GE13 ” We Are Ready..!!”

There has been so much negative analysis that the Federal Barisan National is and will not be ready for the GE13. The main reason is the drop of popular vote for BN from 63% to 55% and also the growing influence of the opposition in the semi-urban areas.

 The PM Najib has not been given a frsh mandate yet and what he has says a political observer is,”making use of the government of Abdullah Badawi former PM of Malaysia. Najib needs a fresh and a very convincing mandate and he needs to do it fast.

He is also a PM who has not gone to the people within a year in office. Previous PM”s have very quickly asserted their own style with his own people serving him directly.” No matter how he reshuffles the cabinet it will still be recognise as Abdullah’s mandate and as such Najib needs to get rid of this tag which still holds onto his coat tails. The BN machinery is ready to face the opposition and the longer Najib holds on the worse it will be for him.

The fact remains,”The opposition will use all the time they have available to make inroads into BN’s bastion and as such the BN should strike while the Pakatan are looking at all angles to regroup and fight back.”

 Its like going into the football field thinking that the opposition has so many star players and your legs shiver and your body can”t move and you are a pale shadow of yourself. If BN are united as a group and coalition which sticks together like a bunch of bamboo sticks no one can break it up unless it loosens from inside. 

The Sarawak State elections does not determine the opposition are that strong that Najib is afraid. The whole country will have a GE and everyone in their respective States will be involved and as such the “winnable and right candidate” is and will be the peoples choice. BN and Pakatan will give their all but it will be the PEOPLE who will have the final say. Najib don’t wait too long or else the opposition will have too much firepower to end your tenure as Prime Minister Of Malaysia. 

GE13 Sarawak is ready to do battle …..