N43 Ngemah ” The Battle Continues….”

The Old Chapter where BN/PRS losts in the State Elections in 2006 will remain closed. Even if we dug deep now to give a full fresh intelligence report nothing will change. However events have sinced overtook the Incumbent Independant YB Gabriel Adit. 

He was very instrumental in getting YB Jawah to join PRS under the Larry’s faction who later also joined PKR. Having failed to be with the PRS faction friendly to him  he too turned to PKR and was very instumental in creating a ‘WAVE OF FORMER PRS members to join him

Many have stayed and found a new home with PKR but he himself  soon found out that PKR was not his cup of tea. Obviously the leadership of PKR wished him well when he joined the newly founded Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM). Now the incumbent from PCM will be facing a BN/PRS candidate again in Alexander Vincent who losts in the last outing.

A holder of Masters of Science Alexander Vincent now 48 knows that the BN would not want him to be defeated but to WIN. Ever since his loss when he was touted as “GREENHORN“by the mass media then he has worked very hard on the ground to win back the support BN losts to YB Gabriel Adit.

Many political analyst has even mentioned then “It was actually a BN internal fight.He was caught in a CROSS-FIRE

Adit has flipped flop in and out of BN as and when he politically needed to. He has thus far survived.  Meanwhile, Alexander has been seen on the ground according to the constituents/voters VERY FREQUENTLY at least once a week for the past 4 years.

Of course this is when his time permits and the 7849 voters will not begrudged him as he will come back stronger as his business stabilises. The voters will need an Assemblyman who not only will be the Ngemah N43 voice in the State but also one who will ensure that their ECONOMIC ASPIRATIONS of the constituency will be raised.

We were also informed by our reliable sources that a Dr.Jawa (retiring soon) is also pushing for a ticket under the BN. He has sinced joined PRS to be in with a shout and to be considered . On ground reports and other sources it is a choice between the two.

BN/PRS would not make a similar call by putting their hopes and trusts into a FRESH FACE. The Sarawak BN Chairman has been very happy with reports that eventhough Alexander losts in 2006 and now is being challenged he is still going round the constituency to wrestle the seat back for Barisan National. That in a way is a PLUS FACTOR.

BN will be rests assured this time round BN will not come out SHORT.ITS A NEW CHAPTER.

Besides PCM there is a high possibility that a local  will be fielded as a candidate from PKR. The PKR hierarchy remains tightlipped but they have identified a number of suitable candidates. Will Ngemah see a PCM versus BN/PRS and PR/PKR plus a few independants. It seems the Sibu p212 victory by DAP has seen many aspiring candidates joining the fray. No one wants to miss the boat for an office in the new DUN.


The battle will surely rage on and Aleaxnder Vincent hopes this June 1st 2010 Gawai meeting with audie61 crew will turn out to be a SILVER LINING. N43 is within grasps by BN/PRS and PCM/PKR will be wondering where and how they failed. PRS President James Masing has a nice headache on his hands and CM Taib will know that his medicine has already been delivered.

BN4 will now know that not only they have to contain with PR4 but also PCM. N43 will be a battle not for the faint hearted and there will only be one boat left with the INSCRIPTIONS YB N43 for the winner to board to the DUN.

Who is your money on..???


145 thoughts on “N43 Ngemah ” The Battle Continues….”

  1. zainuddin says:

    First of all wishing all PKR dayak members selamat hari gawai. As for Alex he can dream on and he too will fall not to PCM candidate but to PKR. Ooooh Ai!!

    • pandak segatak says:


      • john says:

        sigi amat nyak… ngundi alex vincent ndai guna,muai ai peluh jak dtai ngundi ea… uji tanya ba mnua kanowit diak,ndai orang ngelala ea.. mdah ka meri projek tp nma tai k ulh…… nie k patut undi,undi tp ang jk salah undi.. nanti menyesal pula….

  2. phyllis says:

    He can try and work hard and hope too that his hardwork will reap the benefits. If PRS loses again what next for him and the party. PBB will take back or SPDP.Wish him all the luck.Gabriel Adit is a forgone loser here and the only candidate Alex has to worry is from PKR.

  3. HENRY says:

    Bravo..Alex we all support you to win in the next round of state election at Ngemah constituency. We’re hunger for development of which our friend Adit care less. We also don’t want people who’s not to be seen around all this while and strange faces appear only during or near to election time.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Brother this fellow will suffer to win Ngemah.The chances for him to win the seat around 20%….you will see brother.

      • tuai rumah says:

        he won the seat already. what says you pandak segatak? hehe. cakap tak serupa bikin?hehe. dr.joseph jawa’s cronies is it? ohaaaaaaa.

  4. dayang says:

    PCM..who are they .Gabriel again always changing parties. time for him to step aside.Let PKR fight PRS. Its a foregone conclusion and this time PCM will even not retain its deposit.Bye bye

  5. Minda Mandol says:

    What is PCM? Parti Cari Makan, may be. I don’t really care. Ru going to be Adit’s affiliates? My God u got to be crazylah. He’s even doesn’t know who he’s actually. Just wonder how to be a leader when u hardly knowing urself. Who else know who’s Adit? Only Adit knows n all his friends are blind bcoz they don’t see what Adit has done n doing. I myself don’t know who’s Adit n I jsut can’t be bother bcoz he’s nut. I just don’t know if one who is great drinker n a drunkman can be trusted to lead. Wonders. Forget himlah. He’s not even better than a frog coz at least u can masak the frog put in the buluh to pansuh. Nice. Let’s vote for PKR/PR to ensure change for good to our NCR land. Selamat Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai hidup lantang n anang ngirup kelalu gila so that tak mabuk/palau.

    • SULAIMAN says:

      How good is Dr. Jawa Kendawang never been tested before!!…ONLY know how to complain people thinking of himself and his relatives. He will lost his deposit to PKR I can assure u.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Joseph Jawa I think the best candidate for Ngemah if BN want to retain this seat.Other Qualification candidate also no matter but Alexander totally loss to PCM/PKR

  6. HENRY says:

    Who s that Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang. Never heard of him from Ngemah people. He may not be the Ngemah voter yet.

  7. HARIS TAN says:

    Ho ho ho Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang never good, lost in SDGA 2009 election, due to his greediness. He lies to PEOPLE..sss that he popular. SDGA election lost, what more to say state. hO hA..parai kitai, anang manjong pala oung kaban. When he worked at Forestry Dept, he loves to pull his executives’ staff down. He’s good in H-A-T-R-E-D. He dislikes a good man DR ELI LUHAT, that is why he lost in SDGA 2009 election. He even takes an apportunity renovated his longhouse and pintu Gerbang in Kanowit with Japanese research student Fund. Tak percaya kah. Go and see. If he want play-play like that not with Ngemah’s people.Now many educated. Mirror won’t lie who is fairest. Dr.Joseph can go around and talk but all bullshits.Cincai Kong, Ngemah e-nang achai.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Nothing to do wit you brother..you lagi cincai kong,nama you tell us you’re cincai kong..better for you don’t make any comment if you are cincai kong name…

  8. MIKE says:

    My friend said Dr. JJK is a very arrogant man and sombong. Like most celebrities he knows how to actonly. Like iban says “Baka daun birok betimba ba mua, udu berjai lalu ngemedis ati orang lain. Baka daun keladi/bakau bejako renjar maia udah mabuk ngumbai diri pandai. When he was attached to Forestry Department, he abused gov. fund & facilities, even under MACC investigation, don’t know what happened now. Always criticise his own colleague for personal interest in order for him to move up the rank. Now, attach to Sarawak Planted Forest, Bintulu takes most of his immediate family/relatives to work there. Even not educated just recruit also nevermind. How to be Wakil Rakyat??….ha, ha, ha.

  9. ANONYMOUS says:

    Ya, this senior citizen (Dr. Jawa) still a government servant and active in politics is like a “puppet” too claims BN leaders want him to stand in Ngemah just like a “Dato” in Kidurong. I’m sure he is not a PRS member or maybe just joint recently just to be in with the shout and to be considered.

