Pakatan/BN Crucial 72 Hours.

The last leg of the “year long and wait” instead of the 10 days campaigning by political parties and their candidates will draw to a close soon. The last 72 hours and countdown will be very crucial to turn the mindsets of the fence-sitters to vote for the respective party which they will feel comfortable with.

 No one knows where the tide will turn as the people are now well informed. They have a choice. They will give a mandate to the candidate of their choice. It’s up to the political parties machinery and campaigners to turn the tide towards their candidates.

The amount of information filtering through should reach ground-zero by now and the voters must be  already”zombied” to vote the candidate of their choice. There must not be room for even the slightest question mark on which party they will mark on polling day.

Two contrasting statements which has hit the “morning coffeshop sphere” are 1.Toilet roll for 5 years in urban areas and 2. Local based parties against West Malaysian parties in PKR,DAP and PAS.

A phone call from a member of our team audie61 said that people in the urban areas are saying “If we receive some “donation’ for our votes it will be useful. It should be enough to buy ‘toilet rolls’ for 5 years. Whoever gives be it Pakatan group or BN we will receive with both hands. It’s after all our money and those in power are only tasked to look after ‘our treasury”. It’s like a bonus and we will not run out of toilet papers.

Isn’t it a good idea..? Short of saying,‘we are buying votes”

There has been many election speeches but the BN local parties should just capitalise on Sarawak for Sarawakians slogan. Its enough to get through the minds of the people in Sarawak especially so the parites fielding the local candidates are from Peninsula. If they win they will report still to the ‘masters” who are all West Malaysians.

 In Sarawak, our CM is given the full autonomy to run the State of Sarawak and Federal leaders needs to consult him in anything on State matters. Will the Pakatan leader be given that mandate? They are already strung by the neck it seems and even before they take power and run the offices they are under control from Peninsular leaders.

The CM has been the focal point of attacks and he has taken it on the chin eventhough there has been ‘personal”attacks by Azmin Ali in a ceramah about his choice of marrying a foreign wife instead of a ‘local lady” He even said to entice the local crowd,”local girls are beautiful and charming” and in so many words it means,”ladies your pek moh doesn’t even care about the local girls and why should you all vote for his BN team..?”

It’s a personal issue especially of taking your partner and who are we to question the lady he chooses? Would you like us to question you,”why you marry that lady or that man..?” Its in the eyes of the beholder and everyone in the market knows,”when one is sick and bedridden only the wife knows while the girlfriend will only know how to say ‘get well fast and I need to shop for designer items to look good.”

Azmin scoring political mileage is one thing but being personal is way below the belt. Drawing the crowds to laughter is only for comedy shows and talk shows not on a political arena and ceramah. How did Hitler do it..?? Ask yourself that and only maybe you will be as good as your mentor Anwar.

The next 72 hours and counting down will be crucial on who has the mandate to run the legislative assembly for the next 5 years. Its all still very much in the mix and the choice remains with the voters. Its a choice they have to take as they make their way to the ballot boxes on Saturday 16th of April 2011.

BN or Pakatan you decide…