Political “Trojan Horse..??”

Whatever names you want to call it it seems that the defeated Deputy Presidential candidate was a “Perfect Pawn and a Perfect Ploy by Mawan to get rid of the Trojan Horses within SPDP. Its already out in the open and those who have fallen down the wayside or have their days numbered are followers of  Slyvester Entri these people whose names are inscribed in SPDP as instigators are Tiki,Paulus, Gani, Garai,Ida,Kilat Ooops  and a few others. Nansian and Rosey took the olive branch but wil they survive..??

audie61 crew were informed and told in so many words that Philip Ngo was the Perfect Person to drive the knife in. What is this about him saying,’But I chose not to retaliate and simply swallowed the bitter pills…??”I take responsibilty for my own action.I reiterated I am my own man and I choose to remain a loyal member of the party.”

 The unhappy Mawans aide said,”What nonsense is he saying as he came out and openly fought against the Deputy President and went against Mawans and Tiongs wishes of Status Quo.  Is he trying to tell us that Mawan all along was instrumental in pitting him against Nyarok.? Or was it Slyvester..? There is no middle ground and if there is he better join DAP who is preaching the middle ground concept. we are 1Malaysia and Philip better make it clear or else his days in SPDP are also as good as numbered. Unless Mawan decides to take him in or he will be worse than a Traitor let alone a Trojan Horse and a Perfect Ploy.

Will we able to trusts him again..? He should have kept quiet and knowing he is not a wanted man in SPDP he decides to come out with a statement. Isn’t he Slyvester closest ally and where was he when Entri needed him with a SHOW OF SUPPORT..?   He should just say I am SPDP and also all the way with the President Mawan.No need to twists and turn and try to paint a picture of innocence.

The SundayPosts  headlines,‘Put SPDP unity above personal interests” must have irked many. Philip has already gone against the wishes of the hierarchy in the first place and who is he to preach SPDP Unity..? The aide conclude ,”Philip is no angel though………………..”

Perak Chronicles”Final Piece in JigSaw…??”

A number of politcal obesrvers are saying,”Polls in Perak very soon.Its the final jigsaw to solve the crisis. Momentum is with BN and the winds of change has drifted and blown back to the Zambrys administration. Another said Nizar will use the hammer for the final nail in the coffin and this time BN will suffer huge losses. The cards are ready to be shuffled and its about time to solve it once and for all this Perak Chronicles.

The SNAP polls will benefit the State and the foreign investors will flock back if the line is clear on who rules. Times of uncertainty business will suffer and the people would appreciate if they have the final say in this JIG-SAW o.Afterall BN took over due to the defections of Pakatans legislators who crossed over. The crisis has created many firsts amongst which were the TREE DEMOCRACY and many others which has been covered earlier.  


SPDP”Marriage Rescued…???”

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston(AP File Photos)

Sorry Mawan! If it has been reported that Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie back to his xwife Jennifer Aniston you are also making a turnaround on your earlier stance of appointing Nelson Balang as your SG and going back to your former SG Slyvester Entri. This was a match made in heaven and you have derailed it all by bowing down to the powerful forces within SPDP. Under Pressure Now are you..??

Now you are saying,”I just want to assure the public and Barisan National colleagues and members of SPDP that it is going to be alright very soon. Will Entri take it after being so HUMANLY HUMILIATED.? Let’s just kiss and make up and no-one is bigger than the party and the BN coalition. But a number of analysts says that the open wound would take some time to heal and its not a lovers quarrel where things can be quite easily patched up.


Valiant Move…Copy and Paste

The crew of audie61 just thought,”lets just copy and paste the stories which has happened in the past week on SPDP. The crisis has stirred up so many emotional sentiments especially with those who are connected with the party. There has also been calls to audie61 to tell us to be careful and do not print the articles which can/could put the party in a bad light. We have a right as netcitizens to publish stories which are not malicious in nature and will not be intimidated nor afraid of the underhand tactics which seemingly has ARRIVED AND REACHED OUR DOORSTEPS.

Anyway you can be the judge by going through these reports and see where we put ourselves:-Here goes

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SPDP President’s Turnaround- Borneo Warrior Blog.

Prior to Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) recent TGA the President announced as well as issued statement that his Party will maintain the status quo to keep the present line-up then intact and be able to carry on with the works progressively henceforth.

