Political “Trojan Horse..??”

Whatever names you want to call it it seems that the defeated Deputy Presidential candidate was a “Perfect Pawn and a Perfect Ploy by Mawan to get rid of the Trojan Horses within SPDP. Its already out in the open and those who have fallen down the wayside or have their days numbered are followers of  Slyvester Entri these people whose names are inscribed in SPDP as instigators are Tiki,Paulus, Gani, Garai,Ida,Kilat Ooops  and a few others. Nansian and Rosey took the olive branch but wil they survive..??

audie61 crew were informed and told in so many words that Philip Ngo was the Perfect Person to drive the knife in. What is this about him saying,’But I chose not to retaliate and simply swallowed the bitter pills…??”I take responsibilty for my own action.I reiterated I am my own man and I choose to remain a loyal member of the party.”

 The unhappy Mawans aide said,”What nonsense is he saying as he came out and openly fought against the Deputy President and went against Mawans and Tiongs wishes of Status Quo.  Is he trying to tell us that Mawan all along was instrumental in pitting him against Nyarok.? Or was it Slyvester..? There is no middle ground and if there is he better join DAP who is preaching the middle ground concept. we are 1Malaysia and Philip better make it clear or else his days in SPDP are also as good as numbered. Unless Mawan decides to take him in or he will be worse than a Traitor let alone a Trojan Horse and a Perfect Ploy.

Will we able to trusts him again..? He should have kept quiet and knowing he is not a wanted man in SPDP he decides to come out with a statement. Isn’t he Slyvester closest ally and where was he when Entri needed him with a SHOW OF SUPPORT..?   He should just say I am SPDP and also all the way with the President Mawan.No need to twists and turn and try to paint a picture of innocence.

The SundayPosts  headlines,‘Put SPDP unity above personal interests” must have irked many. Philip has already gone against the wishes of the hierarchy in the first place and who is he to preach SPDP Unity..? The aide conclude ,”Philip is no angel though………………..”