Najibs Still Best PM Material….

Malam1 Malaysia bersama rakanrakan P195 & P196 on 29th of August 2012 was successfully held with the convoy leaving SPDP hqs at 5.30pm and reaching Spring at 6.30pm.  The programming schedule was perfect and the organisers have to be commended.

The nights speeches was hard hitting and there was no holding back. Overall it made its mark and SUPP SG Professor Dr.Sim Kui Hian’s  vision of BIG PICTURE was achieved.

Extracted reports from an English daily:-


“Malam 1Malaysia-Transformasi ”

All the 3 months planning,courtesy visits,official letters written,differences of opinions,hiccups and many other  unseen tasks undertaken by the committee has finally come to one night and that is the 29th of August 2012. It has been avery  good effort by all concerned the 4 component parties in P195 & P196 to drum up support for the potential candidates for the constituency.

The Solidarity and Togetherness is for all to take notice and the call is of course=DEMI RAKYAT DEMI MASA DEPAN– TRANSFORMASI

Article extracted from todays Enlish daily-Borneo Posts.

KUCHING: The ‘1 Night with P195 + P196 Friends’ carrying the theme ‘Best  Friends Forever Movie Night’ is expected to be a grand affair.

The ‘Jalur Gemilang – 1Malaysia’ convoy comprising 32 classic cars will  kick-start the event; revving their way from the SPDP headquarters to SUPP  headquarters and tHe Spring shopping mall from 5pm today.

According to SPDP Pending Women’s chief Winnie Lim, around 50  guests-of-honour from the four state Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties – Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP),  Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) – were expected at the event along with some 600 party members.

“The movie night will not only feature the premiere of Malaysia’s first 3D  movie ‘29 Februari’ by KRU Studios but also the launch of the BN election  machinery for Bandar Kuching and Stampin,” she told a press conference here  Monday.

Meanwhile, SPDP Puteri chief Barbara Mawan said that the four component  parties would continue working together to ensure that SUPP would be able to win  the Bandar Kuching and Stampin seats this coming general election.

Also sharing the same sentiment was SUPP Youth Central secretary general  Wilfred Yap who said that strong support from the other BN component parties  should be used as a ‘springboard to give the opposition a run for their  money’.

“Let’s show them that BN means business and we will give them a good fight  during the general election,” he said.


KA-BOOM.”100% Behind It all….!!”

We have heard of the Andy Williams song”You’re too good to be true” but if we are e lovers THAT”S O.K, but one of the lyrics that really gets me..Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray….



WORDS,PLEDGES,APPEARANCES IN NEWSPAPERS just like Andy Williams song “Its too good to be true”

100 % Behind are all but just mere words when actions/words are unfulfilled and it happens once too often and the silent majority are now fighting back in a way which will determine the outcome of politicians who are true to their words or justs paying lip services.

BN OR PAKATAN needs the peoples representatives who can work for the country instead of justs promising the world i.e (I will give this,that,and that) to the people and many wannabees will very soon know their true values….




222-95+? = PR Govt



On May 15th 2012 Azmin Ali declared that his count is that PR will be in Putrajaya as in Semananjung Malaysia alone PR will increase their tally to 95.

UMNO/BN will only be able to manage 71. Sabah and Sarawak with 56 seats will determine who governs Malaysia for another 5 years.

Will Sabah 25 seats be the determining factor or Sarawak with 31 seats.? PR with 95 seats needs only 17 seats for the magical number of 112 to edge out BN. Both Anwar and Najib are courting the States of Sabah and Sarawak and in 2008 both these two states only losts one(1) seat each. It is indeed a herculean task for PR and Anwar as the people have not forgotten the failed attempt of September 16th 2008.

This is known infamously as the figure 916.

Anwar shook the whole of Malaysia then and now his PR strategists and election speakers are harping”Putrajaya is within reach and Believe us” The main focus in their meet the people session is Oil ,Education and for Sabah (illegal immigrants)

Anwar leads by saying the day they take over Putrajaya they will reduce the price of oil(music to the ears of the people) and abolish school fees for all Malaysian from primary to universities(touching the hearts of the parents)  Sabah (will look into the illegal immigrants immediatedly what the Royal Commission has failed since Mahathirs time)

This is the danger for BN as the masses of voters will be brainwashed as the speeches and rhetorics far exceeds expectations. PR have even penetrated into the peoples sentiments by using the downfall of leaders in Egypt,Tunisia,Lybia as examples. The people they say including the armies and police,”were afraid of the leaders but when the masses rise even the authorities turned around.”

This could be a clear example harping at Sarawakians and Sabahans. What and how many will be the correct assessment from the JASA,Penerangan,Kemas,SB and Military intellegence which  PR will garner? Its tit for tat as Najib and Anwar criss cross into Sarawak and Sabah as “defections and parties in BN” are seemingly having second thoughts of being in the BN coalition as allies or MPs.

What are BN cyber troopers/social media/umb and other connected machineries doing. The attacking strategies needs to redefine and as a Professor mentioned”if BN with all the accessibilities to information does not know how to dessimate the information down to the ground its going to be an uphill struggle.