The so-called status quo list was then believed to have been agreed, signed, published and even used as ”The President List’ for the Party election. The ensuing results truly showed that the delegates supported the ”President List” and almost all won their respective seats. Yb Sylvester Entrie, however was not in the election ”President List” as he was then in the ”list ” to be reappointed as the Sec Gen of the party, thus completing the final status quo line-up.

The change of heart by the president by not adhering to the status quo list caught all by surprise, especially Entrie and his group.
The appointed posts are the President prerogative technically and legally, albeit not morally. This is tantamount to an act of betrayal of your comrade.

Why Dato Sri William Mawan renegaded on this is anybody’s guess and speculation.
But, thats the painfull part of being the President, in that there are things that you have to do alone and wish that you could confide in someone and yet you could not. Its called being ”lonely”, terribly lonely being at the top…only you and the Almighty one knows…and will have to live with your decision, rightfully or otherwise for the rest of one’s political career and maybe beyond.

Joseph Tawie

Thursday, 28 January 2010 07:22

KUCHING – The crisis in the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) deepened with some members calling for William Mawan to resign as president of the party, but Mawan dismissed the demand.william-mawan“I will not bow down to personal feelings of some members,” he said, pointing out that he would not abandon the responsibility and the trust placed upon him by those who had elected him.

Explaining his stand

“I am elected unopposed as president and I have a duty to those who elected me. I will not run away from my responsibility.  This is Mawan,” he said yesterday when asked by Malaysian Mirror to comment on demands by Peter Gani for him to resign to solve the present crisis.

“I appreciate the feelings of my friend Gani, but resignation is not an option for me. I will not bow down to pressure. I have a long-term strategy and the interest of members and the party to think about.

Gani, an SPDP founding member, had called on Mawan to resign, saying the members had lost confidence in his leadership.

Grassroots, not aides, decide fate

In Sibu, Tamin branch chairman Engkail Bunyau said branch members want the president to listen to the wishes of the grassroots rather than to just close aides.

He described Mawan’s decision to replace Sylvester Enteri as secretary-general with Nelson Balang Rining as “untimely”.

Dissent grows louder

Batu Danau state assemblyman Paulus Gumbang, who was one of those who had walked out during the supreme council meeting in support of Enteri, said he was shocked that the top leadership was engaging in underhanded politics.

He said the leadership should set a good example as such politics would only divide the party and weaken its powerbase.

Borneo Posts

by Churchill Edward
January 25, 2010, Monday

KUCHING: Former Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) secretary-general Sylvester Entri Muran has declined to accept the post of vice-president, claiming party president Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom, has reneged on his earlier promise of maintaining the equilibrium of power in SPDP.

Entri said prior to SPDP triennial general assembly (TGA) last December, Mawan had come up with a ‘presidential line-up’ with him continuing as secretary-general.

But on Saturday, at the party’s supreme council, Mawan said he was exercising his prerogative as president following consultation with members of the supreme council.

Entri was said to have left that meeting before it ended, and yesterday he held a press conference at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel here to deliver a press statement explaining why he was declining the post offered by Mawan.

Most party insiders saw this as a protest by Entri, who probably felt that in his successor, Ba Kelalan assemblyman Nelson Balang Rinin, Mawan wanted nothing less than his most trusted man to hold the secretary-general post.

Entri’s press conference yesterday was also attended by vice-president III, Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, who is National Service Training Council chairman.

“Mawan has abused his prerogative and acted according to the advice of only few members. He has ignored the wishes of the majority,” said Entri, who is Marudi assemblyman as well as Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Water Supply).

“There were no consultat-ions and consensus before the supreme council meeting. We were all caught by surprise with the announcement by the president,” he said.

Entri said he was recording the proceeding of the meeting when Mawan made his announcement of new appointments, starting with the less important posts and then finally making the ‘shocking announcement’ of dropping him from the secretary-general post.

He said the moment he realised he had been dropped, he got up and walked out of the meeting.

It was also understood that senior vice-president, Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, who is also Assistant Minister of Environment; Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus (appointed vice president); Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang (assistant information chief); and Dr Tiki also walked out of Saturday’s meeting.

Three supreme council members also staged a walk out – Peter Ghani, George Garai and Cr Eda Igar.

