222-95+? = PR Govt



On May 15th 2012 Azmin Ali declared that his count is that PR will be in Putrajaya as in Semananjung Malaysia alone PR will increase their tally to 95.

UMNO/BN will only be able to manage 71. Sabah and Sarawak with 56 seats will determine who governs Malaysia for another 5 years.

Will Sabah 25 seats be the determining factor or Sarawak with 31 seats.? PR with 95 seats needs only 17 seats for the magical number of 112 to edge out BN. Both Anwar and Najib are courting the States of Sabah and Sarawak and in 2008 both these two states only losts one(1) seat each. It is indeed a herculean task for PR and Anwar as the people have not forgotten the failed attempt of September 16th 2008.

This is known infamously as the figure 916.

Anwar shook the whole of Malaysia then and now his PR strategists and election speakers are harping”Putrajaya is within reach and Believe us” The main focus in their meet the people session is Oil ,Education and for Sabah (illegal immigrants)

Anwar leads by saying the day they take over Putrajaya they will reduce the price of oil(music to the ears of the people) and abolish school fees for all Malaysian from primary to universities(touching the hearts of the parents)  Sabah (will look into the illegal immigrants immediatedly what the Royal Commission has failed since Mahathirs time)

This is the danger for BN as the masses of voters will be brainwashed as the speeches and rhetorics far exceeds expectations. PR have even penetrated into the peoples sentiments by using the downfall of leaders in Egypt,Tunisia,Lybia as examples. The people they say including the armies and police,”were afraid of the leaders but when the masses rise even the authorities turned around.”

This could be a clear example harping at Sarawakians and Sabahans. What and how many will be the correct assessment from the JASA,Penerangan,Kemas,SB and Military intellegence which  PR will garner? Its tit for tat as Najib and Anwar criss cross into Sarawak and Sabah as “defections and parties in BN” are seemingly having second thoughts of being in the BN coalition as allies or MPs.

What are BN cyber troopers/social media/umb and other connected machineries doing. The attacking strategies needs to redefine and as a Professor mentioned”if BN with all the accessibilities to information does not know how to dessimate the information down to the ground its going to be an uphill struggle.

The “sex stories and gutter politics” used needs to be put to the backburners as the people have matured tremedously since 2008. There musts be “A BRAIN” behind or those who are not good enough to fight the Pakatan cyber machinery and strategists must take a back seat.

THE above image is being used to taunt and create uneasiness for the BN supporters. Unless and until the “BRAIN OF BN” comes out with an impressive thinking slogan/image the upperhand will still be with Pakatan.

A former SC member/ politician and a practising lawyer said its easier for the opposition as the masses will take in their words at “ceramahs” and it will translate to votes as they will be hyped up and thats one of the main reasons why the urban areas remains the opposition stronghold. It might changed but its up to UMNO to fight tooth and nail against PAS/PKR for the rural seats which will determine the power throne for the next 5years.

Its a make or break time for Anwar,Kit Siang and Hadi says a PKR member but the bigger picture for these leaders is to shake up the whole BN and go for it ultimately with new faces in GE14. The new youthfulness will see an end of BN which BN will be pushed into submission with a very tight margin of MPs. (Who knows GE14 might be called sooner rather than later?)

The 222 MPs will know that they represent not only Malaysia but the whole world will be watching closely as Malaysia is not only a destination for tourists as its safe and secured but also a country where investors will not have any hesitation to “set up shop” in Malaysia.

Winnable candidate will be BNs choices and Pakatan will re-energised their candidates with youthfulness and matured politicians says an insider pakatan member. BN will be in for a rough ride too as its going to be the most talked about election in Malaysias history.

BN will not give up their turf of 5o over years without a fight and if PR thinks that 95 seats are already in their pockets they might justs have to take their blinkers of their eyes.

Interestingly todays English daily has this”Pakatan Rakyat taking advantage of political uncertainties in Sabah to influence Sarawakians” says Dr.Rundi BN SG and Assistant Minister Public Utilities.

Its just timely and Pakatan must “WAKE UP FROM THEIR DREAM and HOPE BN GOES TO SLEEP” and be over confident if they want to smell the aroma of Putrajaya.

Have you written the numbers down for the ? as Azmin Ali so confidently mentioned on 15th May 2012.

ANYWAY the next Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro in 4 years time in 2016. See You there..


You heard Monty python sang”Always Look at the Bright side of Life

9 thoughts on “222-95+? = PR Govt

  1. 2012 hope says:

    BN had actually lost by number of votes compare to current system of represented by constituencies.

    Something is very wrong if the August House,Parliament is represented by just 20 % of country total legitimated voters.

    It,s voices of minority instead of majority,that is not good for any country

  2. iBan says:

    That is the elephant in the room.

    While the party is good the fence sitters keep quiet.

    Our past leaders has feet of clay. What they did was hook wink the ill informed voters.

    Good riddance, voter got whom they voted.

    Do we ever wonder why some leaders likes like to stay in Kuching and build their empire here too.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Something is seriously wrong when you can win 50.4% of Parliament with just 18.9% of the votes.
    Unequal-sized constituencies and gerry mandering manipulation of the electoral boundaries BN strategy to hold on power.

    Putrajaya has just 6008 voters compare to Petaling with over 600000.

    Forever BN will remains in power.

  4. zik says:

    Pls get this in to your BN thick skull..in democracy it’s normal for a change of goverment..PAKATAN will rule another 2 or 3 terms..and then BN can rule again for another 2 – 3 terms..in this manner we will have no more nonsense and corruption such existed in BN presently !!It’s normal to change a goverment!! if you dont want to change a goverment then may I suggets BN poltician migrate to Cuba or China..They only have one party sytem althou they have internal election..wahtever it is it stil Fidel Castro’s party and People Republic Of China Part!

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Hari Dalam Sejarah,Dato Sng predicted this coming GE,s result will be BN=110 seats, PR=110 seats and SWP winning the last two seats.

    That why he dares to say ” Dont Underestimate His Multibillions Plan”,if my prediction come true,then you will see what and who am i.

    • Observer says:

      It will be lottery strike for SWP members.
      What a windfall for the Members.
      Good luck. Membership has its privileges.

  6. 2012 hope says:

    Richest company in the world,Mas,had been making losses around 3 billion for the last 6 quarters.since 2011 and half a year in 2012.

    Simple calculation,3000 million divided by 18 months=166.67 million per month,is there any hope of returning to profitable year ?.Biar putih tulang,jangan putih mata.

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