“NCR” Sarawak Syndrome 2011

The groundswell which will somewhat affect the balance for the Sarawak ruling BN coalition will be of course the NCR land issue. Over the past few months the subject is like taboo and opposition voices have been heard by harping continously to win the people over. It’s an issue which has been repackaged to suit the mood of the people and even the courts have been listening. You know very well and the stage is set. Now what..?

Surely, the State BN will not be affected. It seems though the opposition now is not only made up ” recycled faces “but has a mixture of very new,vibrant and very determined group. Their main focus is getting down to local issues and attacking the YBs and their report cards. 

The  CM Taib is the main target but it is only a guise so that the BN YBs will be caught flat-footed and lay the blame on the ” top man ” Without a doubt some of them are using the NCR issues protect their own interests.

A little tweet from a ‘nothern voice” said to audie61 and this is his very own words,” After the BN convention, one of the very top leader, is very concern about Sarawak.Not sure our Sarawak leaders have adopted to the new political reality or not.”

 It’s clear and the signals are very clear” What happens in Peninsular Malaysia will not affect Sarawak. Sarawak has too many localised issues and the the main culprit remains the selfish needs and the over powering of certain individuals and warlords who sees that their ‘ human property’ will not and must not be compromised.

The headline NCR Syndrome 2011 will be the candidates lists for BN. NCR in this context the incumbent would proudly say we will know how to deal with NCR land and other issues and on our part there is “NO CASE REPLACING” any of us.

That really defeats the warcry by Najib,”winnable candidates” our little nothern tweet continued,” najib said are they winnable candidates? two terms ago, my feedback was, it not just about winning, are they going to be good and effective salesman for BN or not, generally. Now we are feeling the effect.

Some of the YBs are so self-centred even though they have served more than three terms and giving way eventhough they have outlived their usage does not bother them. Furthermore they tend to use the grassroots to go on a signature campaign which is an overused and unrealistic way of promoting themselves to the top BN leadership.

They will say we will have the money and machinery at our disposal and opposition will not make any headway. Are they kidding themselves or just protecting their bastion. Najib and Taib knows very well that times have changed but some of these NCR YBs are but using too much of their past glories for the present situation.

Without a doubt BN can use their propaganda to their fullest and if not BN will be stupid. Pakatan will do likewise and propaganda aside its the  “CANDIDATES” which the people will tick and put in office.

Every constituency in Sarawak is unique in its own way and every team player must know what is in store and why they have chosen to stand on that coalitions ticket. Some independants are successful as they know how to win the hearts of the people in the constituency. Nothing is by luck as no one goes into a political campaign ” NOT TO WIN ”   

BN Commander in Chief Najib has already clearly led out a deafening warcry,” ITS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL BUT BUSINESS UNUSUAL” NCR YBs SARAWAK needs to just see whether they are still relevant or wanted by the people on the ground or the party. No use clingling on to false hopes and working hard now when it should have been constantly been carried out. 

Your time is up NCR YBs and there is not much use in politiking as the report cards have been seen and last minute ‘cry baby’ syndrome will not work. BN will not sacrifice just to please a few while the majority voices are blaring loud and clear.   

Pakatan infighting in Peninsula will have little or no effect whatsover to the Sarawak local scene.It goes without saying the BN leadership from the top to the bottom must have the ‘commaraderie” feeling or BN will LIVE TO REGRET.

The then VP and now Deputy President of PKR Azmin said,”If we go to an election with infighting we will surely not win. No way in the world will one win any election for that matter.”

BN its clear and NCR YBs will need to just need to give it to a “BETTER MAN ”   Mahathir said he doesn’t particularly like the song ,”MY WAY” in an interview recently as the first lyrics are “And now the end is near ” but NCR YBS should adopt it.


NCR to you YBs who have outlived your stay or replaced should be thankful that you have touched the hearts of your people but now its time to move on. The people knows who will be their representative and its no use if you are not on their favourite boxes to be ticked. 

