Ooops “Debunking a Failed Spin”

images50FMM9JPOh No, Ooops I did it Again..

Collaquial terms such as ‘Orang Malaya’ must be understood in the right context.

People with a different frame of reference and the intellectual incapability to appreciate the social framework of such a term ‘Orang Malaya’ have no moral right to condemn me for my post on the “Orang Malaya’ tag.

The vile and baseless accusations is a deep reflection of their low-life mentality, ever ready to lash at their perceived enemies for anything which does not meet their royal agenda.

Having been in the political landscape for decades, I have deep insight as to the goings-on and naturally have immovable patriotic allegiance to my beloved country.

To associate me with Sarawak Report is another indication of the deep jealousy of my detractors, for their juvenile postings have never seen the light of day in mainstream media or top news sites.

My humble suggestion is for those writer/s to attend college and take Malaysia Negaraku 101 to be better acquainted with the nuances of geographical differences in semantics, pertaining to ‘Orang Malaya’.

But then again, for such servile creatures, this post is way above their heads.

Still I write from my heart with a clear conscience knowing I had none of those despicable intentions as maliciously alluded by those delinquent writers.

Regardless, my zest for GE 14 and the next state elections remains undaunted because I love Sarawak, my beloved state and Malaysia, my beloved nation.

No one trying to deride me can take that allegiance and love I have for my beloved country.


Whither Now,Malaysia?

At9NoRDQLaGENE4VySjxrKJyUYkMl8JbYJF2funF7RgiThe seeds of disunity, disinformation, and distrust have been sown in Malaysia. In the midst of economic problems and despair, there is always hope that our nation can ride the storms that beset us. For that, Malaysia needs a firm leader with wisdom and foresight.

Two years ago, when speaking at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Tokyo (2013), Mahathir said UMNO would still support Najib ‘because of a lack of an alternative’. His words and actions today show a sharp 360-degree departure from that observation.

Numerous probes from various countries, including Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates into the 1Malaysia Development Berhad that has more than $US11 billion ($15.3 billion) in debt.

The latest to join the fray is the FBI, which began investigations into money-laundering allegations related to our PM shortly after the arrest of Khairuddin Abu Hassan before his intended trip to the US to meet law enforcement officials about the 1MDB fund.

Against this backdrop, is Najib the best leader who can steer Malaysia out of troubled waters?
Malaysians are eager to cast the first stone at the sinner than to submit solutions to what is perceived as a critical problem to national stability.

Rumblings of discontent from the north to south, east to west have not been accompanied by any affirmative solution should the PM, for whatever reasons, decide to step down.

The status quo has dealt with detractors strategically and the record shows a significant number cowered in the face of pre-emptive strikes while others have had no qualms voicing their frustration.

Selective amnesia prevails as majority can only remember a ‘tainted’ 1MDB, preferring to forget that under Najib, we have had a very peaceful nation with no propagation of racist policies such as during Mahathir’s time (BTN), or cronyism.

Unlike his predecessors who did not have economics background, as an Economics graduate, Najib established and has been achieving targets for the Government Transformation Program (GTP), thanks to his foresight in engaging best economists and experts in the respective fields.

However, his enemies would never acknowledge these achievements including results in reducing crime, fighting corruption, improving student outcome, raising living standards of low-income households, improving rural basic infrastructure and improving urban public transport.

His effort to implement the GST has not been well received even though over 200 countries have implemented this tax system.
Throughout his tenure, our PM has not been racist nor has he been like Mahathir who supported Ibrahim Ali’s call to burn bibles and had said it was not an issue “as long as there were good intentions.”

Najib’s tenure as PM has not seen any untoward incidents arising from religious conflicts such as the Memali incident during Mahathir’s time. Yet, Malaysians are ready to throw rotten tomatoes at our PM, because of the spin propaganda to topple him.

It is only fair that the world awaits the verdict of local and international 1MDB probes before condemning our PM.

At the same time, it is reasonable to consider if there is any worthy successor to Najib should circumstances necessitate a change in leadership.

It is highly plausible that former DPM Tan Sri Muhyddin Yasin is the best candidate for the position because he proved his mettle by putting his party and country before his path to the top. Even though he paid a paid a heavy price for speaking up about 1MDB, his courage to speak up for his beliefs show compromise is not in his vocabulary but steadfastness in vision and loyalty to UMNO. Currently, he commands very strong support not just from Johore or UMNO but also across the board. His vast experience in public administration and excellent public relations skills are more feathers to his cap.

