Instigating the Dayaks Again..??

jm23It does seem when the elections are about to be called “instigators” or “batu api”  or whatever names you want to bestow upon them will surface.

They will try to generate as much spite, hate and venom towards the Federal Government even though its only going to be the 11th State Election.

  1. How many Dayaks are holding to top government posts will be one of the issues?
  2. We are being sidelined in Federal will be another.
  3. Third class citizen will also be included.
  4. We are the biggest race and we are standing behind the Melanaus and now there is a Malay Chief Minister.
  5. This is the best time to have a Dayak as Chief Minister after the Next State Elections
  6. Want some more?

We were called to look into this article,read it and we extract  in totality for all to see:-

Angry Dayaks have told Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president and Land Development Minister James Masing to leave both BN at state and federal levels, as the Dayaks have been ignored by the government for the last 51 years.aks have been ignored by the government for the last 51 years.

“Why do you have to wait for another 50 years for the Dayaks to be marginalised, suppressed and ignored? It is time that PRS together with two other Dayak-based Parties (Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) quit BN and join forces with the opposition Pakatan Rakyat,” said one blogger.

He said the Dayaks must think of the next state election and kick BN out power, pointing out that was the only way the Dayaks could take back their power and revert to the glory days when Stephen Kalong Ningkan was the chief minister.

“Don’t waste any more time as the Dayaks are getting angry with the racial politics of Umno/BN,” he said.

Scores of comments in the social media were directed at Masing  after he recently questioned why Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seemed obsessed with winning back the Chinese votes, yet neglecting the Dayak vote bank which has kept BN in power.

Read another comment: “You (the Dayaks) are like an abused spouse whose husband is always on the prowl. You throw tantrums to get his attention, but in the end it is always you get abused. Why should your community vote BN if they are being taken for granted.

“There must be reasons. Shouting loudly is not good enough; nobody will listen to you, but if you want to be respected, you should quit BN,” said another blogger.

“Dayak elected representatives in PBB and SUPP should quit their respective parties and should join forces with PRS, SPDP and Teras to get rid of BN,” said yet another commentator, pointing out that there are 29 Dayak-majority state seats and 15 parliamentary seats.

Sarawak has 31 parliamentary seats.

Meanwhile, two PRS leaders came to the defence of Masing for giving a gentle reminder to Najib not to ignore the Dayak vote bank.

In a joint statement, PRS information chief  Alexander Donald and PRS Youth publicity chief Bit Surang said that they supported Masing’s statement on the matter because of the general feelings of the Dayaks that they have been ignored, despite contributing much to ensure BN’s victory in the general elections.

Masing was correct, they said, in voicing out the concern over the issue of marginalisation of the Dayak community or Dayak-based political parties.

They added he had been in the opposition with the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak for more than eight years fighting unsuccessfully for the rights of the community.

“Now he is trying his best to rectify the system from within. As such we must give our strong support for his courage and determination to rectify all those weaknesses,” they said.

“SNAP Sarawak Elections 2015 ..??”

satem11What you see is what you get and when he says “Don’t mess with me” just be careful as he means what he says.

. CM Adenan is being seen as a beacon of hope for “Urbanites” who turned to and voted for the opposition. He can carry the fight to the opposition but its up to the ruling BN Urban leaders to up their ante and use Adenan to their advantage.

Of course Adenan is not a miracle worker nor a “Houdini” but he plans well and he expects his instructions to be carried through, executed and not just left in the drawers. The 4 BN component parties besides PBB,PRS are ready to “rock and roll” over the opposition if the elections are called as early as March/April 2015. SUPP has got their house in order it seems and so will SPDP by December 6th 2014 after their TGM. In the shadows lurks former party comrades UPP and TERAS who sees themselves ready to take over the mantle from them.

UPP have been sending strong signals to the BN administration they should not be discounted to be included in the BN plus formula. TERAS is concentrating on their 5 seats for now and strengthening their fort further by trying to take everything on the chin. CM Adenan has been singing his rendition,”Can’t help falling in Love with you” and the TERAS and UPP political boys are leaving it to the WISE MEN in the BN administration.

