X-Factor Not only Sells…

 In Peninsular Malaysia it seems the X-factor of video footages of  opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has everyone having an indepth ‘analysis”depending on which political divide you belong. 

In Sarawak its the CM Factor which has the PBB Youth boys going all out to protect their dear leader. PBB youth wings up and down the country in Sarawak are coming hard at their own leader Fadillah Yusof for only putting a small effort against the criticisms of UMNO Youth Chief KJ comments.

 They are very upset,unhappy and going for the jugular and very soon it will come to this.There will be calls and demonstrations asking,”Fadillah time to step down..!!” It’s only a matter of time as PBB will protect their own bastion with the might of their armies.

Our source tells us ,”KJ and Fadillah are good friends and thats why they are not going at each others throats.” Oooh… Well. Politics today you can be friends tomorrow an enemy as in politics its THE MASTER which we serve at the time which makes it all that interesting.

Seems that both these friends are into something bigger and they know time is on their side and seeing off CM will be their ultimate goal. The PBB youth boys who are very much on CMs side are protecting their leader while mosts component party leaders from the top to the bottom are watching the show from the sidelines.

KJ has opened the floodgates and Gan and Chin followed suit in putting their own own planted ‘chilli padi”to serve to CM and his boys. Hot and very bothered the youth wing has come together to be one and those who are neither here nor there” the middle bystanders” will see that their political careers be stucked in LIMBO LAND soon.

SUPP who have losts so much will be all the smarter if the youth wing just come out and support CM instead of turning their guns to seek assistance from Gerakan or MCA for that matter. SUPP is a multi racial party but its more chinese based and they need to change their PERCEPTION. SUPP youth should have lambasted at KJ and everyone will say ‘you youths do have guts” Instead the youth wing of SUPP are seen as pale shadow of yesteryears. 

As a matter of fact some divisional leaders inPBB, SUPP,SPDP,PRS in the Batu Kawah areas have come out to give undivided support to the CM.

N10 SPDP Pending Division through this blog has also expressed its undivided support for CM.He has proven more than capable to lead.He has managed through PBB won 35 seats in the last elections. He has a tremendous record of running Sarawak in all fairness towards religion,opportunities and without any favours towards any one of the many ethnic races in Sarawak. Do we need to say anymore..??

The parties which failed to have a 100% record needs to work harder and find out where they went wrong and why their representatives/candidates are ignored or overlooked by the people.

Don’t just single out the CM Taib..??

 The youth boys will be drumming support for their leader and the call will be for everyone in the cabinet to show their allegiance soon and those half hearted ones will soon find that they will be sidelined. This is poltics and as much as the x factor video is played to all sectors in Malaysia the PBB youth  from within will be out like a pack of wolves hunting down the enemies from within.

This is politics which will not disappear from the Malaysian soil for many years to come. If you are with me you are my friend and if you are against me lets draw swords and killed each other off politically. PBB will need their coalition partners to show their true colours and its high time the TOP leaders come out openly and support instead of being asked to make a “meek noise” here and there.

PBB knows who their real friends are..It’s the X factor


Dont support or the wrong choice/support will get you HUNG


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Some Bloggers simply shoot…!!

It seems many are trying to get on the gravy train or this “one” seriously making a genuine mistake to get himself known. We have been told by some Sarawak bloggers that some government officials just cannot help but try to be one of us. Is he a government official..?? You check up ……not my job  hahaha

Its no easy meat to be a blogger and only those who have SOME haha ‘heart and soul” are considered BLOGGERS but those who try hard to be one are termed just a copy and paste copier machines.

This article on one trying to applepolish on Sarawak CM Taib and giving a hard baseball hit at Chin Su Phin might just get this blogger into some bother if you are to check this article which we have copied. 

Who is this man..??

( former Sabah deputy chief minister Peter Pang En Yin)

Could we be wrong.??.”

Now this article..



