N9 BN Candidate Interview..

BN N9 candidate was very bothered when the sms he received filtered through as he told audie61 and the UMB BN team. The sms part which he was very disturbed was,”Vote against BN is a vote for Jesus.BN is an anti Christ agent.Christians are being discriminated and rights in costitutions denied.Don’t vote for BN.”

So now in audie61 team mosts of us who are christians by faith and we are termed by the sms as  ‘anti christ agents.?? ”


This is very bad harpimg on religious issue just to win votes. A check with the Council of Churches Malaysia they have denied flatly that they have rejected the governments 10 points solution on the Al-Kitab..

Hey….is someone trying to create a religious riot here in Sarawak? We as a core group in audie61 are angered that someone is using this religious issue for their own benefits and create animosity in a state where religious freedom and worship is upheld by the government of the day. Please keep religion and politics separate and if its mixed racial tension will be NEXT

Someone should make a police report on the mischeviousness and untrue sms and bring the culprit out in the open and punish him dearly for calling us in BN “anti-christ”

The BN candidate for N9 must be commended for bringing this issue up to our attention and we have forwarded it to the relevant authorities for immediate ACTIONS.

(we have just been notified through sms at 2.10 am 10th April 2011 A police report  has been lodged by Pandi Suhaili Vice Chairman Pemuda PBB and others like Raymun Tanin,Ryandy Teckiri (KP Balingian)Abd.Hajis Abdullah(Kp Balingian) Jayakasuma Rosli,Anthony Basir,Abd Razak Salleh,Ahmad Kedri.Felix Pieng(semua AJK Pemuda Balingian) and Safriman Othman(ajk pemuda Bukit Assek)