N17 Tarat “A Likely Battle of Two Rolands..?”

The majority of the Bidayuh electorate (15171)N17 Tarat will likely see a battle of two Rolands. The incumbent BN Roland Sagah Wee Inn (56 year old Lawyer) will likely be challenged by PKR Roland Nawe S. Abot (60 year old administrator).

Our insider source informed us that they have been told by an official at PKR headquarters that PKR Roland stands a very good chance of being nominated by PKR. He has served as a District Officer in various districts in Sarawak (Bintulu,Lubok Antu,Selangau and Kuching) He looks the most likely candidate as PKR knows that he will give the BN candidate a worthy battle. Roland Abot will certainly not be a PUSHOVER and his wealth of experience will serve him well against the BN forces.

Roland Sagah who has sinced recovered from his car accident knows the Tarat constituency like the back of his hand. Many would have thought he would not be retain to defend his seat as word from the ground is that he has losts ‘touch with the ground“.

However eversince the accident he has been working very hard and seems to have found a new lease of life. It is likely he will be called upon to defend the seat for the 4th time by the BN State leadership. He first won the seat in 1996 and won uncontested.

audie61 made a phone call to PKR Roland and he said to us,”I will leave it to the PKR leadership to choose the right candidate for Tarat. My family is from Tarat and I have also served as District Officer in Kuching Division before and I know the area very well. The people know who I am and I am sure that BN will feel the “heat” and will know that they will be in for a good battle to see who will win the battle of Tarat between the two Rolands.

A bidayuh supporter of PKR called audie61 and said,”Roland the adminstrator will clean up and administer the constituency well and put Roland the lawyer to shame what he has not done for 14 years.

Meanwhile a close aide to Roland Sagah said to audie61,”Bring them On and we will send PKR back home soundly defeated. The Bidayuhs know who has worked hard and they will not vote blindly just for the sake of changing and making a statement. BN will win”

It will be up to the BN/PBB and Pakatan/PKR to choose their own “winnable candidate” and many hope that the Battle of the Two Rolands will see the light of the day in the forthcoming Sarawak State election.

Who is your money on….??  


N43,”An Independants Goldmine.?”

Let’s have coffee would be the usual call amongst politicians. This time it was lets go for “Ice-Lemon Tea at Secret Recipe’. Is it the same thing? Could it be just another approach and a very “clever way ‘by some members from PRS Ngemah as they invited audie61.

Are they putting cold water already even before sitting me down to have another round of  political chit-chat?  Orders given to the waiters for Ice Lemon tea and first thing on their agenda reads,”Winnable candidates says PM and not only the grassroots or warlords will have much say.” You Heard it right..?

Someone in the PRS group from Ngemah interjected and said his piece,”before he was clean he still losts and today I ask you and he will know what we mean if we are ask him again,”Has he been cleansed? It was quite a show of frustration from the BN grassroot committee members but what they have said is unpublishable.

It is really up to the BN/PRS election committee to choose their own candidate or else they will again suffer the same fate. audie61 will not take sides. Alex Vincent the 2006 candidate has still the upper hand in being the “chosen and annointed candidate” of PRS/BN.

However there are others who are not only quietly campaigning to have their names on the final lists. Those who are not in the party will not know them or even crossed their paths and they are wanting to be heard by the BN leadership. Amongst them are Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and also Peter Telajan .

The PM at the BN convention has given them a new lease of life and he clearly said,”Give me the winnable candidates ,is it so difficult to ask?” This has sparked into life some glimmer of hope for those intending candidates or those who have high hopes of been chosen. They can campaign but they must know how to ” GET ONTO THAT FINAL LISTS

PKR candidates likewise would also be trying to impress their election committee members on how to be the candidate for their party. Sources on the ground has informed us that Richard Lias is the most likely candidate for PKR/Pakatan. It could also be Ellison Ludan.

PCM would field their incumbent assemblyman in YB Gabriel Adeh @ Adit Ak Demong. Will he be able to fend off all the pretenders to the throne of N43 Ngemah? Our source already cautioned us and that with justs a little “ more help”  we would not be surprise if Gabriel retains his seat. It will not be easy though as there are others who are more than capable of putting in or create another surprise.

The names of  Dr. Robert Menua , William Baja Jap, Tan Seliong,Warren Aris and others will be watching closely on how the situation on the ground unfolds. As election day draws near more and more dirt and issues are being raised or uncovered.

The question now on everyone’s lips are “Winnable candidates” and N43 is no exception.  The people will know who will move their agenda forward especially it involves their constituency and they will not be fooled no more. It is already a borderless world and all required information will be able to reach the ground. Gone are the days where there is “NO CHOICE” of credible and winnable candidates.