According to Entri, Saturday was not the first time that Mawan had acted suspiciously.

He claimed that in August 2009, Mawan announced an open contest for all seats in SPDP but in the end withdrew the decision after his deputy, Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Krian assemblyman Datuk Peter Nyarok Entrie, announced that a status quo was desired.

Entrie and Dr Tiki said they feared that the problem besetting the party now could cause a split if not handled by the party president with “the greatest of care”.

Any such split could disrupt the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) stability, they said.

Eastern Times News
Gani’s call a “big joke”: Paul Tonybee

KUCHING: Peter Gani’s call for Dato Sri William Mawan to step down gracefully as President of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) is a big joke, says Paul Toynbee, a Supreme Council member of the party.
“While Peter Gani is entitled to his personal opinion about the President, his statement to the media does not in anyway represent the views and feelings of the 100,000-odd members of SPDP,” Toynbee said when contacted yesterday.
He reminded Gani that Mawan had won uncontested the post of President for three consecutive terms.
“His long-serving leadership speaks volumes of the support, confidence and trust that he has from the members. I also urge Peter Gani to refrain from making further disparaging remarks about the party President.
“Disrespect of the party President, who has been chosen and empowered by the members, is as good as disrespecting the members themselves.
“If he remains adamant about his stance, he can have the option of leaving the party gracefully,” said Toynbee.
Meanwhile, SPDP Women’s Wing declared its full support to the leadership of the party in its effort to ensure continued unity, stability and team work in the party.
“We are committed to the cause of advancing the party interest at all times. In this regard, no individuals or groups must be allowed to compromise this fundamental principle for their personal or any other gains,” said a press statement issued by the Wing yesterday.
The statement expressed regret that the former Secretary-General, Sylvester Entrie, had acted irrationally when he made an emotional outburst to the media, after being not reappointed to his former position. He was offered the senior post of Vice-President by the party leadership.
“His statement to the press, which has brought much disrepute to the party, certainly does not go down well with the leaders and members of the Women Wing of SPDP.
“As an experienced politician and party man, he should have refrained from engaging in open confrontation, and (should have) shown due respect to the party and its leadership,” the statement added.
The statement also reminded Entrie of the advice of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who stressed that internal problems of a BN component party should be resolved internally and not to be brought out into the open.
“We acknowledge that the appointment of the Secretary-General and several other members of the Supreme Council of the party is the prerogative of the President as provided for in the constitution.
“Entrie’s insistence on the maintenance of the status quo for all party posts in the aftermath of the Triennial General Assembly is both misleading and disrespectful. 
“We feel sorry that he has failed to understand that the term ‘status quo’ applies to contested posts whereas the appointment of selected individuals to appointed post is the prerogative of the President.
“We are proud that the President has shown maturity and integrity in that he has been very accommodating and understanding, in the light of the outburst of Entrie, although the party leadership could have exercised the option of taking disciplinary action against him,” the statement added.
The Wing also urged Entrie to look at the bigger picture of SPDP and Barisan Nasional.

Have you all been well informed so far….???

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Political “History Does Repeat Itself…..??”

Natasha of audie 61 received an sms from a former staunch SNAP supporter,” James Wong the former President of SNAP( Sarawak National Party) is still alive and he would be clapping his hands and clenching his fists and saying..Yes about time and Thank God History Does Repeat Itself. William led a walkout in SNAP 8 years ago and now he is swallowing his own medicine and its all his own doing. He has been trapped and he should have listened. Thank you.Comments please…

Slyvester Entri’s walkout was not staged nor angered or dissatisfied with the party. He was HUMANLY HUMILIATED infront of his own colleagues and those who followed suit are Principally Correct. Who wants to be treated this way? Would you.? The immediate concern of course will be the BN government who has seen a fair of power struggles in PRS and SUPP. PRS has survived the infighting and has grown stronger as a result while SUPP is still bothered with factional disagreements.

The next  question which will be asked by the BN poltical strategists would be,” What affects SPDP will have direct relevance and impact on the BN4 coalition.”

