“Dayaks being Chased Away….???”

The political landscape in Sarawak is changing not only every day but as the curtain draws nearer the State elections its basically every hour. News are filtering out from most political “wannabees” at such great speeds that verification is left to the ones who have access to information.

Even the BN Sarawak Cyber troopers are now finding hard to keep pace with such sites as Sarawak Report,Hornbill Unleashed, Sarawakawaken,Dayaknation and Dayakspeaks. These sites are seen as gaining so much popularity with their spicy and unmistakably anti-Taib spins. Even now the PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian we quote,”I am extending an open invitation to him to debate against me on the NCR land issue.”

He is really going all out to draw the opponent(Taib) out in the open to see whether Taib is taking the bait. Many political analysts are saying,”This debate will not take place even as Taib says he accepted the challenge” Read more here..

Many bloggers will be fighting this issue over the blogsphere but they can only do so much in support of Taib. Reality hurts and how many BN YBs are seen lending their full support as of now we can count them by our fingers which has not even made the 8th count. They know who they are and CM Taib is keeping tabs of all who is with him at this battle 2011 which will supersede the Ming Court affair of 1987.

This is no more hearsay as even publications are also surfacing out in the open. The dayaks are no more what they were 25 to 30 years ago where information technology and accessibility is unobtainable and kept from their eyes and ears. The younger dayaks are beginning to stand up and many are looking at events unfolding which the BN YBs have basically no answers to them.

BN YBs are working hard to deflect whatever comes their way but they do need the help of the cybertroopers which will pull them steadily through. Many still think that cybertroopers are facebookers,twitters and only smses savvy.

Its beyond that and they must have the soul to get through to their readers and eventually information will only reach the ground zero level. The pro-BN government machinery will need to look at what their Pakatan counterparts are doing in the states run by them.  CYBERWAR IS REAL……. 

The frontliners will face many challenges as they battle to fight the PERCEPTION warfare in the blogsphere. The urban areas the people have more or less made up their minds on who they think will lead them in the next DUN. Rural voters will need more persuasion to change their allegiance and votes but its up to the parties concerned to work their propaganda. The age of technology has also caught up with the rural interiors and many are using it to their advantage.


Berjuang Bersama SNAP

Step No.1 – New Members /New Faces/New Uniforms  Step No.2-9 ( Not to be Revealed) Step No.10- Facebook New Media/Cyber Space/Twitter/Blogs.

Do we need to be reminded how important it is in this new political age of Perception and Public Opinion?

 As if we need to look further than this when the No.1 Man in the country on the 16th of January 2011 said at SUPP Rally in Kuching.

He said,”Capture cyberspace to get back young electors’-( So,you are dealing with a different society.Yes,we lost the cyberspace war in the last election 2008,but we can’t lose it again.The question is what are we going to do about it?

A Man of Action PM Najib said this today 18th February 2011 and this were his words,”Najib said he had been spending more time on Twitter – in the car and between appointments, before and after work – replying to Malaysians and engaging them in conversation.

“Yes, it is really me replying to your tweets,” he said in his latest posting on www.1malaysia.com. “Although my work schedule gets quite hectic, I assure you that these simple connections mean a great deal to me,” says Najib.

 Najib knows what is bests for BN and he knows losing the cyberspace means he has to lead and ensure that all those under the umbrella of BN follow suit or they will be left behind. All issues and u pto date information is being posted in cyberspace and now FACEBOOK is being widely used.Pictures /videos/propaganda are all uploaded and now Sarawak opposition party SNAP is also making use of the availability of this media besides the blogsphere.

Some parties are making use of both of these media to posts and engage with each other. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows that even many small business owners are using Facebook to drive web traffic resulting in sales gains. Many see a huge increase in traffic and sales.

Political parties are also making use of this as a tool to keep in touch with the grassroots and some political boys just can’t get enough of Facebook. It’s like an obsession and they spend countless hours just to interact with the thousands who are coming back for more. 

SNAP has taken advantage of this new media tool and PM Najib has indeed got many on board with his enthusiasm.

