Sarawak PRN12,”Names Thrown into the Bag”

What….! Ridiculous and Making Joke of the Situation.

He was absolutely fuming mad and shocked. Why have they got my name included and circulated in the whats-app group, telegram,Facebook and in social media platforms.

Furthermore its even been picked up by an internet portal and speculated to an extend where messages and phone calls are being received to congratulate the person whose name has appeared in the so called “FABRICATED LIST

There was indeed an original list and the one that appeared in the portal was a watered down version not to anger some so it seems. 

anames        Is everyone happy that their name is on the list?

For goodness sake, the former supreme council member of a component party in question was not at all pleased and he even said that the list will further divide the community which took years to bring and build up together the solidarity and unity. 

He even went further and said why the author had to single out the “Bidayuhs’ even and it could be taken as he does have an ulterior motive or by design to help the ‘opposition’ and derail the present GPS Government.

One win he said about the PKR MP Willie Mongin does not necessarily mean the State opposition parties can make inroads into the Bidayuh Hinterland during PRN12. There are always many names thrown into the bag but how many will come out of their ‘comfort zone” and stand to be elected as an assemblyman.

The PH Member of Parliament won in Puncak Borneo due to the wrong candidate being presented ,also the infighting and dropping of some former MPS by a component party. That’s the past and its history for GE14 and for Willie he wished him well.

Are the Bidayuh seats of GPS really up for Grabs or in trouble as we head into PRN12?

The Bidayuh seats are in the semi urban areas and are very accessible to the social media platform and any last minute “HIGHLY VOLATILE ELECTION PROPAGANDA” would overturn any ‘sure win seat’

The concerns are there for the GPS ruling government as PH has also the resources from their Federal counterparts to match them. It would be down to the VOTERS in the constituency and also “influencers or cyborgs” who will play a very BIG DEFINING ROLE.

It will not be an election which will be “A WALK IN THE PARK” for the ruling GPS Coalition as they are on their own now. Previously, they have the backing of a large coalition 13 member team but now its only down to 4. 

Do we need to write further?

Am sure he said next there will be a big list for the Iban and also the Malay-Melanau areas being circulated. The Chinese areas would be highly charged as always as DAP would provide the most stern test for the ruling SUPP/GPS  and PSB Ybs. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to write he said to the audie61 team and question whether Sarawak PH would be using the PH Coalition or individually using DAP,PKR,Amanah and Bersatu logos.

They after all have mentioned that they PH Sarawak have AUTONOMY of their own and are not influenced by Federal.

We shall see wouldn’t we when the time comes. For now, he said he is still very upset and bitter but unlike some who are happy to have their names thrown in.

Let them enjoy the moment was his parting sentence