  10. AgnesKumang says:

    My friend worked with Forestry on contract basis for many years, recently resigned and full-time housewife. It’s true that Dr. Joseph Jawa always think of himself. He doesn’t want other people blocking his way to be on top. eg DR.ELI LUHAT, DR PENGUANG(capable ,talented and committed to work). Dr JJK never envy Dr. Eli Luhat and Dr. Penguang because he knew that they are better than him. So he talked bitter things behind those people back. His character never die one. Rare SPECIES. Even Dr. JJK’s WIFE, ..kepo!! Check the office if there’s any ladies having an affair with her husband. Who ever want her husband with bold head and arrogant. One time my friend been accused by his wife after her husband. Pls..Office is a working place not motel. I do hope Dr. JJK remind his wife that way. *Mirror mirror on the wall..Dr. Dusit and Dr. Eli is still the best for SDGA. Very cooperate in doing work. Keep it up.*

  11. ANONYMOUS says:

    Ya, this senior citizen (Dr. Jawa), a government servant involved in politic is a also a “puppet” like a “Dato” in Kidurong claiming that BN leaders want him for Ngemah seat. I heard he is not even a PRS member yet or maybe just joined in the hope to be considered as a candidate. I suggest he retire for good if exhausted and let the calibre younger generation take the task.

  12. Johnson says:

    Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang never like Dr. Eli Luhat and Dr. Penguang. Dr. JJK so scared of others capability and talents. Dr. Eli Luhat and Dr. Penguang are popular among many friends and willing to assist people in many ways. That is why Dr. Joseph Jawa jealous of those two and try his very best talked shit things behind.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      SDGA nthing to do with Dr Penguang,Dr.Eli Luhat or the rest member in SDGA.That is SDGA own problem.Now we talk about Ngemah constituencies..don’t bring the SDGA to this column.SDGA is association and not politic…..bangok

  13. Kemono says:

    Dr. Joseph J.K more or less talk nonsense infront of people, talk but shit one. His wife is son of bitch. Sapa mau your husband, having affair with him, errrrrrr no way. I rather xxxx hungry lions outside there.

  14. Prof.Jerangku says:

    I can predict, my friend Audie. I hope you agree with me. Putting new faces in N43, Ngemah will repeat the lost again. I can assure you. I have monitor Ngemah for the past 4 yrs, Alex Vincent always on the ground serving the people in Ngemah areas ever since he lost. I heard from reliable sources that he spent his own personal income to serve people and he never fail to do that.The kindness he kept to himself.Giving a second chance I’m sure he get it this time. But not new faces. No matter where Alex stand, people know him, through his kindness and strong effort he makes all this while. Don’t give up, continue your journey, Alex. I am sure the light will shine on you one day.

  15. UPM says:

    Alex, Wake up! You,ve giving up your big post and losing so many things in your life. Now battle is not yet over for you. Get ready AND reorganize all your machinery properly. Wind, storm and rain will on your side.Pull in your trusted people with you. Then you won’t losing your way…winning will wait for you.Good Luck, friend.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Hi brother Alex still sleep…..may be 4ever sleep never wake up………….don disturb him let him sleep 4ever because he has paralysed oredi…bye.

  16. Researcher says:

    Alex, you’ve lost 3 biggest things in life. Giving up Job, lost in election and the lost of late daughter. The impact really hard on you. But I never see a guy like you giving up. Your spirit really strong, going on with political thing and daily life. And a friend of mine fr Miri says you always on the ground, listening to people’s hardship. I wish I could br you. Strong and never give-up. I lost my family in road accident last few years until now I cannot accept it. Alex, continue serving your people in Ngemah, they need people like you, my friend.

  17. REAL BARISAN says:

    If BN is serious in winning back the Ngemah Seat, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is the right candidate.

    There are so many plus factors on his credentials.

    Relativewise, he has the most.

    He has proven that he has managed his family well and at least two of his daughters are Medical Doctor. REAL AND GENUINE Medical Doctor. This proves his able leadership.

    PBDS boys are still intact in the area and since YB Gabriel joined Cinta Malaysia, these hardcore supporters are in favour of Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Honest to say Alex ……slim to win Ngemah seat. Don lies to the people and yourself.5 years is a long period and Ngemah will stay backward for another 5 year if Masing wrongly target of PRS contituency. Masing please be honest to yourself…..

  18. PAULUS says:

    It is true Dr. Jawa Kendawang know how to managed his family but he can never manage the longhouse people well nor can he mix around or help them in time of trouble, difficulties and not to mention hardship…compare to our friend Alex Vincent. That was the comment made by most Ngemah people whom I talk to during the recent Gawai visit to the longhouses in the area. The latter have shown great concern to the problems of the people in Ngemah all this while representing PRS and BN, though he lost in the last state election.

    Politics are not confine to family business alone….. Uchak. This is because Dr. Jawa make a lot of complain on Ngemah people whom does not support him to become the candidate. He dislike them, supposely voters or even pro BN party members and even show his arrogant behavior to these people. If this is how he wanted to gain more vote… BN will suffer another bad chance to win Ngemah seat.

    Even his live in mother-in-law wasn’t an excused of the victim to the extend of being beaten by him and run to a friend house one time which is a true story. Is this how he manage a very important member of his family?..he.he.

    Though two of his daughters are Medical Doctor(M.O) so what…..? There are so many Ngemah people becoming an engineer, lawyer, pilot, doctor, scientist, researcher or even 6 Phd. holders including he himself. Happy to mention, they’re the sons and daughters of farmers or long house people. I hope Ngemah people will not be so angry with Dr. Jawa when he begin to mention about his family wellness esp. his two daughters. Dr. Jawa’s two daughters or brothers are not the only voter in Ngemah.

    Sad to mention there were lots of unhappiness/complain made by the Iban people on one of his daughter, an M.O. recently posted to Kanowit is not good to the Iban people when they visit the hospital …isn’t that interesting?

    Though PBDS boys are still intact they are not many in numbers. Mostly have joined BN component parties whom have shown strong support to Alex Vincent all this while….In that case, Dr. Jawa deserved to be aligned with Cinta Malaysia or YB Adit which he did during the last 2006 State Election rather than BN……… ho.ho.ho.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Hai brother better you go to JJ Longhouse and after that go to Alex Longhouse……who manage the long house folk well…..Alex long house is going to collapse but what Alex done to his long house…kalah dgn bini pok.

      • Bungin says:

        see.. what the different Dr jj and Alex? dr jj only taken benifit from japanese guy to renovet their house. what Alex do is prority first to help others poor long house instead of his own long house.. think twice!!!!

  19. Tabuan Coffeeshop says:

    Well, I hardly know Mr. Thomas Akin. But Dr. Joseph Jawa ever mentioned that Thomas Akin interested in politic but Dr. Joseph says Thomas is too old and not capable in politic. Thomas don’t know how to communicate with people, and he got no followers. That’s what Dr. Joseph says about Thomas at the back.

  20. NGEMAH VOTER says:

    The reason why Alex Vincent lost was not be’cos he has no relatives in Ngemah. He even have more relatives that Dr. Joseph Jawa whose wife is not local from that area. Alex’s wife is a local which make him far more influential there. Their parents are both teachers (retired) there before and we know them from the very beginning. Alex and his wife’s close relatives stretches throughout the whole of Ngemah area starting from Pedai, Tuah, Jih, Bawan, Mapai, Tada, R. Dilang, Dap, Ngungun, Nirok, Jagau etc..which make them more popular now than before. Alex care not only for his relatives but the people of Ngemah constituency as a whole when discharging his duties to serve the people all this while. Among the reasons why he lost before was due to internal party crisis and jealousy of the people towards him particularly Dr. JJK himself..

    Being an elected the Chairman of Party Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) N.43 Ngemah Division during the last party AGM on 21.2.2010 and member of Supreme Council (SC) of PRS he s now ready to take up the challenge which make him become stronger than before and he is the best candidate to unseat the opposition in Ngemah this coming state election.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Eleceted as PRS Ngemah chairman also not valid…dini dek kala ninga org milih chairman parti angkat tangan,demokrasi songsang nya bai Wilson Nyambung ari Balleh..who recognised Alex as PRS Ngemah chairman.Enda iboh ngena kertas undi agi kitai kawasan Ngemah maya election ka datai tok ila,semua berkumpul ba padang majlis daerah kanowit.Sapa ka ngundi BN angkat tangan,sapa ka ngundi PKR angkat tangan,sapa ka ngundi PCM sama angkat tangan. Empai nyadi YB udah ka nipu rayat….pielah…….you though we are blind brother…..don think we are stupid…we are not the people in Balleh brother.