My little nothern tweet ended by saying,” What do we expect what they would say. All the current Ybs feels they had NCR right on the seats.”

To all our readers/friends audie61 and crew wishes you all a Very meaningful New Year 2011 and may all your wishes come true. Stay Healthy and dont over politicise NCR . 

BN “Which YB Seat Will Fall..?”


When I was asked this question at Christmas time in Bau I was dumbstrucked but still managed a smile.  Am I going to be truthful and make them happy just for the sake of the yuletide season? No way, so  I replied DAP/YB from Sentosa and Pending.

Cheh..It’s like a tsunami hitting Bau town maybe they will be ousted said a former headmaster. I have hit the ‘core” of their conversation and it has irked them. 

 These two YBs Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong are unshakeable come what may in the eyes of the many “elders” of the bidayuh hinterland in this village/kampung which was present at the open house.” { The elders are so called here as they will have the final say in matters of the whole family.If one goes against their wishes they will be cast aside and away from the family. }  

How well they know the politics is that they have their sons and daughters who are working and living in the urban areas. Others they would not dare to speculate as they see SUPP has hardly reformed and will find it still difficult to recover the ” losts ” seats.

If  the party president George Chan does something drastic and put in a team of ‘very new and dynamic faces” and drop some of the existing YBs the voters might just be swayed. Other than that SUPP will still have a mountain to climb.

Just then a young engineer in the 30’s butted in.You see,”BN YBs from the coalition are just not doing enough some of them I dont want to mention names and are thinking or “sleeping on their jobs”that they will be voted back in with the amount of money,machinery at their disposal.


Have the Rural YBs check their EYES recently?

Can’t they tell that mosts of the young ones are in towns and they will tell the elders who to vote and why? The politics of yesteryears are things of the pasts.  When the election is called before July 2011 many information will be shared and it seems the BN regime will be in for a major hurdle. No Seat is safe and now the people are starting to count which BN/YB will fall.

We do not want to be the prophets of doom for the BN YBs but seriously and honestly have you yorselves YBs done enough to be elected again to the State legislative Council or Parliament? The  DAP YBs and 1 PKR YB are not exactly faultless. They don’t have the development funds to see them through but somehow or rather they still manage to strike the ‘ nerve point” of the people of their constituency.   

The word on the ground is obviously now,”Who will FALL.?” Even YB Peter Nansian N2 Tasik Biru is under threat and he knows it. There is a significant drop in visitors to his ‘open house” from nearby constituents and he knows that he has to double his efforts to maintain his stranglehold.

He even used the scouts motto,” Be Prepared” to  stay ahead of the opposition which has been very busy moving about in his area. He has been diligent,been working hard and above all he will not let his guard down.

The elders said others we worry as there are too many unfavourable stories,gossips and rumours but we can’t see Nansian been caught with his pants down.

The differance always lies with the responsible YBs themselves. One though should not even cry a little tear for those who thinks that they are in the position because they deserve it.

“The people put you there the people will remove you” 

There are many issues at the moment which needs to be addressed by the ruling coalition before they are ready to face the people for a new mandate. If the State and Parliament elections are held simultaneously we will not know how the people will vote. It could mean like the old days,‘State we give to BN ,Parliament to Opposition.”

What if ,Pakatan makes significant inroads in Peninsular Malaysia? Isn’t this dangerous ground for the present BN coalition. The Pakatan will use whatever means to get to PutraJaya and BN will need to be on their toes. The Propaganda machines available at each others disposal will play a very huge part in the next general elections.

The village elders said,”Everywhere its just a touch of the button” and the YBs must know where to find them and how to turn them into votes.Their final message was,” 




During the festive period of Christmas we usually will look for certain items which are meaningful TO GIVE to our Loved ones be it our mum,dad our better half ,nephews,nieces etc etc. It is not only giving but we DO RECEIVE as well which makes it all the more worthwhile exercise to some.

Are you not like a child who will be getting his hands on the wrapped up presents and waiting for the signal to just open it all up and seeing whether your WISHES OF A CERTAIN GIFT is bundled amongst the many presents which are stacked up under the Christmas trees.

