“PKR Sarawak Get Real…??”

sarawak election 010308A PKR member said to audie61 ,”How come very little coverage for us and your news now too focus on Allah issue and previously mostly SPDP..??” Another said do you know who is the new CEO of Sarawak Energy…OooH Man!! A Kwai Loh..Sarawakians Cannot kah..?? These are the two current  issues besides the over publicised”Controversial GOD ISSUE being bombarded to us when we the crew of audie61 had brunch.We honestly thought its going to be just ,”Another Monday..but our brain cells are SUDDENLY AWAKEN.”

These are the two contrasting statements

  • 1. Baharuddin Mohksen Sarawak PKR Political Bureau-“If we are given the mandate, we will uphold the rule and principles of democracy. We are prepared to be shown the exit by Sarawakians if we fail in the task,”
  • 2. TORSTEIN DALE SJOTVEIT =New Head of  Sarawak Energy Berhad Group-Hornbill Unleashed writer said,”As a Sarawakian, my view is: surely we can find a local CEO capable of running the show, especially in this area where energy capabilities are jealously guarded as national secrets.

Its not about being calling names of Kwai Loh but the salary bracket in which there are/must be capable Sarawakians or even Malaysian able to fill the posts. No wonder the Brains of the country are all being utilised by other countries. Their own country look down on them and only a Foreigner can do the Job. The in-built attitude is already cancerous,” THE KWAI LOH WILL PERFORM BETTER THAN A LOCAL..” Oh…Please..” Next we will have  voices whispering to us ,”Give him a chance…Too Familiar right……….

This goes back to PKR and judging from Baharuddin Mohksens statement he really is pleading and going down on his knees to Sarawakians on giving PKR/Pakatan a chance and to ensure that they are responsible and capable of administering the state. Politicians always say that before they come to power.

Natasha’s cousin who was with us at brunch said,”PKR is hungry and they are capable of doing anything when they wrest power.Are we willing to give them that chance? Fair enough the first term in power they might/will give us a different way of governance but will they not be Corrupt with Absolute Power later on. Who do we trusts and Which is the lesser devil..?”

 Don’t get me wrong she said but I believe that Pakatan or BN has to change their ways of picking the Peoples Representative -MPs or YBs. Having tons of degree/papers doesnt make someone a good politician but someone who will see to the needs of the constituents and has the right mental political attitude. The person must be well groomed and the criteria has to be vetted in so much that those with extra baggages/outlived their usages must be dropped or replaced for the better good of their respective parties.


Go down to the ground and check up carefully with the villages/headman/tua kampung and get the right signals from the people who matter mosts.

So, PKR will you employ a Foreigner to fill the shoes in which a Sarawakian/Malaysian can do at half the price..?? Whats REAL than…??