“SPDP Presidents Facebook Page”

The UMB (Unit Media Baru) SPDP met with the President in anticipation of the upcoming general elections. The UMB team comprising SPDP bloggers and facebookers are all ready to dessimate information and also to fend off any misinformation and  attacks from the opposition front.

There were a number of interesting questions which one blogger put to the President. Firstly,”President we know that your Facebook account has been hacked as reported by a local daily. Is it true?”

The answer,”Firstly I would like to thank the person who has taken the initiative to create a LIKE Page for me. Its a very good and supportive gesture towards me. Unfortunately,I musts stress that certain people have chosen to take advantage of this media to speak foul and say unkindly things which has been reported in the print/media,”been hacked and pasted with several nasty comments on certain Barisan Nasional people” 

Facebook Mawan said has more than 800 million active users. I do keep tabs and very savvy friendly and thats why I am all for the UMB SPDP but it is not an appropriate way to abuse this social media technology. To prevent further misuse Mawan said that he has directed the UMB team to dessimate information to the cyberspace.

UMB SPDP as such would like to inform the cyberworld that the Presidents LIKE page

Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom

will/should not be taken as a page authorised/used by the SPDP President to inform SPDP members.The issue is closed and the FACEBOOK account will be closed soon. The President said,”Hopefully the authorised person who design and uploaded the page has not forgotten the PASSWORD. UMB might justs need to write to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) “

haha laughter in the air” 

 President also told the UMB team that all relevant questions/functions should come from the party headquarters and UMB SPDP will also assist in informing the members.

Questions were also asked on SPDP after the internal misunderstandings/sacking and also the upcoming TDC in Bintulu on March 17th /18th 2012. The printmedia/blogsphere has written a lot on SPDP in the last few weeks and its time for the party to move onwards and gear itself for the General elections which is due very soon. We need to maintain and win comfortably all our 4 seats said the President to the UMB team.

We need to work as one and we will deliver our seats as expected. President has all hopes for the future of SPDP and he also spoke on the formation of the Puteri Wing which augurs very well for the party. UMB team thanked the President for his time and hope that this information which will be ‘blasted’ in the cyber world puts all stop to the FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE.

GE13 “Sarawak 16 seats Sabah 12 seats”

This article mentioned more or less ” Umno’s in trouble in Selangor” but what was significant especially if its alter ego of Tun Daim Zainudin there will be trouble.

Who is this man to predict ,‘BN could lose 16 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 12 in Sabah – eight of which will be from Umno.”

Are you in agreement with him.?

This is what was is written about the man himself,”Tun Daim is a dangerous seer. In 2008, he predicted the loss of BN in 5 states. The UMNO generals were up in arms. They vilified him, describing him with all sorts of disrespectful terms. Daim is a pensioner. Daim is out of touch. Daim is irrelevant. When the results came, what Daim predicted was generally true.

31 seats Sarawak losing 16 and Sabah 25 seats losing 12. Statistically both states only have 50% support for the BN seats and whoever directed the man to predict this musts have something up his sleeve. Will the ruling political government be worried?

Forgive my ignorance but mosts political observers justs cannot see where in Sarawak the seats are going to be won by the Pakatan group.16 is a tall order and the parliamentary seats are not exactly urban seats. Sabah likewise and even if there are infighting within the UMNO ranks it justs doesn’t add up. 2008 both states losts 1 each and now in the upcoming elections it is such a significant and dramatic increase with 28 seats.

A political pundit said the worst case scenario would be only a dozen seats losts in Sarawak and Sabah. Anything more would be very disastrous for BN and 28 seats will mean Pakatan will be the ruling government after GE13.



SarawakReport Oh Wow..!!

This internet blog http://www.sarawakreport.org/ has caught the imagination of the people of Sarawak at large and also those who surf the cyberworld. There have been so many articles which are very well documented with facts,figures and all the necessary pictorial which even can be used for submission of a thesis for a doctorate in a leading political university.

What made me think about giving some of my cyber space for Sarawak Report? Do they need further propaganda or advertisement. They need not as they are so well known that mosts renowned Malaysian political analysts turn to for information in respect of insider information on Sarawak or on the CHIEF MINISTER TAIB MAHMUD.