Political parties be it in the alliances of BN or Pakatan coalitions are notoriously like little spoilt brats at the worst of time especially when it comes to their “ANNOINTED SEATS” As much as they would love to maintain their grip there are instances and beyong doubt certain genuinely hard truths that it is better to GIVE than to suffer the indignity of not Receiving a kind gesture of a win in a loss cause.

There are always calls within the coalitions that certain seats are bests represented by that political party but the overpowering grip of a stranglehold by earlier concensus and agreement of the seats by virtue of even “moving an eyebrow”will have detrimental effects if pursued.   



The festive season will see many political figures and parties giving and receiving guests to their homes and exchanging greetings and pleasantries. There will light discussions and certain whisperings in the background to come to a certain equation which will be further elaborated when the serious stuff comes around.

For now it will be merry making,eating more than enough to make the stomachs happy,singing passionatedly at Christmas masses or at karaoke rooms and all differences however akward they may seem will be put aside. We will also say goodbye to 2010 and singing “auld lang syne” a week after Christmas.   

2011 will dawn upon us and audie61 management and crew would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a “Very Happy and Blessed Christmas” and a Wonderful Year Ahead 2011.

We Praise the Good Lord for giving us the wonderful year that will be passing us by and seek forgiveness for the wrongs we have done and committed unintentionally.

We hope that the political parties in Malaysia will give as much as they will receive from the RAKYAT who has voted them in and continue to serve to their bests of their abilities.

Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President of United States said this,”The only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”  


Pakatan/BN “Know the Truth Part 2..”

This was how we ended in the first article BN/Pakatan “Know the Truth”


Today this is for real:-

  • 1. Count me Out– A senior editor said,”he should know very well that he has no place in SUPP still he thinks that he is WANTED. He is trying to divert from the truth and he should have just said,”he is never interested in politics thats good enough.” Furthermore who is he to be approached as there are many others more than capable than him. He will be very far in the line of others in SUPP and thats why he is trying to deflect it.
  •  2. S’wak whistleblower site ‘hacked’ Chance meeting with  Dr. Jeniri Amir lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and telling him. “if you are being attacked, would you just hold back and get chopped and hacked..?” Would you not do something about it? The present State administration must be seen to do something to protect the Chief Minister and all Generals and soldiers in any battle  would ‘humanly possibleprotect their COMMANDER IN CHIEF. You must watch the present series on how the Chinese did battle in the Three Kingdoms.
  • 3.  BN/Pakatan-Knowing the Truth..??”December 9, 2010 we wrote.  Today we told an english news editor,”Do you honestly think that BN will tell the opposition how they are going to fight their cyberwar? Where did you hear bout the MS10 million fund.It must have been spread through some blogs. It is speculation and rumour but it can be real. COULD IT…??

The Asajaya assemblyman and Chief Political secretary Karim Hamzah “scoffed at the notion that such information would even be leaked via the Internet. “Even though we have a strategy, we will keep it confidential. You don’t reveal your trump card to your opponents,” he said.

Asked how the posting could have come about, he replied cryptically: “What can we do? Now everyone can use the cyber world to dump in information.”

Karim also said this which is REAL,”“I have never spoken to Radio Free Sarawak before. (The radio station) is hopeless,”

So we ask you again please step one step backwards,


This is the cardinal truth,”Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a “perception”where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth


After 26th March-Sarawak Polls

No guessing game needed. His 30th year book is already taking shape and now with his marriage what else is NEW? He can take his  lovy-dovy time now and wait for the right moment. The cut off period though is July 2011.

Eventhough Sammy Vellu the former MIC President has already called it a day. The “HEAT” is on  CM Taib to finally leave the State adminstration to a New Man incharge.

 A school of thought has even said,”he should leave sooner rather than later as if he delays and take charge to lead the State in the next elections he will lose his invicibility” Sammy Vellu is enjoying his new found status and Taib must also be looking at this angle.

