PAS Hadi “Fighting for Political Survival”

Oh No, PAS President is at it again. What will happen to PAS in GE14 is anyone’s guess.acawat1

It does seem that he is at his best when his back is at the wall as he makes this political statement to try to coax Barisan Nasional leaders to accept him and the party into the BN fold.

Will Sarawak leaders accept him and the party with open arms? He has yet to make amends on his “CAWAT” INSINUATION way back in 2009.

Even MP Salang and PRS Secretary General said this,””He pointed out that Sarawakian   MPs objected to the bill because it is an opposition bill tabled by Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who has few fans in the state.

“During the Batang Ai by-election in 2009, he said we were still wearing cawat. Later, he accused Christians of converting Muslims. Things like that do not speak well of him as a person and a leader. So when he tabled a bill like this, how can I be certain that he meant well?” said Salang.

This is extracted from Rakan Best Nye Page: “Apologise first PAS President Hadi. We in Sarawak always live in peace,harmony, eat,shop, no segregation and enjoy together. 

We dont want PAS in Sarawak.
Don’t try to say this for your convenience. “PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says Malaysians can learn from Sabah and Sarawak, where the two states’ diverse peoples have lived in harmony for so long.”

Is Hadi making the right calls or is he trying to get back the sympathy from the opposition front ,making PAS relevant while backstabbing the Barisan Nasional Coalition at the last minute?He has something up his sleeves and political parties within the BN are watching closely with hawks eye and waiting to  pounce.

BN Sarawak can do without PAS assistance as it goes to win the seats in Sarawak for GE14

Shafie Apdal…WHY.??

ashafieIts very unusual for someone like audie61 to write about our Neighbours Sabah’s intention of changing their ruling State Government. We do understand that politics do take a lot of different forms like water to reach its intended end.

However as the above picture shows we do take it seriously when  Parti Warisan Sabah president says ,”“Unlike voters in Sarawak where BN has inculcated fear in them, Sabahans are risk-takers. They are saying: ‘Don’t take us for granted’.

The full text of the interview can be found here

Seriously, Mr.President when did BN inculcate fear in the voters during the 11th Sarawak State Election wherby the late Adenan Satem was the Chief Minister. The late Chief Minister went to the areas where the opposition was strong and used his wit,charm and charisma to sway the voters to vote for Barisan Nasional. Did he use his iron fist and harsh words? No,No,No.

We followed him in his campaign trail throughout and we are very pleased that he was very much loved by the people and he served BN with commitment,responsibilty and we are very proud of him.

Today we have a Chief Minister in Abang Jo who is following the late Adenan’s footsteps in getting down to the people and serving their needs. Tell us Shafie Apdal,” Will Abang Jo also inculcate fear to the voters? He is afterall Sarawak State Barisan Nasional leader.

If you want to topple the BN Sabah Government please dont use Sarawak Voters as scape goats or trying to paint a bad picture of Sarawakians. We have weighed our options well and we will not throw away our stability,peace and harmonious living for the sake of disunity and uncertainty.

Our Sarawak State Government is a proven identity and you might learn a thing or two politically from us.


Dayaks or Kadazans IN DAP CEC..??

Biggest Multi Racial Party? The question in Sarawakians or Sabahans lips is simple says a political observer,”Will the delegates push to include elected  Dayaks or Kadazans into the DAP CEC Polls ? Of course in order to pacify the two East Malaysian State leaders they will appoint them into certain positions.

The article which caught the eye of the political observer is this which we extract from the internet portal and share with all of you :-

Chance for DAP to erase racist tag

Posted on 28/09/2013 – 15:30
Alyaa Alhadjri

KUALA LUMPUR: The DAP has been presented with a golden opportunity to silence detractors who accused the party of being “racists” for failing to elect any Malay leader into its central executive committee (CEC) in December last year.

This follows a High Court decision to strike out a suit challenging legalities of the “special re-election” of the party’s CEC members at its special congress on Sept 29.

