“Gila-Gila” What a Headline ….?~ Malaysiakini

***Updated 11.05 am**** Written by Zora Chan in todays 11th September 2008 local daily SS not aware of sacking of headmen quote “I’ve never heard about it. This is the first time that I’ve heard about it,” he told reporters here when asked to comment on the news that was reported in an Internet portal. (HellOooooooooo!! Can some one tell me what’s WrOoooong..?) ..The 7 Headmen,Dr.Patau,Nansian or Wilson Baya somethings WrOoooong HEREeee..

Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89448 had this headlines March 8: “The day Malaysia woke up” which refers to a book launching for journalist and playwright Kee Thuan Chye. Good and congratulations to him for coming out with The collection of interviews and contributions from various socio-political observers was compiled following the historic election results. The morning local English daily had the headlines:”BN not crumbling:PAK LAH but what was about to come from my father inlaw was very surprising. I answered the phone and he said turn to “page 9“.

Of course I flipped to that page.Guess what,”Gila-Gila Way to lose job.” and the subheading was small printed ‘Appointing younger leaders a necessity when village chiefs no longer deliver’ What has got my inlaw angry was that how could the SPDP Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian Ngusie uttered such words. My father in law is a Bidayuh from the area and he feels that this is an unnecessary and it has got everyone in the community talking about it.

Is it going to be another misquote from the context? The statement is,”responding to a report on an Internet news portal, said the four grounds for termination of the services of ketua kaum are: non-performance, becoming obsolete, old age and ‘gila-gila’ How do i defend such a statement coming from a Yang Berhormat from my inlaws area.

Next he is going to tell me that he doesn’t need their votes is it? How can all our YBs suddenly become so vocal in the wrong way by expressing words which should not be used and it will be very hard to take it back. Does he want to be reelected or does he just want to spoil his chances at the next state elections? Or is there a political motive to remove himself from the “equation” as the Bidayuhs are known to be very unhappy on the ground? Whatever it is these words should never be used,”GILA-GILA” means Crazy or Mad.

The full report can be read on Page 9 of todays local daily and you all can judge for yourselves the damage he has done to himself. Sorry Peter as much as i want to support you but you must know Family comes first,Political alignment third after Religion. You should not have open yourself to this type of “Publicity” and I hope for your sake something can be done. I have tried to squeeze myself out by keeping quiet the whole day but I know as a politician when we are embroiled in “SALAH” words used we must apologise in the correct manner. 

I still have to go back to my dad in laws kampung and like it or not I have to say “SORRY” and “Minta Ma’af” to them for you. Don’t say I do not need to as I am still a Parti Rakyat Sarawak Divisional chief within the BN 4 family in Sarawak until if and when I decide otherwise if ever.

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8 thoughts on ““Gila-Gila” What a Headline ….?~ Malaysiakini

  1. noria says:

    Digging his own grave it seems this YB. Saw the report written by Jacob Achoi and samuel Aubrey. Two reporters cannot be wrong. Can there..???

  2. yvonne says:

    Is this a bad dream happening in Sarawak too? Why use these words? Aren’t they appropriate English words than using”gila.gila” Eeeeeee must be something wrong. I don’t know what else to say..

  3. Sarawakiana says:

    I think there will be many candidates wanting to take over from him. Could he be still sulking from not being appointed as a Asst.Minister..? Will CM still bring him in. If he does that will be another scalp for the opposition. At least a PRS boy has apologise. Good!

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