KJ “Misquoted or Talking Fingers…”

Oh No… Khairy! You have tweeted 14951 times as of 19th April 2011 but your 14906 tweet on 16th April 2011 did not go down well with Abdul Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief. Your engagement with your twitter followers of  36325 ( increasing all the time) on the outcome of the 10th Sarawak State Election has opened up a barrage of criticisms and words which are unpublishable here.(hmmm..excuse me.)

Khairy Jamaluddin who is UMNO Youth Chief and also MP for Rembau tweeted.”In the cold light of the day although we won,we suffered our biggests losses ever in Sarawak.So,Putrajaya ,we have a problem. Face Facts.”

Lets think rationally and dissect the statement which was tweeted just immediatedly after knowing the result. Khairy is very quick and he moves too swiftly at times for his own good. His followers have trouble catching up with him but there are some who knows how to read between the lines. They are with him as UMNO Youth Chief but waiting for him to make the wrong move to slaughter him and in the process stopping him from climbing further up the UMNO ladder.

Aziz Adenan is not too dissimilar and he knows a thing or two more than those who are around him. He helps those who are not good at this subject and learns quickly to cop up with his own weaknesses.He was brought up by learning and looking at how his parents work their magic in the press/media and political circles. Aziz is more media savvy with the press unlike Khairy who must realise that the bottomless pit is staring at him if he continues making unnecessary statements in his tweets. 

We are not trying to play the peacemaker here but as political leaders we have a right to come out with the right statement and not justs blasting out as and when we feel we must do. Politicians are the peoples voice but when they simply blah blah blah they will in time be even labelled and given the honour of being ” TOO EGOISTIC AND POWER HUNGRY ” 

We dont know Khairy too well but know enough to paint a picture of him. Those who are closely associated with him knows that he is a man in a hurry and he will stop at nothing to overcome those who put a barrier infrontof him.

It is not wrong for Aziz to issue this statement to the press,”We are disappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011” Aziz is doing what any good politician knows what is bests for his country.

Aziz continued,”his lack of knowledge of history or sensitivity towards Sarawak Barisan national component parties. Aziz also said that Khairy’s comment has an element of inciting division between Putrajaya and Sarawak

Khairy you need to EXPLAIN FURTHER ……

Khairy you need to Say Sorry to SUPP……

Khairy you need to ask WHY YOU SAID THAT….

There are many who are baying for your blood Khairy and unless you put it right this 2011 Sarawak State elections will come back and haunt you. We are not psychic but…

We at audie61 squad are always available and we know justs a little thing or two more when you approach the local territories ,terrain and not forgetting local customs plus traditions . A KL advertisng firm in Kuching for a candidate found it a little too late when they took no notice of us. Its the candidates loss and he cant explain it to his bosses.

On another note we remember one particular blogger who even said,”I was the person who brought KJ down” Did he tell you in the face KJ..??

Big No and please dont get offended. Khairy as UMNO Youth Chief you need to put the wrong perceptions about you right and learn from one master in the person of CM Taib,”Swallow your pride and you will be a better person in time to come.” It is proven right in Sarawak and 35 PBB seats intact in the 2011 elections is no mean feat.

Khairy or KJ your call now….. 

16 thoughts on “KJ “Misquoted or Talking Fingers…”

  1. kj says:

    stupid west malaysian fellow…Should look at themself in the WEST before speaking abt others in the East….if its not for the revenue and resources collected from the eastern states, those in the west would not be standing where they are now…Empty can makes the most noise!

    • looes74 says:

      What about Najib to ask Taib to ffuck off then? Why shouldn’t PBB demand explanation from UMNO Najib? Or is it Taib is colluding with Mooh Mooh in getting rid of Najib?

      It’s good to see both of them fight. That’s how SNAP slump. Divide & Rule Hehehehe

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: Just like this ‘V’ aliens movie!!! nothing is FREE in this world n their mission n their No.1 priority is to CONTROL EVERYTHING when times come…..even your ‘1 seluar dalam’ !!!!?

    • looes74 says:

      Ho Ho Ho,
      Perhaps we should psycho audie61 not to be so sure that UMNO on the side of PRS. UMNO screw audie61 dry dry big time

  3. RichBoxII says:

    I am curious. Why did BN Sarawak allow UMNO to come in and campaign. Not only campaign, the racist Perkasa and Mat Rempits were running amok, but no one from UMB and PBB complain.

    • looes74 says:

      We should ask Audie61 team……..Taib should have given Najib & UMNO the middle finger from day one….Sarawak for Sarawakians mah

  4. EX-SUPP says:

    UMNO all get panic at what turned out from Sarawak election. The 100% safe fixed deposit is now at risk. Using tons of Ringgits and billions of promised projects, they managed to captured gloriously in PBB own best chosen areas, but the crush on the SUPP fortress is sending an alarming message to them and an encouragement to all those who will continue to support the effort to crush also BN-UMNO and MCA in the west peninsular

  5. beritamu says:

    Audie61 as well known political consultant , what is your opinion on the call by Utusan for 1 Melayu and 1 Bumi movement,not 1 Malaysia mooted by Najib to protest the gaining supports of Chinese toward opposition with slogan ” Ubah “in the just concluded Swak state election.

    • looes74 says:

      We should ask Audie61 team the hard truths……What the hell UMNO doing on Sarawak soils? Who the ffuck is UMNO?

      Sarawakians are like the scots…..beri independent minded. What happen to all these qualities

      Be a man. Be a devil in skirt. Always ready for action

  6. RichBoxII says:

    This is what you call whinning. If not for fraud, SPR and PDRM who are now component parties of BN, you think BN can keep the 2/3 majority. I will lick Taib’s ass if he can.

  7. EX-SUPP says:

    IN many Dayak majority areas, the candidates’s crony and gang of Councillors and Tuai Rumah start delivery of Cash Money Ringgit from 0900 PM onwards till the next morning. This is popularly done in the midst of BN calling themselves clean and not resorting to VOTE BUYING and MONEY POLITIC. This is the biggest and easiest tacts used by BN in Sarawak – regarding the majority bumiputra voters as cheap and easy

    Succesffuly, many councillors and tuai rumahs have gained for themselves POCKET FULL of gain aftyer selling their souls, spirit and rights to BN. Soon you will see some are changing new cars, renovating their houses and hu hu ha ha drinking the urine from BN

  8. BN-9 to 5 says:

    Polling is over. Let go back to normal live bearing in mind what we have observed and learnt that 1 week. Check all the promises made both from BN and PR

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