“Bukan lu Punya Bapa Duit lah James Masing..!!”

Oooo Haaa..Billion, Billion said the former and late Chief Minister Adenan. Did he mention anything about USING UP ALL  our State Reserves or did the former Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. 

ajamesThey all left their office leaving the state healthy economically and able to withstand any emergencies.

Does he want the current CM Abang Jo to be ‘weak and listen’ to him alone and nobody else?  

Is the call now 31 Billion to be use to misappropriate the State’s coffers for political gains and survival? If it is, it is for personal gains and personal agendas which the State administrators must clip the ear of the DCM Masing or stop him for creating more damage to the ruling coalition. 

31 Billion  It has been revealed by the DCM of all people to all Sarawakians . Wow!!! Does he need to say that to please his party members and supporters that he will fight ‘tooth and nail” to ensure that his rural constituencies are safe from attacks by the Pakatan Harapan in the next PRN12.


This is extracted from a local daily. ,”

According to him, the money should be spent by the Sarawak government before the next election which must be held by 2021. He feared that if the money is not spent before the Sarawak election it would be used by the new government if Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) loses power.

“When they (the new government) use the money for development they will look good in the eyes of Sarawakians but the fact is that the money does not belong to them and we worked hard to earn that money which is being kept in the reserves. We must use the money now to develop Sarawak,” he emphasised.

Aiyoyo!!! netcitizens have come out lambasting him and some even suggested that he is replaced to be a Deputy Chief Minister and let him fight his own war without the government of the day behind him.

This is a statement RM31 bln state reserves” United People’s Party (UPP) is appalled that a Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, namely Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing, would suggest that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) spends the RM31 billion state reserves ‘to win the hearts of Sarawakians’ and ‘ensure GPS stays in power’.

Its secretary-general George Lo stressed that the state reserves were savings built up over decades and were kept to ensure financial security for the future generations.

“With all due respect to Masing, that suggestion is ridiculous and is unworthy of any state official, much less a Deputy Chief Minister. The reserves belong to the people of Sarawak. They do not belong to GPS or any political party,” he said in a statement issued today.

The Malay Mail picked up the story and PBB Vice President Karim Hamzah was quick to even mention that its time to change the leader of PRS 



This would also be a body blow for James Masing as he sees his days are numbered or is it?

Monday 19th June, 2018.

Dear Datuk James Masing,

I have read many ludicrous comments from Sarawak YBs over the last two months but your suggestion that the State GPS Government “spend all of Sarawak’s 31 Billion Ringgit Reserves before the next State Election in 2021” for fear that “it will be used by the new government if GPS loses power”, is a prime demonstration of acute irresponsibility and arrogance.
Reserves are savings for a rainy day, only to be used in a financial emergency for the welfare of Sarawakians.

Your statement angers me and insults the people of Sarawak. How dare you think Sarawak’s reserves are for the State Govt to dispense with based on a fixed timeline and ulterior motive? Yours is a ‘scorched earth’ policy, that is to leave the next state govt with a crippled balance sheet – it’s a despicable and unacceptable intention.

There is not a single line in your statement that has any semblance of intelligence or humility. I believe you have single-handedly destroyed the last benefit of doubt accorded to the newly announced GPS State Govt. You have unwittingly exposed your dubious character to the people of Sarawak. I am deeply concerned. Your behaviour puts Sarawak’s economy and Sarawakians at risk.

Mr. Deputy Chief Minister, for want of a better term, you are now a state liability. You should apologise to Sarawakians or resign. It’s your only chance to save any remaining credibility you may have.

Sincerely Disappointed,
Alex Stamrock Wong.


Does James know that even the state governments of Selangor and Penang when they were Opposition State they too have reserves? 

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