In such a heated ambiance where a small spark can trigger an avalanche of possibilities, having a hotheaded leader such as DPM Zahid Hamidi is risk few would favor, especially when leaders need to close ranks for the nation to move forward. His close relationship with Lim Guan Eng is another liability, which cost him many brownie points from grassroots support.

Khairy Jamaluddin’s share ratings might improve in a decade. His gungho approach and selective silence as and when situations favor him, not forgetting the baggage of his past as a fourth-floor boy, undermines his charisma and the aura of being a former PM’s son-in-law.

As the longest serving MP, Tengku Razaleigh stands far above many other contenders to premiership. His inertia to usurp power at all points of time underscores his courteous ways. He could have fought for the top position but he took the road less taken and until today, will only step into place if the position is handed to him. In terms of morals and ethics, this Prince has not been embroiled in any dispute or scandals that exploded during the tenure of Mahathir, Badawi, and Najib. Age is not in his favor and he is recovering from a recent bereavement. When duty calls, will he rise to the occasion?

The road ahead is paved with many obstacles – some seemingly insurmountable and others fragments that could fit once a great leader can seal the cracks in the path.

As for now, is Najib the best leader to steer Malaysia to 2020?
Speak up, Malaysians!



  • political analyst who have been with audie61 team since its inception . Went overseas to polish up his writing skills and have come back fresher and dynamic perspective and looking towards the year 2020. A contributor of National Politics and will have no qualms about writing facts rather than fiction.

  • ANGUS is infectious and stay tuned together with audie61 TEAM as we approach the Sarawak State elections and GE14.

Awang Tengah”s Men Making their Moves..?”

We each have our own reasons to make the moves.

tengahIn the Lord of the Rings movie the ring was very “PRECIOUS” says Gollum. He wants it, he needs it and he practically betrays his own master.

In this succession and a follow up to the Trilogy -The road to the 22nd floor which is the Office of the Chief Minister of Sarawak there are undercurrents and it seems some people just cannot wait any longer.

We covered it in details a few months ago :- but since its got a bit more spicy and the words used are worst than bushfires.

Taib with half of his eyes closed still maintains that he knows what is happening. However his closest aides and relatives are uncomfortable and are very worried as the ones he has put his trusts have turned against him.

In the following days we would be putting it together to reveal how the trusted aides men have moved his man to inform business partners/associates to look towards the FUTURE and ABANDON Taib and also end Melanau rule.

It is not Awang Tengah himself but those associated with him they say.Are you buying that?

Are you ready for more?? Soon my friends..

46Billion “Jangan Kita Layan”

It’s Now Pretty Clear that the Federal Government is very much with the CM Taib on Sarawak’s agenda on politics of development. If not PM Najib would just have kept silent on the issue of CM Taib amassing wealth in the region of $46 Billion as alleged by Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF)

Instead when he was asked by reporters in a press conference the PM Najib said “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it),”

Many would be wondering why the PM have said what he said but as a leader he needs to look after his flock( CMs and MB of BN controlled states) in times of an imminent power struggle from within UMNO and PM need not make an enemy out of CM Taib.

The Taib haters would be showing us the middle fingers and we are pretty sure our email would be flooded with  emails of “apple polishing of the highest order’. When Elephants collide its wise to stay out of range as one would not know what will hit us.

It is really up to the top boys to do battle obviously. PM Najib knows Taibs man are everywhere ready to push the knife further in to destroy his Premiership stay. Najib must have been advised to stay clear of any other controversies as a strong Sarawak BN mandate of 31 Parliamentary seats is the survival factor for UMNO to continue to stay in power.

CM Taib needs to deliver or else his stay as CM of Sarawak would also be in jeopardy. The BN Federal Government needs Taib to deliver and this statement from PM Najib,’jangan kita layan” speaks VOLUMES of how CM Taib is very much needed to deliver the required numbers out of 31 Seats in Sarawak to BN in the upcoming GE13.

 GE13 is the mother of all battles both for BN and Pakatan.

SPDP-“Grassroot Makes their Stand…!”

DPM Muhyddin has made the call to two component parties in Sarawak namely SUPP and SPDP that efforts musts be made to solve ‘internal misunderstandings” first before the General Elections. It seems both the parties are closing in on the “recalcitrant YBs and MPs and others aligned to them and the “doors will slam shut” if BN were to play by the rules and common understanding amongst the various component parties.