Of course there must be ‘goodies” served up on the platter for the returning “urban” voters or the rural voters who sees the BN government under Adenan is truly carrying out his promises.


Even this extract,” the opposition leaders too have praises for him.So far he’s saying the right things and doing the right things,” Sarawak state DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said.

Then again, he said: “We’re still looking at him objectively and with an open mind”.One of the things Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP and state assemblyman for Kota Sentosa, is supporting Adenan on is the latter’s stand on corruption.”


DAP,PKR and PAS have always harped on the level of corruption in the state and when DAP Chong is indeed tongue tight Adenan must be doing something REALLY RIGHT.

Even Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told a group of Sarawak journalists who visited Penang recently.Adenan “He does not have skeletons in his closet.”

On this note will you be surprised that Adenan will go for the jugular and put his faith in his popularity and his actions rather than talk only and go for an early election. UPP AND TERAS problem will not hold so much as a “small hiccup” which cannot be solved amicably within the BN concept.

What Adenan has served up in the recently DUN sitting had even got PKR Chairman in Sarawak Baru Bian to inform his Pakatan colleagues that if Adenan continues with his ways, “opposition will run out of issues” to even go into the “battlefield” that is the Sarawak State elections.

The Federal BN Government leaders are all sipping coffee and smoking cigars knowing very well for now Adenan is a man on a mission. BN Sarawak will be returned to power after the 11th Sarawak State elections be it called in March/April 2014 or even later towards the end of the year.

Adenan knows the popularity statistics will wane if his men are not on the ground executing his instructions. He cannot afford to have it slowed down as the opposition and the voters will have a clearer picture if it falls short.

The elder and veteran leaders where some will have their political careers halted when Adenan puts his stamped in the administration must know how to let go or else they will also suffer the consequences that befell many before them.





CM Adenan remains Firm,” Don’t Mess With Me..!!”

CM Sarawak Adenan said illegal logging activities had jeopardised the state’s efforts to promote sustainable forest management practices and promised to bring all the culprits and their abettors “to face the wrath of the law”.

asatem11He also told opposition members to join the fight against illegal logging. “Do not to make excuses that the fear for their life discouraged them from lodging a police report.
“Any report in any form – written, phone call, SMS, email or any social media – to the Forest Department shall be promptly responded.
Do not talk only in this August House. Your talk in this House must be translated into actions.


JANGAN CAKAP BESAR (AJAK)- { Don’t only talk BIG…..}

He also expect his enforcement officers to go all out to fight this menace and will not hesitate to investigate them if they are working together with the illegal smugglers/loggers. The MACC and the long arm of the law will come down hard on them.

CM Adenan means business and the talk of the town is ,”DON’T MESS WITH ME”


Adenan “Anymore Surprises in Store..?”

 Are there any more genuinely new touch points to the people coming from the Administration of the CM Adenan?

dun18Even the writer was surprised when an opposition YB in the present DUN sitting said that the CM is getting it right so far. However he said it has won the CM popular support from the Sarawak people but it does seem that not many YBs from BN are coming forward to lend him the moral support and elevate his CM status higher.

Our friendly political source who have been in the DUN said,” BN Ybs are not crossing the line as such but they are fully behind Adenan eventhough the opposition are not seeing it.”


Could this press statement by Chong Chieng Jen DAP Sarawak Chairman who spoke to a reporter which might be publish ,”Tell CM Adenan to take away  Awang Tengahs Ministry and give it to Abang Johari.?


This is just throwing oil to start a FIRE within PBB. This is surely a below the belt tactic by DAP to start a War within PBB who is without a doubt the backbone of BN Sarawak.

We got wind of this statement when Chong was in the press room and its confirmed that words of this nature was spoken but we have rephrased it not to hurt the BN Ministers. Even a senior journalists remarked.” It’s a proxy fight and it will hurt BN if they fall into the trap or it could even be a blessing in disguise.