 An Assistant minister and YB N6 was quick to point out to audie61 almost immediatedly,”We need his Wisdom.HE knows the State to well and BN Sarawak will need him to lead us into the elections

The internet portal Malaysiakini has this,”Guessing Game Coninues on State polls-“It has been a year when political pundits engaged in a guessing game of when the state election would likely be held – although the current term of the Sarawak state legislative assembly expires only in July next year”

Another BN assemblyman also told a journalist in our presence,”CM Taib holds the key but we must be prepared at all times which we are as always ever since the losts of the Parliamentary seat in Sibu. That was really a blessing in disguise and now the BN Sarawak will not take anything forgranted. We will face the enemy who is outside headon and we will stay united inside.”

The call of “The enemy is Outside was echoed by UMNO Youth Chief and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin and he has really touched the “NERVE POINT” of the BN coalition partners. Even now as we are speaking at the Pakatan convention the YB said,”I heard the BN is under attacked and at every opportunity the shells and torpedoes are being fired at us with regards to Pakatans march to Putrajaya and how NOT WELL(tidak bagus) we are running the country. They are having their convention now just after our BN Convention.


The YB continued “CM will scrutinize and ensure that our 71 BN candidates are up to mark and as PM Najib says “winnable candidates” which has far reaching effects and all the State BN Chairmans will need to adhere to. Its already a different approach and away from the ‘norm where the warlords will push their candidates through and try to derail the machinery if their candidate is not picked.” CM has always gathered information and he knows the ground well if not he would not have stayed this long.

Can you manage even 15years without collapsing..?? 

“What would Life be for them..??”

Police and Politicians would always try to issue statements and also tell Voters “DON’T GAMBLE YOUR FUTURE AWAY” This though has got to be just UNBELIEVABLE and WAY ABOVE BEING NORMAL.

Anyway the gamblers are anything but normal as they are addicted and would go to any length and breadth to satisfy their DAILY KICKS.


BUKIT MERTAJAM, Dec 18 – For residents of Kampung Baru, there appeared to be a grave situation.

This followed “spirited” activities in the dead of the night at a Chinese cemetery in Kampung Baru here over the past two weeks.Strange men were spotted walking stealthily towards the cemetery. To some residents, the thought that paranormal activity was in progress, could have crossed their mind.

Probably unnerved by the nocturnal goings-on, some residents alerted the police.When undercover policemen turned up at the cemetery yesterday evening, they found no hint of the macabre.

Instead, they stumbled on 23 spirited men, including several senior citizens, gambling passionately at the burial ground.The police nabbed the suspects, including 70-year-old men, and seized RM40,671 and gambling paraphernalia including a bowl, three dice, 78 gambling chips, three long tables and 20 chairs.

A police spokesman said today, a team of personnel from the Penang police contingent anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division raided the area.

He said the suspects were detained to facilitate investigations under Section 7(2) of the Open Gambling House Act 1953, which upon conviction, carries a fine of up to RM5,000, or six months jail, or both. – Bernama

“N5 By-Elections in Johor in 60days”

on behalf of audie61 management and crew we would like to express our condolences to the family of the late Tenang assemblyman Sulaiman Taha who was called back to the “Almighty Creator” this morning.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rests in peace.

With his death, the Election Commission will have to call a by-election – the 14th since the 2008 general election – in 60 days. Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who was at the hospital told reporters that the Barisan Nasional was prepared to face another by-election

It is expected that the by-election will be held in January next year before Chinese New Year, which will fall on Feb 3.

Tenang is one of two state seats under the Labis parliamentary constituency. The other state seat, Bekok, has been consistently won by MCA’s Tan Kok Hong

N17 Tarat “A Likely Battle of Two Rolands..?”

The majority of the Bidayuh electorate (15171)N17 Tarat will likely see a battle of two Rolands. The incumbent BN Roland Sagah Wee Inn (56 year old Lawyer) will likely be challenged by PKR Roland Nawe S. Abot (60 year old administrator).

