Adenan Are We Missing Something?

asupppCM Adenan have already called both parties to sort out their differences?Who and Which party is now trying to play the “good guy” and the “bad guy”?Truth be told says a political analyst the Rakyat will still turn their backs on them as both are still at each other throat’s and its a”Never Ending Battle”.

The Rakyat have taken to Adenan’s style and approach in terms of his way of governance and no nonsense approach on state matters. He have won many fence sitters to believe in his ways but it does seem for his popularity to turn to votes for both the parties it will still be a herculean tasks.

As a blogger Bugi Wijaya puts it.”We are the New Media truthtellers” We are not for the money but we have what it takes to full blown the story or facts just for everyone to see. Believe it or not and if its good enough it will sell.”

Adenan, we know we are not missing anything but the two rival factions within the BN stable are. You don’t need a Harvard or an Oxford Political Scientist to tell you ,Sir…!!! The Truth hurts…

Pakatan/BN..Whats Hot….!!

Check out the following sites:- 1.  for tonights ceramahs and functions from both sides of the political divide. 2. on matters relating to SNAP,DAP and PAS in particular. 3. breaking news and Dato “S”. SUPP and BN cybertroopers find out more and get it right Car No. QRS….4. on to a SAFER YOU..

BN “SUPP “S” Factor…….!!

Its not too often that we can come across something which is so significant. SUPP should bless their LUCKY STARS that there are still “some” supporters left that are willing to stand beside them and help them in their hour of need.

A political analyst said to audie61,”just can’t imagine how come SUPP members are not coming all out to help in N9,N10,N11. I can’t imagine why SUPP is finding it so difficult to attract even their members to come out in droves.

Last night the “team” went down on the ground to check on a DAP ceramah at 101 shopping area in Kuching. Well,cars were lined up on both sides of the road and gauging by the turnout it seems that SUPP will have some difficulties again unless they come up with a more than “CREATIVE and ADVENTUROUS WAY” of  pulling in the crowd.

It’s no use using outside creative minds when they are so many ‘available talents and able working personnels” in Kuching. A BN candidate from a semi/urban area even commented that these “outside” help should stay in the background as he has experienced “cleaning up the dirt they left behind. The locals will feel betrayed and they are not even sought out to help as if they are looked down upon. It’s a BIG BIG MISTAKE for local based parties to think that locals are not good enough.

Don’t SUPP know…??

Anyway to cheer up some SUPP unbelievers this might just make your day. “S” factor also means the Kuchingnites in SUPP are dead Serious. A division SUPP member even said we must give positive vibes but amongst your ranks they are so many unhappy and dissatisfied and left out members. Its time for personal and caring touch to your own members.

If they are not fully utilised it will mean  even the S Power Rangers are sure to


 Believe it and call up all your members. its time to fight back and SINK AND SWIM together.



PKR “Feeling Betrayed”

One can never predict what happens in politics.There are reasons on why certain things are done like this while others like that. We are often “fooled” into thinking and complacent about our positions and usually the obvious is not revealed until its thrown back at us.

Surely. one has to be dragged through MUD and sometimes the party or coalition does the unthinkable but still feels that their actions are necessary for reason only known to the select few. When this report of Dominique Ng hit the blogsphere: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He even said,”Anwar was surprised..!!”

Burung Kenyalang 2011 said to audie61 ” Was Anwar surprised…? Did Anwar not see this AS perfect timing..?? Isn’t this a way of telling Ng your time is up..? Hasn’t Ng played too much politics for his own good?

Well maybe this move also took BN by surprise.It could also be done to see how far and true Dominique Ng will stick to party lines and discipline.

BN supporter Lim LC  from Padungan said,” This is indeed good news for Barisan National. Shows that the BN coalition has never wavered in its stand and eventhough SUPP losts the seat to PKR its still SUPP’s to regain back. How can we trusts the opposition when one of their own is even stabbed at the back. We will fight and get back the seat for SUPP.” 

The full report from the internet portal is copied here for you to make your own assessment.

In a surprise move, DAP and PKR will be swapping two seats they won in the 2006 Sarawak election.

At a press conference in Kuching tonight, the Sarawak PKR leadership said it will swap the Padungan seat it now holds for the Batu Lintang seat currently held by DAP.