 Is they a need for an EGM.? There are already voices of discontentment of irregularities and versions too of Constitution being disregared and overuled.ROS does need to check it out.There are also calls for Mawan to resign gracefully.Also there are indicators of PBB interferences.In this regard SPDP leaders at all levels must learn to accept and indulge in interactive negotiation to solve the problems besetting the party now.The dirty linens are now being hung in the public which are totally scrutinised and giving pointers to the opposition Pakatan Sarawak to attack the coalition.

Is there a way out for Mawan.? That he has to answer himself together with his closest leiutenants. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Slyvester Entri.There are already FEELERS being sent to Entri and his aspiring group to join forces with PRS. An aide said to audie61,”At the height of the infighting of PRS Mawan did say for the better good of BN and to strengthen the BN we will accept whichever faction be it Larrys or Masings.Now its Masings turn to recipocate and find a home or parking for those who have walkout and with additions of 5 ADUNS and 1 MP this will put PRS in a very strong and commanding partner in Barisan National. PRS itself has  8 ADUNS and 6 MPS.

Will it work..? Im sure CM Taib will use this to his advantage and if the need arises he will not hesitate to tell PRS to accomodate the legislators for the time being (parking)in preparation for the State elections which might be called sooner rather than later.Even Larry would be accomodated to stand in PRS if it is necessary according to the aide. Who stands to lose will be SPDP and Mawans “status quo” might come back to haunt him and the party. One will not discount this happening as its for the greater good of the coalition.The right political message needs to be handed down by the leaders in SPDP and addressed. There is little time to quarrel let alone fighting for individual egos.

The line has been drawn and if no one extends an olive branch the scenario might just be ripe for the MERGER which has been advocated by the Chief Minister for some nearly three and half years already. There has always been a stumbling block by someone but as we know History does have a hand in Politics.

It is better that they join hands with friends in the other BN component especially if PRS makes the offer to make Sarawak what it ought to be a place where multi racial  understanding at its best, and where goodwill and tolerance  continue to motivate people to work together and learn from each other. Sarawak has enjoyed politcal stabilty and socio-economic development and the shift in the partners in the coaltion might just be the right tonic for BN to go to the people to asks for a new mandate.

SPDP leaders must also look at themselves as agents of change and if History has her own way Entri and his team would be absorbed into Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). A BN supporter aligned to SPDP said,”Let the elephants fight until they are exhausted.Meantime the mousedeer can only watch.”  The inclusion of the YBs does strenthen the BN and he is all for it.How very wise……….

SPDP- The “SCUDS” Have Landed

Its reached the national print was the sms received by Joey of audie61.The missiles which are being fired from both sides have actually landed and there is LITTLE HOPE that things will improve. There might be very pretty dirty linens being hung first which will be made public before all is well in SPDP says our intel. It also depends on what  type of antibiotics is being used  to ease the pain and also to cure the inexcusable hurt of not being informed before hand. 

What is going to happen is anyones guess at the moment as both sides are playing the cards literally close to their chests. For a person who is underpressure and in the spotlight Entri could afford to remark ,”It’s normal in politics” The underlying groundswell is that negotiating teams are looking for quick solutions but as far as this report from the STAR is concerned the cracks are very deep rooted .


KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party is embroiled in a leadership rift sparked off by unhappiness over the new app-ointments SPDP president Datuk William Mawan Ikom made to the supreme council.

State Assistant Minister for Public Utilities Sylvester Entri Muran — dropped as the party’s secretary-general — openly accused Mawan of breaking his promise of maintaining the status quo in the presidential line-up before the recent party election.

“He has lost his credibility,” said Entri, who declined to accept his new appointment as one of the vice-presidents.

SPDP, a Barisan Nasional partner, was formed seven years ago after Sarawak National Party (SNAP) was deregistered for failing to resolve a leadership crisis. It is a Dayak-based multi-racial party.

Mawan, also the state Social Development and Urbanisation Minister, had appointed Ba’ Kelalan assemblyman Nelson Balan Rining as the new secretary-general.

Entri said Mawan’s claim that it was his (Mawan) prerogative to make changes to the various posts after consultation with the sup-reme council members was “to-tally baseless”.

“There was never any consultation with the supreme council members. He only consulted his cliques.” Entri said if there was any consultation, then four of the party’s elected representatives would not have disagreed to the new appointments made at last Saturday’s supreme council meeting.

He claimed the four were Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian (also party senior vice-president), Bekenu assemblyman Rosey Yunus and Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Gumbang.

