SUPP “The sunset years No.1….?”

 We are in the process of compiling an overall true picture of what has happen to SUPP and why it has not got the “clear mandate” from the Chinese Community. There are more than a thousand “WHYS” and “IFS” but the truth is it has fallen from a giant to a mere mosquito party. The Chinese have rejected the party in droves and if the Dayak YBs did not deliver SUPP will have only 2 Assemblyman. Doesn’t that have similarities like the Peninsular based party “Gerakan..??”

audie61 had breakfast with a senior political veteran and he suggested that the independant candidate George Lagong be ‘roped” into SUPP as Pelagus has many SUPP members. It will be good for SUPP and maybe in the next State elections the urban seats can be exchanged with other component parties. This audie61 played up many ‘moons ago” and it was suggested even to give Pending seat to PRS Batu Lintang to  SPDP and Kota Sentosa to PBB in exchange for other safe seats for SUPP.

Who knows what might have happened? The allocation of seats is by concensus and as such no one should make full claim of the seats. (This should be seriously considered by the BN coalition as SUPP has losts the seats twice already. Other seats should also be looked into and a clear cut one would be Kidurong.

We would not be well loved by SUPP members but reality hurts and the members must know how to swallow their pride. James Masing  President of PRS swallowed his pride as told by CM Taib and look where he is now.The second largest component party in Sarawak. SPDP had some minor problems in infighting and this played a little paert in the loss of the two seats.”Krian and Ba’Kelalan”.The power sharing concept was losts in Krian as told by sources on the ground.

PBB remains solid eventhough there were minor skirmishes here and there. They were unafraid to seek assistance from other component parties in the areas which they had problems in and maybe SUPP needs to learn a thing or two from them. If SUPP does not pull up their socks we would not be be writing the “sunset years No.1.”

It would be SUPP “The Return of a GREAT PARTY” 

It’s up to the BN coalition to do an indepth research and come up with the realistic facts and figures on the fallen of SUPP. There is nothing more to hide and please the politicians in SUPP as the mandate from the people is clear and seemingly LOUD in the ballot boxes. We will on our part be truthful as we have collected the facts plus datas and as such some divisions are in for a good hiding from us at audie61. The sunset years No.2 will be no holds barred ,straight and cooked from the oven.  

SUPP remember we said “wake up in our earlier article………………….check it up..

7 thoughts on “SUPP “The sunset years No.1….?”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Dr Mahathir and UMNO will always try to mislead Malaysians especially the non Chinese into believing that DAP has been a racist party and exports its racist politic to East Malaysia. The Chinese in Sarawak and hopefully Sabah had spoken loud and clear that they had rejected Sapu Malaysia which Nagypt has tried to disguise as Satu Malaysia. We want a corrupt free multi racial Malaysia and not a highly corrupted, abusive, repressive and oppressive Sapu Malaysia under the UMNO controlled BN regime.

    Urban voters in Sarawak had just said NO, not only to thief minister Taib Mahmud but had also said NO to the corrupted, abusive, repressive and oppressive UMNO controlled BN government.

  2. beritamu says:

    SUPP made a great mistake by not audie 61 and team as political consultant in the polls.

    Chinese are worst than foreigners even in home soil.

    UiTM offers 10% of places to foreign students but NOT non-bumi students as once suggested by MB Selangor.

    This is one good example of superficial 1 Malaysia or Chinese say wan-wan Malaysia or literally means main-main Malaysia

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: This sick old wolf dr mamak tiu tiu + kutusan @ sai paper + katak i’bra’him HEART ATTACK goons very PREDICTABLE for sure cannot ‘tahan’ already n will play their very dirty RACIST card politics to discredit PAKATAN RAKYAT DAP! :arrow: :oops:


    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  4. beritamu says:

    Swap of seats among BN component parties as suggested by Audie61 and an unknown political veteran, a joke to BN Parties chief.

    Political consultant’s suggestion:Pending to PRS,Batu Lintang to SPDP,Kota Sentosa to PBB and Kidurong to others is similar to sending” Fat Pigs” to be slaughter by opposition with just small and blunt knives.

    Do you think these leaders are that stupid to risk their chances in such areas in order just to save SUPP from defeating or is SUPP able to win in the seats swapped ?.

    Do you still remember YB Chong even challenged Taib to contest in Big constituency like Pending rather than hiding in small constituency if he is to be call CM for all .

    Why should the TaibJabuMawanMasing hide themselves in small constituencies like Layar,Balingian, Pakan and Baleh ?.

    Even James Masing does not dare to challenge Dato Sng in Pelagus,what more to say in Chinese -majority areas.

    Does your suggestion make sense to them ?.

  5. EX-SUPP says:

    SUPP has no other people to blame. They cant even blame the Chinese voters and non-voters who have surfaced to throw throw moral support to PR and DAP

    Before the polling day, we have always wished SUPP a total defeat to teach the leaders a good big lessons. If they have been willing to listen to the hearts and voice of the people, DAP would not defeated them so badly. It is not because DAP is so good so trustworthy and so much in the right positions to represent the Chinese in Sarawak, but only that SUPP have left them NO CHOICE but to use DAP as a canning rottan though they have to suffered the lost of representation in the government as well as revenge of Taib government

    What the FXXK Chua Soi Lek has to comment about Sarawak, about DAP and SUPP. He should mind his own MCA business and his own personal issues by looking himself in a mirror. His comment to SUPP is some what over the boundary

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

      :lol: This Porn star chua@snake party will be WIPE OUT soon in this coming 13th GE with Its Yes man kow tow koon from gelakan n that’s why they are now PANIC n ask WHY WHY WHY :?: they lost MAJORITY CHINESE peoples support now?????? hehehehehehe :lol:


      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  6. Lucas lim says:

    SUPP Sudah Uzur Pun Perang. Selfish & self centered old fox still playing hide & seek game now. Waiting for victim to blame for non performance on 416. Useless and hopeless politician cheated the Chinese community & betray the trust given to them. However wind of change has taken SUPP surprised as they are not prepared & confused. But BN is going to be in troubled too if UMNO & MCA are not careful. They might be huge loses in next GE. PR might just make it because of the same attitude like SUPP. Wake up BN. U have to CHANGE.

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