I was at a dinner function last night and I was caught in a a tunnel squeezed and stucked between heaven and hell. The 2 questions he posed,’How can we rebutt Sarawak report? How can we stop it?

The answer to this is very simple. DO WE NEED TO

It can turn out to be very much like the Khairy Chronicles. The Khairy article is a 33-part written report by Raja Petra Kamarudin published at Malaysia Today that allegedly details the rise and influence of Khairy Jamaluddin in Malaysian politics. A Malay-language version has been printed and distributed in 2006, after which Jamaluddin claimed that the book is fictional[

We are not saying Sarawak report is false but its up to the individual to interpret the newsvalue of the reporting and how it will affect his own mindset. The mastermind behind the reporting has an agenda. It is in their bests interests to keep updates to their readership on the “sensational news” and to make known of their capabilities of obtaining the first hand news.

Rebutt, no need its there for every one to see and of course opposition to the ruling government will use the information given to score points and win more votes to their side. Its very infectious no doubt as everyone are talking about it and the internet blogs would pick up on certain points to add credibility to their sites by forcing an argument in the cyberworld.

A former employee who was working in London with Sarawak report even said to me,”I have written so much until I dont know what to write and its repetitious and I do wonder the people are still reading.” My friend who asked me this question last night should be happy to note that even the former writer who dug up all the pieces and received information is having second thoughts about his writing.

Does that give confidence to the READERS out there? Sarawak report can write no doubt about it but when one of their own turns their back on them and say things which are newsworthy to another cyber writer it throws out many question marks ? Is the writer credible? Who is he? Do we disclose him here? Is he by the way still with them? hmmmm….

Now,now if they can sensationalise news in Sarawak report.. Can audie61 do that too? Yes.obviously we can. 

We have our own readership but not as many though as Sarawak report and we do surrender to their figures and readership. Its not about readership here but its up about HOW TRUTHFUL are the reporting and how the articles can even start a mass revolution against the leaders of the country.

Malaysian authorities (MCMC) can easily put a stop and blanket mosts blog which uses wordpress,blogspot very much like China where they curtail the usage of certain outside ip addresses. That musts have justs answered my friends second question. Do we stoop that low to stop Sarawakreport? No need…..

I wanted to question him back but I will leave it here for him to question himself. Justs 2 questions my friend….

1. Do you exactly believe all that is written by Sarawak Report? 2. Do you comment back in Sarawak report articles?

Well, we all have our preferences in how news is filtered into our heads and we musts be able to deflect out what is real and what is not. Propaganda is very infectious if it is correctly disseminated and it will affect many people and get them all excited and tell tales which they themselves feel its their outer minds sensationalising it but not them in reality.

Cheh! don’t say we have justs writen something which you already know. In actual fact we justs wrote something which happened last night where I was really actually dumbstrucked for more than a minute. It justs goes to show even a writer can be blanketted out what more a blog or an internet portal. By the way it seems you have come this far and read on and we have arrived at a conclusion that..

You musts also be a Sarawak REPORT fan reading this. Anything interesting from them?

By the way do you know who my friend was?

CM Taib.

GOTCHA…… hik hik hik

Taibs”Too old” Statement for SUPP Open House

Basically and politically right the BN State Chairman and CM Taib Mahmud had directed his deputy in the government and the party to attend a component parties “open house”

Traditionally the CM would have grace the event at SUPPs headquarters and join the well wishes to celebrate the lunar new year. For whatever reasons he has somewhat got a backlash from the many SUPP supporters of “trying to avoid” and making true of Asfia’s term of backing a winning horse which we blogged earlier. However the acting TYT was present at the SUPP’s open house which was very surprising.

Sarawak political waters are getting “murkier and very soon” it might justs boiled over and scald many budding politicians as the veteran and elderly ones will be using their long kept swords which have been kept in the cupboard since the lasts major catastrophe of “ming court”

It seems that two component parties are now not in a healthy state of mind and in SPDP and SUPP the Chief minister has time and time again avoided a clear indication of “HIDDEN HANDS” involved. He has even brought along SPDP President William Mawan on his CNY rounds which throws in more “headaches‘ for many political analyst.

