Perak Chronicles”Final Piece in JigSaw…??”

A number of politcal obesrvers are saying,”Polls in Perak very soon.Its the final jigsaw to solve the crisis. Momentum is with BN and the winds of change has drifted and blown back to the Zambrys administration. Another said Nizar will use the hammer for the final nail in the coffin and this time BN will suffer huge losses. The cards are ready to be shuffled and its about time to solve it once and for all this Perak Chronicles.

The SNAP polls will benefit the State and the foreign investors will flock back if the line is clear on who rules. Times of uncertainty business will suffer and the people would appreciate if they have the final say in this JIG-SAW o.Afterall BN took over due to the defections of Pakatans legislators who crossed over. The crisis has created many firsts amongst which were the TREE DEMOCRACY and many others which has been covered earlier.