It is left to be seen, however, whether the 2,576 delegates eligible to cast their votes for the second time will be seizing the opportunity that could potentially bridge the perceived racial polarities within the party.

A move to present a more multi-racial “image” could also help the DAP in its quest to penetrate into rural vote banks after garnering the lion’s share of non-Malay votes in the last 13th general election.

DAP deputy secretary-general Datuk Ngeh Hoo Kam had reportedly said that it is unlikely that any new faces will be elected from the 62 contenders for 20 top spots; nor will there be any change in the current office-bearers.

Still, certain factions may also use this opportunity to teach secretary-general Lim Guan Eng a lesson to express dissatisfaction on his handling of the recent 13th general election (GE13).

While his popularity will allow him to remain in the CEC, there may be attempts to bring down his number of votes.

When contacted by theantdaily, DAP vice-chairman Senator Dr Ariffin Omar claimed that the party’s “negative” image was mostly shaped by the mainstream media.

He maintained that there are no restrictions for any person to join or rise within its ranks.

“As far as we [DAP] are concerned, we are not looking at it [CEC elections] from an ethnic point of view.

“If you [critics] want to play with the race card, you will have to look at the overall situation in this country,” he said in referring to the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition which is made up of mostly race-based parties.

Ariffin, who is one of 10 leaders appointed to the CEC, stressed that he believes the current line-up of leaders is valid and “inclusive” of all races.

“I couldn’t care less about who is leading the DAP so long as the person is honest, has integrity and prepared to work for the party,” he said.

Ariffin’s comments were also made in response to former DAP vice-chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor who had on Sept 20 reportedly accused Lim, the Penang Chief Minister, as being a “dictator” and having a hidden agenda to strengthen his hold on the party.

“The Malays in DAP are just ‘a 50 sen race’ and without them, it will not be able to reach one million [members],” Zulkifli was quoted as telling a press conference in Penang.

Zulkifli had also reportedly offered himself to be the party’s first ever Malay chairman in order to reflect DAP’s “multi-racial” politics.

“I’m not asking [DAP chairman] Karpal [Singh] to retire. But, if Karpal thinks his time is up to call it a day, I am prepared to take over his position,” said Zulkifli.

Zulkifli’s call had earned him a stern rebuke from Ariffin and several other Malay DAP leaders who on Sept 25 released a joint statement to refute his claims.

The group said Zulkifli’s actions are “shameful” and must be stopped immediately as it shows that there are individuals within the party who did not understand the party’s aspirations.

When contacted, DAP labour bureau chairman A Sivanesan said while he is on the list of candidates contesting on Sept 29, he did not want any members to vote for him.

“There are so many people out there who want to see the DAP destroyed. This is not the time to destroy the party [from within].

“Zulkifli is barking up the wrong tree… We [DAP] will be united on Sept 29 and the party will emerge from it stronger than ever,” said the Sungkai state-assemblyman.

There is also more drama to unfold with the resignation of Sabah DAP strongman Hiew King Cheu, who first indicated his dissatisfaction when he announced his withdrawal from the CEC re-election.



PM “Thank You for Your Assurance”

Need we say more? You make your judgement and form your own opinion.

We would like to wish all Sarawakians and Sabahans a Happy 50th Anniversary. Enjoy the festivities which have been arranged by the respective states for this special day.

  Read this and we extract from the internet portal malaysiakini.

As Malaysia marks the 50th year since its formation, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today vowed that the development of Sabah and Sarawak, the first and third most poorest state in terms average household income, is the nation’s priority.

In his Malaysia Day message, he said that this, however, does not mean that the two Borneo states were ever sidelined by the federal administration.

“As prime minister, I have always strived to ensure that equal development for all states…. Our efforts to develop Sabah and Sarawak’s economy will always be the government’s priority.

“Indeed life in these two states have changed drastically over the 50 years, in line with global development,” he said in the message published on his official website.