This article by an internet blog clearly shows that there some truths that some PBB  overzealous leaders might justs have a say or two.http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2012/01/siapakah-mastermind-penghancuran.html

The ground is really shifting and the CM not only avoided SUPP’s open house but his remarks are seen as politically hurtful by virtue of making his rounds which was published in the main stream media” Among those the chief minister and his wife Datin Sri Ragad Kurdi visited were  Datuk Sim Swee Yong at his residence in Batu Kawa, Barry Tan at Metro Garden in  Jalan Hup Kee, Datuk Tiang Ming Sing at Jalan Tun Jugah, Datuk Kho Kak Beng at  Jalan Three Hills Park and Datuk JC Fong at Bampfylde Road.

CM Taib an astute and seasoned politician knows how to turn the tide which are very much against him. In an interview a few hours after the SUPP visit by Jabu and his entourage CM Taib said,‘I am too old to visit so many houses and he said he has sent Jabu to represent him at the open house.”

The blogsphere/sarawak coffee talk is full with whispers and laughters which is pointing now at SUPP to be a losing horse. It seems that CM is giving a direct answer but knows that he musts not be too deliberate but using Jabu as camouflage so as not to have a sour State/Federal relationship.

It will go on for days maybe even after CHAP GOH MEI but we all know that CM will have his lasts words/actions on the SUPP OPEN HOUSE.

Wishes for All

The Management and Staff of audie61 would like to take this opportunity to wish all friends,allies,supporters a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2012.

Lets all usher in the year of the Dragon hoping that every one will be blessed with prosperity,fulfillment and above all good health.Lets celebrate and spread good cheer to all those who are dear to us.

A friendly reminder,”Those who are travelling by Road transportation back to their families during this festive occasion be extra careful and we hope you will get to your destination and back safe and sound.”

See you HERE Soon.

Spdp “Sms misinterpreted”

Walau eh! Could this be for Real?

 Early this morning an sms went viral with implications pointing to SPDP President William Mawan and instructions to his closest aides. The message was very convincing and each SPDP member who received it resend it out. There was also replies received,” Bro.This is big news and even in twitters there were replies like more like 500 only turning up.”  

The sms reads like this,”Alex,Capt.Zai,paul,Tony.Nansian and Dr.Tiki and northern soldiers  will be showing how angry they are on Sat.Morning bringing down SPDP signage,putting up the BN club signage and later address about  5,000 poor villages at the hall,suggesting CM is behind their activities.This is info their little birdie told me or claim just now.

He also said Nansian has met CM this afternoon to inform him what they will be doing.True or not,we see Sat. msg fr Mawan “

This is very damaging to SPDP President Mawan and a check with the political secretary Paul Igai whose name was also mentioned and he said,”there is no authenticity and its very mischievously done

Another senior member even said,”Mawan musts do damage control now and he needs to keep tabs on his people.”

The implications of this sms is not only damaging but it affects the relationship of the CM with Mawan. The people on the ground will know that Nansians BN club is fully supported by CM and thus they have the “blessings” from the head of BN Sarawak to use the symbol for the time being as they remain as BN legislators.

Mawans message of them(SPDP5) that they are no longer BN members needs to be clarified further.

There was also numerous calls which also suggests that a ‘police report be made” as President of SPDPs name has been used. However further checking we found the correct source and he said,’there was a personal interview from Nansian and the sms was sent to Mawan but it was further elaborated by someone to tarnish the ‘saintly image of Mawan

It was a purely a personal message and it gives further relevance to the statement,”WHO CAN WE TRUSTS AND WHO WILL BETRAY ME? The message went viral and whether it was purposely/mischeviously done one would never know.

Who will be there amongst the 5000 people tomorrow?

Nansian and the rests of the BN group will try to ensure the success and turnout to this function as the press/media will be out in full force. Failing to attract the crowd will have adverse and negative perception for the group.

Let’s wait for the smses tomorrow shall we…. 

We Will Win”120 to 140 seats…!!”

We will be in Putrajaya. We will win 120 to 140 seats. We will get BN out.

We will …We will..We will

The Pakatan Rakyat machinery is at maximum speed as it engages BN. The feel good factor after the acquittal of Anwar has indeed revitalised the opposition front. The PR strategists are going full trottle to capitalise on the Anwar factor and the shouts of “reformasi,reformasi,reformasi”are ringing louder and clearer.