The “sex stories and gutter politics” used needs to be put to the backburners as the people have matured tremedously since 2008. There musts be “A BRAIN” behind or those who are not good enough to fight the Pakatan cyber machinery and strategists must take a back seat.

THE above image is being used to taunt and create uneasiness for the BN supporters. Unless and until the “BRAIN OF BN” comes out with an impressive thinking slogan/image the upperhand will still be with Pakatan.

A former SC member/ politician and a practising lawyer said its easier for the opposition as the masses will take in their words at “ceramahs” and it will translate to votes as they will be hyped up and thats one of the main reasons why the urban areas remains the opposition stronghold. It might changed but its up to UMNO to fight tooth and nail against PAS/PKR for the rural seats which will determine the power throne for the next 5years.

Its a make or break time for Anwar,Kit Siang and Hadi says a PKR member but the bigger picture for these leaders is to shake up the whole BN and go for it ultimately with new faces in GE14. The new youthfulness will see an end of BN which BN will be pushed into submission with a very tight margin of MPs. (Who knows GE14 might be called sooner rather than later?)

The 222 MPs will know that they represent not only Malaysia but the whole world will be watching closely as Malaysia is not only a destination for tourists as its safe and secured but also a country where investors will not have any hesitation to “set up shop” in Malaysia.

Winnable candidate will be BNs choices and Pakatan will re-energised their candidates with youthfulness and matured politicians says an insider pakatan member. BN will be in for a rough ride too as its going to be the most talked about election in Malaysias history.

BN will not give up their turf of 5o over years without a fight and if PR thinks that 95 seats are already in their pockets they might justs have to take their blinkers of their eyes.

Interestingly todays English daily has this”Pakatan Rakyat taking advantage of political uncertainties in Sabah to influence Sarawakians” says Dr.Rundi BN SG and Assistant Minister Public Utilities.

Its just timely and Pakatan must “WAKE UP FROM THEIR DREAM and HOPE BN GOES TO SLEEP” and be over confident if they want to smell the aroma of Putrajaya.

Have you written the numbers down for the ? as Azmin Ali so confidently mentioned on 15th May 2012.

ANYWAY the next Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro in 4 years time in 2016. See You there..


You heard Monty python sang”Always Look at the Bright side of Life

“Transform or Be Irrelevant…!”

All the Political Parties in Sarawak be it BN or Pakatan are ready to do Battle in the 31 Parliamentary Constituencies. In the urban areas SUPP will likely face up with their nemesis and the battlecry will be between Transform or Ubah.

In our previous article we wrote:-Sarawak BN a Time Bomb which is actually telling a Reminder to us all that we must not be COMPLACENT AND DO NOTHING. If we leave all the dirty linens hanging on the verandahs it will not be cleaned. Cleansing from within is the only alternative the State BN has left to ensure that it stays in power for the new term.

We have heard the Pakatan leaders drumming up support and giving fiery speeches but their main pointers remains in all ceramahs “ARE YOU READY FOR PUTRAJAYA?” Are you ALL with us ? ARE YOU? ARE YOU? We can say we want to stop them from getting there but when our party boys are still so engrossed in infighting and not in togetherness the opportunity presents itself for the enemy to attack us.

It does send a shiver down the spines when the clapping amongst the people who are at their ceramahs do come  without fear or careas they loudly acclaim most of the points. Of course the key is still the Malay dominated UMNO areas where UMNO needs to ensure they maintain the stranglehold.

Sarawak and Sabah as some of the alternative news media is potraying is very much for grabs. The infighting have reached such a feverish high that incurable is not the word. People who are jeorpadising the transformation processes needs to be shifted away from the main operational machinery works of the party involved in the parliamentary seats. This is REAL and if PM Najib still thinks he has it easy he better be prepared for the worse.

His winnable candidates needs to work extra hard and get down to the nitty gritty works of mainatining the momentum of ensuring Putrajaya is not won by defections or trojan horses who seeks to see an end of BN rule.

BN needs to really TRANFORM or it will be overtaken by the Cries of Change from the people power which is very significant now. The opposition are all cashing in and if parliament is not dissolved soon more dirt will be BLOWN UP and the numbers in ceramahs up and down the country will make even the staunches BN member grasping for air.

The game plan changes when the results are announced on the night of polling and PM Najib must take into account not only the strategies which is being used to tackle the mindset off the voters but how the party machineries are moving.

Even at one of our courtesy visit to a Minister he said,‘We must not Syiok Sendiri. We must Transform and there musts be continuity in our programmes to reachout and touch the nerve points of the voters in question.

WE need to go to the lists of voters in the constituency and look at each constituency,evaluate the voters needs ,wants and ensure they vote for your MAN OR WOMAN. That counts and PERCEPTION will still play a very important role in any elections.


PM Najib needs all the 222 BN candidates to sing the same song with him and also to ensure that Anwars rendition of Its’ Now or Never will stay as just another failed effort in this GE13.