  21. SULUAP says:

    My friend Paulus seems a bit too envious of the success of the highly rated Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang.

    He seems to suggest that Alex vincent is again the right candidate for the Ngemah seat which would tantamount to another BN defeat yet again. YB Datuk Seri Dr. James Masing shall not buy your excuses because ground reports has it that alex vincent is just NOT THE MATERIAL for a YB and is a lost soul in Ngemah Politics.

    Paulus must understand that the standard set by the previous YBs in the area (the likes of Tan Sri Amar Leo) has been well BEYOND the dream reach of your “wet-rope” alex vincent.

    An easy meat alex is, would mean another disaster for PRS/BN.

    Being a professional, i believe that YB Datuk Seri James Masing as well as YBhg. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang shall ignore all propaganda created by paulus and gang for the benefit of the voters in Ngemah.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      What Datuk Amar Leo done in kanowit…kosong..How many years this fellow as a federal minister..nothing this fellow contibuted to this area…just bring more trouble to communities to the area…..blah…le this fellow…nobody appreciate him.


    In Ngemah and Machan Kanowit, members of Party Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) are still intact. Although (for obvious reasons) it cannot be denied that a few of us has “officially” joined other political parties including Pakatan Rakyat. But MOST of us are still PBDS. DO NOT GET IT WRONG. We are still PBDS.

    This time around we may support PRS/BN candidate if we feel that he is acceptable to us. Thank you

  23. Rinong says:

    My friend suluar/suluap/kena suap must be somebody outside Sarawak. He talked as he is better than CM. WOW Dtk Sri James won’t listen to your donkey talks, might be someone like Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang will appreciate your comments but not people in Ngemah. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang want to retire that is why he is so desperate. Even Yb. Aaron also he want to replace if possible, that comes out from his wet mouth.

  24. GNONIR says:

    For the kind information of everybody (alex’s DESPERATE SUPPORTERS INCLUDED), Dr. Joe Jawa is not desperate at all. He is well above your struggling Vincent in all fields and it is a nightmarish shame to ever comapare them. It is indeed you and your alex vincent who is are sunken desperados. If it is the fundings during election that you are hopeful of, then it speaks volumes of itself from the manner you desperately project your Mr. Vincent. Dr. Joseph Jawa on the other hand has all the quality time in the world to look after the constituency once he is elected. His undisputed skills, exposures & experiences in senior positions is a bonus to PRS/BN.

    I fully support the views presented by PBDS supporters and i have every reasons to admit the truths therein.

    Would strongly suggest that you and your Mr. Vincent consider working for YBhg Dr. Joseph Kendawang. Mungkin ada chance jadi Pol Sec untuk Alex Vincent dan Councillor lah untuk you. Agree??

  25. SAYYU says:

    Gday..everybody. As far as we are concerned, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang desperado greedy of power. Last time wanted to take over Yb Aaron(not capable) and now want to challenge Yb Adit. Ayo..ayo again jealous over Dr. Penguang and Dr. Eli Luhat, Dr. Robert Menua. OOoops he did it again. One time, at friend’s wedding, after making friends with chivas and Label 5 he says it is easy to get PHD at local after we mention hardworks taken by Dr. Robert Menua at Unimas. See Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang can’t accept people better than him out there.Dr. Joseph Jawa now got quality time and skill to destroy his victims before retirement period of 56 yrs old.4 more years 60 yrs old. What can I say Dr. Joseph Jawa can be Tuai Rumah/Head of the longhouse or Japanese Singer-SAYONARA

  26. NGEMAH VOTER says:

    Unsatisfied people like SULUAP and GNONIR can say dozen of inferior things on my friend Alex Vincent just because he once lost in the uphill battle between him and ADit in the last state election. Hope things of hatred and blame from these people will even spur up encouragement to Alex to continuously discharging his duties for people in Ngemah. I’ve heard also news from friends, saying that the honorable PRS President was blind for not choosing our friend, Dr. Joseph Jawa last time though he did lobby for it.

    And this time, knowing from the ground info that Alex Vincent stand a better chance to win due to his continuous hard work in Ngemah (as advised by the top leadership) will be fielded again by PRS/BN; people tend to look down upon his credibility even considered him the “lost soul”, “wet rope” hoping to be reconsidered for a ticket under BN. To tell you the truth, if Dr. Jawa misses the boat again this time, I can predict he will go and lobby for the parliamentary seat in Kanowit and confronted with YB Datuk Aaron as well….. What a desperate move to become a leader or even a politician?

    My advice to Dr. Joseph Jawa and all his supporters up there is to run the country race “kalau tahan” first before you run the 100 meter and find out why BN/PRS would not make a similar call by putting their hopes and trusts into a FRESH FACE again in this coming election. You will know the answer soon. Hopefully a person like GNONIR and SULUAP if still with PBDS soul must also be ready to clap your hand together with our PRS Ngemah Chairman cum Supreme Council member this time….Isn’t that fare enough? Don’t be jealous of him..lah kaban ‘cos it will make you look older? Thanks to everyone & bye-bye.

  27. NEW GENERATION says:

    Mr. Ngemah Voter,

    For the benefit of the people of Ngemah, please be honest with yourself. Although it is your personal rights to day dream for the candidacy of your dear friend Alex vincent but the fact that our (iban) society needs quality brain to represent us at higher levels where decicions affecting and determining the future and survival of our race is of paramount importance REMAINS.

    It is unfortunate that your Alex Vincent is just not there at all. Do not cheat him by giving him false hope.

    Gone are the era of Aki Miut Sibat. You may not realise that the Party (PRS) now are having a few (almost obselete) serving YBs and (touch wood) to have Your alex vincent in the line up would require unnecessary “balance-up-exercise” otherwise the party shall be made a non Y2K compatible honourable members stockyard.

    If your best dream is just to become a councillor, please get out of the coconut shell you are in now. This world is much bigger than your biggest imagination.

    Dr. Joesph Jawa is the right man for the job and Datuk Seri James Masing is fully aware of it.

    Thank you my friend. My regards to kitai serumah.

  28. Anti-kleptocracy says:

    Whoever the possible chandidates may be, nothing much they can do to develop Ngemah if elected as long as Klpetocracy – Mr. White Hair still alive. He said it clearly one day during lst state election at Nanga Tada – if BN unsuccessful, there will be no development at the area for another 10 years. Those planning announced by PM is just merely lip service. Now people making noise on 20% commission thingy for repairing works at few resettlement schemes there!

  29. Jackson says:

    My friend New generation was premature unborn baby.Poor thing, whatever happen in Ngemah, you may absolutely not clear, still at INCUBATOR. Very simple and clear, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is just wondering around “Indian man jual Kain and Carpet”. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and his wife went to Ngungun with unpopular faces. Ha ha ha…what a joke. If Dtk Sri James Masing wants him, long time he has been elected. Not now at age of 57 yrs wolf. He ever mention about Dtk Sri James Masing cut trees in Kapit, clearing areas in Kapit. Baru masuk Parti PRS last month sudah nak jadi Candidate. Pintar-pintar, sewaktu ketika parti bergelora, batang and bulu hidung pun tak nampak.My advice to Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang, Do not let yourself become PAK PANDIR.

  30. Optional444 says:

    Alex Vincent, Our Chief Minister and Dtk Sri James Masing knew better, bro. Take courage, remain little, think smart for this humility is the magnet that attract you closer to truth. Stay on the faith path, world won’t shut at you completely. Do not let yourself become discouraged by people surrounding you. It doesn’t require great effort but strong spirit.God forbid kindness ever leave you empty handed. Don’t let some HELL bent heart, leave you bitter. Gave faith a fighting spirit. I HOPE YOU NEVER FEAR THOSE MOUNTAINS IN THE DISTANCE. Dtk Sri James Masing knows his choice. Good luck and God Bless.