Jangan bermain api!  Nanti terbakar diri!Diam-diam anak Sarawak diam berisi. Sebenarnya anak-anak Sarawak sanggup mati demi BN dan para pemimpinnya seperti Pehin Sri Abd Taib Mahmud. Begitulah amaran keras daripada ahli dan penyokong PBB yang disuarakan oleh AMT PBB, Senator Idris Buang. Amaran kepada sesiapa juga ‘orang luar’ yang terlalu kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap pemimpin BN Sarawak.”Ingat! ramai anak-anak Sarawak yang sanggup mati demi BN dan pemimpinnya seperti Abdul Taib kerana pengorbanan, jasa bakti dan sumbangannya kepada Sarawak dan negara”, tegas Idris.Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas kebiadapan Timbalan Presiden Parti Liberal Demokratik Sabah (LDP) Datuk Chin Su Phin pada beberapa hari lalu yang menyatakan kekalahan teruk SUPP adalah kerana masyarakat Cina tidak sukakan Taib justeru Taib harus bertanggungjawab.

Inilah dia Chin Su Pig

“Ini adalah satu penghinaan terhadap rakyat Sarawak khasnya Bumiputera, lebih-lebih lagi ia datang daripada ‘nyamuk’ yang langsung tidak memberikan apa-apa sumbangan kepada kekuatan BN.

“Ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak adil,  hanya kerana keuntungan politik, orang seperti Chin sanggup melemparkan pasir ke mata rakyat Sarawak  yang jelas majoriti daripada mereka masih kukuh di belakang Taib.

“Untuk orang seperti Chin, perkara terbaik untuk dia lakukan sekarang ialah sertai  saja DAP dan biar kami dalam BN ‘tampar’ nyamuk ini yang jelas semakin terjerat oleh perangkap DAP.

“BN tidak memerlukan orang seperti ini yang hanya menjadi duri dalam daging. Just go”, kata Idris.

Yes! Get out…go…go…chow…chow.


OOOoooh well..this does look like a goof up. In the light of events please leave it to the BLOGGERS.

Don’t campur lah…!!! 

This is Chin Su Phin

and this is his resume.Our Sabahan blogger Bugi Wijaya gave us this :-

As a teenager, Su Phin always loved to go to the beach to build home and sandcastle. Little did he realize that 20 years later, he became one of the many successful developers who built homes for sale.

His skill and knowledge in the construction business had won him many acclaims in the construction business. The key to his success is to be able to complete the job within the time frame and be able to provide a good and quality works. To him, this all boils down to having a strong foundation in every levels of works that include team works.

“Building a home requires a team work from the architect, engineer, down to the workers and laborers.”

“The same goes to building a political organization. We must have the understanding from the various teams when carrying out the various responsibilities entrusted upon us by the central leadership,”Su Phin says.

He is happy to note the Party is made up of dedicated and loyal members who have stood by the Party throughout all these years and withstood all the political storms and criticisms from the opposing quarters. A personal sacrifice is called for if anyone would want to be in active party politics. Often this involves some ‘painful’ financial contributions.

For Inanam division chief, Su Phin, it’s a price to pay for loyalty.

Prior to joining the Party in 1990, the 46-year old former Public Works Department technical assistant had a successful business. He could have given full concentration on it and make money all for himself. But instead, he decided to commit himself to the Party and share much of what he has made for its interest.

But he is doing this for a greater purpose.

“I believe in the Party and in its objectives. That’s why I commit myself,” says the developer cum contractor who has recently completed a low-cost housing project in Balung, Tawau.

He notes that anyone who believes in something would be prepared to pay any cost for his commitment. Su Phin has been a Supreme Council member since 1991. Su Phin is married to Helen Wong and they have three children.


“UMNO in Sarawak..??”

Nothing new to report on this subject.

However since PBB still maintains an unprecedented hold of power in their 35 seats allocation one sees no reason to break the stranglehold.As long as the Sarawak remains the BN stronghold UMNO will not want to come in as it might lead to the lost of power in Putrajaya. 31 seats only 2 now in opposition and that is in DAP hands.

It must be noted that UMNO does not need to look into pouring their budget into another State as PBB the BN backbone will be able to handle and deliver the seats to BN. The key remains with Taib and as such everyone is speculating on when and will UMNO come into Sarawak after he relinquishes power.

This article we extract and you will be able to make your own judgement.

The presence of Umno bigwigs and machinery during the BN election campaign in Sarawak has raised questions about the peninsula-based Malay party’s role in the state.NONEUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) political science lecture Andrew Aeria (right)is of the opinion that Umno will eventually move into Sarawak. 

“But I dare not say more. I can’t really see it happening yet but the day (Chief Minister Abdul) Taib (Mahmud) moves away from the scene, there will be some serious moves (into Sarawak by Umno),” he said.