We have covered indepth in previous articles on N43 and do click to find out more on this constituency:-

The jostling for the right instead of the winnable candidates will and might just open the floodgates for the right to contest as Independants for some. In some countries independants have and are considered the third force and in N43 the mood of independant winning might just happen.


BN/Pakatan”Knowing the Truth..??”

Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a “perception”where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth.  


 Certainly not and we are educated enough to judge the legitimacy of reports filed and not purely written to exploit the Naiveties of us Poor readers out in the blogsphere. Every action there is a reaction and our minds must not be polluted into caving into any article which does deserve to be given even a glance through again.

The Pakatan likewise the BN has blamed many spin doctors and unethical journalists from spreading unnecessary lies,allegations and a hosts of stories. There are truths too but many are not willing to FACE THE MUSIC AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Over the past few days the attacks on CM Taib has been incessant and it seems the Chief Political Secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah has been dragged in and he has been the subject of much ridiculed,blamed and even called a moron by some. We will posts the following articles below and you will be the judge of it all. 

In order to do justice to our article though we do not have much journalistic background as commented by some but we would like to share what we know. The truth of every reporting is to seek a statement  from those who are aggrieved or wrongly perceived.

No point in just making it “rolled over a hundred fold” as according to a veteran editor it will be forgotten very quickly. The “SHELF LIFE” is short but political parties tend to overuse and most do not know how to create diversions or a NEW PAGE.

Are we with Karm Hamzah? He is a friend in politics and we do disagree on a lot of issues but when we see wrong we try to put it right.

We are not righteous as we told the PKR Information Chief See Chee How yesterday and we also do not want to be termed the “Third Force’.It is our right to fight for the right justice and the truth. We do not want to over sensationalise as if we do many say our articles are ‘not like a spade is a spade“.

We know that Politics is Perception but there are limits too.

We sms Karim Hamzah at 1607 today and this was what we wrote,”YB u must hv been informed that u are the main topic of discussion at the moment

He replied at 1653,”audie61 I never give an interview to Free Swak Radio or Msiakini but I did was interviewd by a reporter from a National Paper.The Msiakini article was very much distorted.”

Many have earlier called and said to us,”Your friend is really in hot water now and is he doing this to be given a state cabinet posts in the next reshuffle? He is apple polishing too up the wrong tree? These and a lot of other rude and other unpublishable words which can and could ruin many a good man.

 He is no angel we know but please accord due respect to some who tries to do his job well. We always say,” If you are a streetsweeper do it well as the whole world will bestow upon you,”Here once lived a streetsweeper who swept it so clean that we can walk without shoes and it is because he puts dedication and commitment to his work.”


The articles which has circulated and has been on the tongues of many who follows politics closely:- 

We listen to the hilarious interview with YB Karim Hamza, the Chief Minister’s spokesman, explaining how he is not worried by blogs describing Taib’s wealth. He says he thinks it is “only fair” that the Chief Minister should take the opportunities of his office to become rich. {http://radiofreesarawak.org/

This interview is unbelievable, unforgivable and unforgettable. Taib’s political secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah is saying that it is okay to amass wealth in office. Well, we need to tell him “No, it is not okay!” It is a crime, no matter whether he is in office for one day or 100 years.

{http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/150319 }

Obviously Abdul Karim Hamzah is either a MORON
So, after 40 years in the government, don’t you think he deserves to have some level of satisfaction, or some level of wealth that he could accumulate in the right way? Are you trying to tell me politicians must be poor? Only businessmen are allowed to be rich? That’s very unfair!

{ http://www.malaysiantalk.com/ }


DAP “feels its Christmas-time already..?”

It seems that CM Taib would be the favourite subject for the opposition leaders especially now with Sammy Vellu out of the limelight and frontline. It must be Christmas already says a political aide to a Minister. “They will have their guns all loaded and ready to fire at Sarawak CM as he is the one with the mosts wealth and helming the State for a good 30 years. MIC president Sammy is already history and now DAP plus the Pakatan partners want to create history by trying to wrestle the state from BN Sarawak and thus seees the end of another glorious era of a veteran political leader.”

An Internet portal has this article and many calls were made to audie61. We were also informed by a senior group editor that CM Taib has made a very good speech at the Sarawak State Civil Service function. At the BN convention in the Federal Capital CM Taib according to many was the mosts realistic and his speech was “real”

Even Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob mentioned to some UMNO Supreme Council Members which was overheard by audie61 and these were his own words to them,”Of all the speakers Sarawak CM touched the vital point,”He is very REAL.That’s the Truth. Itu yang benar. Saya akui.There is no compromise for religious extremism

audie61 sat through the speech which CM Taib seems to have captivated and ruffled many in the BN convention. He spoke through his years of experience helming the State and even had kind words for the Iban people and he proudly said,”even the Iban folks who lived in the longhouses are christians they know how to be tolerant to each others religion. They even prepare a room with prayer mats for him an his fellow muslim colleagues when they visited them to say their prayers. We in Sarawak are very tolerant of each others religion and we will want to maintain it that way.