Even in the final leg of the Pakatan Rally final leg ceramah in Kedah the crowd swelled above expectations to over 50,000 at Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah. The crowds are there and one needs to look at the mathmatics and where the 222 seats will go.

If that is how the Pakatan Group sees it We will go to Putrajaya it means that Sarawak CM Taib is not too far wrong. He had told one of the senior cabinet ministers after the usual Thursday meeting that ,”We will still be BN in the State but Federal might not be after the GE13.”

If the scenario does happen one would need to justs remember what the Speaker of the House and now acting TYT Asfia often tells those who are politically close to him,”If the horse is seen to be weakening,change or you will fall with it.Get on a horse thats riding with the WIND.He calls it,’

Politics of Survival not only Politics of Perception

Even some PBB grassroot leaders can concur with Asfia.They do feel that some party leaders in BN will switch camps to be with the WIND and not against it. There are a number of unanswered questions and GE13 will not only be dirtiest as some put it but very significant to some political theories.

Seriously though, one would ask where are the numbers which will determine Pakatan take over from BN? Could the slogan ABU(Anything but UMNO) that has sunk into a number of the coalition partners in BN.

Who amongst the BN partners will betray UMNO and join forces with PR?

BN intellegence and insiders knows too well what is going on behind the backs of the BN/UMNO. UMNO has even calculated that in Peninsular they are confidently safe at 80 seats and Sarawak and Sabah will definitely hold the KEYS to the continuity of the BN alliances

This extracted passage is from an internet portal,”There is little doubt that Pakatan will win the next election based on the current sentiment on the ground. This is not just in the Peninsular but also in Sabah and Sarawak. There also many within BN who have already read the writing on the wall and are ready to move their loyalties to Pakatan even before the elections.

Informed estimates of Pakatan’s probable share of parliament seats now range from 120 to 140 seats;  which will be quite enough to oust the BN from power. And we will finally have a competent Prime Minister in Anwar Ibrahim, backed by an honest cabinet, which will actually have the interests of Malaysians at heart.

It seems the final tally will be determined by the slogan ABU. Who amongst the coalition partners will take the giant step to end the rule of BN and fit the final jigsaw of the Pakatan led coalition to rule Malaysia.

BN musts not underestimate the propaganda machinery of PR.The BN propaganda machine needs to keep abreasts with the times and musts stop churning out aging political ideology. Masing PRS President was quick to point out that this message,”No Barisan Nasional, No Development’ in Sarawak no longer works and is ineffective.

The current voters are “not only young but well educated and are very well-informed of happenings around them.They also more prosperous and had more needs than just the basic requirements.

Masing also hints to his BN counterparts,’He said one of the ways was for the elected representatives to be very sincere and honest with them.
“If we cannot deliver, we must tell them so. We must also always go down to the ground.

“I find that voters are more willing to accept the faults of YBs who work continuously and are always easy to reach throughout their term and not become visible only when the election is around.

Masing is very well informed politically and he said,”the Internet has changed the scenario now.We musts be informed and we need to stop all the inaccurate propaganda.”

Who will get it right depends very much on the propaganda which will be accepted by the voters who will mark the ballot papers. The political machinery of both BN and PR will need to get into the mindset of their members that they will only be one winner.2nd bests does not exists in politics.

WE WILL WIN 120 or more will rule Putrajaya for 5 more years.

Pilihan di Tangan Anda-GE13

Our previous article was ,”725 seats for GE 13 to be contested” and also “GE13- Battle Royale 1.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/725-seats-for-ge13/  2.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/ge-13-battle-royale/

PM Najib holds the dates close to his chest. He knows that the Voters would not be fooled anymore. He has consistently benn harping on PEOPLE FIRST, PERFORMANCE NOW. The acquittal of Anwar opposition leader from sodomy is also a feel good factor for the ruling BN government. It shows that the judiciary was not influenced by the government and the political psychology worked.

However the hardliners surrounding Najib feels that with Anwar free they will be in for a bitter and hardfought GE13. The infighting surrounding Sarawak parties in SPDP and SUPP is also hampering preparations as many political analysts points to BN will have difficulties in as many as 12 out of 31 seats.  Moreover Sabah a BN bastion in 2008 with 24 out of 25 seats might also see at least 8 urban and semi urban seats keenly contested.