NONEThis could mean incumbents Dominique Ng (Padungan) and Voon Li Shan (Batu Lintang) may be left without seats to contest.

Ng (left) and Voon are considered mavericks in their respective parties.

The press conference was attended by Sarawak DAP chairperson Wong Ho Leng, PKR state chief Baru Bian and PAS state commissioner Adam Ahid.

The last minute swap comes as a major surprise because Padungan is PKR’s first and only seat held in East Malaysia.

Moreover, Ng, a former DAP leader who fell out with the party in the 1990s, is well rooted in Padungan.

The move is potentially risky for DAP because Ng has a history of standing as an independent in three-cornered fights.

Voon, on the other hand, is believed to be a thorn in the current DAP leadership’s flesh.

Some see the move as attempts by both DAP and PKR to impede the political careers of Ng and Voon.

‘I feel betrayed’

When contacted by Malaysiakini, Ng said: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He said that even Anwar was surprised about it when he called the de facto PKR leader after learning about the announcement.
“He (Anwar) is having a ceramah, so I will meet him afterwards.
“Baru did not even have the courtesy to inform me before making the announcement.”
Ng said he has made advance preparations for the election and that “even my posters have been printed”.
However he refused to comment on his next move, besides saying, “this is not the end”.
Voon: The people are important, not me
Voon, when contacted said, “I don’t know anything. I am watching football.”
Asked wheher he would will you contest in the April 16 state election even if his party does not niominate him for a seat, he said: “You should ask the leader what they will do with me.”
As to whether he would consider running as an independent, Voon said: “I don’t know anything at the moment… let them decide. Let it become that way.
“I am not important, the people are more important. The people and the country are more important than the party. Let the people decide, for they will know what to do.”
The three state Pakatan leaders also confirmed that PKR would be contesting at least 24 seats while DAP and PAS would be contesting 15 and five seats respectively.
PKR’s negotiations with Sarawak National Party (Snap) are still ongoing.
The full lists of Pakatan’s candidates are yet to be confirmed

BN Kalah”Over My Dead Body”

In an angry tone and pointing his fingers at the report which appeared at one of the internet portal PBB Youth Vice Chairman Pandi Suhaili chatised the so-called report and in one of his strongest offensive statement to date said,”BN Kalah”over my dead body” as the figures from the imaginary or ‘secret’ polls were seemingly meant to discredit the Chief Minister and his leadership.

What was more glaring was that it was carried out by the information department and this in turn has terrifed both Putrajaya and the ruling household in Petrajaya.

 Why,Who and Whose orders was this made public to the internet portal? 

Whats more is that the anti BN blog “sarawak report ” cashed in by saying “that this was the reason for the unprecedented appearance of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin in Kuching last weekend.”

According to the report, both leaders came to Kuching to force Taib to step down.“I have seen them (the results) with my own eyes. In this election, Najib and Muhyiddin know that it is inevitable that Taib will lose.

“He is finished… the results from BN’s secret polls is devastating. Najib and Muhyiddin came down to tell Taib there is not going to to be anymore compromises,” said an insider.

It seems the spin on this story is being done to discredit not only the CM but also halting the ‘feel good factor” and the momentum of the BN as it prepares to face the opposition.

The Pakatan cybertroopers are already entrenched in their foxholes and they are training their guns towards the BN Unit media. BN losts the war in 2008   GE and the guns of the Pakatan are all geared up to fight and slug it out to win the blogsphere. CM Taib and his BN candidates needs all the necessary help they can muster .

Ground zero does not look too good according to PRS president when he was quoted to say,”PRS was aware of the powerful influence of the alternative media, adding that the party was reaching out to the IT-savvy Dayaks to to counter the negative propaganda against Barisan leaders.

He continued,”The alternative media is a very powerful tool. It nearly caused the collapse of the Federal Government during the last general election. We should never underestimate the powers of the alternative media.”

An SPDP SC member was very upset and he did not mince his words,”We in SPDP are all ready.What secret poll.??This state election is about the people of Sarawak mandate and they will know who to choose. They know who to choose and BN government after 47 years doesn’t suddenly become a bad government does it.?

SUPP Youth Chief (BN Batu Lintang likely candidate) Sih Hua Tong was equally not too happy with the secret polls. He said,”Where are the figures and datas for all to see and its only speculative by the portal.

