BN”Reach Out to the Grassroots .. “

You must know your Constituency Wants and Needs. You must REACH OUT TO THE GRASSROOTS and only then the voters will know whether you are sincere and can be trusted. The times are changing and one should be equip with all the knowhows , wheeling and dealing in the economic field too. We should also not Preempt anything but work towards achieving it . 

Minister of Housing and Tourism Abang Johari telling audie61 at the sidelines of the Press conference who were with the visiting delegation of SPDP and SUPP members at a courtesy visit to his office.

Step up cooperation, BN components told

Posted on August 7, 2012, Tuesday


WORKING TOGETHER: SPDP vice-president Captain Zainuddin Hamdan (seated third right), SPDP Pending chief Audie Chua (seated second left) and SUPP Youth chief Tan Kai (seated second right) showing the logo of the charity show to Abang Johari (third left) after their courtesy call.

KUCHING: All BN component parties in the state must step up their cooperation to improve communication between the people and the leaders.

PBB deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said this culture of working together had always been there from the start and was pleased to see young leaders continue the efforts.

“Such cooperation has existed since many years ago and I personally had experiences working with other component parties.

“The political landscape nowadays has changed. There is need to explore new directions in order to improve communication between the people and the leaders,” the Housing Minister said yesterday.

He was speaking to reporters after receiving a courtesy call from the organising committee of ‘1 night with P195 and P196 Friends Charity Movie Show’ at his office.

He pointed out that the contribution from young leaders was important, especially in the present challenging political environment.

“It is important to work together to provide the best service to the people.

“We have all the basic ingredients so we need the best chef to prepare the right food.

“The best chef is always the most experienced and in BN, we provide the chef because we have the experience,” he said.

He commended the programme as a very good initiative by young BN leaders that would enable BN to get back the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat and defend the Stampin seat.

The charity show is an initiative to strengthen solidarity and unity among BN component parties and will be shown at The Spring’s MBO on Aug 29.


5 thoughts on “BN”Reach Out to the Grassroots .. “

    • 2012 hope says:

      Without them is without You (BN),they are actually your BOSSES.

      Unlike James Masing who treats himself as BOSS,Voters and supporters as Kuli of him,

    • 2012 hope says:

      Substanceless or tin kosong normally sound loud and go wide and far

      Sudah berkli-kali ahli-ahli SPDP sendiri mennasihatkan mereka yang Kagoh itu ” Jaga Peruhu Sendiri Yang hampir Karam,SPDP bukan sibuk-sibuk dengan Parah SUPP yang mempunyai penyakit yang lebih kritikal dan serius.

      Reaching out to the grassroots in rural areas NOT those in urban areas where you have Mbox and Karaoke or partying late into night.Firkiran sudah terpeso and dan keluar dari landasan

      Percayalah dan terima hakikat SUPP akan kalah teruk di P195 & 196.PR tak perlu berkempen pun boleh menang besar loh.

      • phyllis says:

        Y dont u just say” NO NEED FOR SUPP/BN to turn up better.!” U 2012hope are not even giving SUPP chances u shd rename yourself as 2012 DOOM for SUPP

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