Political “Trojan Horse..??”

Whatever names you want to call it it seems that the defeated Deputy Presidential candidate was a “Perfect Pawn and a Perfect Ploy by Mawan to get rid of the Trojan Horses within SPDP. Its already out in the open and those who have fallen down the wayside or have their days numbered are followers of  Slyvester Entri these people whose names are inscribed in SPDP as instigators are Tiki,Paulus, Gani, Garai,Ida,Kilat Ooops  and a few others. Nansian and Rosey took the olive branch but wil they survive..??

audie61 crew were informed and told in so many words that Philip Ngo was the Perfect Person to drive the knife in. What is this about him saying,’But I chose not to retaliate and simply swallowed the bitter pills…??”I take responsibilty for my own action.I reiterated I am my own man and I choose to remain a loyal member of the party.”

 The unhappy Mawans aide said,”What nonsense is he saying as he came out and openly fought against the Deputy President and went against Mawans and Tiongs wishes of Status Quo.  Is he trying to tell us that Mawan all along was instrumental in pitting him against Nyarok.? Or was it Slyvester..? There is no middle ground and if there is he better join DAP who is preaching the middle ground concept. we are 1Malaysia and Philip better make it clear or else his days in SPDP are also as good as numbered. Unless Mawan decides to take him in or he will be worse than a Traitor let alone a Trojan Horse and a Perfect Ploy.

Will we able to trusts him again..? He should have kept quiet and knowing he is not a wanted man in SPDP he decides to come out with a statement. Isn’t he Slyvester closest ally and where was he when Entri needed him with a SHOW OF SUPPORT..?   He should just say I am SPDP and also all the way with the President Mawan.No need to twists and turn and try to paint a picture of innocence.

The SundayPosts  headlines,‘Put SPDP unity above personal interests” must have irked many. Philip has already gone against the wishes of the hierarchy in the first place and who is he to preach SPDP Unity..? The aide conclude ,”Philip is no angel though………………..”

38 thoughts on “Political “Trojan Horse..??”

  1. phyllis says:

    Too right he should just shut up! we dont trust him anymore in SPDP.Mawan should know better. Next he will use the knife back at Mawan.Bad news..

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Are you sure that persn is just trying ti instigate Philip Ngo? Is there a bigger picture? Philip is too small to cause SPDP any major hiccup. The fight is over according to sources close to Mawan. Entri has taken the bait and he will not resign from his VP posts. Any comments?

  3. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    …let the man Philip be who he is, he’s neither with Entri nor with Mawan. All I know is he has rocked Mawan’s boat and Mawan has rocked his own SHIP.They both forgot about 1Malaysia.

  4. sarawakiana says:

    Too right where is SPDP insider? whatever happen to your part 4 to 10? You also like Mawan using Philip Ngo as Trojan Horse.

  5. dayang says:

    Sources say that there is a strategists by the name of Mamora helping Mawan. Is it true? Anyone can confirm? What about this Henry guy? He seems to be the person also instrumental in getting Garai and Co into deep hot soup.My lady friends in SPDP knows these two characters very well. They think they are above all. One finger to them up their arses.

  6. chloe says:

    Lets not divert our attention guys and girls? The real thing is that Entri bottled up right? He is such a chicken shit then and Philip for all intends and purposes has got guts. He is no angel like all politicians but he does and have created a wave in SPDP. Whoever he is aligned is immaterial .The important thing is Entri no GUTS…

  7. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    Philip is already dirt to Tiong and Mawan, Tiong helped him but he failed to honor his promise to Mawan, this is inside story. Ho Ho Ho Ho where are you?

  8. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    Entri has all his supporters in Marudi, a place where Mawan dare not go now. well, he only plays GOLF with all his cronies like Paul Toynbee, Igai and the rest of them. You play golf, you will be appointed councillors, etc etc etc….

  9. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    As President, Mawan can do anything he pleases, that’s his prerogative, so says all his golfer cronies.When Peter Gani and George Garai walked out, the story begins, these guys have all the Iban followers you can named, not Toynbee or Igai. This is inside story.

  10. SPDP Insider Associates says:

    Heard SPDP insider will be back because there is no chance for the peace process to succeed. Those mention by SayaPaloiDiaPaloi are mawan and tiong ball polishers and they clouded mawan mind. They are not interested for the two faction to reconcile, they are vultures, thriving on chaos. they are opportunist and are men of destruction.

  11. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    hehehehe..Nightlife, that I forgot, I am a PKR man ler but got too many SayaPaloiDiaPaloi friends..Semua Perempuan Datuk Punya….hehehehe

  12. sarawakiana says:

    Whoever belongs to who we still want to hear more from SPDP insider. ujang and Sayapaloidiapaloi no need to make your stand on who is your boss. Philip Ngo is indeed used and it was done without him knowing. Talked to Gerai’s friend and he setuju..By the way he also distrusts Mawans hatchet man Henry..