  31. Kilat says:

    Me support Dr.Jawa. Alex you not the candidate your wife is. Thats why Dr.James is looking at optional face to win back the seat. Do you blame him?

  32. Grand Stand Observer says:

    Ngemah seat is getting more interesting. Tks Audie61 for the venue to reveal the truth.

    1. Agree with Kilat – “Alex you not the candidate your wife is” (For every unsuccessful man, there is always a women(behind).

    2. Another supporter of Mr. Alex Vincent – Optional444 in his posting had “rediculed ” Datuk Seri James Masing (who ia 60+ years of age) and Our beloved CM Pehin Seri (who is 74+ years of age) by saying that the two Chiefs knows better. Knows better of what? If i read his posting correctly, he seems to support a suggestion by (P13 & P34) that YBhg Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is overaged???

    Heard that Alex Vincent still has not settled his previous election bills. Is that the reason why his kunchu-kunchu lobby so hard for his candidacy hoping to receive extra funds to redeem some of the bills?? what happened to the allocation given during the election ???

    This is a tough hurdle for Alex Vincent and detrimental to the chances of BN winning back the seat should he be the candidate (for BN).

  33. DATUK says:

    I’m not convinced by GStand Observer because the language is “teruk” lah just cannot imagine.

    Keep up with your good work Alex Vincent. I’m here to support you 100 percent with your political career and what you have done to Ngemah people all this while. This will be an advantage to you if you are selected again by BN this time but I’m pretty sure you will.

    Here is my advice to you, those people like GSobserver wrapped up in their own world. They don’t notice your hard work there because they are not residing in Ngemah all this while when you discharge your duties to the people. By listening to people like him will certainly make Ngemah people suffer even more than it is now. Thank you.

  34. Little devil says:

    Alex has no chance of wining.No need to support him anymore. He is like a lost cause and he does not have a backbone.Only using James Masing name and his wife campaign while he drinks. How to have ADUN like that. Tell me 10 reasons why the peope of Ngemah shoudl vote him and not Adit again. Better the devil I know than the devil I dont know. Heard it before..

    • Pandak segatak says:

      You are correct.You know how Alex they declared as a chairman for PRS Ngemah last time. You don’t know how Wilson Nyambung lies to the people in Kanowit that day..if that is the way our community leader want to choose candidate in general election BN will collapse becos of the people like this people.Not all kanowi folk are blind brother. Most mos PhD holder come from Kanowit…Don expect we are stupid…..go to hell wilson. Don cheat people in kanowit.

  35. Balai Ringin says:

    Sir, Alex Vincent, No one knows the road you’ve traveled for 4 yrs but you. Where you stand, no one else has ever stood before. Where you will step is always new, even if you tread on the footprints of others. For you bring your history into each new moment, shading it with a meaning and perspective that makes it your own. What other people say is always from their perspective. Your truth lies between your experience and GOD. You are always defining your way. Your experience is your only teacher and true directive, providing you accept it all, the good and the bad. If you know the SEA, you know STORMS. If you know your experience, the future will not surprise you.Don’t be afraid of Little Devil, as your Guardian Angel will protect you***And God will be your BACKBONE.

  36. wakakaka says:

    Alex whatever you went through 4years who cares? Kiss goodbye to BN too. 2nd losts if you are picked. Dr.Jawa will stand a better chance. Seems CM Taib prefers all doctors now. to carve up all Pakatan sarawak candidates. Maybe you become Dr.Alex…?? just like Dr.James

  37. NGEMAH VOTER says:

    Sound like Little Devil is always a devil at heart & evil spirit in him. Why should I give 10 reasons to vote for HIM (Alex Vincent) this time when I can only give 1 reason i.e. 1PERSON 1VOTE from 1NGEMAH FOR 1BN IN 1MALAYSIA…that is our principle. Bye-bye to PKR or PCM or Dr. Jawa.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      Apa nama nadai orang layak nyadi YB ari Ngemah,apa mau lobi org Bawan,Bjait aja,pedai aja nyadi candidate Ngemah.Mana orang Tada,Ngungun,Jagau,Kabah,Dap…….bukan dia orang aja pandai.

  38. Retiree says:

    My Dear friend Alex Vincent. We the retirees of Ngemah State Constituency cordially invites you to our retiree club. Do not sacrifice your precious time and thin resources just to be the PRS/BN candidate for Ngemah Seat.

    You blew your chances last election and no matter how you reasoned your defeat, it shall be of no help at all. The more you and / or your supporters exposes your weaknesses through this forum, the worse it is for you.

    You have a lovely wife and beautiful children to take care of. Make them and not your ego as your priority in life.

    Leave the candidacy to Dr. Joseph Jawa. He has all the ingredients it takes to become your elected representative of Ngemah.

    Happy retirement

  39. jthan. says:

    We are Iban from Ngemah area,We know what to do and who is the right candidate to present as at DUN. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang was ours candidate. TQ.

  40. Mata Kuching says:

    I am an outsider and whoever you guys have in mind is irrelevant to someone like me. I just want to invite you guys to look at a bigger picture. The whole nation is ready for a two party system of government. Who will be your choice ..BN or Pakatan? Are you guys satisfied with your level of development happening in your constituency and the standard of income and living in your constituency. Having aid that I assume you guys are registered voters to be eligible to make a wise decision. Exercising your right to vote for a party ( either BN or Pakatan) and not so much for an individual is very important for the future direction and form of socio-economic development that you rightly expect of the government.

    Make no mistake, which ever party gets the majority mandate to form the government will still be the same democratic government modelled after the Westminster form of parliamentary democracy. No Malaysians are against the government of Malaysia. Some Malaysians felt that after 52 years at federal and 49 years at state level the UMNO controlled BN has done too little for the majority of rural constituencies and for mismanaging our country wealth and resources and hence its time to change the “players” in the government. While some Malaysians felt they would be better off supporting the Barisan National and gain from their continuous rule.

    The choice is yours and once again make sure you are a registered voter. Anyone can talk untill the the moon comes down to you but as long as you are not a registered voter your choice of party (BN or Pakatan) to represent the people in your constituency in DUN or Parliament will not matter at all.

  41. Jala says:

    Don’t fill your empty cup with all the rubbish things they said, Alex Vincent. I appreciate the natural goodness of the human spirit and realize how easily flowers fade but not you, tuan. What good is it to pride yourself on being more productive than a loafer or better that some incompetent braggart.Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang want to retire. Let him rest in peace,afterall he suffered from GOUTS. Jalan pun tak steady.

  42. Jantan says:

    New faces like Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang will lost to Yb. Gabriel Adit. Majority 5,121. You want to bet????? Dr. Joseph Jawa only A SMALL FISH that lost in the sea. CM and Dtk Sri James Masing will think twice.Keep it up Adit. Pertama cinta mu.

  43. Kapitan says:

    Penyayau enda Luya.. Alison Ludan is much much better Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang. More capable than Dr. Jawa. Alison Ludan is fit but Dr. Joseph is sicko man. A teacher from Kanowit.

  44. uruway says:

    My uncle Yb Adit will win again as Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is not his challenge at all. PBDS still with Adit and Dtk Leo Moggie. Last time Dr. Joseph Jawa engaged to Dtk Leo Moggie’s niece, but he broke-up the engagement and married his wife now. Bad relationship is still assist though.

  45. Ghost Gerasi says:

    Alex vincent kanot bkam YB. In kusing, he pick children from skool (st. joseph / st, teresa paking bay) waiting inside pajero. No 1 time go out tok to pepol.

    In kelangit oso same. when YB / mentrie come he apea apea. No fangszn no c face him.

    24 hrs remote kontrol by wifee.

    Me his kajen and he-lay-tif no agree he bkam kandidat.


  46. Juntuah says:

    Well…If Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang elect as a candidate, Dtk Leo Moggie will block his way to the last breath. Dr. Joseph Jawa will lose the MONEY$$$$$$$ Dtk Leo Moggie is still intact with Yb. Adit. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang already betrayed Dtk Leo Moggie’s niece. Dtk Leo Moggie will not forget that, thing that has been done, he will remember it forever. Allison Ludan running the race now. His wife related to Yb. Aaron. I will advice Dr Joseph Jawa Kendawang to join the RETIREE CLUB, for his health, esp. his GOUT and HIGH BLOOD. RETIREE will provide you with the membership form. Let the young blood fill the ship.

