GE14 “Campaigning for that little extra…”

The next 11 days its the battle of the fence sitters in some of the “hot seats” which will determine the fate of the candidates in Sarawak and also in Malaysia.

The parties in question who are participating in the GE14 must know where,what and how they are going to get the “FENCE SITTERS” to put a mark to the ballot paper for their candidate. 

The party campaigners and candidates know better and they must work the ground(….that extra will not come to them on a silver platter.!!!


Sarawak BN “The Kingmaker”

It’s a known fact that after the GE13 Sarawak 25 seats won and Sabah 21 seats held the BN Coalition together and also after GE12 when (30 Parliamentarians were dangled with carrots to cross over)

GE14 Sarawak would even play more of a significant role even though what has been written in Bloomberg{ extracted),” He lost the popular vote in 2013 but won a narrow majority of seats in parliament. In his first international interview in more than three years, Najib said he’s “reasonably confident” he’ll do better on May 9.


This time around Sabah would be tested to the fullest while Sarawak with CM Abang Jo is confident of winning 29 out of 31seats. 


This is for a fact that there isn’t much issue to address in Sarawak as the Federal government has delivered to Sarawak and many others are in the pipeline and committees have been set up to look into the requirements. 

Sarawak Federal Ministers who served in Najib’s cabinet that is Wan Junaidi, Fadillah Yusof,  Rohani Karim, Nancy Shukri,Richard Riot,Joseph Entulu have worked hard and are seen criss-crossing the country and also made a mark for Sarawak and Malaysia internationally.

They have all set a very high standard for themselves and are role models for all to see. 

In June 2008 (10 Years Ago)  we wrote this:-

We extract something here which should be revisited after GE14 even though we have now the 1.TRANS BORNEO HIGHWAY 2. LRT 3. DIGITAL ECONOMY


A vice chairwoman of the wanita wing Winnie chipped in, “Give to us Sarawak 20% and we can built a  “Railway from Lundu to Lawas” You know, we only have dual carriageway from Kuching to Limbang( Trans-Borneo Highway hehe.) What lah! Penang talking of just a monorail to solve the transportation system of the state before it reaches critical stage ? 

 Colin, the youth chief praised the the PM eventhough he comes from Penang there are no “Preferential Treatment“.  Thats more like it. Dont just bend for the sake of bending, there are other ways to overcome a problem. The way I see it weblog has this ,”I bet you that you will not get special treatment like Sabah and Sarawak, due to that there are not many BN MPs from the state to the Penangnites he said.(Well at least not many leaping frogs)

Imagine we have a railway track from Lundu to Lawas. Wouldn’t it be a romantic journey passing through all the beautiful countryside passing through all the major towns. As if this would happen during our lifetime we all laughed. Hold on… I interjected… tourism boosting for the state don’t you think?

It does seem that our meet up and write up has scored big and we didnt dream of it even though at that time we did  “DREAM BIG

CM Sarawak and his team after GE14 must also think of opening up Sarawak countryside to the world by pursuing the “Railway that will change the landscape of Sarawak” and ensure that Sarawak will be the KINGMAKER. 

*DREAM BIG and dont just leave it on the shelves (picture illustration) for all to see.  



DAP Vs SUPP for Stampin “Hot Seat..!!!!”

Stampin is not only a battleground for 2 ADUNS from both political divide DAP and SUPP but it is also a seat where the winner will have more to gain. Of course, ceramahs will not be the indicator for the votes but more on what and how much is being “TUI..(wager)


88bc693f-8a5b-47c0-a7e2-ff084afc8e1eWho will come on tops we will know after the voting is completed and counted on the night of 9th May 2018.

Sit back,Relax and Enjoy the ceramahs…..


Where you go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
When you move, I’ll move
I will follow you…………

GE14 “An Amicable Solution”

The Incumbent of Saratok P205 was in high spirits when he spoke to audie61 after his ‘minor health scare” during the SEJIWA SENADA Programme last weekend where he was dashed to Sarikei. 