Speaking at a forum on the 10th Sarawak election organised by pollster Merdeka Centre in Selangor last night, Aeria said the possibility of Umno in Sarawak “should not be feared” and that there should be more engagement on this front.

Fellow Unimas political scientist Faisal Syam Hazis said Umno will have a hard time making its case to enter Sarawak after PBB – the local party which represents the Malay-Melanau and Muslim community – won all 35 seats it contested.

This also makes it the party which holds the largest proportion of the Sarawak assembly’s 71 seats.

“For Umno to come in, PBB will have to be dissolved. Sarawak BN, including (Dayak-based) PRS and PBDS will try its best to ensure that Umno stays out,” he said.

For Sarawakians, Umno is still very much the bogeyman. This was exemplified in a billboard during the election campaign, showing three sharks marked DAP, PAS and PKR circling Sarawak, while an unmarked shark was depicted taking a bite out of Sabah.

“You would assNONEume that the unmarked shark is Umno and that Sarawak BN was killing two birds with one stone,” he said to laughter from the audience of about 300.

Whether or not Umno makes a play for Sarawak, Faisal said the fact that BN conceded 16 seats (three times more than 2006) and narrowly won 14 other seats foreshadows strains in federal-state relations.

Ngemah, Telang Usan and Senadin were won with less than 50 percent of votes, while 11 others including Beting Maro, Kedup, Bengoh and Kakus were taken with 50-56 percent of the votes. Most of these seats saw multi-cornered fights.

“With 14 (marginal) seats and 16 seats lost (by BN), there is a genuine threat of losing the two-thirds majority…if the opposition is able to put up a straight fight,” Faisal said.

“The expectation was for Sarawak BN to win 80-90 percent of the seats and when they lost 16 with Taib being the lead cause for that, Kuala Lumpur panicked and called for his head (causing) a strain in federal-state relations from now on.”

PBB power struggle?

However, Faisal believes that Taib will use the fact that he had retained the two-thirds majority support as a reason to stay and will use his succession plan to show Kuala Lumpur who is boss.

bn candidates announcement pbb hq 030411 abang johari“There is a clear indicator that KL wants (PBB deputy chief) Abang Johari (Abang Openg, left) because he is seen as the leader with the less baggage in terms of corruption.

“But Taib was sworn in as chief minister soon after the two-thirds majority was announced, and as a symbolic gesture, the person sitting next to (Taib’s wife that night was PBB vice-president) Awang Tengah.

“Taib is saying: ‘I am not stepping down but even if I do, the choice of a successor is mine. I have been the strongman of Sarawak for 30 years and have delivered the parliamentary seats (to BN) so why should I bow down?’.”

Agreeing with his colleague, Unimas lecturer Neilson Mersat said post-election factional fighting within PBB will be watched for the anticipated “power struggle”, following raised expectations of Taib’s departure.

The chief minister in an interview immediately after results were announced on April 16 had said that he is seeking to retire “mid-term”.

“Whither 1 Malaysia”

We have been receiving a number of smses on the protests of  Perkasa right wing members towards MCA. It wasn’t much towards them but the message of “1Melayu,1Bumi campaign” and a warning that comes with the protests.

Millions of dollars were poured into the campaign of 1Malaysia and it seems at every corner we turn there is a “1 of this and 1 of that” It has caught on and PM is smiling that Malaysians have taken towards the 1 but will not be too happy when there are “warning overtones”

( this extracted from Malaysiakini-the group had handed MCA’s top leadership a four point warning”,

Its supposed to unite the country through cutting out the barriers of multi-racialism,multi-culturalism and multi- ethnicity but not breakup the harmonious and tolerancy towards each others race.

The sms we receive in particular has this,”What abt 1dayak? Or 1Sarawak? Very soon the Chinese will have 1Foochow or 1Hockien and Melanaus will also have theirs 1MukahMelanau,1MatuMelanau while dayaks might have 1BidayuhBau,1BidayuhSerian or even 1Iban Betong, 1Iban Kapit.

What will become of 1Malaysia?

 It’s whithering right and directly under the noses of the Prime Minister Najib who is instrumental in making sure that this campaign will fit into every Malaysian life. It’s his campaign and surely he will not want it to be decimated.   