    • Pandak segatak says:

      DTK Leo Moggie nya meh ngasoh menoa kanowit lalu enda mansang.Lebih 20 taun nyadi menteri pusat nama pemansang bai ia ke menoa Ngemah…..semina jadi pengacau aja…….sapa org deka berbasa ke mensia baka tu…sampai bia2 pun org benci meda mensia baka tu…ukai mai mansang tang nimbul ke masalah agai bansa Iban…..pengecut!!!!!!!

  47. Murut says:

    Bad$Bad!Bad? Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang,After betrayal Office colleague in Forestry, betray woman again. Bad habit cannot change. Go for Adit.

  48. Mata Kuching says:

    I am beginning to understand why rural constituencies will at best be held ransom by UMNO controlled BN for a long time because you guys treat an election as nothing more important and interesting as sabung ayam. It is said that you will always reap what you sow. Common guys..why are you all so worked up about who is best in your area when the fruit of real developments have yet to reach your constituencies.
    You should be asking why after 49 years of supporting UMNO controlled BN your community is still been ignored and lagging behind in developments and what had gone wrong during all these years?

  49. Penyayau ku enda Luya says:

    Tan Sri Leo is a professional. The issue on the alleged relationship does not arise. Even Pehin Seri Taib’s sister was married to Tan Sri Adnan Satem one time but they are still the best of professional friend. And so is Datuk Amar Leo.

    You must also realise that your ex-wife is also related to your present wife yet they get along fine. So what’s your problem dude??

    The accusation against YBhg Dr. Joe Jawa being unfriendly towards his office mates is subjective. He has to be firm some times and that does not mean that he is not a good master.

    Alison Ludan??? Not too sure of this guy but his wife’s relationship to YB Aaron’s wife does not hold water as it is totally irrelevant to the issue.

    Bottom line is Dr. Joseph Jawa is the most appropriate BN candidate for the Ngemah seat.

    He shall win it for BN hands down. Trust us the voters of Ngemah.

  50. BAPAK says:

    I agreed with JTHAN. Before Gawai, Dr. Joseph Jawa says YB AARON DAGANG didn’t bring any development to Ngemah area. All Yb. Aaron did just helped his relatives with the projects. That’s not good.Wake up Yb.Aaron.

  51. SMK says:

    Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang not a good master. Allison Ludan is a good headmaster. Don’t day dreaming lah Dr. Joseph..Obstacle you banyak. Only now you balik Kampung, cuba berjinak-jinak dengan manusia sebabnya hendak PENCEN. Anyway for information PRS is not an **OLD FOLK HOME** Dtk Sri James will aware of that. Dtk Sri James joined politic at the age of 27 yrs old until now. His young blood bring him stronger as a successful leader until now. For Dr. Joseph Jawa, 57 yrs old..tak ada ummp…lagi lah. Better concentrate on your Japanese things.ARIGATO GOZAIMASO..xie xie

  52. Selection Panel says:

    Perfect He-Ra-Key by age order

    Taib = aged 74 (Big Chief)
    Dr. James = aged 60+ (Party President)
    Dr. Joseph Jawa = aged 57 (perfect candidate for Ngemah seat)

    Decision final!!!!!!!!!!

    NB: Ludan is a member of PKR so do not dream of him being the candidate.

    You non-starters can go fly kite with alex vincent.

  53. STRANGE says:

    For your information, CM Pehin has been a top man and capable leader at young age, same with Dtk Sri James, POK. And now Dr. Joseph Jawa haven’t start yet, age 57 ( he is perfect candidate for Skin product, like PIGMENTATION product, from JAPAN). Dr. Joseph Jawa says something not nice to people too, how to become candidate. PKR boleh lah. Let say Dr. Joseph Jawa clever in talking and barking. Shouting here and there, the people will become more confused. This will not benefit the people at all in Ngemah. Dr. Joseph plays dirty politic. One time Dr. Joseph Jawa accused Dtk Sri James Masing “Tauke Timber” clearing all the trees in Kapit. Now he wants to knock Masing’s door. Mana dapat, pok.Sayonara bakayaro.

  54. Mata Kuching says:

    What are all these mindless numblings? Is it not a coincident that every time someone bangs an empty drum it always make the loudest noise?You guys are all qualified to be Tuai Rumah! Make sure you get the appointment letter so that you will be remunerated accordingly.

  55. All too familiar says:

    Strange that Mr. Strange strangely denies the perfect credentials of his former boss Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang.

    If indeed there is such accussation like “tauke Timber” so on and so forth, it would only comes from the unbrushed mouth of a hypo like mr. strange.

    Anyway, as you are not a voter in Ngemah, leave the voting to us. Thank you

  56. Mr Exposer says:

    Haiyo!!James Masing “Tauke Timber”. Of course Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang knows about Dtk James Masing did. Dr. Joseph Jawa worked in Forestry.Now Dr. Jawa denied because he got something in mind and favour from DTK SRI JAMES MASING. So many Drs. in Ngemah. Go Yb. Adit.

  57. Dr Kentit says:

    Exposer kah, pok. What is Dr. Joseph Jawa motive. Own self interest kah. Who will be his followers, pok. Maybe Peace Party interested to know him. Even in SDGA we don’t vote for him because we know his INTENTION. Dr. Joseph Jawa pop up like mushrooms afer rain at his wonderland.

  58. Most likely Scenario says:

    N. 43 Ngemah State Seat.

    Candidates are: –

    BN (PRS) = Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang

    PCM = Gabriel Adeh @ Adit Ak Demong

    PKR = Ellison Ludan

    Bebas = Alexander Vincent

    And the winner is YBhg Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang.


    Hidup Taib, Hidup James Masing, Hidup Dr, Joseph Jawa

  59. Anti-kleptocracy says:

    Next round they will pick someone originated from Sungai Ngemah itself. Many people qualified to be candidate from there.

  60. Meling says:

    People who knows Dr. Joseph Jawa in Ngemah only just a SMALL PORTION. I did ask my longhouse’s people and my grandpa..SAPA ORANG NYA, ENDA KALA NINGA. (Who is he, never heard).


    Mr. Alex, your attitude shapes your world. When you act dependent, you invite others to abuse you. When you act competitively others want to beat you. In this world you get what you give. People who hurt you and then prevent you from expressing that hurt damage you the most . Anyone who can bottle up your anger have recipe for a disaster. You are as strong as your greatest strength.Where is heaven??????? It’s inside your heart. Bless you and be a successful man one day in many ways.

  62. Vyunsgu says:

    “I did ask my longhouse’s people and my grandpa..SAPA ORANG NYA, ENDA KALA NINGA. (Who is he, never heard).”

    Meling Meling. If you ask your cawat supporters in Tamin State Seat, they may know but only Joseph Mauh Ikeh – a form 3 YB.

    Go to Kanowit then people will nail you straight into your disfigured face that Dr. Joseph Jawa is the most popular man for the Ngemah seat.

    “Mr. Alex, your attitude shapes your world.” said Fragrant.

    We the voters in Ngemah agrees 100% with the above statement. Now it seems that Alex’s remnants of tiny supporters are resorting to using the words of the holiness. UMNO copycat ke???? Nak kutip undi kesian kot!!!!!!!

    When you are drowning, you’ll pick anything reachable for float.

    Please someone, throw alex a life jacket so he can get to the shore of Political Secretary and his supporters Councillorship. Learn from the self centered James 9 the President of Persatuan Tuai Rumah Sibu. SUPP plans to reward him with a Penghuluship. This is YOUR Iban Politics. You were brainwashed to see nothing beyond Tr. Penghulu, Councillor, Pemancha and Temenggong while others reaps the billions around you.

