Anwar “Sarawak is Tough”

If the PBB Malay/Melanau areas are penetrable meaning there is even a hint of a tilt in the Malay sentiments in Sarawak it will not be business as usual for PBB meaning,”The BN ticket is a guaranteed seat’ . Pensiangan will be the next focus but Sarawak remains the “battle” for Anwar as he seeks the Prime Ministers Throne. This Malaysiakini report,”After KT,there is hope for Sarawak ” in which the an extracted has this,” “To the Sarawakians it says the moment of truth is now. It’s time the voters show (Chief Minister Abdul) Taib Mahmud the final curtain.”

A SUPP Kapitan who is in his 70s says that SUPP as Anwar says is a dying party but when the chips are down and the going gets tough we will consolidate and fight back. There are altogether 18 SUPP seats which DAP are eyeing to wrestle and also to build on the 7 which they won in 2006 State elections. The groundswell is that,”Dr.Chan will do well to hold on to his seat as the rallying cry is to see the end of the Last Emperor of SUPP.

A friend of the Kapitan said,”Anwar knows its tough but he needs to also see the end of Dr.Chan. SUPP leaders who have fallen while on top as Presidents of  SUPP were Stephan Yong( Kuching) and Dr.Wong Soon Kai(Sibu). Miri is next. Will this come as a shock if it happens?  

PKR making inroads to the dayak areas. Is it so simple? The PBDS dayakism days were even more disturbing to the ruling coalition in 1987. A PBB YB said,”We are monitoring the situation and the groundswell but the hoo hahs are all in the urban areas like Sibu,Miri and Kuching. Next is it Bintulu he asked?

He told audie61 if the huge crowd were all voters and wearing armbands and shouting,”PKR,PKR,PKR and Anwar,Anwar ,Anwar” there is indeed cause for concern. Could it be also the HIDDEN HAND is doing it to divide PKR and ensure that BNs bastion in Sarawak is untouched. Maybe it will have an effect here and there but BN will still sail through in Sarawak. It doesn’t mean we are overly confident but we need to have our ears on the ground and eyes focussing on a common threat he added.  

Talking about Bintulu audie61 received calls from SB Sarawak enquiring about PRS Bintulu members joining PKR. We told him that as far as those aligned to Larry Sngs faction there isnt any from Bintulu.The members in PRS Bintulu N59 Kidurong 881 members and N 60 Kemena 664 members are solidly behing the PRS President Dr.James Masing. Is someone again trying to PUSH THE HAND to ruffle up PRS?

The Malaysiakini report also included this,’In Sarawak, the opposition has played up various issues to great effect. This includes the growing disquiet over land issues Taib’s leadership, the wealth of top politicians in the state, cronyism, nepotism, corruption and marginalisation of various groups in business, the civil service and other economic opportunities.”

In a related development, Taib said results of the Kuala Terengganu by-election should not be used as a benchmark in any election, including the Sarawak election due in 2011.

The chief minister, who is also Sarawak BN chairperson, said it was not easy to make general recommendations from one event, including the need to rebrand BN to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Is  BN Sarawak taking things lightly? The CM is unpertubed and if he is, he will not be Sarawak CM for 27 years.Senior leaders within his own administration has already sounded the warning signs and blasted their horns reminding BN not to take things forgranted.  Even those within PKR knows that the PBB fort is at the moment inpenetrable and judging from the feedback PBB has already earmarked those GREY/BLACK constituencies.

There will be changes to the candidates and this of course will be named by the CM. The malays in Sarawak are still with the ruling coalition and they are still afraid to come out in the open for fear to be singled out by CMs trusted cronies.

The arrows will be flying through the air from the PBB fort and they might catch PKR off guard says a PKR senior member. Will the Malays throw their might behind PKR is a million dollar question? If 10% does that the eventual tallying of seats will still be short of wresting the State government. The mathematics has got to be spot on inorder to even make CM having sleepless nights.

BN is treating Sarawak like the MOUNTAIN which produces GOLD and they are not about to hand it over on a silver platter to Anwar led Pakatan coalition. The gold and silver will still be in BNs hands when the final count is in to form the State Government unless the people suddenly decides otherwise.