Well you justs have to be at the final day of the DUN sitting to hear more maybe from DUN Dudong or DUN Pending showing their innovativeness or stale tactics which to many have seen it too often.

SEE YOU THERE.. CM ADENAN is on duty at 2.15pm..


Adenan on Two Hard Hitting Fronts..

inteThis is what you see and this is what Adenan is and he is as real as the person who is CM of Sarawak today and a no nonsense style in administration has always been his trademark.

Adenan did not minced his words when he said,” no longer tolerate those who have eyes but are blind, have ears but are deaf and have mouths but are dumb”.

Also he continued, “Some (enforcement officers) have said they are afraid of gangsters, that they are afraid of receiving bullets in the mail. Well, you tell them, ‘Adenan told you to enforce the law’. No more excuses not to do anything.”
The 6 companies he requested earlier in March to sign an integrity pledge were KTS Group of Companies, Rimbunan Hijau, Samling, Shin Yang, Ta Ann and WTK Holdings Bhd.

No moves were forthcoming and it does seem that CM have to take the bull by its horn.

According to a political source Adenan can feel the under currents and it seems that there are forces going after his chair to destabilise his tenure and to shake him up. The source said,” The Rakyat are all for him with his frankness and his no nonsense approach and its a breadth of fresh air with him getting his fingers dirtied at the most crucial time of his administration.

The election is not too far away and Adenan is creating all the heat for the opposition. He needs to maintain it as such and he even calls for the Integrity pledge for his Ministers and Assistant Ministers.”

Our political source even went to the extend to say that the stern warning to the timber companies ,”not to mess with him” has send shivers amongst the people who are walking the corridors of power.

The tycoons will feel that they are in for “quite a ride” in the months ahead and they either have to toe the line or face the wrath of the Adenan’s administration.

Will they join the ride or ask for an “outside force ” or “enemy within”to ensure Adenan will not be so gung-ho and scoring direct hits to their vulnerable businesses?

The Pandora Box is opening and the key is still within reach of some who sees that their powers are slowly being sucked out from their very own eyes. The unknowing leaks from the state administration is beginning to show results and the powerful few are scratching their own faces with their finger nails. Ouch!!!



Adenan is doing it for a reason and it is going to be a surprise and those who are first in line to sign be it timber tycoons, ministers ,assistant ministers will have a good nights sleep.

Surely there is NO ENTRAPMENT here..? The Rakyat will applaud them for being True Sarawakian in spirit as they will uphold the State’s integrity and ready to fight corruption. This is a top notch move.


We are pretty sure that they will be more surprises in store for those walking the corridors of power and ensure that the opposition too will be caught off guard.
It has certainly started to ooze some blood from those walking the corridors of power and some are again looking over their shoulders.

More will come soon..Enjoy the ride

Bible Seizure..I don’t want to hear about it anymore

T03398Tan Sri Dr James Masing doesn’t want to hear of another Bible-seizing incident.

“I don’t want to see or even hear of another incident involving the seizure of our Bibles. Don’t let it happen again,” the outspoken Land Development Minister from Sarawak told theantdaily.

He was commenting on the return of the seized Bibles today to the Association of Churches in Sarawak which signalled an end to the religious saga that hogged the nation since January this year.

The release of 321 copies of the holy book, however, came with two conditions; one, that they are not to be distributed in Selangor, especially among Muslims, and two, they are only for Christians in Sarawak.

Nevertheless, for Christians throughout the country, news of the release of the Malay and Iban-language Bibles was a welcome relief.

Arguing that the seizure was illegal in the first place as it went against the Federal Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of worship, Masing felt that some overzealous officials had gone overboard.

“It’s illegal in the first place…even the AG has ordered the Bibles to be returned. They should not have detained the holy book until now,” he said.

The minister appeared upset with the conditions that the Iban-language Bibles should not be distributed in Selangor and could only be used in Sarawak.