    People of Ngemah, WAKE UP

  63. RAYMONG says:

    VYUNSGU vyunsgu- time to get behind your defeated friend, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang who betrayed Tan Sri Dtk Leo Moggie’s niece and Dtk Aaron Dagang’s cousin is over,pok. Then belum cukup lagi 4yrs ago, Dr. Joseph Jawa telling people that PRS is small, sinking ship. Now why so SUDDENLY registered himself as a MEMBER. Hai..hai..ada UDANG DI SEBALIK BATU, pok. AWESOME..??? Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is not popular at all in Ngemah, Kanowit. He think that those who he shake-hand with will like him. Em..emm not Ngemah’s people. Relax lah retiree man.Treat your sickness, GOUT and High blood pressure. Somebody will rock you like a hurricane. Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is just like “Dumpster Wrestler”. Sayonara & Nemuri ni Ochiru.

  64. COUNCILLOR says:

    Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang is like ‘BANGKUNG GENDUNG NADAI TANGKIR, KAYUBESAI NADAI BANDIR means Orang ke kering jako aja, nadai Penyukung. We, councillors are not stupid, we have a say, too. Dr. Joseph Jawa is just a piece of TISSUE.

  65. Ekong says:

    Raymong do not even know the relationship between Tan Sri Leo and Datuk Aaron Dagang!!!!An outsider like Raymong should just keep his mouth shut.

    You have been quite “active” lately. Please send your wife to clinic for a check up to ensure that she did not contacted VD through you.

    As you are not privy to important decisions of our repeat OUR party PRS, of course you cannot be aware of the candidacy of Dr. Joseph Jawa that has been agreed by the RELEVANT authority.

    As you are a government servant, be dedicated to your work and hope that your salary grade could increase appropriately by the time you retire. Target a quarter of Dr. Joseph Jawa’s salary grade and you can begawai niki pangkat if you can achieve it.

    O yea, Get your tempo correct as i heard you struggled even with a simple (3 keys) iban song – runggu ensing.


    Dayak Councillor, Dayak councillor. What can i say!!!!!! a Dayak councillor is just a fill up the quota councillor.

    The chinese and malays appoints professionals (lawyers, accountants, engineers etc etc) as their councillors. Dayak councillors are juat bunch of hand clappers or cheer leaders only.

    So Mr. Councillor, there is nothing to be proud of by being an uneducated councillor like you.


  66. SOURCES says:

    The question is how far/much Dr. Joseph Jawa can contribute. He just stepped into politic just yesterday.(100% DEFINITELY Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang will repeat a lose to PRS like SUPP, LAU Jr) Last weekend he came without any invitation for Closing Gawai. Invited guests were Dtk/Dtn Gramong, Dtk/Dtn Aaron and Alexander Vincent. Dr. Joseph Jawa and his wife(wearing big gold bangle) went back early, want to sleep (don’t blame Dr. Joseph Jawa-57 yrs old). Nobody cares about Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and his wife existing. Comment to Dr. Joseph’s wife by longhouse folks, BELUM ADA APA2X SUDAH MENGADA AND FULL OF HER SNOBBISH. THIS IS A REPORT FROM THE GROUND. Then PEOPLE in Tada does not envy him, Tidak ada sambutan Dr. Joseph Jawa. Rakyat don’t like his character plus his wife again. If PRS elect him, JANGAN HARAP NAK MENANG, dude. The next day, Dtk Aaron celebrate his Datukship at his village, because of hot weather then again Dr. Joseph Jawa almost fainted. People have to send him to the back to get fresh air.(Wow..how to become YB, belum apa2x sudah pitam). Those who attended the function were Dtk Alexander Linggi, Dtk Sri James and Alexander Vincent. The guessing game is over, dude. If was only a matter of time.

  67. Reliable sources says:

    Dr. Joseph Jawa is the confirmed PRS/BN candidate for Ngemah Seat in the coming State Election. Alexander Vincent squandered the golden opportunity offered to him last election so his candidacy this time around is out of the question.

    Dato Seri was there (in kanowit) alright BUT no big deal. Being a professional, Dato Seri took the opportunity to convey the “unpleasant news” that he(alex Vincent) might not be the candidate for PRS for the Ngemah seat in the coming election.

    We the voters of Ngemah wish not to stoop low to the level of Mr. Source by implicating the wife of Alex vincent as she deserves to have her rights undisturbed. This is the words of advise of YB Dato Seri.

    Thank you

  68. Latest from Ngemah says:

    It is highly likely that Ngemah be “traded-in” with Meluan. Ngemah for SPDP and Meluan for PRS. Dr. Joseph Jawa is tipped to be the SPDP candidate for BN/SPDP Ngemah.

    We are sorry for our friend alex vincent as his candidacy is as good as over and encourage him to enlist himself in the q for Political Secretary to the CM as soon as possible.

    Good luck penyokong Alex Vincent.

  69. Pandak segatak says:

    Sori to say,we all just a political obserers…Once again to say sori,ALEXANDER don hae any characters as a leader..Know nothing.His political career just bcos of DR MASING..that eerybody knew his cronies in Sarawak politic.

  70. Pandak segatak says:

    Ngemah alah besai agi ari ke udah enti Alex nyadi candidate dia baru….enti bula ila James masing meda ia.Anang kelalu ngiga kroni politik laban nya nadai mai penguntong agai bansa Iban.Sapa calon ba Ngemah biar org Ngemah empu milih ia tang Alex tau nyurut ke diri..udah suba meri peluang agai org bukai.Carut tik nadai solution bakanya PKR menang ila..peda meh ila. Kitai bela ngundi PKR ila enti sida PRS tok tetap degil lalu milih kroni sida ia aja…bye,bye BN..

  71. Anti-kleptocracy says:

    Politik nadai tuju-tuju bai bala tuai dayak baka sida JJM. Ka amat beraban enggau Taib ke udu nyadi lanun nya. Enda sayauka bansa enggau menua sekali-kali. A vote for PRS is a vote for continuous corrupted regime of Taib – “Pelutka leka mata” enti lalu empai meda!!!

  72. tuai rumah says:

    there is something wrong with iban these days, they’re just jealous whenever someone’s on top! come on pandak segatak, go get yourself some english class before saying something! the top BN leadership should know better than you, a government servant i suppose. how could we see development in ngemah if things keep on going the way u want it to be? tidak puas hati then vote for someone who couldnt be bringing development to the ngemah area? if thats what you want, perhaps waiting for the next 5 years is the only option waiting. :P good luck!

  73. Wasfy Omnia says:

    Very interesting website…good to see that the Iban people really fight among themself…politically they fight…in reality ther fight even worse…hahahaha…keep it up to your next next generation until no more iban in this land….afterall ” P.A.L.U.I”..agree?

  74. tuai rumah says:

    to wasfy : like how i fought your wife last night on the bed?hehe.. your wife will carry my seeds and i dont think iban would be extinct at all in this land of hornbills. OOOOHAAAA!

  75. Wasfy Omnia says:

    Tuai Rumah…your wife came to me and need my excellent service every time she need it because she said even viagra cannot help tuai rumah , useless and good for nothing …every night your wife knocking each door to release her thirst…check your the kids DNA…you will be suprised it is not yours because you never perform…use your brain before you post something about people … nama aja tuai rumah tang nadai penemu.

  76. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    A vote for PRS(Masing’s party) means a mandate for Taib Mahmud the king of pirate in Sarawak.

    Seriously, you people still want Taib by voting PRS in Ngemah and other contituencies ???

  77. Anak iban says:

    I would think that prs might have the chance to will this seat in the coming election..But the most suitable candidate for N43 Ngemah is no other that the President of Dayak Association Miri Mr.Ellison Ludan Muyan..Mr Ellison is a local boy from ngemah and i do think that he is capable to represent the people of ngemah..

    • Pandak segatak says:

      100% agree with you…now the time for us candidate from Ngemah,Kabah/Dap/Tada..quite awhile ngemah under Bejait/Bawan.

  78. Anak Iban says:

    Whoever the candidates are, what is important to us the local people or the iban in kanowit,machan and ngemah is to support development n i would strongly believe that education is very important to all.Being an intelectual individual are the only key to ensure positive development to the people of ngemah and the dayak community in term of economic and harmony. Cheers

  79. Sumpit Tapang says:

    Dear Ngemah Voters,

    Election is coming soon and we have heard that many aspiring candidates vying for Ngemah’s seat. So much have been mentioned about Alexander Vincent, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang and some other candidates.

    If they keep on lobying for the seat, fighting and bad mouth each other Gabriel Adit still can win this coming election. You can say all sort of things about Adit but you must know that who is the person behind him. No matter what, he went through thick and thin in his political career so never discard his chances.

