SPDP-“Grassroot Makes their Stand…!”

DPM Muhyddin has made the call to two component parties in Sarawak namely SUPP and SPDP that efforts musts be made to solve ‘internal misunderstandings” first before the General Elections. It seems both the parties are closing in on the “recalcitrant YBs and MPs and others aligned to them and the “doors will slam shut” if BN were to play by the rules and common understanding amongst the various component parties.

A comment from a Pakatan member to us in his posting and the SPDP Muara Tuang Divisionals resolution is enough to open up political arguments in the corridors of power be it Federal Putrajaya or State Petrajaya .

When we echoed what DPM had said in our posting :-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/bn-club-what-club/ one of the comments from Agen308 put it very bluntly,”What is so susah here ? If you guys got the support of the CM , these 5 YBs already not in their government positions !! This is simple , when you sack them , find replacements and recommend them to the CM . This is what PAS did to Hassan Ali , end of story !! But in Sarawak , everybody have to tow with the CM . Tidak berani….

In other words they are saying to everyone BN has double standards while Pakatan will justs sack and remove the ‘recalcitrants” as in the first place the people voted for the YB or MP and the people demand answers or strict discipline from the ruling government.

Have they forgotten they are the “PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE..?”

Muara Tuang SPDP did not mince their words and as of yesterday we have received a lot of smses which have been circulated and linked to all BN and SPDP members. It reads,”SPDP muara Tuang called for the ministerial and GLC linked posts of the five sacked office bearers,who are YBs,stripped off from them.therwise they justs piggy back on the cooalition and given greenlight to apply negative politiking in the pretext of serving rakyat.SPDP Muara Tuang maintained support to BN,PM and CM as Federal and State chairman.

Meanwhile insider sources have informed us that there will be a challenge to the President’s Posts and other elected Supreme Council posts. The 5YBs are already sacked but the other SC members and ordinary members of the respective divisions have yet to be sacked or ruled out from being delegates to the AGM/TDC on March 15th-18th 2012. There will be intense politiking in some unfriendly divisions and it will be up to the SUPREME COUNCIL to minimise the problems.

This if materialises will open another can of worms for the party…….

Firstly,there will be a constitutional crisis if rules and procedures are not being followed. Unfriendly fire will come from those reports which will be submitted to ROS.

Secondly,ROS being a neutral governing body will need to check out the allegations and it is imperative that the SPDP does not put anything to chance.

Thirdly,it is for this reason that SPDP Muara Tuang and other divisions who remain loyal to the party that the SPDP5 be stripped of all their positions or they will use whatever ways/methods to derail the party elections.

Another sms received reads as,”Its 3 weeks to the party elections and the heat is not turned up yet..!!”  Surely,the word on the ground is that there are more twists and turns coming and they might even try a similar tactic which happened during the PRS crisis of a “Court Injunction” to try to stop the party elections.

Another tactic would be “POLICE PERMIT..!!” It does pay to be reminded and we hope that all divisions concerned musts at least inform the SB or even get a police permit as a “gathering or more than 5 persons” can be adjudged to be illegal and made an issue.

There should not be any repeats of any issue which will make the ROS to take a stand and asks in their letter to the party later an example of which is”Give me reasons why we should not deregister the party” written in Bahasa Malaysia which is C.C to Secretary Genral and bcc President and Deputy President and of course also copied to the Home Minister. 

The grassroots have spoken and its time BN top leaders make an undivided stand and Pending,Piasau and now Muara Tuang have held their AGMs/TGM and they will be sending delegates to the partys AGM in Bintulu. Other divisions are having their AGMs in the coming days and they too will be making their voices heard.


5 thoughts on “SPDP-“Grassroot Makes their Stand…!”

  1. phyllis says:

    Thats the way. If not BN will have no chance at theis GE13. Strip them all of positions. Teach them a lesson once and for all.Enough of this political sandiwara. Bread and butter issues more important as economy meltdown is felt.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: STRESS FREE song….forget about lynas + lembu betina muka tebal hitam for a while….ok??? :roll:

  3. chedat12 says:

    This is specially for those who are interested more in political issues and overlook the business sectors.

    As taxpayers can you stomach Mas 2.52 billion loss in 2011 and Proton loses 3.6 billion,

    Adakah Msia sangat kaya mampu menghadapi kerugian begitu beasr ?,Rakat harus semua CEO itu and belajar daripada mereka bagaimana menjalani business yang rugi bukan untung.Apakah policy ang paling seusauai ?.Ketuanan Melayu lol.

  4. Political Observer says:

    Muara Tuang, make sure walk the talk. When the CM jeling at you make sure you don’t pee in your pants. Asked yourself if SPDP take away the BN tag, can it survive or past through the coming GE13. If yes, go all out, confront the BN leadership, than SPDP will gain some credibility. If NOT, you are just an empty gong, so better shut up

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