I received another sms which says the Perkasa boys are like West Ham supporters ‘blowing bubbles” and hoping their team will not be relegated at the end of the season while 1Malaysia Najibs campaign will see Manchester United as Champions for the 19th time. So will you choose Perkasa’s overzealous promotion of utusan malaysia’s brand 1Melayu ,1bumi or Najibs 1Malaysia? WE choose winners right……

Let the newspapers fight their own wars and we as Malaysians should safeguard our national identity of A Multi racial country made up of different races,cultures,religions and where we lived harmoniously side by side in peace.

Malaysia is united and 1Malaysia is here to stay…. 

“Independants Tales of Sarawak Elections 2011…”

41 independants took the field in the last Sarawak State elections and only one(1) came out tops to stand tall. One had a dream to be a GIANT SLAYER while the other took the chance to swap seats at the very last minute and the GODS were smiling towards him.

Tedewin Ngumbang and George Lagong are two very close friends who knew each other from the earlier years in PBDS to PRS. One of them was unceremoniously kicked out from PRS as he was one of the many so called “recalcitrants” who challenged James Masing as the President of PRS and who seconded the motion to “censure” the President using Article V111,clause 19(a)of the Party Constitution . (copied letter to Penolong Pendaftar of ROS on 15th June 2006) The reason for the action taken was to prevent  the party from deregistration.

Would you believe that James will take back George Lagong.This statement,”“Yes he (Lagong) can apply and like the normal process anybody who applies to join PRS we will consider, the Supreme Council will consider…it will be the decision of the party not that of the president,”

George Lagong was once a campaign and operations manager for James Masing in the earlier years in PBDS. In a last minute twists he opted to stand in Pelagus as Independant  instead of in Baleh against James Masing as a SNAP candidate. 

Is there a CONSPIRACY here?

Tedewin meanwhile saw the opportunity that as an independant he could and might have been a power broker in this election.He left PRS as deputy information chief and had everything going in PRS but he blamed ‘Taib’s bullying PRS’ as one of his reason  for him to resign.

He was also known to Jabu as the “gangster’ for being very vocal in the appointments of PRS members in various government agencies and in the portfolios given. He was always holding an ‘invincible sword ready to slit Jabu’s throat”

Tedewin was putting his plans in action looking at some (6)six constituencies where he felt the independants might just have a chance to win. He saw the change in the world order in some developed countries like Australia and New Zealand where independants had a field day.

He pointed out to an article by the STAR on 8th April 2011 where the headline ‘Independants daydreaming” got his heart pumping doubly fast. His wife even told us at audie61,”Tedewin’s got to do what he has to do or else he would have been termed a ‘coward” In the political circles he was even being touted to be financed by James Masing(PRS) and even Awang Tengah(PBB) to see the end of Jabu who has helmed Betong for a good 37 years.

Why was George victorious while Tedewin was humiliated at the polls..?

We know that independants are opposition in their own right and mosts have no clear view and some join in because they strongly oppose a party or a candidate.  Some are even planted to be “vote spoilers” Surely George winning was no freak result and also Tedewin losing so badly when he was termed a giant slayer comes as more than a surprise. There were even smses received from Tedewins friends “believe kah Tedewin only received 170 votes? Your comments please”

We met Tedewin at 9898 coffeshop his favourite haunt where we wanted to “tahpow-takeaway“our “ayam penyek”.Tedewin said in this constituency of 8109 N31 Layar the turnout of 5934 voted for BN Alred Jabu 3703,PKR Stanley Embat 1787,SNAP Joe Unggang  183 and Ngumbang @Kibak Datu (ind) 170.

He said his sources said Jabu was so afraid that he capitalise on the government machinery and also his personal wealth to ensure that the pulls through. Tedwein said he can ‘walk tall” as before the 6th of April he was informed by his sources in Betong that Jabu has called him to come infront of many “tuai rumahs and penghulus “and take Jabu on. He came to the nomination centre and Jabus face was even darker than charcoal.

There was also a dispute on the nomination form where Jabu put his profession as Deputy Chief Minister. Technically this is wrong and Stanley,Joe and Tedewin voiced their dissatisfation with the returning officer. On another day Jabu would not have made it and he could thank his lucky stars he stands to serve another day in the cabinet says Tedewin.