BN will need their cybertroopers to be all ready as the impending Sarawak State elections is right at our doorstep. It doesn’t need the PM Najib to tell Sarawak what they need to do as SNAP is already virtually on board the CYBERSHIP.



Chong “You Said…..??”

In this statement in an internet portal Chong Chieng Jen MP/ADUN Sarawak said,”On seat allocation within Pakatan, Chong said a few glitches need to be ironed out.

19/2/2011 Latest From:- http://rajahmas.blogspot.com/

“But I don’t think there will be any problem for DAP, PKR, PAS and Sarawak National Party to reach an agreement,”

We are taking our calculators out now. This should be EASY………

There are 71 seats available in Sarawak. PKR Sarawak earlier indicated 42 seats,DAP 18 seats which leaves PAS and SNAP to share the remaining spoils/seats. Did PAS say they want all the malay/majority seats..?? PAS VP Mahfuz Omar has already indicated..(source Star 17th feb.2011 SA5)

Ground zero cannot be wrong. PAS and SNAP are looking at getting more seats to remain relevant in the Pakatan Sarawak equation. This is because DAP has not made its stand as Chong has openly stated now,”He does not want to speculate on the number of seats the DAP will contest, as the final list will be decided by the Pakatan leadership.”

Isn’t this an Opening to stake claims for the SEATS..?? 

It has been stated by the   PKR strategy director, Rafizi Ramli that PKR Sarawak is eyeing only 30 winnable seats instead of the 42 which has been stated. Quote:- “We are looking to field PKR candidates in more or less 30 seats in the upcoming Sarawak elections..”


So whats the real figure. Don’t keep confusing us? 71-30-18=23 left.

PAS to tackle if the Pakatan leadership is genorous 5 seats which leaves 18 available for SNAP. (Mind you thats 10 short and 10 people will be fuming and very unhappy )

Now comes the big question SNAP as its now claiming for 28 dayak majority seats.

This is from an internet blog,” More worrying is the ever growing numbers of seats claimed by SNAP. First it was 7. Then it crept to 10. And the latest we hear is that SNAP is claiming a whopping 28 seats out of the 29 Dayak majority constituencies in the state! (We assume SNAP is not claiming Ba’ Kelalan, the seat that PKR state chief Baru Bian is eyeing.) Why is this trending by SNAP worrying? For the simple reason that SNAP is not able to back their claims with solid facts. How can it dream to contest in 28 seats when it cannot even find 28 suitable candidates? Even if, by some sheer Heaven-sent miracle, it manages to find 28 candidates, does it have the machinery to mobilise the grass-root in all 28 constituencies to back and support these candidates….

Is Pakatan Sarawak heading for a disintegration? Tell us something which has not been used to confuse the dayaks? Has there even been a vacuum left for PRS if it does pull out at the eleventh hour to contest? Not being naughty as this was disclosed to us that this might justs happen if the Larry Sng Saga continues to create controversies and displeasure.

The figures do not add up and our mathematician said,”Chong must know something is being planned to that effect and it will galvanise the dayaks to stand solidly with the Chinese DAP.”

 SUPP has somwhat losts its invincibility and its payback time as the Dayaks know under PBDS they won 15 seats while Permas had 5.  

This is an interesting read which we copied and makes sense to the timing of the Pelagus constituency saga:-(the players are still around but this time its taking place 24 years later.Mahathir-former PM,Masing-PRS/BN President Anwar Ibrahim-defacto PKR leader,Taib Mahmud-CM Sarawak for 30 years )

 Accept Reality, group tells CM
Sarawak Tribune, 12 March 1987

KUALA LUMPUR – The group of 28 elected representatives of Bersatu yesterday welcomed Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir’s advice to the Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, that the present crisis be handled within the bounds of the State constitution.

Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir was reported as having told the Chief Minister this on Tuesday when he met a delegation of Barisan Nasional leaders from the state at Seri Perdana.

The group also described as “unwise” the calling of a snap state election to solve the crisis.

A spokeman for the group, Dr James Masing of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), said that “in the period of political turmoil, uncertainty and the emergence of polarisation in the state, there is no guarantee that issues detrimental to racial harmony and stability will not be brought forth during an election campaign

Dr Masing said this in a statement issued at a hotel here which is the group’s temporary base in the city.