His concern is understandable as there is a sizable Sarawak population in Selangor who are Christians. And this group has been using the Malay and Iban-language Bibles.

So what happens to the thousands of Sarawak Christians residing in Selangor who have all along been using the Iban-language Bibles?

Says Masing: “There should be no restriction for Sarawak Christians in Selangor as long as these Bibles are only for them. Of course it would be wrong if they are given to non-Christians.”

The controversy began in January this year when Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officials seized the Bibles from the Bible of Society of Malaysia (BSM) on grounds that the Bibles violated a 1988 Selangor enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah”.

The Bibles were handed to the chairman of the Association of Churches in Sarawak, Rev Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok, in a simple ceremony at the Istana Alam Shah in Klang witnessed by Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Menteri Besar Azmin Ali.

After the ceremony, Azmin had twitted that an “amicable solution” had been reached.

Unlike his predecessor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin had taken a tougher stand and stood up for the Christian community, arguing that the Bibles did not belong to the Muslims and therefore should be returned to the Christians.

“Islam has never asked its followers to disrupt the harmony of other faiths. It is our duty to respect the practice of the other religions in the country. This is a multi-religious society. This is not Saudi Arabia or Sudan. This is Malaysia. This is Selangor.”

His remarks were welcomed by the Christian community.

The MCA, meanwhile, in urging Azmin to ensure there is no repeat of the fiasco, regrets the condition which prohibits the distribution of the Iban-language Bibles in Selangor.


The party’s Syariah Law and Policy Implementation Special Task Force chairman Gan Ping Siew questioned how Sarawak and Sabah Bumiputeras working in the armed forces, police force, civil service or studying on the peninsular alongside with Orang Asli Christians whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia would refer to their scriptures.

He called on state governments to look into the relevant provisions in the state enactments to enable Malay-speaking Christian Bumiputeras and Orang Aslis to have access to Bahasa Malaysia or native-language versions of the Bible in their homes and places of worship in the peninsula.

– See more at:

Surprises In Store for Opposition in Sarawak..!!

wwm1KUCHING: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), the backbone of Sarawak Barisan Nasional has prepared a few surprises for the opposition for the coming state elections.

PBB President, Adenan Satem said the state elections could be called anytime between now until June 2016, when the current term of the State Legislative Assembly would expire.

“We have a few surprises for the opposition, which we will not reveal now,” he told a press conference after chairing the PBB supreme council meeting here.

Asked whether the introduction of some new faces in the elections would come as part of the surprise, he replied: “A surprise is a surprise. I cannot reveal it now.”

At present, PBB holds 35 of the 71 Sarawak state assembly seats which they won in the last state election held in 2011.