Tedewin had nearly 200 working for him voluntarily and even had funds from supporters overseas to assist him in this campaign. Its not cheap he said to us and everyone needs to be paid especially the fuel and food. We also have to pay for accomodation to house our supporters from outside. He said he must have spent in totality close to nearly 300K. Imagine what Jabu would have spent? Your guess is as good as mine. One person even said,”Jabu must have spent nearly close to 20 semi detached houses and thats hell of a lot of dough you know.”

Jabu’s campaign manager has the Accurate and Precise Information right.??

 170 votes for the amount spent could sent any sane man thinking its not worthwile but for Tedewin it was money used and spent to exorcise the ghosts as if it could have been a “penalty miss” We went down fighting and he said he only returned yesterday and he thanked his supporters with a dinner function.

He meant well but it was a distant too far and to come fourth after all the promises by the people who voted Tedewin can anytme return back home to Betong with his head “held high”.He said it was a good move to see who your friends and relatives are or by your side.

George he said,” slayed both PRS and PKR candidates and he secured 5740 beating Stanley Nyitar @ Unja Malang of BN/PRS 2903 and Edward Sumbang Asun (PKR) 1171 with a mjority of 2837 in Pelagus with a voter strength of 15322.  The turnout was 9986.  

George made used of the “hidden hands” which was very instrumental in getting him into office. Of course the recent spat with some personalities which James has openly gone against did assisted George more than he could have imagined. James has also said the amount of money flowed into and used by the independant was something which must be investigated. 

George had also used his experience in the last parliamentary elections to good use. He knew some friends betrayed him openly in the lasts elections and knew that only family which are close can be trusted. He used the connections which he has built through the years being with the Assemblyman of Pelagus Larry Sng to his greatest advantage.

Larry’s nomination which was thrown out by PRS was the trump card. He knew the people of Pelagus is still very much a favourite with the voters and Larrys workload and dedication to the constituency was second to none. They saw in George something similar and George even had “cheques” drawn out “some reliable source” to assist minor immediate problems during campaigning.

Both the independants have different task at hand and George after failing but coming so close in the last parliamentary knew he had to break his duck. Tedewin had a different agenda and he was using his grandparents past history to assist him.There was too much negative talk about him in the political circle for him even to dream of not standing. 

Their own personal agendas plus substancial backing from behind was enough for them to go for it.After the 16th of April George was elected as the New Peoples Representative for N54 Pelagus  while Tedewin lived to fight another day for a seat in N31 Layar. Both of them have been badly bruised but the Gods smiled at George for reasons which the constituency will  find out in due course.

We are keeping QUIET…. 

“KJ 1st, Now Gan,Next..?”

KJ seems to have ruffled a few feathers with his statement just immediatedly after the BN coalition has received a fresh mandate in his tweet. It was enough to draw a direct reaction from Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief on how KJ should justs “handcuffed his fingers” as he is an MP and UMNO youth Chief”. He should have left his BB in his pocket. 

The result,”He has not taken into account the sensitiveness of stepping on SUPP’s shoes and maybe facing the wrath of the party as a whole.

We tweeted today against MCA Gan Ping Sieu Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports,”1st KJ made statement now MCA Gan parroting same tune on CM Taib.KEEP OUT AND STAY OUT. Pbb knows what to do.Both of you go help SUPP

Tweet you are only afforded 140 words but this is the actual perception of what we intended to deliver across..

“What we meant is that if both of you KJ and Gan sincerely meant well stay in Sarawak for 3 months or more temporarily and see how you can assist SUPP in their hour of need or whether SUPP needs your help. A big question mark (?) here.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon and harp on the single subject of “Taib is the cause of the loss of Chinese seats.” Well what happens if MCA losses badly again and UMNO wins more you call for Najib to step aside too?

The main problem is within the party itself and all arrows should be directed towards the party SUPP.Why Taib..?? 

The Chinese electorate has a way of passing the message across to their leaders and they must realise that all is not rosy and well.

The Dewan Undangan speaker Wan Junaid Tuianku Jaafar also called detractors of CM Taib to leave him alone. He was asked on KJ views and he said,” He believed the transition of power must be planned properly and that the process for a new leader to take over was ‘now in progress.” The process of grooming the new CM has to go through the party(PBB) itself because our members need to know if he is the favourite (leader)

Views from the grassroots are also important to ensure that the succession plan can run smoothly.”