The Star newspapers highlighted Taib with,”Religion could be used as a basis to sustain our culture and heritage for the future”

It is one way to condemn our leaders when they do wrong but when they are still in their element or with years of experience we need to evaluate further. DAP is after all an opposition party and they have everyright to be vocal and use every available resources to maintain their grip on their seats. It is their right and we acknowledge that and we copy and publish the article in totality.

DAP Sarawak though should know that the MB of Pahang praised CM Taib not knowing a fellow Sarawakian was there and was very surprised to hear that. It was not even a Press conference and also not telling Sarawakians

Are you not proud of your leader ..??

KUCHING:  Sarawak’s Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should listen to the advice of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and discard the “four ailments”, namely delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance, if Barisan Nasional wants to continue to weild its iron-tight power in the state.

DAP treasurer Violet Yong said the ‘four ailments’ were as rampant in the Taib administration and was turning the people against BN.

“There are enough examples for delusionary acts by the state government. The construction of the 12 dams is an example of delusion and the arrogance of the state government.

“The dams are irresponsible and unnecessary. By constructing the dams, Taib is going against the people’s desire. He does not care about the sufferings as a result of them being displaced.

“He thinks he is the government and that he has the power to do what he likes,” said Yong, who is the state assemblywoman for Pending.

She said that if the state BN government is a people-friendly administration, then it should stop building the dams.

“The government is yet to resolve the issue of displaced people from the Bakun dam development. These affected people should have been settled first.

“The government should have come up with a proper scheme in order to improve their livelihood and their income level.

“But they have not done this. They have allowed the people to suffer. Look at the natives at Sungai Asap, and how they have suffered as a result of the Bakun dam,” she said.

Yong said Taib had forgotten the primary thrust of the 1Malaysia concept which was ‘people first, performance now’.

She said as far as the BN government in Sarawak was concerned it was “people last and pockets first.”

Land grabs

She said another sore point with the people was BN’s arrogance in grabbing native customary rights land belonging to the people.

“Taib must listen to Najib’s advice, otherwise what Najib is saying would be just another slogan in order to hoodwink the people,” she said.

Yong was responding to Najib’s advice to BN component parties to rid themselves of the “four ailments” before the people’s love for the BN turned into hatred, hope into anger, and support towards opposition.

Touching on the withdrawal of fuel and sugar subsidies, she sarcastically said it was “BN’s gift to the people” for giving them victories in the two recent by-elections.

“This is a gift by the BN government. This is the price you have to pay for supporting BN,” she said.

Yong believed the recent price hike in the raw materials was unreasonable and one that will have a great impact on the poor people. Sarawak is the fourth poorest state in Malaysia.

“It is unreasonable, because the government has not come out with a balance policy which will help the lower income group to meet the price hike,” she added.

Masings “No,No,No Pelagus” to Sng

The smiles which has been appearing on Larry Sngs supporters in Pelagus must have more or less been extinguished by not only the PRS Pelagus members but also the whole PRS machinery. Last weekend Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Pelagus division has come out strong by insisting that Pelagus constituency needs a new elected representative from within the party. Not a day goes by without someone mentioning the drama of Pelagus Seat.

Today,even before he goes on an official trip to Mongolia the PRS President gave a strong statement which has appeared in a local daily. He said,”we are firm on this issue .We will not allow anyone from outside the party to represent PRS in Pelagus,least of all a direct BN candidate as we have more than enough qualified people to represent us there.”

We will field only a PRS-sanctioned candidate for Pelagus.Currently the party has identified at least two or perhaps more potential candidates for the seat.”stressed Masing. Masing went on to say that Sng’s current political predicament was no longer PRS’s problem.

A political source said,”Fair enough but questions why Masing had to say this,”It is only right that Pelagus which is an Iban majority seat be represented by an Iban from PRS.?” Will this not open up a can of worms and it might just land on his lap..?

 He should have just concentrated on making the seat as a PRS quota in the BN consensus agreement but not touching the racial aspects. He needs not be reminded,does he on how and who lobbied for Senior Sng in the good old days.?He continued,”Don’t be too Obsessed that the real issue of the party’s seat is losts through missing the target.”

Junior Sng remains a favourite with CM Taib and only when the lists is announced after the BN coalition has vetted the candidates will we all know whether Sng will still be in Pelagus or be moved to avoid further controvesies before or after the elections.

Will SNG be able to punch the air with a CLENCHED FISTS and shout “YES….?”