A comment from a Pakatan member to us in his posting and the SPDP Muara Tuang Divisionals resolution is enough to open up political arguments in the corridors of power be it Federal Putrajaya or State Petrajaya .

When we echoed what DPM had said in our posting :- one of the comments from Agen308 put it very bluntly,”What is so susah here ? If you guys got the support of the CM , these 5 YBs already not in their government positions !! This is simple , when you sack them , find replacements and recommend them to the CM . This is what PAS did to Hassan Ali , end of story !! But in Sarawak , everybody have to tow with the CM . Tidak berani….

In other words they are saying to everyone BN has double standards while Pakatan will justs sack and remove the ‘recalcitrants” as in the first place the people voted for the YB or MP and the people demand answers or strict discipline from the ruling government.

Have they forgotten they are the “PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE..?”

Muara Tuang SPDP did not mince their words and as of yesterday we have received a lot of smses which have been circulated and linked to all BN and SPDP members. It reads,”SPDP muara Tuang called for the ministerial and GLC linked posts of the five sacked office bearers,who are YBs,stripped off from them.therwise they justs piggy back on the cooalition and given greenlight to apply negative politiking in the pretext of serving rakyat.SPDP Muara Tuang maintained support to BN,PM and CM as Federal and State chairman.

Meanwhile insider sources have informed us that there will be a challenge to the President’s Posts and other elected Supreme Council posts. The 5YBs are already sacked but the other SC members and ordinary members of the respective divisions have yet to be sacked or ruled out from being delegates to the AGM/TDC on March 15th-18th 2012. There will be intense politiking in some unfriendly divisions and it will be up to the SUPREME COUNCIL to minimise the problems.

This if materialises will open another can of worms for the party…….

Firstly,there will be a constitutional crisis if rules and procedures are not being followed. Unfriendly fire will come from those reports which will be submitted to ROS.

Secondly,ROS being a neutral governing body will need to check out the allegations and it is imperative that the SPDP does not put anything to chance.

Thirdly,it is for this reason that SPDP Muara Tuang and other divisions who remain loyal to the party that the SPDP5 be stripped of all their positions or they will use whatever ways/methods to derail the party elections.

Another sms received reads as,”Its 3 weeks to the party elections and the heat is not turned up yet..!!”  Surely,the word on the ground is that there are more twists and turns coming and they might even try a similar tactic which happened during the PRS crisis of a “Court Injunction” to try to stop the party elections.

Another tactic would be “POLICE PERMIT..!!” It does pay to be reminded and we hope that all divisions concerned musts at least inform the SB or even get a police permit as a “gathering or more than 5 persons” can be adjudged to be illegal and made an issue.

There should not be any repeats of any issue which will make the ROS to take a stand and asks in their letter to the party later an example of which is”Give me reasons why we should not deregister the party” written in Bahasa Malaysia which is C.C to Secretary Genral and bcc President and Deputy President and of course also copied to the Home Minister. 

The grassroots have spoken and its time BN top leaders make an undivided stand and Pending,Piasau and now Muara Tuang have held their AGMs/TGM and they will be sending delegates to the partys AGM in Bintulu. Other divisions are having their AGMs in the coming days and they too will be making their voices heard.


“SPDP Presidents Facebook Page”

The UMB (Unit Media Baru) SPDP met with the President in anticipation of the upcoming general elections. The UMB team comprising SPDP bloggers and facebookers are all ready to dessimate information and also to fend off any misinformation and  attacks from the opposition front.

There were a number of interesting questions which one blogger put to the President. Firstly,”President we know that your Facebook account has been hacked as reported by a local daily. Is it true?”

The answer,”Firstly I would like to thank the person who has taken the initiative to create a LIKE Page for me. Its a very good and supportive gesture towards me. Unfortunately,I musts stress that certain people have chosen to take advantage of this media to speak foul and say unkindly things which has been reported in the print/media,”been hacked and pasted with several nasty comments on certain Barisan Nasional people” 

Facebook Mawan said has more than 800 million active users. I do keep tabs and very savvy friendly and thats why I am all for the UMB SPDP but it is not an appropriate way to abuse this social media technology. To prevent further misuse Mawan said that he has directed the UMB team to dessimate information to the cyberspace.

