MIC “More than you bargained for..!!”

It is almost certain now barring any last minute changes that  party information chief P Kamalanathan will be pick as the candidate for the upcoming P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary Seat. He will be pitted against PKR Supreme Council member Zaid Ibrahim.  

Samy Vellu didn’t want V Mugilan, Muhyiddin Yassin said G Palanivel was a no-go.Kamalanathan who lives in Rawang , 44, is the public relations chief for Beras Jati, a rice retail company. He had been tasked by party leaders to rebrand MIC after its disastrous performance at the 2008 general elections.

MIC has come up with a compromised candidate and Palanivel and Mugilan the two front runners will have to settle for the backseat.

The question now is ” Will Palanivel or Mugilan campaign for the candidate? Palanivel may be assured of at least of a Senators posts and  a deputy ministers position. Mugilan has time on his side and he will need to be seen to toe the party lines and he should be given the platform in the next GE.

MIC has bargained for the seat and with the compromised candidate they need now to focus and win back the seat for the BN coalition. Its going to be a tough battle and all partners within the BN coalition needs to set aside personal or party differences or agendas and work for the candidate.

The voters will decide on polling day who they will put an X on. The political parties needs to work hard to secure the constituents of P94 to vote for their man. Hulu Selangor will be in the spotlight for the next seven days before polling as all political soldiers and generals will be crisscrossing the constituency.

Taibs Successor…”Hold On”..State Elections 1st!!

Brunch” this morning with various party members threw up yet the subject “Succession to CM Taibs throne” As early as 1994 this subject which has interested the party members still remains a mystery even  though the PBB Convention has just concluded on the 5th of March 2010.

Taib will not be drawn into rumours of personalities being groomed for take-over but instead he will look forward to leading a team of dedicated,disciplined and united PBB together with the other BN coalition partners in going fr a FRESH MANDATE  from the rakyat. The succession speculations can be left to another day which Taib  has held it close to his chests.

There has been many reports on WHO and WHEN he hands over the baton says a party member who wishes to stay anonymous from the northern region. The guessing game does not augur well as there seems to be an alignment of various leaders as they look forward to the day Taib calls it a day.

The main political reason,’They fear that they will be LEFT OUT COMPLETEDLY. He pointed out an article which was posted in Bintulu.org some time ago. audie61 checked it out and we have the posts below.

What is Taib Mahmud, Melanau Muslim strongman and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) president Samy Vellu has in common? In one word ‘long‘.

Tan Sri Taib Mahmud was appointed Sarawak chief minister in 1981. Thus he has been in power for the past 28 years and counting.”My position as PBB president is for the party members to decide and I am leaving it to them to decide. I have openly said I am ever willing to step down as president any time now but party interest has the final say,” Taib said  in Betong.

Last month MIC’s supremo Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu announced that he will only step down in 2015.

“No one should doubt that he will keep his word. This means, wait for it… by 2015, Samy Vellu would be the winner of the “longest” time in power.”

“He was elected president of MIC in 1979 and by 2015, he would have held the MIC presidency for 36 years!!!”, says Prof James Chin an expert in Sarawak politics.

The State Elections will be called very soon as in two months time the present STATE Government will go into its fourth term. Taib has until July 2011 to go for a FRESH Mandate and its up to him to have the INSPIRATION to pick the dates.

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Pakatan/BN “Failed Engagement”

Hype up it was. Everyone in every state from every corner of the street and villages/longhouses were talking about PAS/UMNO getting together in an engagement party. It was to lead to a Marriage of Convenience where many BN leaders are so fond of using this political term. Alas, the fear has been erased and it has brought many smiles back to mosts spindoctors/strategists. What if it has materialised?

This is the report from Malaysiakini Internet portal

Pakatan Rakyat leaders today took a uniform stand to reject the formation of a unity government with Umno or Barisan Nasional.


The PKR, DAP and PAS leaders reiterated their commitment to the opposition coalition with the aim of forming the federal government someday.

The joint statement was signed by Opposition Leader and PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“The Pakatan council of leaders has reaffirmed our rejection of the idea of forming a unity government with Umno/BN which is clearly a malicious and desperate attempt to compromise the integrity of the increasingly popular Pakatan Rakyat.

“Pakatan agrees to adopt an open approach and is willing to hold discussions with the leaders of BN on issues of national interests,” read the statement.

