N43 Ngemah”Will BN outboxed Pakatan and PCM..??”

N43 will not only see three parties fighting it out to be the “Peoples Representative for the area’. The word on the ground is that there will also be a number of independants who will play the role of spoilers.

A voter from the Ngemah who requests anonymity said,” Gabriel Adit won as independant candidate during the last election and now as head of  PCM Sarawak he will much stronger.THIS WILL SURELY BE A GOOD TESTS FOR THE PARTIES INVOLVED.”

Love or Loathe Him Gabriel Adit knows how to position himself and must not be taken lightly.

 We have earlier wrote a comprehensive article and it received an overwhelming response from readers:-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/n43-ngemah-the-battle-continues/ 

NGEMAH N43 will be a Very Interesting and Bitterly Contested Seat.

7 thoughts on “N43 Ngemah”Will BN outboxed Pakatan and PCM..??”

  1. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Good we have RFS to counter the evil propaganda of corrupted Taib Regime. If not how the simple rural folks to know with all MSM being filtered with what they(BN) want to hear.

    Thanks God for we have RFS. I have listened to it. Good start! Please spread to all in rumah panjai to BN strong supporters to touch their hearts and minds for change for the better in Sarawak from Kumpulan Penyamun.

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