Our insider source informed us that they have been told by an official at PKR headquarters that PKR Roland stands a very good chance of being nominated by PKR. He has served as a District Officer in various districts in Sarawak (Bintulu,Lubok Antu,Selangau and Kuching) He looks the most likely candidate as PKR knows that he will give the BN candidate a worthy battle. Roland Abot will certainly not be a PUSHOVER and his wealth of experience will serve him well against the BN forces.

Roland Sagah who has sinced recovered from his car accident knows the Tarat constituency like the back of his hand. Many would have thought he would not be retain to defend his seat as word from the ground is that he has losts ‘touch with the ground“.

However eversince the accident he has been working very hard and seems to have found a new lease of life. It is likely he will be called upon to defend the seat for the 4th time by the BN State leadership. He first won the seat in 1996 and won uncontested.

audie61 made a phone call to PKR Roland and he said to us,”I will leave it to the PKR leadership to choose the right candidate for Tarat. My family is from Tarat and I have also served as District Officer in Kuching Division before and I know the area very well. The people know who I am and I am sure that BN will feel the “heat” and will know that they will be in for a good battle to see who will win the battle of Tarat between the two Rolands.

A bidayuh supporter of PKR called audie61 and said,”Roland the adminstrator will clean up and administer the constituency well and put Roland the lawyer to shame what he has not done for 14 years.

Meanwhile a close aide to Roland Sagah said to audie61,”Bring them On and we will send PKR back home soundly defeated. The Bidayuhs know who has worked hard and they will not vote blindly just for the sake of changing and making a statement. BN will win”

It will be up to the BN/PBB and Pakatan/PKR to choose their own “winnable candidate” and many hope that the Battle of the Two Rolands will see the light of the day in the forthcoming Sarawak State election.

Who is your money on….??  

N43,”An Independants Goldmine.?”

Let’s have coffee would be the usual call amongst politicians. This time it was lets go for “Ice-Lemon Tea at Secret Recipe’. Is it the same thing? Could it be just another approach and a very “clever way ‘by some members from PRS Ngemah as they invited audie61.

Are they putting cold water already even before sitting me down to have another round of  political chit-chat?  Orders given to the waiters for Ice Lemon tea and first thing on their agenda reads,”Winnable candidates says PM and not only the grassroots or warlords will have much say.” You Heard it right..?

Someone in the PRS group from Ngemah interjected and said his piece,”before he was clean he still losts and today I ask you and he will know what we mean if we are ask him again,”Has he been cleansed? It was quite a show of frustration from the BN grassroot committee members but what they have said is unpublishable.

It is really up to the BN/PRS election committee to choose their own candidate or else they will again suffer the same fate. audie61 will not take sides. Alex Vincent the 2006 candidate has still the upper hand in being the “chosen and annointed candidate” of PRS/BN.

However there are others who are not only quietly campaigning to have their names on the final lists. Those who are not in the party will not know them or even crossed their paths and they are wanting to be heard by the BN leadership. Amongst them are Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and also Peter Telajan .

The PM at the BN convention has given them a new lease of life and he clearly said,”Give me the winnable candidates ,is it so difficult to ask?” This has sparked into life some glimmer of hope for those intending candidates or those who have high hopes of been chosen. They can campaign but they must know how to ” GET ONTO THAT FINAL LISTS

PKR candidates likewise would also be trying to impress their election committee members on how to be the candidate for their party. Sources on the ground has informed us that Richard Lias is the most likely candidate for PKR/Pakatan. It could also be Ellison Ludan.

PCM would field their incumbent assemblyman in YB Gabriel Adeh @ Adit Ak Demong. Will he be able to fend off all the pretenders to the throne of N43 Ngemah? Our source already cautioned us and that with justs a little “ more help”  we would not be surprise if Gabriel retains his seat. It will not be easy though as there are others who are more than capable of putting in or create another surprise.

The names of  Dr. Robert Menua , William Baja Jap, Tan Seliong,Warren Aris and others will be watching closely on how the situation on the ground unfolds. As election day draws near more and more dirt and issues are being raised or uncovered.