The statement dispelled rumours of a break-up in Pakatan over the issue of PAS and Umno holding unity talks.
We say as always,”Next–Manek Urai and Onwards to GE13…!!!!

GE13 “699 Days and Counting..??”

Talks and speculations are rife that “The Feel Good factor” for the GE13 will coincide together with the Sarawak State elections. Sarawak’s state elections can be called anytime between now and the cutoff period which is 699 days.

The Art of Diversion practised by the BN government will be tested to the fullest and all other political strategies or ‘inAuspicious dates” being mentioned will be termed ‘Irrelevant”.What is relevant will be the day CHOSEN to fit the PM Najib and his counterparts to ensure a BN comfortable win.

Many factors are in place especially with BN having an IRON GRIP in Sarawak and Sabah and  development promises are being kept to ensure the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah are with the Federal government. PM Najib has urged his MPs and ADUNS in both states to “Walk their Talk

Its no use to complain but seemingly one does not perform. Audie61 has been harping on this subject on elected representatives not performing and even Anwar as opposition leader does not take too kindly on underperforming  YBs.(Penanti was a good example)

It clearly shows that the PM is clearly looking at a date which will catch the oppostion parties off guard and it only that FEEL GOOD FACTOR that will deter him from calling a GE13. Obviously there are certain skeletons hanging which needs to be addressed but its the general concensus which will determine whether he pushes for a FRESH MANDATE. Some political watchers are saying,”PM Najib is history as he always traces memories.”

One should remember though it is through history that we learn to LIVE TO FIGHT A GENUINE BATTLE.” The days of his late Father Tun Razak were different and the communications technology were/are not as advanced as todays. These days a touch of button will ensure that everyone is notified and both BN/Pakatan are only too aware.

The Unity talk of PAS/UMNO has captivated the online portal/smses/coffeehops but this is the diversionary techniques which the moles/spindoctors are capable of doing. Eventhough UMNO and BN knows that the people are not all with them but the BN Bastions are still the UNTOUCHABLES.

Don’t tell me for once that Pakatan will be able to wrestle these seats. The machinery/colour of money/moles are all deep rooted and only if and when the opposition can match 50% of its capabilities GE13 will still see BN stay in power.

The urban seats will obviously be the oppositions strongholds as the urban constituents will not waver with promises and they will vote with maturity as they will know who and which party can deliver and look after their interests. So Its not unusual to hear from Najib nor Anwar 1 year and a quarter after 308 that all YBs must perform and not take their positions lightly.

Obviously political parties on both sides of the divide are looking at PMs actions with genuine interests. They know he needs a Fresh Mandate and there are already speculations that July will be a very testing month for the Pakatan group. Anwars sodomy case is up for hearing and the Manek Urai by elections  also falls on this month.

 Sarawak is the trump card for PM and obviously 699 days away is not only just a number BUT something which will sway the FEEL GOOD FACTOR for GE13. PM has it close to his chests as he does his walkabouts in all the states to gauge the feelings himself.

So when DAP MP for Bandar Kuching  Chong Chieng Jen ruled out the possibility that a state elections would be called this year he must have done his homework and his mathematics. BN UMNO is not so particularly worried about the themselves but their coalition partners in SUPP,MCA,Gerakan and MIC. UMNO still has their strong supporters in certain states and they will not just disappear/whitewashed overnight.

The BN  partners are mostly urban based and these are concerns which will not be overcome overnight. Walking the Talks by the parties and their elected representatives are the fundamentals of the survival of the YBs. If they are too bigheaded and are just not bothered they will be sent home in GARBAGE/BODY BAGS. Enough Said……

We say as always,”Natasha got this from a BN YB,”Irrespectively whether you are opposition or ruling government it boilds down to WHAT AND HOW YOU CONDUCT YOUSELF .THE PEOPLE KNOW….

” Restless Souls in PKR Sarawak “

It is not even the ” 7th month of the Chinese Calendar  ” when the living remembers their love ones and pays homage to them. According to a editorial staff of an English Tabloid the bickering which is out in the open in PKR Sarawak is ,”Music to the Ears of BN Sarawak” Its a death wish for those who thinks that they can bring the PKR leadership to their knees.

