Some Bloggers simply shoot…!!

It seems many are trying to get on the gravy train or this “one” seriously making a genuine mistake to get himself known. We have been told by some Sarawak bloggers that some government officials just cannot help but try to be one of us. Is he a government official..?? You check up ……not my job  hahaha

Its no easy meat to be a blogger and only those who have SOME haha ‘heart and soul” are considered BLOGGERS but those who try hard to be one are termed just a copy and paste copier machines.

This article on one trying to applepolish on Sarawak CM Taib and giving a hard baseball hit at Chin Su Phin might just get this blogger into some bother if you are to check this article which we have copied. 

Who is this man..??

( former Sabah deputy chief minister Peter Pang En Yin)

Could we be wrong.??.”

Now this article..


Jangan bermain api!  Nanti terbakar diri!Diam-diam anak Sarawak diam berisi. Sebenarnya anak-anak Sarawak sanggup mati demi BN dan para pemimpinnya seperti Pehin Sri Abd Taib Mahmud. Begitulah amaran keras daripada ahli dan penyokong PBB yang disuarakan oleh AMT PBB, Senator Idris Buang. Amaran kepada sesiapa juga ‘orang luar’ yang terlalu kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap pemimpin BN Sarawak.”Ingat! ramai anak-anak Sarawak yang sanggup mati demi BN dan pemimpinnya seperti Abdul Taib kerana pengorbanan, jasa bakti dan sumbangannya kepada Sarawak dan negara”, tegas Idris.Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas kebiadapan Timbalan Presiden Parti Liberal Demokratik Sabah (LDP) Datuk Chin Su Phin pada beberapa hari lalu yang menyatakan kekalahan teruk SUPP adalah kerana masyarakat Cina tidak sukakan Taib justeru Taib harus bertanggungjawab.

Inilah dia Chin Su Pig

“Ini adalah satu penghinaan terhadap rakyat Sarawak khasnya Bumiputera, lebih-lebih lagi ia datang daripada ‘nyamuk’ yang langsung tidak memberikan apa-apa sumbangan kepada kekuatan BN.

“Ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak adil,  hanya kerana keuntungan politik, orang seperti Chin sanggup melemparkan pasir ke mata rakyat Sarawak  yang jelas majoriti daripada mereka masih kukuh di belakang Taib.

“Untuk orang seperti Chin, perkara terbaik untuk dia lakukan sekarang ialah sertai  saja DAP dan biar kami dalam BN ‘tampar’ nyamuk ini yang jelas semakin terjerat oleh perangkap DAP.

“BN tidak memerlukan orang seperti ini yang hanya menjadi duri dalam daging. Just go”, kata Idris.

Yes! Get out…go…go…chow…chow.


OOOoooh well..this does look like a goof up. In the light of events please leave it to the BLOGGERS.

Don’t campur lah…!!! 

This is Chin Su Phin

and this is his resume.Our Sabahan blogger Bugi Wijaya gave us this :-

As a teenager, Su Phin always loved to go to the beach to build home and sandcastle. Little did he realize that 20 years later, he became one of the many successful developers who built homes for sale.

His skill and knowledge in the construction business had won him many acclaims in the construction business. The key to his success is to be able to complete the job within the time frame and be able to provide a good and quality works. To him, this all boils down to having a strong foundation in every levels of works that include team works.

“Building a home requires a team work from the architect, engineer, down to the workers and laborers.”

“The same goes to building a political organization. We must have the understanding from the various teams when carrying out the various responsibilities entrusted upon us by the central leadership,”Su Phin says.

He is happy to note the Party is made up of dedicated and loyal members who have stood by the Party throughout all these years and withstood all the political storms and criticisms from the opposing quarters. A personal sacrifice is called for if anyone would want to be in active party politics. Often this involves some ‘painful’ financial contributions.

For Inanam division chief, Su Phin, it’s a price to pay for loyalty.

Prior to joining the Party in 1990, the 46-year old former Public Works Department technical assistant had a successful business. He could have given full concentration on it and make money all for himself. But instead, he decided to commit himself to the Party and share much of what he has made for its interest.

But he is doing this for a greater purpose.

“I believe in the Party and in its objectives. That’s why I commit myself,” says the developer cum contractor who has recently completed a low-cost housing project in Balung, Tawau.

He notes that anyone who believes in something would be prepared to pay any cost for his commitment. Su Phin has been a Supreme Council member since 1991. Su Phin is married to Helen Wong and they have three children.


11 thoughts on “Some Bloggers simply shoot…!!

  1. zainuddin says:

    He must be in deep shit this blogger now.Losts all credibility.Better he close his blog lah.we Sabahans very angry with this sort of outrageous behaviour.Chin should shut up but this blogger shd apologise for a very serious mistake. calling someone a PIG..wrong guy also what lah!!

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Dun he be a mole for UMNO using keadlian for all website. He seems to not know the Sabah leaders and in my investigation with some friends he is a government official.deng deng deng!!!

  3. Timesquare says:

    The blogger who wrote in

    is trying to put his name in the front.But unfortunately he is looking that his backside does not get burn. They have nothing to do kah if he is as everyone is saying a ‘gov’t servant and someone senior.” he cannot even tell Peter Pang to Chin please and get him back to where he is from.We dont need him here too in Sarawak.

    • beritamu says:

      Only those who voted BN during the recent concluded election will be so cheap to die for him.He is not the KING.

      Those we voted for opposition would like him to be whipped out as soon as possible for the good of Sawak.

  4. mailerdeamon says:

    what has taib do on sarawak chinese people now thing are expensive because of him now rm 10 no thing does supp help the chinese no
    dreaming as hole

    people no need supp does not care for the chinese

    and so does george chan

    please get a caring party for the rakyat

  5. beritamu says:

    Malaysia bankrupt by Idris Jala in reality,compulsory courses for civil servants cut short from 1 month to only 3 days,can do without too.Wastage

  6. beritamu says:

    Banner translation error for China premier visit, a laughing stock to whole world.

    Malaysia do not have a culture of ” zero error tolerance “caused mainly by employing a single ethnic group with zero work ethics and mediocre performance or so call half-past-six civil services.

    The vast majority of staff,90 % products of UiTM in Prime Minister Office and foreign Ministry are already illiterate in English,what more to say in Chinese.

  7. beritamu says:

    Malaysia politicians are best rhetoricians in the world.

    They are masters in more politicking than servicing people practising the philosophy of NATO.

    Big extravagances for grand open ceremonies ,launching,cerebrations welcoming of egoistic sub-standard people representatives at all levels.

    It’s really suits the Chinese saying of” Killing a chicken with bull knife” Semua activiti dibesar-beasrkan ,diagung-agungkan dengan pembelanjaan yang beasr serta menbanzir.

    Barrack Obama melawat setiap pelusuk US tanpa istiadat ” Red Carpet Welcoming ” ,apatah lagi Msia ?.

    Setiap rkayat harus tahu dan sedar BN sudah membelajankan sebanyak 40 juta khas untuk program 1 Malaysia sahaja.

    Apakah pencapaiannya sehinga hari ini rakyat namapak makin lebih berpecah belah antara kaum yang lain.

    Spend-spend , is Idris Jala’s prediction of Msia getting bankrupt in 2019 incoming ?>

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