BN/Pakatan 48 Hours and counting…..

The hours are ticking and both sides of the poltical divide are turning the screws against each other. The “Orang Utan” issue made headlines in all major newspapers in Kuching in which SUPP Bandar Kuching candidates led nearly 200 protestors to sent a protest letter to Sarawak DAP headquarters.

Personal attacks are the ‘norm of the day” as the brakes are removed while its full steam ahead. All candidates are making last minute pleas in an Open Letter to their voters to vote them in and what they can do if voted in. The constituency voters will know who is good for their votes and if they vote wrongly their areas will suffer in terms of putting the wrong candidate up.

Ground reports are in very much in favour of BN but they must still put in the extra efforts to win comfortably. Pakatan are harping on denying the BN Sarawak 2/3rds majority and the ” bomoh ” issue has again surfaced after 8 days of campaigning. Billboards are appearing at strategic locations with Pakatan to unite against Bomohism.

Both sides of the political divide are using technological advances to capture the young and also the middle income group of voters. The smses blasts are making appearances on the handphones very frequently. Those voters know what we mean,”30 years di bawah…….blah blah” “Vote for continued progress,stability blah blah…”

One such sms which i took very seriously is,” Gov 10 points solution on Alkitab is an amicable solution 2 both Christians and Muslims.Let us all stop politics of HATE and reject religious extremism in Sarawak.

The telcos are laughing all the way to the BANK and when the elections are over hopefully the lines will be back to normalcy. Not only that the government of the day should ensure the coverage to the interior and rural Sarawak must be stepped up.

Christmas have come early for those who are connected directly in proving the necessary backup to the candidates and parties concerned. A lot of hard work and effort are sacrificed by everyone  to ensure the choice of their candidates are accepted by the constituents and the voters in particular.

The 48 hours and counting will be crucial and any wrong decision or wrong move will be a minus point for the candidates. The ground zero machinery are mobilised to the fullest and the back up crew will be ready when called upon. Its the fence sitters that the parties will be concerned with and the swing will determine who will make it in one of the 71 seats available in Sarawak State Legislative Assembly.

Make the Right Choice……!!!!