There were a number of calls to Bugi,Natasha and Cindy of audie61 requesting for the name of the new party. This is in the pipeline if and when the negotiations breaksdown after the petition to Anwar is not  entertained. Why are these restless souls doing and contemplating on such actions? Isn’t this  also a way of writing their own DEATH WISH.  Seems Sakawi is a mouthpiece for the whole group adds a PKR member..?  

Over the past few days it has simmered to boiling point as this report shows and even a PKR senior member said,”We should not discount the possibilities of them leaving. Of course,its a Natural Political Process of flushing out the disgruntled and insincere members. PKR will not be stand in their way and will not be held at GUN-POINT .Can you tell them..!!” 

Todays tabloids had the PKR Sarawak liason chief  Mustaffa Kamil Ayub fighting back the claims and allegations by a divisional chief. He said,”There are proper channels within the party for members to lodge complaints and address their grievances.I will have to first get the feedback and explantaions form Piee and Zulrusdi on the actual situation.

Audie61 learnt he is overseas at the moment and from our brief encounter with Mustaffa we know that he will listen to feedbacks first before and will not just jump the gun and fire like an AK47’s.

The whole report is in todays local tabloids and it seems PKR Sarawak is getting its fair share of tabloid coverage.  Reporters with the local tabloids smell that some BLOOD IS ABOUT TO BE SPILLED ” and are now busying themselves trying to be the first to get their articles published.  Will they get anything more from the restless SOULS..?? Or will the reporters turn to get the information from the proper channels within PKR Sarawak..??

We say as always,”Why are they so impatient and they should have just waited a little longer for the 7th month in the Chinese Calendar..!!!

PM Najib,CM Taib”Similarities-Prerogative..Hmmm..”

In politics when one sits at the helm there will come a time when decisions made are for the bests of interests for the whole TEAM. Najib is clearly in that mold when he masterly used the art of “DIVIDE AND RULE CONCEPT” for the PPP crisis. He was officating at the 56th PPP annual general assemblyand the phrase he used sounds too familiar.

CM Taib and Najib are all using the word PREROGATIVE which no one would surely question. This is the extract from Malaysiakini portal,”In an apparent move to appear neutral in the PPP dispute, Najib said the appointment of deputy ministers are his sole prerogative and that Murugiah was someone supportive of BN.

“He is not somebody who is against BN. He is very supportive of BN, its policies and leadership,” he said.

The question on most Sarawak political analysts lips is that now,” Will Larry Sng (Assistant Minister In CM Taibs cabinet be saved by the PM’s very words of Prerogative.?” This remains to be answered as speculations are that of an imminent Sarawak cabinet reshuffle. Seems Larry is very much a BN Man. Dont you agree..??

We will not know just yet what is in the mind of CM Taib and Larry will be hoping that he is still maintained. PRS and James Masing will surely look at this development very closely.

We say as always,”PM and CM obviously knows what is bests. We need not question should we..??”

YB’s “BODOH” Again..!!!

Like in any democratic country the elected representatives or YBs(Yang Berhormats) are all elected by the citizens of that country. When we were young we were taught by our parents and later on by our teachers/tutors/professors that we must show courtesy and be courteous to our fellow human beings. There is no room for bad language and if consistently the YBs who seems to be working against the very people who put him /her in the State or Parliament it is like writing a ” DEATH WISH/WARRANT.”

If the needs arise which needs further explaination or clarification to the YBs or MPs who fail to see their roles as elected representatives click here:-  http://www.answers.com/topic/parliament . What really got audie61 feeling very twitchy and touchy was this report which appeared in Malaysiakini   http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/105691. The point which really hit a HOME RUN for us was the usage of the word “BODOH” translated in English meaning Stupid. I bold it here to make a statement and it is a VERY UNPLEASANT PHRASE to use:-

Stupid can be bests described as

  • Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
  • Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
  • Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
  • Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
  • Pointless; worthless
  • We are not about to protect or blow it out of proportion a statement by Henneson Bujang or the Malaysiakini reporter Keruah Usit, who submitted this report which is being read worldwide in the blogsphere. If there are no truth in this statement let there be an APOLOGY forthcoming or a suit of defamation of character. 

    This extracted clearly implicates the N70 Ba’Kelalan State Assemblyman. Could he be following his fellow YB  N2 Tasik Biru in making the same mistake? Interestingly, both of them are from the same party SPDP(Sarawak Progressive Democratic party)” YB Nelson told us: ‘You are against the government. You are ‘bodoh’ (stupid)! You will be left behind. You will be blacklisted. We will not bring projects to you.’.