    One thing for sure, Alex still likely to be the candidate and Dr. Joseph Jawa will turns his back against PRS/BN and likely to be the PKR candidate (mark my word). Rumours from the ground also mentioned that Warren Aris also has been keen to stand on PKR ticket.

    Off course we have few names i.e. Dr. Robert Menua, Ellison Ludan and also William Baja Jap. Among the three, William Baja’s name had been mentioned everything prior to election but he admitted that he could contribute better to our society in his present capacity.

    Actually from Ngemah itself, they have quite a number of qualified people but choose not to join politic for several reasons. Some of whom I knew, Dr. Charlie Dudang and coincidentally nephew of Dr. Robert Menua and William Baja and also a cousin to Ellision Ludan make it very clear that “if one is to join politic to be a millionaire, he/she already compromised his/her principle”. Dr. Charlie further said that, “there are so many ways if we are sincerely helping our people and politic is not the only avenue”.

    When I recalled back his words I thought that came from a very “wise” man as he do not want to mix politic with business.

    Whatever it is, the aspiring must have some credentials in his career and must be able to come up with a development program for his constituency and merely present during special occassion for “machak babi” only but also knows the needs of his people.

    Notwithstanding the above, I urge Kanowit voters to vote wisely for your future generation.

  80. Sumpit Tapang says:

    Hi! Ngemahgites,

    A lot of people thought that by venturing into politic you can have a comfortable life. To me it is not so because if you are just ordinary YB nothing much you can do.

    I was told by my good friend, he feels regretted for joining politic but he said he is a little bit fortunate because he had gathered his fortune prior to join politic couple of years ago. If solely depends on YB salary and allowances how much is it.

    He further said that when he was still in a corporate world he earned better and have a quality life with his family. However, in politic he has a sleepless night and less time with his family. Asks those who have been involved in politic like Tan Seliong, Robert Menua, Stephen Jenggut and others who lost even on BN’s ticket and their answers definitely they said “regret”.

    There is a saying, “once beaten twice shy, twice beaten thrice shy” thrice beaten better say good bye”. But I do not mean to discourage neither Alexander or Dr. Joseph Jawa but it is a fact that if you are not willing to share everything with your electorates there will be no second chance.

    Unless you are financially strong, you may consider all else you are going to be corrupted YB one day. So, for aspiring candidate you must be clean if you want to win the heart of the voters.

  81. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Something unique in this constituency – no quarantee to win here although one to stand on BN’s ticket.

    Remember that this was previously PBDS’s stronghold once, and this still hold true.

  82. Sumpit Tapang says:

    Based on the latest development that I gathered from Ngemah Alexander Vincent is likely to be candidate no matter what. However, I was told by some reliable source that Dr. Joseph Jawa using his dirty tactics and invited all the Tuai Rumah and the Penghulus to write a petition letter to support his candidacy. Although he managed to secure the support of some TRs and Penghulus it does not mean that all the “nembiak” will support him.

    No matter what if anyone of them is selected to be the candidate none of them can deliver as they do not have any plan to improver the economic well beings of the Ngemahgites. They are fighting for their own interest and not for the right of the people. No matter what they cannot deliver because their lips are sealed and their hands are tight and say “YES” boss to Pak Uban.

    Some >20 years Dato Sri James Masing seen to be upcoming Dayak’s leader and fighting for every single things for the benefits of the people but all PBDS agenda then fade and burried with time. Now thay cannot do anything. A good friend of mine said, if you want to join politic make sure you have enough money and not to join politic to make money. Or else you are going to be corrupted YB.

    We have to change the way how we see thing. We respect the decision of handful of Ngemah intellectuals like William Baja, Dr. Charlie Dudang, Dr. Robert Menua, Tan Seliong, Nicholas Ngalang, probably Ellision Ludan and the rest who are bold and hold high integrity. They never lobby to be one of the representatives (with the exception of Dr. Robert Menua and Tan Seliong) but if give the opportunity they could possible bring in development and the economic well being of the Ngemah people.

    For the Ngemah people vote wisely for your future generation.

  83. little iban says:

    Election is juz ard the corner as u can see BN leaders are moving around.its time to make the right choice for Sarawak esp Ngemah after the loss..i’ve made some homeworks and ask around about their choice of candidate..most of them strongly agreed with each other to hav Mr.Ellison Ludan as their leader..he’s such a gifted man..he can sing,he gives motivational talk to the ibans especially..u can hear him on radio too every weekend..currently he’s working in Curtin as a lecturer and so far the University is very proud of his charity works and so on..let us pray for the best and give him full support.hav a good day all.God bless..

  84. mgerinang says:

    Alexander Vincent udah diuji, ukai semina rayat enggai ka iya tang sida ke bisi begulai enggau iya maya bepilih nya suba pan enggai meda iya laban iya ngumbai diri nemu, ngumbai diri pandai. Nya kebuah iya ke alah.

    As for Joseph Jawa, he is a PBB, so how can a person from another political party be loyal to PRS. Moreover, wants to win the candidacy by blackmailing others. He even makes use of the Penghulu and some illiterate Tuai Rumah to say they support him. He even sent them to Kuching to lobby….

    You know what will happen if he is the candidate. If he ever wins he will fight his way up the PRS hierachy by doing the same thing. He will also wants the ministerial post by doing the same thing. Mark my words!

    • Penyayau enda luya says:

      Diatu kitai sama agi berati ke pengujung Konvensyen BN 5hb tu. Kelebih agi ba sitak Ngemah enggau Pelagus, semua mata enggau pending bala rakyat kelebih agi ba 2 iti sitaknya benung merati ke ari jauh bakani ko pemutus bala tuai BN, kelebih agi ia ke diperbasa Dato sri James ngadu pengawa diak. Laban diatu, aku percaya, kitai dah nemu berpolitik lalu milih deka meda dulu pengawa sida ke di atas. Diatu, tepulai ngagai tuai party ngadu ke nya…salah pemutus..tau ngasuh tuainya empu terduduk bertongkat dagu, betul atur diatu tau ngujung ke party nya makin tegap serta kering.

      Munyi ko unggal mgerinang, 2 iko nya udah di temu empa enggau di temu bulu. Sekali tu nadai salah enti bala ngadu ke Ellison Ludan, siko ari kitai dayak ke bisi openemu ke ngatur lalu ngangkat ke bala kitai dayak,penemu enggau penelaba ia ke gawa ngelamat u tau mantu ia dalam ngelurus ke bangsa kitai dayak,ngambi jemah ila kitai lih duduk sama baruh,berdiri sama tinggi enggau bangsa bukai.

      Enti nyema utai enggai nyadi d kuing, ba penemu aku (lalu mayuh amat ga penemu bala mayuh udah di dinga), nama kebuah enda nguji ke sepiak. Laban ke sepiak tua, ukai reti tua ngelaban, enda nyalah baka kitai ke bekayuh, bela nulung bangsa ngemai bala ke luan.

  85. Terung Kangan says:

    Akaii dai, lama dah berati ka penemu ditulis bala maioh dlm blog tok esp sapa ka lebih layak nyadi candidate ba ngemah. Asai ka deka gak enggai bala maioh nyampur bicing enggai garam ditok. Aku tok nadai nyokong parti sepiak2.

    1. Ba penemu aku, Alexander nyangka enda dicalon laban fall under category “Recycle Candidate”, tok jako Uban empu. Tinggal calon bukai meh. Ngagai unggal Alex, up to you, ka nyukang BN or opposition ditok.
    2. Nuduh Dr. Joseph Jawa orang PBB enda tentu manah laban kitai nadai probe membership ia nyadi ahli PBB. Sapa-sapa olih bekaban/bebakih enggau bala YB enda milih ni parti. Kati tudah Adit ka begulai enggau Datuk AAron, does it mean he is PRS supporter or sponsor by PRS?
    3. Unggal Sumpit Tapang, nuan madah Dr. Joseph ngena dirty tactics. Pelaba aku, Alexander lebih adik beguna ka dirty tactics. Politics kitai Malaysia endang bakanya kaban, anang aja kelalu. Tanya nuan unggal Alexander, ka sanggup ke KL madah ke diri bertemu enggai PM sebedau BN convention di BCCK on 5.3.11. PM maya nyak benong di Australia, so don’t bluff n insult our intelligent le bro, bedau nyadi YB dah nipu/bula kulu kili. Tanya unggal Tr. A…..ari kabah.
    4. Enti kitai majak nimbak/personal attack/character assassin bakal calon, enda milih ni calon, kitai kurang lebih gak penyai. Kitai Iban sepatut ia berandau baka ni calon tok olih mai pemansang, kaliber ia, ka nulong rakyat ka, nemu ngaga kertas kerja ka manah kena ngemansang ka kawasan ngemah and so on, ukai madah A tok sombong, B ngena dirty tactics, C tok bini ia jaik etc… Enti bakanya, bka ni kitai ka mansang?