He said that proof that the government cares about Sabah and Sarawak can be seen through the federal allocation of RM2 billion for 79 infrastructure projects in the state in 2010.

He said these include projects under the Sarawak Renewable Energy Corridor (Score) and the Sabah Development Corridor.

Autonomous rights acknowledged

Meanwhile, Najib acknowledged that the formation of Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963 was a “compromise reached in order to safeguard the interests of Sabah, Sarawak and the Malay Federated States”.

This, he said, included the autonomous rights of Sabah and Sarawak as outlined by the 20-point agreement formulated by the Cobbold Commission.

Putrajaya’s alleged reneging of the 20-point agreement was often claimed by opposition parties in the last general election campaign, particularly in Sabah where allegations of unfair oil royalty agreements were raised.

According to the Department of Statistics’ latest household income survey, Sabah has the highest percentage of households living under the poverty line at 8.1 percent.

However, this has improved from 23 percent in 2004 and 16 percent in 2007.

According to the Economic Planning Unit, households living under the poverty line for Sabah survive on RM1,048 per month.

Meanwhile 2.4 percent of Sarawak households are poor, with the poverty line there set at RM912 a month per household.

Political Parties”Beginning of An End..??”

musaIt does seem that its the season for political parties to go through a “tumultuous” time in their history. UMNO went through it very much earlier and became UMNO Baru, DAP is going through with the call by ROS to have a Fresh CEC Polls.

In Sarawak PBDS and SNAP had theirs and were deregistered. SPDP pulled through with their divisions holding firm and are rebuilding. PRS is on solid ground after half of its rebellious members were sacked and removed from SC. Subsequently mosts of them decided to be in a new party SWP where all their MP candidates were all defeated in GE13.SUPP is waiting for ROS to give them an answer and the once mighty SUPP is now left with only 1 MP and 6 State assemblyman (aggrieved group who found flaws in the election process)

In the meantime the speculations were that 5 new political parties have been approved by the ROS with the impending State elections heavily slotted in to be held sometime end of 2014. Sources close to the CM said that the dates being thrown in between May and September 2014 at the latest.

The main reason is that GE14 Sarawak will also go to polls together. It does remain a political speculation however the PM’s “close aides “are seriously leaning their weight towards a united GE14.

Besides the obvious it does seem that CM’s close advisors are asking for a fresh “mandate” so that all the detractors will be put to the “backburner as CM Taib will have a new 5 year term. PBB remains the backbone of the state BN and it will be foolhardy to challenge the forces within the party as one will be annihilated and swept down the rivers of Sarawak to the open sea and be in the abyss. (Many have tried that in PBB and paid the consequences)

PBB will remain united to ensure that President Taib and his deputy remains for another 3 year term after the Triennial PBB Convention.

We will hear the shouts from all delegates from the corridors at BCCK SARAWAK and it will reverberate and send a Thunderous response to ALL at the closing of the convention with




Sarawak were hit hard with 16 losses to the opposition in the State elections in 2011. The shockwaves have also reached the BN counterparts in Sabah. They too also faced a testing time as the state was rocked with 12 loses out of 60 to DAP,PKR,STAR and the local parties are facing daunting tasks ahead.  GE14 the opposition would have made more serious inroads and it is for this reason that the BN parties are looking at reengineering and the changing of guards. This could be for selfish reason or fighting for power and gains but the sad fact is that “there must be changes to remain relevant” even it means changing the top leaders.

This we echoed to the Sarawak SUPP leaders and there must be radical changes and from the conversations we had with our Sabah correspondents they agreed wholeheartedly. The changing of guard is necessary when the “veteran or old guards’ are beaten or losts miserably. This case does not refer to PBB Sarawak as the party won 35 out of 35 it contested and also clean swept the opposition in their parliamentary seats.