Wan Junidi said KJ had no right to speak or to give suggestions on this matter for two reasons.Firstly,he was ‘just an outsider” and secondly he did not have in depth knowledge of politics in the state.” 

Now the political game gets murkier and there are rumblings on the ground that some BN YBs are working out a coup to detrone CM Taib as played out by a blogger rajahmas in his blog and also another alternative which some billionaires are working on are the 36 v 35 equation which http://whizzekid.wordpress.com  had written.

We do live in interesting times and Aziz Adenan the Youth Information has every right to issue this Press statement on the night it was tweeted,”We are dissappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011.”



GE13 ” We Are Ready..!!”

There has been so much negative analysis that the Federal Barisan National is and will not be ready for the GE13. The main reason is the drop of popular vote for BN from 63% to 55% and also the growing influence of the opposition in the semi-urban areas.

 The PM Najib has not been given a frsh mandate yet and what he has says a political observer is,”making use of the government of Abdullah Badawi former PM of Malaysia. Najib needs a fresh and a very convincing mandate and he needs to do it fast.

He is also a PM who has not gone to the people within a year in office. Previous PM”s have very quickly asserted their own style with his own people serving him directly.” No matter how he reshuffles the cabinet it will still be recognise as Abdullah’s mandate and as such Najib needs to get rid of this tag which still holds onto his coat tails. The BN machinery is ready to face the opposition and the longer Najib holds on the worse it will be for him.

The fact remains,”The opposition will use all the time they have available to make inroads into BN’s bastion and as such the BN should strike while the Pakatan are looking at all angles to regroup and fight back.”

 Its like going into the football field thinking that the opposition has so many star players and your legs shiver and your body can”t move and you are a pale shadow of yourself. If BN are united as a group and coalition which sticks together like a bunch of bamboo sticks no one can break it up unless it loosens from inside. 

The Sarawak State elections does not determine the opposition are that strong that Najib is afraid. The whole country will have a GE and everyone in their respective States will be involved and as such the “winnable and right candidate” is and will be the peoples choice. BN and Pakatan will give their all but it will be the PEOPLE who will have the final say. Najib don’t wait too long or else the opposition will have too much firepower to end your tenure as Prime Minister Of Malaysia. 

GE13 Sarawak is ready to do battle …..

KJ “Misquoted or Talking Fingers…”

Oh No… Khairy! You have tweeted 14951 times as of 19th April 2011 but your 14906 tweet on 16th April 2011 did not go down well with Abdul Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief. Your engagement with your twitter followers of  36325 ( increasing all the time) on the outcome of the 10th Sarawak State Election has opened up a barrage of criticisms and words which are unpublishable here.(hmmm..excuse me.)

Khairy Jamaluddin who is UMNO Youth Chief and also MP for Rembau tweeted.”In the cold light of the day although we won,we suffered our biggests losses ever in Sarawak.So,Putrajaya ,we have a problem. Face Facts.”

Lets think rationally and dissect the statement which was tweeted just immediatedly after knowing the result. Khairy is very quick and he moves too swiftly at times for his own good. His followers have trouble catching up with him but there are some who knows how to read between the lines. They are with him as UMNO Youth Chief but waiting for him to make the wrong move to slaughter him and in the process stopping him from climbing further up the UMNO ladder.

Aziz Adenan is not too dissimilar and he knows a thing or two more than those who are around him. He helps those who are not good at this subject and learns quickly to cop up with his own weaknesses.He was brought up by learning and looking at how his parents work their magic in the press/media and political circles. Aziz is more media savvy with the press unlike Khairy who must realise that the bottomless pit is staring at him if he continues making unnecessary statements in his tweets. 

We are not trying to play the peacemaker here but as political leaders we have a right to come out with the right statement and not justs blasting out as and when we feel we must do. Politicians are the peoples voice but when they simply blah blah blah they will in time be even labelled and given the honour of being ” TOO EGOISTIC AND POWER HUNGRY ” 

We dont know Khairy too well but know enough to paint a picture of him. Those who are closely associated with him knows that he is a man in a hurry and he will stop at nothing to overcome those who put a barrier infrontof him.

It is not wrong for Aziz to issue this statement to the press,”We are disappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011” Aziz is doing what any good politician knows what is bests for his country.