    “We replied that we are not against the government. We only want to protect our forest and our drinking water. We welcome the development projects that the government brings. Who wouldn’t?” Henneson asked

    On September 11th  this was the headlines which had the Bidayuh community up in arms against the remarks made by SPDP Senior Vice President. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/gila-gila-what-a-headline-malaysiakini/ 

    9 months later another miscalculated remark by an SPDP YB surfaces again in Malaysiakini. Couldn’t the YBs be more courteous and the saying goes,”Politicians who loses their cool or temper, it will be their greatest downfall. Nothing else.” Hope this doesn’t happen..?? Correct me If I am wrong..??

    Who are we to question the integrity and maturity of the voters who put the YBs,MPs in their respective houses. The fundamentals for those elected into office is simple,”Be Humble and Know who put you there in the first place”.

    audie61 will not take sides especially with YBs or MPs and lets make it very CLEAR. If Pakatan or BN elected representatives speak foul or uses the wrong terms/language we will do our part in condemning the elected representatives. We BOTHER thats WHY we take pains and effort to ensure that our YBs know who they are and where they stand. YOU ARE ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE AND DON”T FORGET THAT..!!!!!!!!!   

    We say as always,”There will be a time when the Elected representative leave office and if he has served well it is alright BUT if NOT I will not be surprise what they they have to put up with…Be forewarned..

    “Gelombang Gelombang MIC..Joining PKR..?”

    Natasha our audie 61 correpondent was notified by her source that a lot of emails and sms were sent out by the Office of Anwar Ibrahim ,” You are cordially invited to the Hari Raya Open House hosted by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders in Penang and Kuala Lumpur this weekend. East Malaysian PKR leaders,members,supporters and corporate sympathisers will be in the National capital as they took flights out today and some tomorrow.

    What has caught our eyes is this Malaysiakini report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91023 where some 5,000 MIC members are set to close down their party branches and join PKR in Penang this Saturday. OoooH NOooo!! What is happening to MIC..?  asks PRS Batu Lintang Indian Bureau Chief Narashima Barathy.Surely they do not need to abandon BN just like that. If they dont like the leader sit down with him and problems can be looked into. If the suggestions and problems falls on deaf ears then drastic actions are of course the last resort. Sometimes its bests to face problems head-on instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

    It seems according to Malaysiakini report it stems from Former Bayan Baru MIC division chairperson M Nganasegaran, who was sacked from the party yesterday, is expected to lead the exodus and officially handover their membership forms to PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim at the Bayan Baru PKR service centre.With the exodus, MIC, in Bayan Baru as well as in the state, is set to be maimed politically as the division’s present 13 branches of 3,000 members would shrink to mere two branches with 200 members.

    This is certainly a BIG SETBACK  for MIC added Narashima. He was made to understand that besides MIC Bayan Baru, members from the nearby Bukit Bendera, Jelutong, Bukit Gelugor and Balik Pulau divisions are also expected to close down their branches and join forces with Nganasegaran.

    Narashima (who leads 220 Indians with him in PRS Batu Lintang Division)  will not be making his way to Penang or Kuala Lumpur as he will be together with Batu Lintang Chairman Athanasius Chua and the Executive committee making a Hari Raya Open House Visit to MP Nancy Shukri (BN-Batang Sadong) in Kuching. He feels sad for the majority of the  MIC counterparts and had hope for an amicable solution. Anyway he said that PRS though the party has gone through “GELOMBANG-GELOMBANG” but now the second echelon leaders are making sure that the party stays intact. Sure,we have factions but it will be through MATURITY IN POLITICS THAT DIFFERENCES can be solved. We know that the National and State authorities have acknowledged Datuk Sri James Masing as the President of PRS and we intend to adhere to the BN’s call.  

    It just goes to show that its MIC’s loss and PKR’s gain. Anwar as we know, puts a lot of emphasis on the grassroot and second echelon leaders and this will be a morale booster for the party in Penang. Samy Vellu knows he needs to act fast and thus he expelled Nganasegaran from the party due to his involvement with opposition parties during the last general election. Whatever it is all is not well just yet in MIC and a lot of reengineering is needed. For now PKR Penang will welcome new additions…………