PBS,UPKO,PBRS have had their fair share of problems and they have gone through that phase. LDP is now in serious turmoil but it does remain to be seen whether and who is behind the troubles within and who is pushing the ‘button” for a “FULL EXPLOSION.”

Will this be the Beginning of an END?

The full indepth story can be seen below as we extract from an internet portal

Sabah’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Liew Vui Keong went on a sacking spree today in a bid to retain his post in the party’s coming election.
Liew announced the dismissal of 23 of the party’s 35 supreme council members who have aligned themselves to a group who have demanded that the president’s post be open to contest.

A June 9 supreme council meeting had passed a resolution of a “no contest” for the party president and deputy president’s post.

Liew’s removal of the hierarchy of the party sets the stage for a protracted legal battle for control of the Barisan Nasional coalition senior partner.

The party’s ‘presidential council’ which convened at its regional office in Sandakan, endorsed the removal of four division leaders namely  Tsang Hieng Yee (Gum Gum chairman), Fam Tze Sin (Kapayan), Sean Tay Yee Chieh (Kapayan) and Lee Chin An (Tanjung Kapor).

The four were removed for failing to attend the last three supreme council meetings without permission or an explanation for their absence.

Also on the chopping block was Deputy President and chairman of Api Api division Senator Chin Su Phin who has been removed from his positions in the party for indiscipline.

The presidential council also endorsed the removal of Lim Ming Hoo, Chin Su Ying, Peter Chong Su Leong, Peter Chang Yun Hin, Chiang Butt Shan @ Chan Bhat Sing, Pak Chee Eng, Pak Fui Fah, Edward Wong Kon Fah, Margaret Chong Mui Ling and Chen Wui En for their recent conduct and behaviour which rendered them unfit to be members of the supreme council.

Also removed from their positions were Tanjung Rapart division members Mu Kok Leong and Robert Cheong. Michael Tsang, a member of Gum Gum Division was also removed.

LDP deputy secretary-general Ho Jia Lit, treasurer-general Fong Keng Sin, deputy treasurer-general Albert Ngan Yun Kiang, chief publicity officer Albert Kok Yuk Ken and organising secretary Yong Wui Chung whom Liew had appointed in 2006 have all also been stripped of their powers.

The letters of termination sent to all were backdated to Aug 30 and stated the grounds of their dismissal. They were said to have failed or refused or neglected to carry out the instructions of the supreme council and by reasons of their recent conduct they have brought the party into disrepute and contempt.

Michael Tham En Fui (deputy secretary general) , Karamunting assemblyman Charles O Pang (treasurer general), Yap Man Kun (chief publicity officer) and Lee Hing Huat @ Michael (organizing secretary) were appointed to fill the vacant positions.

The new presidential council has agreed to allow the president to fill the vacancies of those supreme council members whose positions have either been removed or suspended within the shortest possible time. Ultra vires

Meanwhile the dissenting group took out a notice in all major newspapers today demanding that the Liew call for supreme council meeting on 6 September 2013 at the party headquarters in Kota Kinabalu.

The new secretary general Loretta Padua Jr informed the presidential council he had in fact received a letter from Chin Su Phin that if the Executive Office fails to issue notice for the said meeting by 4pm today (31 August 2013), they would publish the Notice of Advertisement.

He said although the deadline had not expired, the dissenters had gone on to take out a notice of advertisement.

He said the presidential council ruled that the Notice of Advertisement had no force of law and was ultra vires against the spirit of the party’s constitution.

The presidential council affirmed and endorsed the decision made by the supreme council in their 25th Meeting on 9 June 2013 that the top two positions in the coming party election – namely President and Deputy President – remained uncontested to preserve unity amongst members.

Earlier this week, Liew sacked secretary general Teo Chee Kang when he announced plans to contest for the party’s presidency.

His move prompted 27 of the 25 supreme council members to demand a meeting of the supreme council.

Padua said that they rejected the call by the mutineers for the supreme council to meet on Sept 6.


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