BN “SUPP “S” Factor…….!!

Its not too often that we can come across something which is so significant. SUPP should bless their LUCKY STARS that there are still “some” supporters left that are willing to stand beside them and help them in their hour of need.

A political analyst said to audie61,”just can’t imagine how come SUPP members are not coming all out to help in N9,N10,N11. I can’t imagine why SUPP is finding it so difficult to attract even their members to come out in droves.

Last night the “team” went down on the ground to check on a DAP ceramah at 101 shopping area in Kuching. Well,cars were lined up on both sides of the road and gauging by the turnout it seems that SUPP will have some difficulties again unless they come up with a more than “CREATIVE and ADVENTUROUS WAY” of  pulling in the crowd.

It’s no use using outside creative minds when they are so many ‘available talents and able working personnels” in Kuching. A BN candidate from a semi/urban area even commented that these “outside” help should stay in the background as he has experienced “cleaning up the dirt they left behind. The locals will feel betrayed and they are not even sought out to help as if they are looked down upon. It’s a BIG BIG MISTAKE for local based parties to think that locals are not good enough.

Don’t SUPP know…??

Anyway to cheer up some SUPP unbelievers this might just make your day. “S” factor also means the Kuchingnites in SUPP are dead Serious. A division SUPP member even said we must give positive vibes but amongst your ranks they are so many unhappy and dissatisfied and left out members. Its time for personal and caring touch to your own members.

If they are not fully utilised it will mean  even the S Power Rangers are sure to


 Believe it and call up all your members. its time to fight back and SINK AND SWIM together.



BN “I Only WANNA be with You……”

A middle aged woman voter from Bandar Kuching sent me an email,”audie61 I was born in 1976 and my mum who was their fan was always singing “I wanna to be with you” As long as we are together I don’t care .” I have  just given birth to a daughter and I am saying to her too. Its catchy and i am humming this song to my daughter.

BN has been in power for 47 years in Sarawak and good or bad they are in mosts peoples blood. Each moment of the day I will look back and reflect the development plans that the Sarawak State legislators have done to our State Sarawak. There are times we do get angry with BN but its not all the time. Nothing is not done when we ask. But when we requests the BN to do things for us it must be within reasons.

This is not a propaganda and I am sharing this to all as much as my mum love this song I too am humming to this tune to my daughter. You have your choice and I have mine. Just lets enjoy to the tune of Les, Eric, Derek, Alan, Woody, Ian and Pat. Hope you have a GOOD DAY…!