MIC “More than you bargained for..!!”

It is almost certain now barring any last minute changes that  party information chief P Kamalanathan will be pick as the candidate for the upcoming P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary Seat. He will be pitted against PKR Supreme Council member Zaid Ibrahim.  

Samy Vellu didn’t want V Mugilan, Muhyiddin Yassin said G Palanivel was a no-go.Kamalanathan who lives in Rawang , 44, is the public relations chief for Beras Jati, a rice retail company. He had been tasked by party leaders to rebrand MIC after its disastrous performance at the 2008 general elections.

MIC has come up with a compromised candidate and Palanivel and Mugilan the two front runners will have to settle for the backseat.

The question now is ” Will Palanivel or Mugilan campaign for the candidate? Palanivel may be assured of at least of a Senators posts and  a deputy ministers position. Mugilan has time on his side and he will need to be seen to toe the party lines and he should be given the platform in the next GE.

MIC has bargained for the seat and with the compromised candidate they need now to focus and win back the seat for the BN coalition. Its going to be a tough battle and all partners within the BN coalition needs to set aside personal or party differences or agendas and work for the candidate.

The voters will decide on polling day who they will put an X on. The political parties needs to work hard to secure the constituents of P94 to vote for their man. Hulu Selangor will be in the spotlight for the next seven days before polling as all political soldiers and generals will be crisscrossing the constituency.


5 thoughts on “MIC “More than you bargained for..!!”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Sammy’s hands had been tied and he was given a secondary role when the EC announced the by-election date. What the voters saw was similar scrpits from Tamil movies. MIC, MCA and Gerakan are simply small flies to UMNO. The coalition partners’ members do not usually agree to what their respective bosses agreed upon in negotiating with UMNO. It is high time for their ordinary members to punish UMNO and pressure their CCM to quit BN altogether.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    UMNO is a political pawn shop and needs no licence to operate. All the coalition parties of BN must contest to win and to dedicate the victory to UMNO’s president. Voters who vote for BN candidates are used as pawn certificates for UMNO to disburse some business benefits to BN winning candidates. For over 50 years Malaysians have been paying exorbitant interest to UMNO because we are been pawned by our BN YBs and law makers. It is time to take back our life and power and vote out BN and entrust our power to Pakatan Rakyat to govern and administer our country called Malaysia so that we shall be one proud race known as Malaysian.

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