YBs “Sound Advice and Perception”

One can only do that much!

If one has not tasted the good office of the Corridors of Power in the State Legislative Council or the Parliamentary House you will be too eager to serve and hurriedly try to make your presence felt.

Many amongst us will not have the chance or the platform. The Parliament itself has only 222 available seats whereas In Sarawak there are only 71 State seats. People who are elected to office must have at the very least these Hallmarks:-

  • Sense of Mission
  • Faith In God
  • Emotional Maturity
  • High Integrity
  • Balance In Life
  • Willingness to learn
  • Humility with Self Esteem
  • Compassion for Others
  • Being the Best

My company director who was at the table when the conversation was going on said,” If all BN YBs are like him, Pakatan YBs will not even come close to smelling the carpets/marble floors of their respective Legislative buildings. Unfortunately all human are different in characters,personality and attitude and we can hardly find two YBs who are similar in nature.

The most noticeable plus point which draws our attention to him is the humbleness and the eye contact when he conveys his message across the small table. Its always difficult to go for a second time in running for election  in ones public life. What more if its the third term..? He also believes that one should serve at the mosts if one is lucky to be elected by the people for only the fourth term.

Even if you are given one term or two terms it is sufficient enough to  SERVE and do you HONESTLY THINK YOU CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING IF YOU ARE GIVEN 6 terms..? My friends, usually he says after the fourth term its downhill all the way even though you might be experience but your energy levels will surely drop and your direction not as specific. This I do mean for the YBs and MPs and not those who are holding the government ministerial positions .

He has for his mentor his dad who served two terms and he is the third generation of officals in public life. His dad does not/hardly  interfere in his ways of serving but does occasionally give him a dad/son pep talk.Usually he seeks for  SOUND ADVICE from his dad and from CLOSE aides the Perception the Rakyat has on how he works his programmes.

 Dad to him is a highly travelled businessman and will ensure that his son serves the constituency well and does not let down his guard. He knows that the he has to maintain the level of commitment in service which has been practised from his grandad to his father and now to him.

audie61 had the privelege to not only hear from the horses mouth and that he will know when his time is up and when ITS TIME for him to  pass the baton on. He has got the system sorted out and the organisation which has assisted him has every reason to be assured that his successor will be able to carry on serving the people very much to what the constituency has benfited or even very much more.

He has built the TRUSTS AND THE BELONGING of his people. Even his foes have admired his contribution and his selfless hardwork especially towards the constituency and they have not only silently applauded him but also spoke highly of him. Who in his right frame of mind will just oppose him for the sake of democarcy.? At this present time the opposition leaders will think long into the night to even throwing their limited resources to even go against this particular peoples  representative.

If only mosts of the YBs take a leaf of his commitment,humble attitude and correct mentality Malaysia will have more than half decent YBs and MPs moving our country forward in this globalised political minefield. Its a pity if Good Man are not given a much Higher office to Serve and we say though one has to lobby some are just PREDESTINED FOR GREATNESS.

The timing has to be perfect and the people who are the WHISPERERS in the corridors of power will not be disappointed if they ever sit him on the right chair.

ManyYBS have failed in their profession as an elected member due very much in not knowing how to draw that line between politiking and serving the rakyat after they have been elected.  He even receives smses from as far as Dubai and United Kingdom from his constituents and he values the smses and try very much to find time to engage constructively and provide the right and appropriate answers.

He has the people interests at heart and tries very much to make sure he does not disappoint those who take pains and efforts to make good of an honest living. He makes sures that he will keep to his promises and make himself available when he is invited to a certain function or programme. In order to be effective he says you must go through your daily checklists and not let your guard down. Its a TAXING PROFESSION no doubt but he does THANK GOD for blessing him with the opportunity to serve the people.

Surely,there are  many other YBS or MPs be it Pakatan or BN who have their own identities and hallmarks of being absolutely brilliant and hardworking. 

Don’t tell me that we suddenly are in the apple polishing business? We are not but we are in a position to tell the people/voters that they need to elect the right leaders to serve their respective constituencies and CHANGE THOSE WHO HAVE OUTLIVED THEIR USAGE. 

Its also not that we are trying to push the envelope for his inclusion into a Higher office but its a REAL PITY OR LOSS  if the leadership of the Country fails or does not pick him up to serve in a higher capacity. One may wonder who this person is and why we have single him..??

The Perception of todays Peoples Representative has changed so much that anything we do is now not only scrutinised by our longhouse/kampung voters but also by the world. Its a globalised world out there and he says he cannot speak for the others BUT we have a JOB TO DO and together we must ensure that Malaysia reach a developed nation by 2020.

Malaysia needs to stand TALL in the World and must not be left behind in all aspects. The people want the continous politiking to stop and immediate bread and butter issues addressed. That is why he said to audie61,”We have a Job to do…How very True…