UMB SPDP as such would like to inform the cyberworld that the Presidents LIKE page

Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom

will/should not be taken as a page authorised/used by the SPDP President to inform SPDP members.The issue is closed and the FACEBOOK account will be closed soon. The President said,”Hopefully the authorised person who design and uploaded the page has not forgotten the PASSWORD. UMB might justs need to write to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) “

haha laughter in the air” 

 President also told the UMB team that all relevant questions/functions should come from the party headquarters and UMB SPDP will also assist in informing the members.

Questions were also asked on SPDP after the internal misunderstandings/sacking and also the upcoming TDC in Bintulu on March 17th /18th 2012. The printmedia/blogsphere has written a lot on SPDP in the last few weeks and its time for the party to move onwards and gear itself for the General elections which is due very soon. We need to maintain and win comfortably all our 4 seats said the President to the UMB team.

We need to work as one and we will deliver our seats as expected. President has all hopes for the future of SPDP and he also spoke on the formation of the Puteri Wing which augurs very well for the party. UMB team thanked the President for his time and hope that this information which will be ‘blasted’ in the cyber world puts all stop to the FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE.

SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”


We have just received the latest from the presidents house at 1050pm from our squad member

,”SPDP has not called off the function yet.But party will verify the security aspect in the area  on Friday. They will be working with the police to verify security aspect first.There is doubt  as to allegation of threat.”

According to an observer in the meeting one of theose present said,”Believe me..Ulu Teru function must proceed.Public Perception  is paramount. Postponement entailed you are losing ground. Postponement  of Ulu Teru Function has negative implications

Sarawak Trilogy~Road to 22nd Floor-(Final)”Whose My Boy..??

If I spell out his name now for the 22nd floor here your first reaction would be,”No,lah cannot be,Certainly not him.After convincing -{ you my friend you that is } – it will be followed with next,”Would he really.?Why CM Taib recommend him ho !”

A source revealed to us in so many words,”Has anyone ever thought of Michael Leo Toyad now that he has embraced Islam and is now known as Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah. He is after all a Melanau and is the current MP for Mukah. He has served as deputy minister of foreign affairs in 2004 and as Minister of Tourism in 2006. Surely,he cannot be far off from CMs mind can he?

Dark horses are appearing and depending on who it is from and even politicians who have fallen by the wayside comes very highly recommended. I am sure if we asks anyone that this is the person….,” -Do you think so? There will be more yes and only a few murmurs of don’t know.”

Effendi Norwawi fits the bill and he has also served as Federal Minister in Agriculture (1999 – 2004 and also Minister in Prime Minister’s office in charge of economic planning. Well will he fit in again especially so when he doesn’t seem to have strong grassroots?

The mandate has already been achieved and CM Taib has already been sworned in despite saying that he will step down after the elections.Did he say he will? The successor as always has been a mystery while some have chosen to quietly postulate their own theories. Each will have his own whos and whys certain names and parties are in contention.Mosts of the time its thought-provoking.

We know very well that PBB by virtue of being the largest political party in Sarawak will have a major say in the successor to the Chair as it has been returned with a majority of 35 seats. The component parties in PRS,SUPP and SPDP will also be consulted as the CM is also the Chairman of the State Barisan National coalition.

The political wheel is spinning faster than ever now and CM Taib has indeed been busy lately  putting into place the rightful heir to the coveted chair. Its not a question of who and who should be says Assistant Minister Stephan Rundi and PBB SG but who will be able and capable to fill the vaccum left by him after helming for 30 years as Chief Minister of Sarawak. He has in mind who but knowing CM he will do so at the right and appropriate timing.

In part 2 we mentioned,””You can’t try to force him as he knows how to turn the tables on you, as he had done in the past. Some political hopefuls tried to force him out but in the end, they ended up in political oblivion.”

Cordial Federal and State relations in itself is a big tasks which musts be buttered well. It is not only harmonising influences of the leadership PM to CM vice vesra.One must have it in him to defuse delicate policy disagreements or conflict especially when there are differences which needs to be ironed out.

CM Taib has often pointed out that the ability and willingness of both leaders to learn from both ends to continually perceive each others strengths and weaknesses,and work towards a common front and in the interests of the nation. Taib knows that the present situation is critical and volotile.He knows that he or his man must not have any thoughts of confrontational approach and all matters must be solved through coordinated negotiations through consultative methods.

The GE13 will have a huge bearing on the outcome to see whether if CM Taib continues to lead Sarawak.  A SUPP appointed EXCO member said,”Look at the mathematics and tell me if I am wrong. 308 spelt it as 140-82 now Pakatan seemingly less with the frog-jumpers.