Masing Remains Outspoken

Extracted from The Malaysian Insider

T03398Sarawak minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing has vowed to continue speaking up against injustices in the country even if it means going up against his Barisan Nasional (BN) colleagues and leaders, all for the good of the people. The outspoken Land Development Minister, who is also a fierce critic of Putrajaya, said he will never change despite receiving brickbats from BN leaders, who have accused him of being the opposition tool to destroy the ruling coalition. “I did lose some friends. But I am breaking ranks for the good of the community. People who do not understand this are not my friends anyway,” he told The Malaysian Insider. googletag.cmd.push(function() {googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-1400601790726-3’);}); This, he said, was the legacy he wanted to leave for his children and the young people of Sarawak. A legacy of fighting for the victimised and for justice. “I am not a rich man. I can only leave who I am during my lifetime. I want people to remember me as Masing’s son, the one who fought for the people,” the 65-year-old added. Masing, who is the president of a BN component party in Sarawak – PRS, said that it has been ingrained in him from his undergraduate days in New Zealand, to “fight for what is right”. “It was put in me that there must be a sense of fairness in everything one does. So when I find something is not right, I am there to correct it. “I don’t care who it is, if I think they are not being fair, I will go after them. I really cannot stand it when I see others being victimised,” he said. Masing revealed that he had shared similar sentiments with former Umno leader Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, who is now the chief executive officer of the Global Movement of Moderates, who is also known as a moderate who is vocal in his views even if they differed from those of his party. “I had a chat with him once and told him not to be worried about breaking ranks (with BN) for the good of the people. I told him not to be scared of doing the right thing,” he said. “Malaysia cannot afford not to have a moderate society because we are multicultural. If you are not a moderate, you have no place in this society.” Masing was commenting on the criticisms he had received from BN leaders, including from former information minister Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin, who had accused him of unknowingly becoming a tool for Pakatan Rakyat while causing much confusion with his comments. The Sarawak minister had earlier likened the Customs Department’s seizure of Christian materials containing the word Allah on October 25 to growing religious extremism in the country. He had also previously slammed former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom he had worked closely with while the latter was BN chairman, for defending Perkasa’s Datuk Ibrahim Ali over the Bible-burning issue. Masing had said that he had lost all respect for the man he had once held in high esteem, adding that the former prime minister seemed to advocate that there was only one religion in Malaysia. “I used to have the highest respect for Tun Mahathir. Now I have second thoughts on his wisdom. “In the name of Islam, and in defence of the sanctity of Islam, anything goes now,” Masing had said, referring to Dr Mahathir’s comments in defending Malay rights group Perkasa and its call for Malay-language Bibles to be burned. He had also hit out at Putrajaya for going on a sedition blitz against a number of politicians, academics, lawyers, a journalist, activists and a preacher. When commenting on the sedition investigation against Edmund Bon, he had said that should the activist-lawyer be charged with sedition for stating legal facts, then the government “is a bit way out of line”. Besides that, the Sarawak minister flayed Putrajaya for threatening to throw pro-secession activists behind bars without listening to them. He had said that even though their dissatisfaction with Malaysia was currently all talk, it would still be unwise of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to treat their unhappiness lightly. “We must look at the complaints and do our best to remedy them if indeed they are justifiable,” Masing had said. Earlier in the year, Masing had also lambasted federal BN leaders whom, he said, were “gutless” for tip-toeing around the Allah issue with an unsound policy apparently aiming “to appease everyone”. “Leaders (in the federal cabinet) must be brave enough to take the bull by the horns and decide once and for all which set of religious laws Malaysians must abide by.” He was exceptionally critical of the policy where Christians in the peninsula are banned from using the word Allah in their Bibles and religious publications in line with the Court of Appeal’s ruling last October. The policy, however, exempted Christians in Sarawak and Sabah from the ban under a 10-point solution agreed to by the Federal Cabinet in 2011. Today, Masing reiterated that this was proof that the element of religious extremism was beginning to creep in to Malaysia, and Sarawak was no exception. “We don’t have this problem here (Sarawak). We do not distinguish people according to their races. We look at a person as a friend. “And we are a bit worried in Sarawak. That people from the West will start importing their rubbish here,” he added. He once again took a swipe at his BN colleagues, saying that they have stopped being self-critical and have grown to look at criticism as dissent while becoming increasingly arrogant. “You must learn to be self-criticial in order to grow. We make mistakes all the time. But we can improve if people point it out to us. “A lot of BN people cannot accept criticism. They become ministers and then they think they are Gods and are above any reproach. That is the first downfall,” he warned. He attributed his love for BN as a reason behind his outspokenness on certain issues, saying that he wanted to turn BN from a coalition that was losing its relevance to one that would last another 50 years in power. “I love BN. I want to make it better. Those who criticised me do not realise we are on the same boat. If the boat is leaking, I must say something, otherwise I would sink with them,” he said. He told The Malaysian Insider that this was how he was using his position as a minister in the state government constructively. “If I was not in this position, who will care to listen to me? They will brush it off as the rantings of an old man. “But because I am a minister, at least people stop and listen. At least, people bother to read my statements. And now I use it (ministerial position) to tell the world what Malaysia must do,” he said. – November 4, 2014.