamzah ( Sarawak Backbenchers Chairman and Former Deputy Youth Chief).

Our PBB informed source says that the Official announcement  will be on Monday at 3pm. The Election scrutineers will double check all candidates to avoid overlooking bankruptcies,police records and other  miscellaneous wrongsdoings which will jeorpadise PBB.

Latest from Wanita PBB:- Datin Sri Empiang won uncontested and will still head the Wanita Wing and Datin Fatimah remains as No.2  also uncontested.PBB Wanita will have very few changes to its lineup

Reposts with kind permission from Sarawak update:-

Those who do not understand, welcome to Sarawak – ask your Sarawakian friends.

KP –
Konpom Karim lwn Fadilah. 21hb cabut undi utk semua jwtn.

Sik tanding.Timbalan. Daniel Jubang

Vice Pesaka1 Sinsaring Suel

Vice Pesaka 2 Simon sindang.

Semua menang tanpa bertanding.

Tanding VP –
Pandi dpt 24 percalonan
Kamal 4
Aziz denan 3

Tanding Exco Bumiputera

Abd Baderi Shamat
Raymon Tanin
Raduan Ahmad
Morkhsien Affendi
Junaidi Sambang
Wan Hamzah Wan Paiee
Tinggal Abd Hamid
Awg Najit Awg Sohor
Haidil haili
Abg abd aziz abg draup
Zainal Abidin Abu Seman
M Yusnar Mantali
Hamzah Brahim
Norudin Sidi
Yahya Salim
Suhardyantono Abd Kadir
Raden kederi
Shamsuddin unai
Abd Rahman hj Jawawi
Azahari osman

Tanding Exco Pesaka

Ajis Japar
Ambrose Jemut
Bell Bernard
Christopher Romeo
Ruggery Antony
Peter Sigie
Jampi Tutong
Henry Killah
Denis Ngau
Joe Faizal Abdullah.
Stanley Sila
Bagi exco pesaka.

PBB Main Body nominations will close on 21st February.

“50/50 Status Quo.??”

Lets keep it simple our informed source said to Natasha of audie 61. The reshuffle of the State cabinet especially with the assistant Ministers might be put to a hold BUT which is a strong possibility he might just add on to the 2 which he has revealed to the press earlier.

It goes without saying that the lobblying factor has already created unnecessary tension within the State BN component parties. Our source also has mentioned that the good office of Najib has advised that the FEEL GOOD FACTOR should also not be compromised but be maintained at all costs. Sources close to Najib is also pushing the state to have an earlier than expected State elections as the State opposition parties are yet to “gelled” as a unit. The oppostion might just be “CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN.”

The setting up of (ARBS) Parti Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak by UMNO Sarawak  protem chairman is also a wake up call to the coalition partners that they need to be on guard against the seriousness of the opposition assault on the state. The protem Chairman also mentioned to audie61 that ,” Najib has said privately to certain quarters that he does not intend to be the shortest Prime Minister of Malaysia and he has taken a serious overview of the threat present.

Affendi even says that ,’Its the silencers that are killing the BN government and we know the rating is now 50/50. We are also helping to keep the state BN in its position with our eyes and ears on ground zero and they should not think we are for one moment trying to create tension within the BN family. Obviously,Affendi said many will say he “ONLY KACAU DAUN but BN needs all the assistance and not more enemies.

Already he said PKR YB Dominique has mentioned that “ARBS and PBB are the “same cut from the same cloth” It can only confuse and not contribute to the betterment of the political situation in Sarawak. So…at least he said with a laughter in his voice ,” that means PKR is worried as they do not need another group of BN members to contain with.”

So the lobbyists of the Assistant Ministers in the cabinet might just have aggravated the fragile situation in the state and the CM according to the innsiders are taking a 50/50 chance if he does tilt the balance of power. Its his prerogative for the appointments and the CM will not want to go into the next state elections with something he might just live to regret.

A Status quo will see him not using his JOKER and why does he need to change when the mechanism is well oiled and very much functional says his closest aide. The guessing game will keep everyone on edge to face the common enemy and prevent unnecessary sparks and political tensions. Its the CM’s call anyhow…..

“Anggota Rakyat Bumiputra Sarawak-Arabs??”

The roulette wheel has not stopped spinning ever since a new party “Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia” is being rumoured to have been formed by PKR YB Gabriel Adit.Now other smses are flying around in the cyberspace that a New Malay Party has been registered with a protem committee with Affendi Jeman as the leader.

The source revealed,” The party is to be known as Anggota Rakyat Bumiputra Sarawak or ARABS in short. We hope that the party can be registered as soon as possible in view of the coming election and urge the authorities to look into its registration.”

audie61 went into action and managed to track down Affendi Jeman who said this,” Let them speculate.Everyone has a right to speculation but if there is , lets wait for an Official announcement. Get to the source and ensure that the story is genuine or else it will be very damaging.I am the UMNO -protem Chairman for Sarawak.Do I need to elaborate further..??


