N43,”An Independants Goldmine.?”

Let’s have coffee would be the usual call amongst politicians. This time it was lets go for “Ice-Lemon Tea at Secret Recipe’. Is it the same thing? Could it be just another approach and a very “clever way ‘by some members from PRS Ngemah as they invited audie61.

Are they putting cold water already even before sitting me down to have another round of  political chit-chat?  Orders given to the waiters for Ice Lemon tea and first thing on their agenda reads,”Winnable candidates says PM and not only the grassroots or warlords will have much say.” You Heard it right..?

Someone in the PRS group from Ngemah interjected and said his piece,”before he was clean he still losts and today I ask you and he will know what we mean if we are ask him again,”Has he been cleansed? It was quite a show of frustration from the BN grassroot committee members but what they have said is unpublishable.

It is really up to the BN/PRS election committee to choose their own candidate or else they will again suffer the same fate. audie61 will not take sides. Alex Vincent the 2006 candidate has still the upper hand in being the “chosen and annointed candidate” of PRS/BN.

However there are others who are not only quietly campaigning to have their names on the final lists. Those who are not in the party will not know them or even crossed their paths and they are wanting to be heard by the BN leadership. Amongst them are Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and also Peter Telajan .

The PM at the BN convention has given them a new lease of life and he clearly said,”Give me the winnable candidates ,is it so difficult to ask?” This has sparked into life some glimmer of hope for those intending candidates or those who have high hopes of been chosen. They can campaign but they must know how to ” GET ONTO THAT FINAL LISTS

PKR candidates likewise would also be trying to impress their election committee members on how to be the candidate for their party. Sources on the ground has informed us that Richard Lias is the most likely candidate for PKR/Pakatan. It could also be Ellison Ludan.

PCM would field their incumbent assemblyman in YB Gabriel Adeh @ Adit Ak Demong. Will he be able to fend off all the pretenders to the throne of N43 Ngemah? Our source already cautioned us and that with justs a little “ more help”  we would not be surprise if Gabriel retains his seat. It will not be easy though as there are others who are more than capable of putting in or create another surprise.

The names of  Dr. Robert Menua , William Baja Jap, Tan Seliong,Warren Aris and others will be watching closely on how the situation on the ground unfolds. As election day draws near more and more dirt and issues are being raised or uncovered.

The question now on everyone’s lips are “Winnable candidates” and N43 is no exception.  The people will know who will move their agenda forward especially it involves their constituency and they will not be fooled no more. It is already a borderless world and all required information will be able to reach the ground. Gone are the days where there is “NO CHOICE” of credible and winnable candidates.

We have covered indepth in previous articles on N43 and do click to find out more on this constituency:-

The jostling for the right instead of the winnable candidates will and might just open the floodgates for the right to contest as Independants for some. In some countries independants have and are considered the third force and in N43 the mood of independant winning might just happen.


10 thoughts on “N43,”An Independants Goldmine.?”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Whoever it is if they are no good the people will reject and thats the truth. Forget it if you think for yourself only.THE PEOPLE POWER KNOW..

  2. Ronnie says:

    Back to Abdul Karim Hamzah the most idiotic ADUN Sarawak ever has. Where did he get his law degree? Doesnt he understand the basic law?

    Do political secretaries understand the basics?

    This ‘chief political secretary’ and state assemblyperson, and indeed the chairman of the Barisan Nasional backbenchers’ club, might be expected to understand the basics.

    Sarawak’s government is not Sarawak. The government is merely a group of ordinary people voted in to administer Sarawak and use its resources for the benefit of Sarawak’s citizens, and not for themselves.

    All elected representatives, even the Chief Termite, serve the people and the state (as outlined in the oath of office they swear), and not the other way around. If they indulge in private, personal wealth accumulation at the expense of the poor people of Sarawak, they are by definition the enemies of the people and of the state.

    This is simple and universal political theory, but it appears to be beyond the grasp of the poor clown with the smile painted on his face. If he had any self-respect left, he would surely resign.

  3. Atok says:

    sources from 22nd floor CM department are looking at Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang to be the candidate as he is the a much better choice than Alex.

  4. anakdayak says:

    There are also source that prs is also looking at ellison Ludan to be prs candidate…he has been moving around much lately…

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