PM Najib “Well Done…!!”

Lajim you should know this…..

In running a country a leader needs to ensure that rules and policies are being followed. If not the whole country will be ruled by Jungle Law. What PM Najib has done to remove Lajim which of course is his prerogative “was in accordance with clause (3) Article 43A, which was read together with clause (5) Article 43 of the Federal Constitution.”

Lajim thinks as an UMNO Sabah warlord he can bring the party down on its knees and his bargaining power is so strong that he will not be removed as a Deputy Minister. There are times when you can play hardball and this time Lajim played wrongly his cards.


It will not be too long that his followers will leave him as they too will feel that their positions and livelihood are being compromised.

Najib has now come hard on those who threaten UMNO and his Cabinet and very soon this message will have a POSITIVE ROLLER BALL EFFECT on the rest of the component parties in BN.

Najib needs to make a stand and he will not let the warlords have too much say or freedom. He listens ,watches ,compromised but will not succumb to overzealous politics of confrontation. It’s never too late to make a decision and Najib has wielded his sword and the STATEMENT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

Lajim had his Day and Now Najib will end it for him.