 We in BN/SUPP have not stop working for the people of Sarawak and we will continue to ensure that SUPP will remain close to the hearts of the people. The people will not abandon BN and the report of “90% of its current votes, amounting to 10 out of its 12 seats has been made to give the opposition all the more reasons to attack SUPP. We are ready and we will give them a good fight and will not justs believe in the speculations. We believe in statistics and figures and we have done our homework.

According to an opposition supporter he says that the BN leaders are indeed not too comfortable with this report and are blaming the portal for stirring up the speculative nature of this article. This will make them(BN) more ready and it might just have a backlash on the Sarawak opposition parties.

Very Soon we will know who rules right…!!

Bloggers”Mari Berjumpa, Mari Berhubung”

PM Najib have been meeting up with his friends who have followed him on facebook,twitter and also on his website As the leader of the BN coalition he has shown the way to his fellow legislators that as the “peoples representatives” engaging with the grassroot is of utmost importance if they want to continue to remain in office.

The day they stop listening to the people they might just as well pack their bags and ready to leave the world of politics. As the Sarawak elections looms and as the estimated of 300,000 young voters the BN government are not taking anything forgranted.

The Pakatan opposition parties have hogged the cyberspace churning out millions of information in winning over the young voters and also spinning articles in their favour to win the elections. At a meeting this afternoon a strategists reminded bloggers that the cyberspace would be fought bitterly and whoever is focussed and win over the ‘minds” of the voters will sail through.

BN was battered heavily in Sarawak 2006 and it engulfed in a disastrous outing in the GE12 in 2008. Eversince then BN has set up cyberunits and independant blogs to overcome their weaknesses in the blogsphere. The strategists said,”If there is a pot of flower for decoration,it will look beautiful alone but trying putting 10 or more together it will be stunning.”

Beautiful it may seem but if a blog is alone the readership is just that much and if no one cares the blog will only “syok sendiri” There are exceptional blogs who can stand alone but many are barely surviving with hardly anyone noticing they exist. Promoting themselves is a ‘herculean” tasks and they musts carry the right message to captivate a return of followers.

UMNO UMB has gone through a tough time with many discrediting their existance and many are even accusing certain individuals of protecting their own. Some even project themselves to carry a cause but in fact they are more like  ‘mercenaries”. In the real world a good example would be a football team. The Real Madrid player ‘Ronaldo” would just be a another ordinary player if his teammates colloborate to sideline him and make a fool of his abundance talent by not passing the ball to him.

UMB BN Sarawak made up of the 4 component parties in Sarawak in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP have come together and put a structure together and organised itself to be ready for the impending elections and beyond. They have sought the help of their counterparts in UMNO UMB and in a short space of time got their act together to do battle in the blogsphere.

PM has readied the troops and his recent rallying call at the SUPP rally was,”we will not lose the cyberwar again as we have done in 2008″ The UMB units in each respective state needs to learn from each other to counter the accusations or allegations put up in the blogshere by their opposition parties.

Sarawak UMB has stepped up their to the call of both PM Najib and CM Taib. The strategists who forsees an all out cyberwar to gain votes knows that the right information and the right brand will mean a win on the ballot paper.

PM will say to you fill it up……,”Mari berjumpa,Mari Berhubung” but BN/UMB Sarawak are all out to “Berjuang untuk Sarawak”


Sarawak Bloggers Lead, Aid Welcomed…”

In the aftermath of the Japanese Sendai Tsunami,foreign aid are quickly coming to assist their fellow humankind. Its good says a Japanese spokesman but they ‘outsiders” don’t know the country well and they only need to aid us while we lead to make the victims lifes better and help them in our own ways.This was what we heard from one of the television stations.

Even the USS Ronald Reegan has been sent by the US government to assist in the aid of the Japanese people in their hour of need. audie61 and the crew in our prayers are with the families of those who losts lives and have their homes completely devastated.

Our article today will be devastating to some while others might be rubbing their hands with happiness. Our dinner last night with Adenan Satem with a number of Peninsular bloggers was an eye opener. The minister told the bloggers that we need to know the history before we ‘spin’ or get excited by writing articles. In addition you need to know the geography of the country. 

