“Whither 1 Malaysia”

We have been receiving a number of smses on the protests of  Perkasa right wing members towards MCA. It wasn’t much towards them but the message of “1Melayu,1Bumi campaign” and a warning that comes with the protests.

Millions of dollars were poured into the campaign of 1Malaysia and it seems at every corner we turn there is a “1 of this and 1 of that” It has caught on and PM is smiling that Malaysians have taken towards the 1 but will not be too happy when there are “warning overtones”

( this extracted from Malaysiakini-the group had handed MCA’s top leadership a four point warning”,

Its supposed to unite the country through cutting out the barriers of multi-racialism,multi-culturalism and multi- ethnicity but not breakup the harmonious and tolerancy towards each others race.

The sms we receive in particular has this,”What abt 1dayak? Or 1Sarawak? Very soon the Chinese will have 1Foochow or 1Hockien and Melanaus will also have theirs 1MukahMelanau,1MatuMelanau while dayaks might have 1BidayuhBau,1BidayuhSerian or even 1Iban Betong, 1Iban Kapit.

What will become of 1Malaysia?

 It’s whithering right and directly under the noses of the Prime Minister Najib who is instrumental in making sure that this campaign will fit into every Malaysian life. It’s his campaign and surely he will not want it to be decimated.   

I received another sms which says the Perkasa boys are like West Ham supporters ‘blowing bubbles” and hoping their team will not be relegated at the end of the season while 1Malaysia Najibs campaign will see Manchester United as Champions for the 19th time. So will you choose Perkasa’s overzealous promotion of utusan malaysia’s brand 1Melayu ,1bumi or Najibs 1Malaysia? WE choose winners right……

Let the newspapers fight their own wars and we as Malaysians should safeguard our national identity of A Multi racial country made up of different races,cultures,religions and where we lived harmoniously side by side in peace.

Malaysia is united and 1Malaysia is here to stay….