Aziz continued,”his lack of knowledge of history or sensitivity towards Sarawak Barisan national component parties. Aziz also said that Khairy’s comment has an element of inciting division between Putrajaya and Sarawak

Khairy you need to EXPLAIN FURTHER ……

Khairy you need to Say Sorry to SUPP……

Khairy you need to ask WHY YOU SAID THAT….

There are many who are baying for your blood Khairy and unless you put it right this 2011 Sarawak State elections will come back and haunt you. We are not psychic but…

We at audie61 squad are always available and we know justs a little thing or two more when you approach the local territories ,terrain and not forgetting local customs plus traditions . A KL advertisng firm in Kuching for a candidate found it a little too late when they took no notice of us. Its the candidates loss and he cant explain it to his bosses.

On another note we remember one particular blogger who even said,”I was the person who brought KJ down” Did he tell you in the face KJ..??

Big No and please dont get offended. Khairy as UMNO Youth Chief you need to put the wrong perceptions about you right and learn from one master in the person of CM Taib,”Swallow your pride and you will be a better person in time to come.” It is proven right in Sarawak and 35 PBB seats intact in the 2011 elections is no mean feat.

Khairy or KJ your call now….. 

Sarawak “It’s a TEAM Effort….”

In any field of work there must be competition and “one”must also not stand alone. I remember very well the words echoed out by the former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ” No man Is An Island ” and these words have stucked with me till today.

 One musts also know that great footballers today like Messi (Barcelona) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) will not be able to play in their respective teams if the rests of the team just don’t want to pass the ball to them.

We worked and toiled like any team and of course we needed advices from our coaches in PBB and UMNO New Media Unit to guide us through. It was well worth the effort and the commitment shown was second to none by our bloggers.twitterers,graphic artists and facebookers.

 We are not selling ourselves but reminding people out there in the blogsphere the existence of this TEAM and willing to put in long hours and making sure the messages are received all the way to the ground.


and we are here to assist anyone who needs our services…..

SUPP “The sunset years No.1….?”

 We are in the process of compiling an overall true picture of what has happen to SUPP and why it has not got the “clear mandate” from the Chinese Community. There are more than a thousand “WHYS” and “IFS” but the truth is it has fallen from a giant to a mere mosquito party. The Chinese have rejected the party in droves and if the Dayak YBs did not deliver SUPP will have only 2 Assemblyman. Doesn’t that have similarities like the Peninsular based party “Gerakan..??”

audie61 had breakfast with a senior political veteran and he suggested that the independant candidate George Lagong be ‘roped” into SUPP as Pelagus has many SUPP members. It will be good for SUPP and maybe in the next State elections the urban seats can be exchanged with other component parties. This audie61 played up many ‘moons ago” and it was suggested even to give Pending seat to PRS Batu Lintang to  SPDP and Kota Sentosa to PBB in exchange for other safe seats for SUPP.

Who knows what might have happened? The allocation of seats is by concensus and as such no one should make full claim of the seats. (This should be seriously considered by the BN coalition as SUPP has losts the seats twice already. Other seats should also be looked into and a clear cut one would be Kidurong.

We would not be well loved by SUPP members but reality hurts and the members must know how to swallow their pride. James Masing  President of PRS swallowed his pride as told by CM Taib and look where he is now.The second largest component party in Sarawak. SPDP had some minor problems in infighting and this played a little paert in the loss of the two seats.”Krian and Ba’Kelalan”.The power sharing concept was losts in Krian as told by sources on the ground.

PBB remains solid eventhough there were minor skirmishes here and there. They were unafraid to seek assistance from other component parties in the areas which they had problems in and maybe SUPP needs to learn a thing or two from them. If SUPP does not pull up their socks we would not be be writing the “sunset years No.1.”

It would be SUPP “The Return of a GREAT PARTY” 

It’s up to the BN coalition to do an indepth research and come up with the realistic facts and figures on the fallen of SUPP. There is nothing more to hide and please the politicians in SUPP as the mandate from the people is clear and seemingly LOUD in the ballot boxes. We will on our part be truthful as we have collected the facts plus datas and as such some divisions are in for a good hiding from us at audie61. The sunset years No.2 will be no holds barred ,straight and cooked from the oven.  

SUPP remember we said “wake up in our earlier article………………….check it up..