Sarawak is a vast country with as many as 27 ethnic races and the whole peninsular Malaysia can fit in nicely into the state. Though our population is small around 2.7 million as compared to the Peninsular Malaysia the state has a total land area of 124,450 square kilometer. For the information of those outside the state the major cities are Kuching and Miri while the smaller towns are Sibu,Limbang,Bintulu,Samarahan,Bau,Lundu,Serian,Simunjan.Betong,Sri Aman,Kanowit,Song,Mukah,Tatau,limbang,lawas etc.etc. 

Many bloggers who are not from Sarawak don’t even know where the hell these places are. Some who have been here and done business in this state might just know the towns mention but some might not even know where Ulu Telian is.

Do you know where..??

Point No.1 goes to sarawak bloggers to lead. They know their topography and their landscape.

In the past few months there has been an influx of Peninsular bloggers from the BN and also from Pakatan group who have been seen moving in and out of Kuching. There has also been a number of workshops,seminars gearing the new third force “new media” to get themselves ready for the State Elections. 

 Pakatan group has enlisted professionals in the industry who are more than capable BN Sarawak boys of running for cover. Thier websites like Hornbill Unleashed,Dayaknation,dayakbaru and their ever growing usage of facebook to filter the necessary information down is very crucial.

 Point 2 for Sarawak Bloggers to lead. Sarawak component parties in PBB.SUPP,PRS and SPDP has given a green light to start a BN Sarawak UMB to counter the allegations,accusations,and other untrue local stories which has appeared in the Sarawak blogsphere. Appropriate measures of getting the proper organisational struture is in place and is slowly being unleashed and will be full blown at the mosts appropriate time.

 The Presidents of the party has even given the letters to the Prime Minister Najib Razak that the party has endorsed fully their names and their part in the cyberwar.

Don’t tell me now,the Presidents of the 4 sarawak component parties don’t know what they are doing. Are you doubting them..? Or I say, you do want to head the UMB for the respective party but unfortunately you have been overlooked…hmmm (They have all signed their letters to approve the appointments)

The Head of the UMB Sarawak by consensus has been given by the three UMB component heads to be under Aziz Adenan who is also the head of UMB PBB. There has been many unkind words of unpleasantness and there has been voices that some of his team are being poisoned to work elsewhere. A posting in this article will ultimately kill their lifeline off and they will curse audie61 till the end of their days. They know who they are and it doesn’t need an expert to point out their URL. They have even sent emails to a government agency who themselves think that the UMB BN Sarawak is headed in the wrong direction under the UMB head.

Even now they are so many pro peninsular BN bloggers poisoning each other and some has even reached the shores of Sarawak. An article by spin and lies) has left a bad taste in our mouth that is UMB BN Sarawak.

We have never doubted the leadership of Aziz Adenan and we will send him for roasting if he is not fighting for Sarawak rights in the blogsphere. Many know what the PM Najib has said in the SUPP rally that he will assist and the UMB BN Sarawak is putting together a team to engage the opposition Pakatan.

audie61 has even put out a few feelers in our articles,”Show us the money” which are directed to the ruling component parties that we need assistance too in terms of allocations.

The bloggers cannot think and fight on EMPTY STOMACHS. Can you now…?? They need to be taken care of and when their needs are being looked after their minds will be very clear to engage in the political  cyberwarfare. They always say,” An empty stomach means an empty mind”  You are agreeing with me right…!!

Point No3 Sarawak Bloggers to lead..Federal issues are not so hot in Sarawak. Local issues are the ones which will be fought in the hinterlands/longhouses/villages of Sarawak. Peninsular bloggers who were here last night talked so much about who have they taken down and how they do it.

Their unknowing arrogance is not something that Sarawak bloggers will take kindly on and if their attitude of these bloggers are not checked it will be very detrimental to the State component parties. Believe me….!!!!

The UMB Sarawak bloggers under Aziz will be able to lead Sarawak as our bloggers know how to engage in Iban,bidayuh,local sarawak malay,melanau and othe r languages which the peninsular bloggers will find it difficult. They are welcomed to assist and aid but they too need to know the meaning of AID. Please check……  

Point No4 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. Who knows better than the component parties bloggers. Peninsular bloggers dont know where SPDP N69 Batu Danau YB is from do they..? They need to read up the area and they will not know how to come to the area unless asssited by the party boys or the agencies that require them. The point is that the component parties bloggers under the UMB BN Sarawak flag will know better what and how their YBs needs help.