For this to happen or materialise the arm bands and the headbands will have to be evident with inscriptions from today onwards till the elections is called. Why..? This is a question which you will have to answer.

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13 thoughts on “Anwar “Sarawak is Tough”

  1. Rashid says:

    Tahip Mahnuk may have ruled Sarawak for 27 yrs and seem invincible but that’s stupidity and bad judgement. Many stronger leadership was humiliated when no body expected it including in Malaya. Sarawakians are very slow and have little information and awareness but once they wake up, you can’t put them into sleep. Many a stronger leader, many a stronger coalition and many a stronger ruled has tumbled. The past shouldn’t deceive you. Umno was bragging that the Malays were theirs for good as they were benefiting from Umno. But what happened? The Malays desterted Umno like a sinking ship and continue to do so. Taib is sick, frail, old and worried. His son is not Taib and Sarakians have woken up. Those who live in delusion and beleive that he can’t be conquered will wake up to the hard reality in it is day.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    TAIB steps down..sms to all malaysians in Sarawak and circulate like bush fire……..Peoples’ power take over from now!

  3. jongandhi says:

    BN’s key to political survival is Sarawak. If Sarawak moves to take down BN, then Sabah will follow.

    My question is this: why did Sarawak allow Taib Mahmud to be at the helm for 27 years?

    Last question: is it true that Sarawak businessmen owns their politicians?

    These are the 2 main factors that I see that contributed to Sarawak’s inability to shift gears to make the necessary differences in the state.


  4. Dr. Ali says:

    If everything sound like Audie says, BN-Swk is untouchable. Does he not remember how 318 has come into being…Did by that time, one would predict the lost of 2/3 by BN

    BN-Swk may be strong, very strong and established in term of their grip of available resorces to secure their fortress (that is the reason PRS is not willing and afraid to think of leaving the camp). BN-Swk may win control of the DUN again in the next wresting and continue to govern Swk, there will be unavoidable loss of more seats especially in Dayak/Chinese plus Malay majority constituencies. How is this then? Does it not open up opportunity and probability to further weaken the BN-Swk?

    History always tell us, there is no undefeatable empire in humankind; especially when human greed, lust and unrightenousness come to a limit to get it bolied!

    Political situation and power balance in the whole of Malaysia in months or 1 year to come is bad for BN. Will it not affect BN-Swk? Just think it over. It will not be surprising when the balance is in critical situation, there will defectors. Human dare even to swear by their religious books, by the names of their Gods in all matters, but how many keep their agreement and promises. Remember a phrase: There is no forever enemy and friend in politic. And through history, no such politician instantly die due to a breach in his promise. But, all will stand at the final judgement.

    Again, I say my word to Audie. There is no untouchable, unbeatable when righteousness and justice is challenged

    Insyhah Allah

  5. yh says:

    ya, taib is tough.
    hope he wont be a chicken by stopping the bloggers from campaigning come state election. or PKR and DAP honchos, ok.

  6. nembiak says:

    2 and 3 years ago are quite diffrent compare to now day. Today we are ready to fight…and ready to vote for PR. WE fell fed up with “tahip mahnuk leadership …and his chronies”.
    For the next election….we’re ready to blow “the wind of change”.
    Last week My “Melayu” friends said ” We the young “Melayu” voter will vote for PR this coming election”
    He also said that they don’t want to be cheated by tahip mahnuk anymore.

  7. kika says:

    well done nembiak. let us gather all the young malays together and enough is enough. What has pbb especially pemuda pbb did to the young malays?

  8. Betong Guy says:

    Kika hit the point there, for the Iban, Bidayuh, Kelabit, Kedayan, Bisaya, Orang Ulu & Penan leaders, i want to ask…”WHAT YOU DONE FOR US LATELY?”.

    For the Chinese & Malays, i ask..”CAN YOU KEEP YOUR WORDS?”.

    For Anwar, remember, behind great men, there lies in his mist, enemies to topple him…”KEEP YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMY CLOSER”.

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