The statement was issued after one of its delegations met Umno Youth head Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr Masing said the group wanted to “get down to the business of the government without delay, for any further delay is bound to afffect the welfare of the people.”

He said that since 28 of the 48 state assemblymen had expressed their loss of confidence in Datuk Patinggi Taib, the Chief Minister was constitutionally bound to tender his resignation and allow the group to form a new government.

He reminded the Chief Minister of the meaning of Article 7-1 of the State constitution which states: If the Chief Minister ceases to command the confidence of a majority of the members of Dewan Undangan Negeri, then unless at his request the Yang di-Pertua Negeri dissolves the Dewan Undangan Negeri, the Chief Minister shall tender the resignation of the members of Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri.”

Datuk Taib and company must accept this because this is what the State constitution provides. The Chief Minister should not cling to power when he knows for certain that he has ceased to command the majority support in Council Negeri. If Datuk Taib truly cares for the people of Sarawak, then he must resign forthwith,” he said.

“Bersatu does not wish to wash dirty linen in public nor involve in mud-slinging because this will only bring about bitter recriminations and will not help to solve the problem. We want to get down to the business of government without delay for any further is bound to affect the welfare of the people.” he added.

He said Tun Rahman has denied an allegation that Tengku Razaleigh and himself are the prime movers in the move by Bersatu. “This allegation is part of Datuk Taib’s effort to pit Bersatu against the Prime Minister,” he added.

The Bersatu group and Tun Rahman fully support the leadership of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, he said.

Chong has been very vocal of late and he knows that this is the bests opportunity for PR to stand united to win against BN. BN has already fixed their seat formula PBB-35 SUPP 19 PRS 9 and SPDP 8=71 seats.

BN Sarawak is watching very closely the developments which are being used to erode the coalitions fortress. Major players are jumping on board as they feel that the time is ripe and this is the bests opportunity for them to end the 30 years reign of the Chief Minister. 

What happens will be up to the Voters? PR or BN will put up their winnable candidates and its up to the voters in each of the 71 constituency to choose.

If its up to you and me to tick the winning candidates both of us will know what to do..


“Police Will Arrests…!!”

Whoever is still defiant and willing to take the rap and be there will be arrested says our source from the SB. It’s also an open secret as it has already been published in the Local English tabloid.

The state police have advised the public not to attend the gathering planned at Padang Merdeka this coming Sunday.

Datuk Mohmad Salleh

Those attending may face the risk of getting arrested for participating in an illegal gathering because there is no permit for anyone to hold the gathering there.. State Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh said this when asked to comment

on a message sent through the SMS that “A planned protest against Taib (Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud) has been arranged at 2pm on Sunday, 20th Feb at Padang Merdeka, Kuching …”

He said: “There is no permit (for the gathering). So if it proceeds, it will be an illegal gathering.”

He also wanted the public to ignore the SMS which circulated around town and probably outside Kuching since yesterday.

Nevertheless, he said, the police will monitor the situation leading up to the day and also on the actual day.

There is no clear indication from the police if the SMS has spread extensively throughout Sarawak and who the organiser of the purported rally is.

audie61 management and crew would like to remind:-

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

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JPUNS “You’re Behind This…??”

Seems we asks yesterday in our article,”Who is behind this…??” Sarawak opposition parties members were very quiet and remained tightlipped. Even The Information Chief of PKR See Chee How said,” Not that I know off. We organise various gatherings especially so, more against BN Sarawak Head Taib Mahmud. This is news to me…hmmm”

A check with a JPUNS member and he said ,”You have to asks Affendi Jeman himself” Something is not right as he seems to have smelled that we detected something. We said did you receive the notes of planned demonstrations in Padang Merdeka. We pressed further “kawan you musts have as there was many flying smses yesterday.”

Now it seems that we have uncovered something where the promoters thinks its timely. All is unveiled and revealed as an internet portal has this,”JPUNS has been entrusted to get the crowd that would stage an anti-Taib demonstration.” 


It’s worth keeping an open mind on this as one can view for themselves at this blog .

However we still maintain as we mentioned yesterday in our article.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……