In a recent meeeting with the relevant authorities and think tanks the Sarawak UMB team has been told in so many words that they will lead the battle and the rests will only aid. Pakatan bloggers are also relying on their local counterparts to give them information so that the news will filter to ground zero. UMB BN Sarawak welcome all the help that is offered but we need to be cruel to be kind and when the battle is firecely fought the outside bloggers needs to understand that we are not sidelining them.

A blogger even cheekily said that at the dinner unknowingly “the by election in Sibu the machinery of the SUPP team was not as expected.” SUPP knows their weaknesses and they are rectifying it and Najib has promised assistance and maybe ‘someone” smelt the “colours of money and try to capitalise on their weaknesses.

The Chief Political secretary to CM said,” bloggers need to write with passion and soul” and if they are in for the money only in the short term they will not be recognised by the component parties as an integral part of the communications and information bureau arm of the parties concerned. Blogs are not meant only during times of confrontation or blogwar but also useful to pass information to their divisions and cawangans/cabangs whatever names they are in their respective party constitutions.

That above is Point No5 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. “Sarawak bloggers will have the soul to write.

Point No6 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. There has been too many different versions of bloggers from Peninsular accusing each other of some management and monetary issues. We are not accusing anyone but the fact of the matter is that Sarawak bloggers dissatisfation are well under control by their respective party UMB heads.

We do not want to be dragged into their issues as such and PM Najib and CM Taib knows what is going on. The component Sarawak party leaders in George Chan,James Masing and William Mawan are also well informed and they are watching closely at all this unfolding in front of their eyes.

The UMB BN Sarawak was mooted to give the chance to every aspiring party members to fight for their parties concerned in their constituency and also to assist the BN Sarawak in totality. There is not much time left for infighting within BN Sarawak bloggers and UMB BN Sarawak calls on their BN Peninsular counterparts to respect the wishes and respect we give them but please do not overstep your welcome.

We try as much as possible to be accomodating but when the line is crossed without respect shown we will still be nice but the extend of our niceties will be felt. Our UMB BN chief has put his foot down and please show some respect as the Party Presidents have.

 Don’t listen to wild rumours and audie61 will not for once support him if  we cannot work with him and if he is does not show respect to the other component parties within Barisan National Sarawak.

 Our final word is “lets work together for the betterment of the State and the country as a whole. You know who we are now and please come through the proper channel to have a piece of the action in Sarawak blogsphere.

Any more Points needed…????


For your reading pleasure:-

Get your Facts right…!!

It seems the Youth Chief of PBB absence from the rostrum is now getting a wee bit out of hand. audie61 has been receiving phone calls a plenty plus a number of emails. Some were very kind ones while others too good hahaha to be published if you know what I mean.

 It was just an innocent statement in English meaning,”Have you got a sore throat?”as we know by all accounts that the facts we put up were gathered from various sources. We are not in anyway “mercenaries” or “paid to write”. By the way,don’t get it wrong again…You will be paid accordingly if the masters you served thinks that you have done a good job.It’s only natural and don’t for once say that we imply anyone. Get it right please…! Facts.don’t.lie….Really.

 However we wish to make it clear though here that this blog must try to get their facts right before they publish their article. Kawan check dahulu sebelum pos lah..??

They posted,” Baca pula Audie 61 sini tentang Yb Fadilah sakit tekak. Tidak hairan mereka merancang YB Fadillah Ketua PBB tidak ada di Majlis BN Sarawak ini.”
Is this insinuating that we are part of the game in getting to their personal feuds if there are any. Are they any.??

 The fact of the matter remains we did not want even to implicate anything on the PBB Youth Chief. It was a genuine question and he reserves the right to answer if he wishes or remains silent. No one will say he is a fool if he keeps quiet. We are humans and by nature we are very curious and audie61 is asking though…

By the way why suddenly a peninsular blog has got so much interests in Sarawak PBB Youth affairs?

There are too many “heroes’ or “champions’ who feels that bashing up or “hantam” all the way is the correct way. Its the Sarawak State elections soon and if there are any issues to be settled amongst the youth boys its bests they settle it at the round table. Who are we to campur in their problems?

If there aren’t any friction or disagreements that would even be better. The enemy for BN Sarawak is outside and they should know where their guns are pointing. There is an avenue for each action and we have everyright to express our own opinion without fear or favour.