It seems its Christmas in Sarawak and who is who in Sarawak  is cashing on something NEW to challenge the seemingly unshakeable BN coalition partners. Maybe the election fever in Sarawak is starting to catch the imagination of all those closely related and involved in Sarawak affairs .

“N31 BN Won, Now for Sarawak State N31 and N56”


Its the day after or aftermath when one can really sit down and assess and even start pointing fingers at where the fault lies. For the victors it will be a number of celebraty dinners to thank supporters and friends for a hard earned victory. This Malaysiakin report in which PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said,””Pakatan is not doing enough” reflects the mood of the whole country and he nailed it right into the heart of the Pakatan machinery.

United we achieved and Divided we fall ” and this proverb should not be taken too lightly by all the political parties in Malaysia. We have earlier written that Najib has taken a leaf from his old man Tun Razak by signalling a change in the system of governance in BN. He did not disregard the older BN coalition parties but embark on more freshness in allowing the mushrooming of New Political /NGOs friendly to BN.

The Indians who were divided by MIC politics found new paltforms to be part and parcel of Najibs administration and gain some inroads. PAS Vice President even said this,’ Now, they are not all for the BN government but I would say that their support (Indians)is not as solid as it was in the last election.”

Do we need to drool on the higher majority by UMNO in the byelection in N31..? Isa is a popular leader and he is very attached to his grassroots and also the wave of invicibility of Pakatan is now wafer thinned with too much bickering amongst the Pakatan caolition. The aspiring politician who mentioned to audie61 said ,”Lets just take the N31 and N56 in Sarawak as an example.”

No one is really talking about the other seats besides these two. Why..? Could it be that these two seats have greater significance than the rests..? Surely, both are seats by supposedly Iban leaders in their own right with one seat N31 Jabu who is DCM and also Deputy PBB President and the other N56 James who is Land Minister and President of PRS. N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB) andN56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS) Could both of them be as good as Isa who commands high respect from his very own grassroots and constituents?

Both these seats will see a challenge as PKR feels that wrestling at least one of the two will signal a major change in the mindset for the Ibans community. A new leader will arise and for the victor it will be a major scalp and a meaningful one. Giant killer is their aim and in the Sarawak whirlwind two names are highly placed forward and both will pack a big body blow plus a knock out punch.

Could the Sarawak tsunami be like the GE12 where some major political personalities suffered big setback .? Its very calm on the surface but it seems underneath it all there is a major revival of a revisit of Ming Court 1987 in the offing. Its a well workedout strategy by the some Sarawak opposition strategists and the FALLEN Top leaders will mean a nasty crack in the seams for the Sarawak BN .

The two names on offer as their machinery are already on the ground with frequent visits back to the constituencies are both former PBDS members. It is of no secret that one of them is George Lagong while the other is Tedewin Ngumbang Datu.Both are stacking up their coffers and are both independantly overseeing their operations. Money is not a problem for both these two aspiring candidates and they will give the incumbents more than a HEADACHE.

These comments from dayakbaru website ,”BN loudest critic in cyberspace, Tedewin Ngumbang, ironically continued campaigning for PRS at the height of election. He too showed me his undivided loyalty to Masing when the effort to pit Joe Entulu against his president intensified. Comically, Tedewin still harbour a hope of contesting against PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu in Layar. May be to go in winning some funding. He got nothing to lose. If he lost, it is expected knowing Jabu popularity in the area. If he win, he can boast about it until the day he died.

Even in elections the masterstroke is needed to gauge the sentiments of the voters and to which end they will swing. An innsider from George Lagongs camp said,” He will certainly offer himself as a candidate to ensure that James does not win uncontested.” The signals are already there for the opposition to make an approach as George has proven in the last Parliamentary elections he really gave sleepless nights to the BN candidate in Ulu Rejang.He does not pull out of a fight and when he makes up his mind very few people can stop him. 

He certainly knows his bearings as he has served as a Director of Operations in this area for James in his early years. Is it the master versus the student?  The writing is on the wall and George and Tedewin has weight out all the options and the fiery road ahead for them. Both of them will go into the next State elections scheduled in 2011 as underdogs but they will offer more than their BARK.

The political climate is certainly changing daily in Sarawak and it really needs something really unusual or unexpected to change the whole BN Sarawak team. They will be more casualties in the WARDS  this time round eventhough the CM predicted at least 60 seats which are more or less secured.

His predictions will come true if the present YBs suddenly change their stripes and if also they are dropped for FRESHER AND ACCEPTABLE CANDIDATES. It remains to be seen but the ground control is shifting in some areas without BN hierarchy even noticing.  The cyberspace provides a new avenue though in rural Sarawak BN will have the upperhand. In the afermath of N31 Tian Chua PKR strtegists said this,”Usually in rural areas, the people are more susceptible to BN’s money politics. However, it has been proven that such tactics do not work in urban areasThe poorer ones are less educated and more susceptible to material gains and intimidation.”

 Could the opposition propaganda work up a tsunami for Sarawak or will BN just turn a blind eye and coast through? George and Tedewin certainly needs to have a few lessons and spent some  tuition fees to learn from Isa……Remember both these constituencies are in the RURAL AREAS