The question now on everyone’s lips are “Winnable candidates” and N43 is no exception.  The people will know who will move their agenda forward especially it involves their constituency and they will not be fooled no more. It is already a borderless world and all required information will be able to reach the ground. Gone are the days where there is “NO CHOICE” of credible and winnable candidates.

We have covered indepth in previous articles on N43 and do click to find out more on this constituency:-

The jostling for the right instead of the winnable candidates will and might just open the floodgates for the right to contest as Independants for some. In some countries independants have and are considered the third force and in N43 the mood of independant winning might just happen.


BN/Pakatan”Knowing the Truth..??”

Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a “perception”where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth.  


 Certainly not and we are educated enough to judge the legitimacy of reports filed and not purely written to exploit the Naiveties of us Poor readers out in the blogsphere. Every action there is a reaction and our minds must not be polluted into caving into any article which does deserve to be given even a glance through again.

The Pakatan likewise the BN has blamed many spin doctors and unethical journalists from spreading unnecessary lies,allegations and a hosts of stories. There are truths too but many are not willing to FACE THE MUSIC AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Over the past few days the attacks on CM Taib has been incessant and it seems the Chief Political Secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah has been dragged in and he has been the subject of much ridiculed,blamed and even called a moron by some. We will posts the following articles below and you will be the judge of it all. 

In order to do justice to our article though we do not have much journalistic background as commented by some but we would like to share what we know. The truth of every reporting is to seek a statement  from those who are aggrieved or wrongly perceived.

No point in just making it “rolled over a hundred fold” as according to a veteran editor it will be forgotten very quickly. The “SHELF LIFE” is short but political parties tend to overuse and most do not know how to create diversions or a NEW PAGE.

Are we with Karm Hamzah? He is a friend in politics and we do disagree on a lot of issues but when we see wrong we try to put it right.

We are not righteous as we told the PKR Information Chief See Chee How yesterday and we also do not want to be termed the “Third Force’.It is our right to fight for the right justice and the truth. We do not want to over sensationalise as if we do many say our articles are ‘not like a spade is a spade“.

We know that Politics is Perception but there are limits too.

We sms Karim Hamzah at 1607 today and this was what we wrote,”YB u must hv been informed that u are the main topic of discussion at the moment

He replied at 1653,”audie61 I never give an interview to Free Swak Radio or Msiakini but I did was interviewd by a reporter from a National Paper.The Msiakini article was very much distorted.”

Many have earlier called and said to us,”Your friend is really in hot water now and is he doing this to be given a state cabinet posts in the next reshuffle? He is apple polishing too up the wrong tree? These and a lot of other rude and other unpublishable words which can and could ruin many a good man.

 He is no angel we know but please accord due respect to some who tries to do his job well. We always say,” If you are a streetsweeper do it well as the whole world will bestow upon you,”Here once lived a streetsweeper who swept it so clean that we can walk without shoes and it is because he puts dedication and commitment to his work.”


The articles which has circulated and has been on the tongues of many who follows politics closely:- 

We listen to the hilarious interview with YB Karim Hamza, the Chief Minister’s spokesman, explaining how he is not worried by blogs describing Taib’s wealth. He says he thinks it is “only fair” that the Chief Minister should take the opportunities of his office to become rich. {http://radiofreesarawak.org/

This interview is unbelievable, unforgivable and unforgettable. Taib’s political secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah is saying that it is okay to amass wealth in office. Well, we need to tell him “No, it is not okay!” It is a crime, no matter whether he is in office for one day or 100 years.

{http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/150319 }

Obviously Abdul Karim Hamzah is either a MORON
So, after 40 years in the government, don’t you think he deserves to have some level of satisfaction, or some level of wealth that he could accumulate in the right way? Are you trying to tell me politicians must be poor? Only businessmen are allowed to be rich? That’s very unfair!

{ http://www.malaysiantalk.com/ }