SPDP “Status Quo..??”

The SPDP President said this,’Its his prerogative and the changeover is the responsibilty that we get for the benefit of the party and the members,and not about personal status and interests.” What status quo are we talking about? There was supposed to be a challenge for the Presidency of SPDP but the challenge was downplayed,downsized and drowned when Mawan asked his machais to seek a middle ground(avoid a tussle)

The Team A and Team B factor has already been mooted by some YBs and MPS apparently directed at one person who has too much control and overpowering say in the running of the party. It was supposed to be tested in the SPDP delegates conference in the elections of office bearer but Mawan put his foot in by saying,’ This is the Presidential Lists and who ever goes against it will face the wrath of the President and his SC.”

According to our source, SG Slyvester Entri was told very clearly and supposed to be given the posts of the Secretary general and he did not see the need to go for the Vice Presidents posts and he pulled out after being informed his position is safe. Of course the powers inside the SPDP council now is mostly controlled by the Treasurer and he will obviously use this as an opportunity to ensure that his faction has absolute control and power.

 Obviously a HIDDEN HAND has engineered a coup of some sort by asking the President to appoint the newly elected Vice President Nelson Balang to take over the SG posts.  Was Banyi the first casualty in this reengineering of SPDP? It seems his boss the SG Entri was also thrown to the chopping block and apparently he did not expect Mawan to turn around and give him a FULL BLOODY BODY BLOW..Time of writing we understand Slyvester will be holding a Press Conference)

 Paulus who was supposed to be the next deputy Secretary General is also unhappy with the new arrangement. The loyalists SPDP source even reiterated to audie61 ,”Why did the President made the declaration of the STATUS QUO to the mass media and now he is going against it.?” Is this not backstabbing after you cross the bridge.

Will this action even have an after reaction as the word “SIN YONG” which means TRUSTS  is no more in Mawans books. He has downsized himself to the extend that he has compromised his principles by being misinformed or being ruled under the thumb by HIDDEN HANDS

What will the other BN leaders think of Mawan? Will they trusts him or SPDP for that matter? We know this is politics but for Mawan to do this it is beyond his character and he must have pushed to the edge.  It does appear that Slyvester Entri is not one who can be taken for gratnted and sources have been placing him as someone’s Puppet? 

The next move will be interesting for this group and according to a close political friend he said,”Mawan is caught in a catch 22 Predicament…That I agree but he should have analysts it more clearly and not be too misinformed by his political stategists who are known to be too selfish for their own needs and not SPDP as a party in totality. 

However we see that SPDP will remain intact eventhough this minor irritation has surfaced. Do you agree..??