Najib wants to be very sure of the mathematics involving the 222 seats befgore he decides to see the Agong to dissolve the Parliament for elections. In 2008 BN won 140-82 and Najib musts do better or face the wrath of his own party UMNO.

Najib was quoted as having said,”I hope it will be the right time (for the next election) soon enough, but we still have to deliver on our promises and it’s important for people to have the feeling that the reforms we have promised will actually benefit them.”

PM Najib has until 2013 to call elections and he will use the time available till elections is held to ensure all party machineries are ready and quell any infighting which will have adverse effect on the results of BN.

The key to Putrajaya is very much in the hands of the voters and Najib and Anwar will know its not going to be an easy ride for either BN or Pakatan.

A BN YB in a telephone call even said,”Yes,its in the voters hands and GE13 is going to be very tough and of course the cyber world will also not be an exception. Najib as PM will weigh all options and will have the strategies worked out. You want me to tell you how.”


725 Seats for GE13

Our earlier posting  PAS said :- “Dissolved February 17th Polling 11th March 2011 https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/ge13-pas-17th-feb-dissolved/

Today Mohd Hatta Ramli, election director for the opposition PAS :- “Although I think it (the election) can be as early as March, it could be dragged till June or July,”

An internet portal have this to say,”Prime Minister Najib Razak may call elections as early as March to stay ahead of a weakening economy and dissension within his own party.

However DAP Lim Kit Siang said,”Anwar’s acquittal is likely to affect Najib’s time-table for the holding of the next general elections as the possibility of dissolution of Parliament immediately after the Chinese New Year has receded into the back ground.

He feels it will after the Parliamentary seating from March 12 to April 12, 2012 as it will be the first official opening by the New Yang di Pertuan Agong . The next Parliamentary seating will be from 11th June to 28th June 2012.

All political parties in Malaysia have been anticipating the dissolution from last year after the Sarawak State Elections in April 2011.  There are 725  seats to be contested and with Anwars acquittal yesterday, the opposition will surely not have any hesitation to have their respective State assemblies dissolved to coincide with the Parliamentary Elections.


“PKR’s Statement on Anwar Ibrahim Acquittal”


 We are all happy and relieved with the decision. It has been some 3 years and the gross injustice was inflicted not only on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but his family and all his friends and supporters. The prosecution and the trial was a frontal attack on Malaysians’ sense of justice and public credence of the judiciary.

From the beginning, it is a lose-lose game for the BN and in particular UMNO and a win-win situation for the Pakatan Rakyat.

The case for the prosecution was helplessly weak and it makes a mockery of our judicial system when the charge was framed, the prosecution carried the trial through our Court. In any other country, it could not be contemplated that such a prosecution could have been taken place.

What was on the BN and UMNO leaders mind was to wear down DSAI and to break up the Pakatan Rakyat coalition when the case was dragged through the court.

It was fortunate that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition had remained intact. In fact, the bond was strengthened over the last three years.

When it comes to the decision, the BN and UMNO leaders have to make a decision which will do the least damage to the ruling coalition. It is win-win for Pakatan Rakyat as the outcome will fuel the conviction and resolve of Malaysians to greater electoral and political change in this country.

It is obvious that BN and UMNO chose to mitigate the damages by attempting to protect the image of the Prime Minister on his transformation plan by trying to further his pro-liberal and pro-democracy image.

Barring more exposure of corruption and other instances of poor governance and misadministration, it can be expected that the next general election may be called even before this March.

It is a good thing that this nonsensical court drama has ended, and the BN and Pakatan Rakyat will now compete with each other on the coalition’s policies, the track records of their governance and generally on merits of the respective coalition.

“That is what we have wanted. Malaysians have matured. The Two-Coalition System had taken shape and the Pakatan Rakyat are ready to be the new government of Malaysia. We wanted Freedom for Anwar Ibrahim, and we craved for the freedom of all Malaysians.”

(The above is copied and paste without any alterations or checked for spelling mistakes-Original)


Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah “After going through the evidence, I cannot be 100 percent certain that the evidence can be accepted as there could have been tampering.

“Hence, the court is reluctant to convict on such corroboration of evidence from (Saiful) and the accused is acquitted.