    Nya aja, ka nunu buah terung. Ila nyambung baru.

  86. anak iban says:

    diato Kepala menteri udah nyebut nadai orang ke udah alah bak pengawa ke bepilih deka di ambik nyadi calon baru..enti baka nya sigi alexander vincent ndak ulih bediri ka PRS…siapa calon ya kak dipilih Dr james sekali tok??? ELLISON LUDAN,DR JOE JAWA????

    • Terung Kangan says:

      Unggal Anak Iban, nitih ka berita serta randau enggau bala maioh di ngemah seari dua tok, antara seduai tok meh calon. Tang kitai enda olih kompom sampai nama calon diumum ka CM empu. Politik kitai diatok macam2 olih nyadi. Sapa bisi duit serta cable enggau org atas (kroni), ia meh nyadi calon, enda penting kaliber, integriti serta niat nulong rakyat.

      Tang pelaba aku, Unggal Alexander tau bebaik meh enggau Dr. Joseph or Ellison, ni nemu tau diberi org nyadi polital/private secretary, laban nyadi calon kira ka udah forgone case. Ia ke penting badu agik belayak enti sama ka meda BN menang. Munyi ko jako Dr JJM empu meh….anang sabotaj pangan diri.

  87. Pending Kerengit says:

    Akai dai! puas ga pending aku tu kebab2 ninga berita kita ke bejaku kepap2 besebutka sapa ti patut nyadi pengari di Ngemah maya bepilih kunsil negeri di deka datai tu. Aku ukai orang bepolitik tang nemu pengawa politik. Dalam perintah demokari ke bendar pengari ke ngarika rakyat bekerejake rakyat ningaka sebana rakyat, mutarka penanggul rakyat, nulung rakyat.

    Di menua kitai Malaysia ditu (nyengkaum di Sarawak) orang ka enggau orang bepolitik laban ngulihka business ngambi kaya bulih reta tengkira. Di menua orang putih orang politik ngaduka administration lalu orang ukai orang business. Enti dua iti tu dipegulaika dia pengawa enda lurus (rasuah) bisi nyadi. Kitai ninga lebih PM meri jaku gerah meri tulung ngagai raung/pintu bilik di Skim Gempuru ungkup sepintu RM12,000 tang dikira ari rega atap, ramu etb semina RM3,000 ngagai RM5,000 aja. Bah! kini ke penunga ke lebihnya.

    Pinta aku ngagai bala ke deka nyadi candidate di Ngemah tauka di sebarang endur, pengari ke minta pilih patut diasuh bejaku antara setengah jam tauka sejam. Madahka nama kebuah iya patut dipilih nyadi pengari, nama langur pengawa ti dikereja iya lalu bakani ku iya ulih nulung mutarka penanggul rakyat di endur iya ti deka minta pilih. Dunya diatu mansang, pengari ke dipilih patut nemu nama utai ke deka diaduka iya ngagai rakyat ke dipigai iya. Iya ke udah2 nadai sida berundingka pengawa tu semina ngira diri empu aja.

    Pengari ke deka minta pilih ngira diri empu aja, nadai ngira rakyat. Tang di sitak Ngemah tauka Kanowit nyamai mimit diputarka beli ka cap langkau udah semua tegiu’ aja, bai ke pala babi, bai ke manuk kena ngulihka undi rakyat. Udah ngirup mabuk semua rindu agi ninga sida bejaku enda tentu menuku.

    Ngagai bala pengundi di Ngemah enda milih sapa ari BN, PKR tauka PCM, pilih pengari ke bejiwa rakyat ukai udah menang enda ingat semina datai ka manchak babi, minta sambut enggau piring tauka sembayang aja. Gone are those days.

  88. anak iban says:

    Ketua Menteri Sarawak Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud hari ini mengumumkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak dibubarkan Isnin ini, dan notis mengenainya telah dihantar kepada Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng

    sama meh kitai meda list of candidates for the coming election…make the right choice..

  89. jthan. says:

    Cukup meh kitai b,talat ke agik, sapa ke jadi calon ba Ngemah (N43) laban udah confirm Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang.Diatu kitai b,runding nama utai ke ka di pintak kitai ba menua diri empu, Project p’masang (development).Just list up your request, Suak ngagai ia udah nya kitai ka meda. Nama utai ke ulih di merik ia ngagai kitak dalam timpoh 5 taun ke ka datai tu ila.Enti kitak puas ati sambung baru gak. Enti kitak enda puas ati dalam timpoh 5 taun ke ka datai tu,ila kitai b’runding baru.
    Enda pia ia, pls. correct me if i,m wrong.

  90. Ambai says:

    selamat ngalih tengahari ka semua…i’m a young voter and i don’t want to waste my time to vote for recycled candidate as i know he’ll lose the seat again. i believe there are new and better candidates emerge, to do their very best to put in a good performance in order to improve in the development and economy.

  91. Orang Bawan. says:

    Three days left, and three days more for Alexander Vincent to taste his 2nd defeat. I can guarantee that. Like Ambai said, don’t waste our time to vote a recycle candidate, and that is one reason. Second, Alexander Vincent been selected by people of Baleh, not people from Bawan, Mapai, Tada, Tuah, Ngemah and etc: To N43 Ngemah seat, not to worry much bcoz the defeat of Alex is defeat of ohang Baleh. We do support BN but not the recycle one. Sorry Dato Seri… thats not our fault…people of Baleh fault. Bawan United.

  92. REBAK BARU says:












  93. mgerinang says:

    Alexander Vincent tetap alah laban iya tu ukai ke bisi penemu ba politik dipeda mata aku. Nama kebuah aku munyi nya? Laban aku udah beratika pengawa enggau gaya iya enggau orang.

    Ambi ka banding, apin ditemu nama pengari Ngemah iya udah belaya enggau J Jawa, E Ludan sereta enggau bala Pegawai Penerangan Kanowit.

    Kedua, iya nadai kala dipeda mai bini lebuh iya ke bejalai. “Behind a successful man, there is always a woman”,. Kala kita ninga ka jaku ke munyi tu.

    Ketiga iya enda nemu begulai enggau orang (PR is very poor) kelimpah ari ti enda tentu pandai bejaku ba mua mayuh.

    Taja pia tau ga diuji baru tang jangka aku iya tu semina nganjung paung diempa jani aja lebuh bepilih sekali tu. YB Adit lama udah tuchum enti Alex bediri baru.

    Nadai ngachau ga wai, lima taun ti ka datai tu ila bediri baru ga iya laban nadai orang bukai lebih pandai sereta layak ari Alexander Vincent di Ngemah!

    • Orang Bawan. says:

      Setuju aku enggau penemu nuan bakih. Alex semadi bc tali barut enggau ohang Baleh meh. Enti pia nadai jalai wai. Udah ga bini Alex tuk cukup sumbong pendapat inat. Baka nya ka nyadi bini YB…wek…! Pegila baru kitai sitak ngemah nemu, nyin langit tuk tanah…

  94. REBAK BARU says:


  95. tuairumah. says:


    nadai jalai DR.JJ ka ngacau kali tok, sigi te peda ku, enti Dr.JJ te ngau pengawa berpilih tok. sigi nyau deposit ngau duit kenak ia bejalai. hehe. Whats ur next retirement PLAN Dr.jj and his cronies? HEHE. OOOHAAAAAA!

  96. REBAK BARU says:




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