Isn’t this a democratic country..??

It is so according to my journalist guru  a former group editor he said just posts the following sites for them to make up their minds.





Taib not “running away” like Chong..??

It seems word on the ground is that both these YBs one ADUN N51 for Balingian Taib and  ADUN N12 Chong are in the news for various reasons. Both of them are very hot items and you can just sit in any corner of a coffeeshop in Sarawak and their names will certainly crop up.

Whats more one is seen in the news practically everyday especially in the Chinese press “championing various grievances for the people” and issuing statements against the ruling government. Taib has been in the news of late with his “marriage” to a young bride of 28 years and many conspiracy theories has emerged that it was ‘hush hush’ and quickly arranged by the sister in order to avoid unnecessary adjustments/fall-outs within the family circles.   

What seems a beautiful marriage is now seen by Taibs opponents as a way of Taib himself getting ready to leave his 30years throne and move himself up to be the Governor and subsequently being awarded a Tunship. The internet portals are circulating it round and word on the ground is that it has “REALLY CAUGHT FIRE”   

A very senior opposition member even said,”You want to bet. I am increasing my bet and even said and quoted to us that his sons father in law is saying Taib is leaving.’  So our reply was simple,”Like Chong he is leaving to give the seat to someone else younger.” That is nothing wrong and maybe he wants N50 Dalat which is just next door or N62 Lambir in Miri to prove his detractors wrong.

As in Chongs case he is moving as he knows that he will be in a tough fight against a sworn enemy in former Asst.Minister Alfred Yap. Even on ground zero the people have come out and complained in their own way that he has not done much for Kota Sentosa.  The do love him in Kota Sentosa but a YB who is not seen to improve the livelihood and economic activities of the constituency and hardly seen would be bests suited for other areas says a voter.

Going to Batu Kawa would just fit in nicely and do mor good than harm for his own credibility. He would love to overcome and go against all odds and get another scalp in  another Assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Tan Joo Phoi N13. As our tiger liew columnist puts it nicely( We all know Ah Jen loves to eat ministers for breakfast and so this time around he will boldly go into Batu Kawa where minister Ah Phoi is ripe for the kill.)

So is Taib leaving like so many has speculated?

The oppositions much loved BN ADUN N14 Karim Hamzah was asked on the spot ,”YB can cfm CM Taib still lead Sarawak in the coming State elections.?”

 He answered,” THATS FOR SURE ” 

(It must be noted that various reports from a number of agencies have been gathered and put forward which is not very favourable towards Taib leading the charge in the next elections. The reports are somewhat mixed and each of us can form our own opinions)

See Chee How Information Chief of PKR Sarawak in a telephone interview with audie 61 said,”IF DUN and general elections are held together,Taib will go before dissolution. If held separatedly he may lead State BN for the elections.He will be forced to step down before general election date.He is too much a liability to BN and Najib.

YES we are only to happy to facilitate his retirement for him if we win 40 seats.”

In the Malaysian corridor magazine Volume 05/10 KDN PP.16707/11/2010(025884) this was published in a comprehensive interview with Taib Mahmud by Managing Editor Juhaid Yean Abdullah

The questions to Taib on Politics.

Q. You have been appearing quite a lot in the mass media lately even appearing on the front page of national dailies.There has been speculation about your future.What do you think is that so?

A. These are naughty people who are trying to poke me. They have I’ve been around for 30 years and that I am no longer wanted.If I am no longer wanted I can leave.This is democracy.But when I suggested that I wanted to leave politics my own party people are unhappy.

I think this naughty people are trying to shift the blame on me. I know who they are. They are facing problems and in trying to resolve them,make me a target. If I am really not popular,how is it that my party.PBB.won 100 per cent of all the seats we contested in the last State elections in 2006.Likewise,the parties that supported me .they also had more or less 100 per centrecord in winning the seats allocated to them.

Q.The PM has said that he would be talking to you about you political future.Why the need to do so? Have you spoken to him? 

A. Yes.I have spoken to himand met the PM.I told PM’you are the leader of BN,if you want me to lead Sarawak BN into the next state elections, I will stay.If not,I can always find a replacement who can work together to achieve victory?

Q. How did PM respond to that?

A. Well,PM told me,”then you lead lah,Taib