Entri and the four reportedly walked out of the meeting when Mawan announced the new appointments.

“PKR Baru Bian – Hero..??”

Latest:-Seems word has been circulating that Wong Judat N42 SPDP assemblyman is also very displeased with the Presidents actions against Entri.

This certainly isnt about the NCR court case which Messrs Baru Bian, Advocates & Solicitors won for the two landowners in Sarawak last week. The headlines which appeared in todays Borneo Posts has reverberated at a higher Richter scale  than the minor earthquake of 3.2 that was felt in Batu Niah and Suai yesterday. It reads,”Nelson needs Sec-gen post to face election.”

The press statement sgned by four of SPDPleaders said,” Nelson needs to be given a party post with a lot of clout because three is a great chance he will be facing PKR’s most powerful man-Its state chief Baru Bian in the next state polls. 

  • Wow! BARU BIAN HAS BEEN ELEVATED TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL MAN NOW MORE LIKE A HERO AND CHAMPION FOR PKR. This is just one of the many smses which audie61 received as early as 5.15am.
  • The one that really tickles us at audie61 was this” Setuju Bro.Jadi CM pun boleh!Lagi Banyak majority.
  • One sms hit hard at the 4 leaders,”What are they thinking off coming out with a political statement like this..? This is creating a public perception that Nelson is underperforming and is so afraid of PKR .What lah!!”
  • Another sms  who is behind this “political statement and it clearly shows the political immaturity of the leaders.Bad news for BN this.Handing momentum to PKR Baru Bian” 
  • Similarly this sms,”Baru Bian the new champion of the people. So sad for SPDP and this has further elevated Baru to a “CULT LIKE figure especially so after the NCR land case.
  • Another sms said are they implying that the rural areas are no more the BN stronghold.??Giving advantage to PKR..

The Sarawak public has already been informed that Baru Bian is very much feared by BN/SPDP. What happens if Nelson is beaten in the next State elections even as a Secretary General..? SUPP losts its Assistant Minister and Secretary General Sim Khneg Hui to DAP in 2006. 

Its not so much the position please but what Paulus Batu Danau N69 SPDP assemblyman has said makes more sense,”At the end of the day its the people who will decide my fate and he has to continue to serve his constituency to the bests of his ability.” 

Any questions………..???



Just for POLITICAL MUSING!  Let’s bring the Political Temperaturs DOWN..!

Initials “S’..Dreaded..??  It comes one full circle involving so far Three Sarawak  Assistant Ministers says a political observer. First it was Sng Larry(PRS) then it was Dr. Soon Choon Teck(SUPP) and now Slyvester Entri (SPDP). PBB any “S’..It is just mere coincidence and this is what Sarawak Politics have to offer he said to audie61. SO whats happening in SPDP then..??

Our SPDP insider said that there is already a statement from SPDP headquarters in rebuttal to yesterdays Press statement from Sylvester Entri. The persons signing the statement are the newly appointed SG Nelson Balang, Deputy SPDP President Nyarok and the other two VPs Jelaing Mersat and Jacob Sagan.

 The full statement will be published in the main stream media. Our source says that its time for negotiating and not the time for fighting. The EGM which has been circulating in cyberspace is totally out of the question says an aide of the deposed SG.

Simon Cowell of American Idol would be very proud of Slyvester Entri if he uses his initial “S” for the S  factor like his namesakes new venture X Factor which is and will be generating substantial amount of money.  But for now it seems that the S initials in the political arena is  highly superstitious for some in Sarawak. Are you a Believer..??

One should know that in politics “There are no permanent friends and no permanent foes. This 7 year itch is hitting SPDP very much like the dreaded unfaithful marriage itch phrase.What makes it so believable is that  it seems that it has been written in the stars as the SPDP President cleverly chosed the words beginning with”S’ …Status Quo. Any one has other “S’ SCRIPTS to write…..???

SERIOUSLY DO YOU BELIEVE NOW….HIK HIK HIK..Click to Check out the S Factor??

“Anwar..Even If You Love him??”

The word is out and if Anwar does not act against Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin he is putting the Pakatan coalition at risks of being divided in opinions. Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already said the Pakatan coalition will survive even though if Anwar is jailed for his sodomy case.