Sarawak with 29 out of 31 seats is and still will be BN stronghold. Do you believe that? Do you believe BN will be in power after GE13? The chinese have left in droves to support DAP as they see SUPP as a lame duck and with no more spine left.

We (SUPP) losts 13 out of 19 state seats but the CM has the mandate to lead Sarawak for another 5 years. He moved swiftly been sworn in the night at 10.30pm knowing that he has already achieved the mandate and the trusts by the people of Sarawak.

He does not want to be manipulated by the arms twisting of some Federal leaders. He was proven right and pushed back the movement against his on going rule as CM a few steps back.

Some of the Federal leaders knows that BN Sarawak will tilt if too much harressment and pressure is stepped up on CM to relinquish his chair.It does remain though the PM in office now needs to work closely with the State administration and the CM in office is of utmosts importance. Sarawak is not under UMNO rule and thus PBB knows that they have all the bargaining chips.


The Prime Minister knows that he still needs to cajole Taib as Sarawak BN has 29 seats and mosts of the members of parliament  if not all are with CM Taib in any decision making which is for the better good of the state. A “few” has been  tempted to betray with promises of positions and power but they were very soon found out.  

The leaders who have made their voices heard intentionally or by default are listed as Alfred Jabu,Abang Johari,Awang Tengah,Adenan Satem,Fadillah Yusof,Douglas Uggah,Effendy Norwawi,James Masing and William Mawan. Some of them are down in the lists but they are not necessarily out of the picture. CM is keeping their names in the drawer next to his bed.

CM has even now put the name of Muhammad Leo Toyad in the drawer. We cannot even rule out Stephan Rundi for that matter as he is young and also capable in his own right. In jest.he said Azahari Ali in the 22nd floor and that he is telling us that he has read part 1 and does not want to be ruled out.

Emeritus Professor meanwhile posted another mosts unlikely question,”Have we considered all options for CM Taib.? We can write here but knowing that you are as illusive as the Da Vinci Code mystery we need to look closely from all angles and in particular the edited picture in question.

 Am I correct said the Professor? The political situation is so fluid at the moment and CM Taib is in no hurry to step down. PM Najib himself is not about to gamble on losing an ally who will ensure he stays on and continues as PM.

PMs  next assignment will surely be the Parliamentary elections for CM Taib?  CM Taib delivers he benefits and he will continue to serve until he decides to let go . PM Najib has to abide with the warlords who are giving him a lot of heat.

UMNO’s message is clear to Sarawak.You deliver we stay out and if BN Sarawak garners less than 25 seats out of 31 it does and will affect the final tallying of who makes it to Putrajaya BN or Pakatan.

It has already started with whispers and words exchanged to Putrajaya that if Taib is still the CM when the nation goes for elections a number of Sarawak seats will suffer the consequences. The PM’s office are watching and closely guarding the sentiments on the ground and they will not chance it as every available seat won is important in the final tally.

Abang Johari’s cronies are working overtime and painting a very bleak picture of Sarawak if  Taib still remains as they enter the parliamentary elections. The political shift and movement of forces are anything but cordial amongst the many political rivals to the chair. They may appear as friends in front with their pleasantries but once the backs are turned all ‘hell’ is let out to wander.

CM Taib with over 48 years in the political arena is not just about to throw in the towel in the ring and cave in. He knows all is real the infighting and he is determined to see it through till he decides in totality to give it to the rightful heir apparent. Taib is the master,he plans well and will not want his plan to fail. He will ensure that whoever wants the coveted chair will need to adhere to the following:-







CM is a master chameleon and with his machiavelli ways he will ensure that the timing is so precise and he will not leave any thing to chance. Even his lists of new cabinet minister assuming he names them in SEPTEMBER he musts go through them at least seven(7) times before he endorses it fully.

In this day and age any false move by Taib will have detrimental consequences not only to him but also to Sarawak.The social media’s ability to pass information,fuelling,shaping and exchanging reactions have already drawn the perception of life without him at the helm. He knows it and his plans are surely falling into place.

A knot is being tied on the legs of the 3’A’s + 1 which we mentioned in part 1 and for CM to come down he needs all of them  in question to work harmoniously and tackle all issues together before he even dares to sleep with both eyes closed.

At the end the Federal leaders will try their bests to name their boy but from what has been circling around in the State Capital of Kuching this is CM’s strongest message yet. At the 23rd commemoration of Kuching city CM said ,’hopefully we meet again on the 25th anniversary of (Kuching)