BN Sarawak Club “What Next..??”

This Newspaper Clip should be sufficient enough to point forward to the disillusioned SPDP members who are still very much in tandem with the BN5 Assemblyman……




7 thoughts on “BN Sarawak Club “What Next..??”

  1. Outcasts says:

    Seems that SPDP is going the same way as SNAP into oblivion and soon many members will sesert the party. Sooner rather than later after the GE13. All programmes now it seems are controlled by the daughter of the President and it is looking as William Mawan doesnt trust anyone anymore. Its bad news for party members and with this development no one will benefit and many new members will shy away.

  2. Calvin H says:

    The Federal/State clash between CM Sarawak and Federal leaders looks like its going to blow up during GE13. Muhyddin is not playing ball with CM Sarawak. It is going to be interesting and we cant wait to see what happens. One thing for sure is that Pakatan will capitalise on this.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Old saying of Chinese ; wind and rain take turn in changing its directions.

    Might be wind of good luck and peace have gone for SPDP.

    What comes around goes around,fame is vapour and popularity is by accident.

    Accept that is facts in life

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