According to a number of political analysts Anwar will be as good as like a  martyr to the Pakatan coalition and the people who supports him if he is again jailed. However there are those who will question whether he will be spoken in same breadth as Nelson Mandela of the ANC and Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese democarcy leader). That remains to be seen as and when the time comes.

But for now Anwar needs to sort out this thorn that has been pricking the backside of the Pakatan coalition. No one is indispensable and not even Zulkifli even if Anwar loves him so much.

 The Pakatan coalition will be at risk and drastic and immediate measures must be taken by PKR to stem the threat of a breakup. Of course PKR has ways to deal with this problems but when someone has grown to be too big for the party to handle the disciplinary committtee of PKR needs to swing into action.

This is the usual practise of all political parties in Malaysia but few dare to take that line….

The article which appeared in Malaysiakini portal:-

Pakatan Rakyat stalwart Zaid Ibrahim has called for the sacking of PKR’s outspoken Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin.

pkr egm bangi zaid ibrahim joins pkr event 130609 14According to him, Pakatan cannot afford to have MPs who go against reform.

“If you say the (amendment) of the law is wrong, that’s okay. But don’t lodge police reports as this is a form of intimidation,” he told a press conference.

abdul razak baginda altantuya mongolian case 040607 zulkifli nordinThe PKR supreme council member was responding to the police report filed by Zulkifli against PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for calling for the amendment of a Selangor religious enactment.

Zaid also warned that Pakatan’s image as a champion of democracy would be affected, if the coalition did not act against Zulkifli (right).

“If not ‘Middle Malaysia’ will ask what we stand for and our party will become a laughing stock. We are not Umno or Barisan Nasional,” he said.

SPDP “Status Quo..??”

The SPDP President said this,’Its his prerogative and the changeover is the responsibilty that we get for the benefit of the party and the members,and not about personal status and interests.” What status quo are we talking about? There was supposed to be a challenge for the Presidency of SPDP but the challenge was downplayed,downsized and drowned when Mawan asked his machais to seek a middle ground(avoid a tussle)

The Team A and Team B factor has already been mooted by some YBs and MPS apparently directed at one person who has too much control and overpowering say in the running of the party. It was supposed to be tested in the SPDP delegates conference in the elections of office bearer but Mawan put his foot in by saying,’ This is the Presidential Lists and who ever goes against it will face the wrath of the President and his SC.”

According to our source, SG Slyvester Entri was told very clearly and supposed to be given the posts of the Secretary general and he did not see the need to go for the Vice Presidents posts and he pulled out after being informed his position is safe. Of course the powers inside the SPDP council now is mostly controlled by the Treasurer and he will obviously use this as an opportunity to ensure that his faction has absolute control and power.

 Obviously a HIDDEN HAND has engineered a coup of some sort by asking the President to appoint the newly elected Vice President Nelson Balang to take over the SG posts.  Was Banyi the first casualty in this reengineering of SPDP? It seems his boss the SG Entri was also thrown to the chopping block and apparently he did not expect Mawan to turn around and give him a FULL BLOODY BODY BLOW..Time of writing we understand Slyvester will be holding a Press Conference)

 Paulus who was supposed to be the next deputy Secretary General is also unhappy with the new arrangement. The loyalists SPDP source even reiterated to audie61 ,”Why did the President made the declaration of the STATUS QUO to the mass media and now he is going against it.?” Is this not backstabbing after you cross the bridge.

Will this action even have an after reaction as the word “SIN YONG” which means TRUSTS  is no more in Mawans books. He has downsized himself to the extend that he has compromised his principles by being misinformed or being ruled under the thumb by HIDDEN HANDS

What will the other BN leaders think of Mawan? Will they trusts him or SPDP for that matter? We know this is politics but for Mawan to do this it is beyond his character and he must have pushed to the edge.  It does appear that Slyvester Entri is not one who can be taken for gratnted and sources have been placing him as someone’s Puppet? 

The next move will be interesting for this group and according to a close political friend he said,”Mawan is caught in a catch 22 Predicament…That I agree but he should have analysts it more clearly and not be too misinformed by his political stategists who are known to be too selfish for their own needs and not SPDP as a party in totality. 

However we see that SPDP will remain intact eventhough this minor irritation has surfaced. Do you agree..??