  13. kpt99 says:

    The infighting of BN party SUPP,SPDP,PRS will be a great advantage to PR in this state election.Till now there is not any comment from the BIG BROTHER TAIB like PM did to MCA,MIC,PPP while they are in crisis.Anybody know why ?

  14. SayaPaloiDiaPaloi says:

    Too much Golf issit? o yea his cronies are vultures for the $$$$, don’t forget who’s the Treasurer, semua ikut dia cakap, buang Entrie, dia buang ma

  15. Cher says:

    Sarawakiana, setuju, we all waiting for SPDP insider.His/her writing is the only sensible explanation to the whole episodes. I cant wait for part 4 to 10.

  16. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :idea: BEWARE OF POLITICAL TROJAN HORSE :idea: Ho Ho Ho
    :twisted: They are evil TROLLs :shock:
    :D :P :o :x :? :!: :idea: :arrow: :cry: :shock: :twisted: :oops: :roll: :mrgreen: :) ;) :( 8)
    :idea: Mirror mirror on the wall :twisted: Who is the trojan evil of them all? :idea:

  17. Saya juga Paloi-paloi says:

    Whatever it is Philip Ngo is the real HERO in this episode and Peter Nyarok big hungry and angry lion. Heard Tiong pay RM500.00 to deligates NOT TO VOTE for Philip Ngo. They even bet that Philip Ngo will not get more than 10 votes. Philip Ngo did not even campaign while Nyarok and gangs use helikopters and the media to campaign…AND YET PHILIP NGO MANAGED 66 VOTES without any campaigning… had he and gang campaigned..I bet Nyarok may lost his deposit. Philip did not stand to win but to hope that the CEC will change accordingly to normal, moral, fair and today political norms. BUT the CEC are greedy for…..????

    Mawan made a miscalculated move. Had he confirmed and keep his promise on the agreed presidential lineup and then and then use his presidential power to reappoint his lineup even one or two hours later, no one can accuse him of breaking his promise and this problem would not have happen. Problem is tiong is managing him..before you know it Tiong will be the next Deputy President and will eventually remove Mawan. Mark my word.

  18. Jan Jo says:

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Martin Luther King.

  19. Mata Kuching says:

    The dissenting voices in SPDP have every right to prevent the party that they have chosen as a political platform to serve the rakyat from been owned and managed by a few powerful guys with $millions. Recent open display of arrogance by its president and treasurer whose actions were endorsed by a handful of balls polishers who had been happy picking up whatever scrumbs and bones left on the side, will almost certainly be at the expense of the poverty stricken Malaysians living in the rural interiors of Sarawak.

    For the dissenting voices in SPDP, PBB, PRS and SUPP, I suggest you join DAP as your political platform if you want to fight for fairness, justice , land rights and developments that provide decent employments for all Sarawakians especially the rural constituencies.

    I am not a member of DAP but the party principled stance and its many national leaders who fought unsellfishly and fearlessly for Malaysians at large impressed me and deserve my vote every election.

  20. Cher says:

    Bulls eye Sayajuga paloi paloi. The three SPDP political secretaries, paul igai, peter howell and Liew Ah lex were rumour to be given as much as Rm 60,000.00 each to campaign against Philip by Tiong.It is Philip vs. Nyarok, why tiong go to such extend? Because he was dead worried that Philip might actually win and his plan to control the party will be destroyed.Nyarok is just his proxy.Mawan is under his thumb. Mawan beware tiong had so much evidence against you!!!

  21. sarawakiana says:

    Cher true or not $600000 to campaign against a lightweight in philip. Who sponsor Philip then??? Seems also got news that Pak Uban is not very happy with TKS

  22. zainuddin says:

    What is commented by mata Kuching is very true about these SPDP disgruntled few. leave and join PKR also can. Why not Hidup PKR Hidup PKR. My frens in Sarawak tell me that Tedewin a PRS Supreme Council is and wil join PKR soon. Any one got concrete proof??

  23. Cher says:

    reliable source said rm 40k to 60k. not surprising TKS know nothing else except Money = everything.Philip no campaign, no need sponsor ma.

  24. kpt99 says:

    After analyzing thoroughly on all the issues of concerning DAYAKS in Sarawak,Most Dayaks leaders are more concern on their personal political agendas rather than looking after the welfare of their own people.That is the reasons why they are lagged behind others.Worst is to come if they don’t stay united.

  25. debby says:

    I totally agree with kpt99. Most if not all are there for personal interest. Even if initially ada hati untuk membela rakyat….that has long faded into thin air….tengok lah the Dayak/Orang Ulu YBs, most of them are above 55 years old and ‘serverd’ more than 3 terms. What improvement has there been in the lives of the rakyat, esp those in the kpgs???? Come on lah…give the younger generation the chance to lead and hopefully make some difference/changes. Just enjoy your retirement & grandkids….

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