He was in Saratok welcoming the DCM and his entourage at the rest house but he was ‘conspicuously missing“as per news filtering from a local daily when the Chief Minister Abang jo arrived.

aavbvbWhen we engaged further in our discussion he said,”Come what may, I will be there to ensure BN wins the seat for Saratok. There is a right to claim for PDP as traditionally the  seat belongs to the party but there are also questions being asked on the winnablility of the candidates being selected and put up by the party.” he said

The names of Subeng Mula and Dr.James Chella are names which are mentioned and submitted but they are not yet household names which the BN fears will be easily swallowed up by the might of PKR/Pakatan.

PBB is not claiming the seat through Mawan but BN sees the necessity as the candidates being mentioned are NOT FULLY PREPARED nor the machinery of PDP. There are in “sixes and sevens” eventhough PDP Senator did mentioned that with PBB support in Krian and Kalaka PDP would just pull through.

Would Barisan Nasional (BN) risk this?

Mawan himself quoted this,”the right of claim where one of them are not prepared isn’t it better to give it to the people who can retain the seat for BN.

PBB would not want to lay claim as such but by putting up the winnable and unified candidate for BN and they would return the seat to PDP in due course. 

Mawan has done his homework for the last 5 years and this has helped BN to get closer into the details of the demographics of the constituency. The incumbent knows who and where are the people who are supporting Barisan Nasional.

This must not be overlooked as if it is there will be problems a plenty for BN.  

The scenario of even exchanging a certain seat where rumblings of candidacy is so intensified within PBB might even open up an opening for a negotiation of “SEAT SWAPPING”

The indicators are pointing to the seat of PUNCAK BORNEO where PDP might just play its part to assist PBB whereby both seats will be retained by BN.

Nothing is concrete and it will be up to the top hierarchy to make that decision.

Winning and losing is so crucial for BN and the spirit of unity within the BN family would be tested to the fullest if it materialises.   

It must be noted that PBB is not going out of its way to lay claim for the seat of Saratok and Mawan knows unless if an amicable solution is presented all parties would be satisfied with the outcome.

Mawan will be fully supportive of what the top hierarchy has laid out for BN and he will ensure that the Saratok seat remains a BN fortress.



GE14-“All Out for BN Win”

Amidst the storm the Parliamentarian is as cool as a cucumber. The phones were ringing non stop and there were uncertainties the day this headline was published,” 

Saratok seat remains with PDP – Nanta

True to form, the incumbent for Saratok an experienced and seasoned politician took everything in his stride. An inexperienced politician would have been very angered and “sweeping statements” would have been the order of the day. Obviously this would cause more harm than good for the coalition as it enters battle stations.

aaaamaWas there any references to anyone ? What happens to the person who knows the secret of the deal? It does not look too healthy but more “bleak”for the supporters on the ground and without him at the helm various equations are surfacing says our source.

Even a Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak secretary, Idris Bohari is offering himself to contest as an independent candidate in Saratok parliamentary seat for the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14).

The Incumbent was contacted and he said,”The Big Picture is to retain the seat for BN. There must not be personal sentiments and PKR must not gain a foothold.

He added that PDP Subeng might be inexperience but with time he might be moulded into the Barisan Nasional fold.

The development of Idris joining the fray is to take away the Malay votes and ensuring PKR have an easier passage in the game plan. 

William Mawan won the seat Saratok Parliamentary seat in his outing against Giant Killer PKR Ali Biju with majority of 2180 votes dampening PKRs dream of a rural Iban parliamentary seat.

He has worked tirelessly from the day he won Saratok till the day of dissolution of GE14.
Saratok was also honoured by the Federal Government as the “Best in the State” in terms of providing assistance to the people which is in line with the vision of PM #dahulukanrakyat .

Mawan at the helm the government agencies are on their toes all the time.
He would appear EVEN at minor functions just to be with the people contrary to what many have said.

Mawan is also the President of Sarawak Dayak National Union.( SDNU) 
PKR Ali Biju is well liked by the Krian constituents but being in the opposition he is unable to provide clear direction on development of his constituency.
Mawan himself is approachable by all walks of life irrespective of race, religion or colour and he makes things happen in Saratok. Subeng still inexperienced will have it very tough against a PKR Machinery which is hellbent on scoring big by capturing Saratok.
Mawan has consolidated all detractors within the constituency and the 4000 strong TERAS boys are solidly behind him to be retained.

PKR looks at Subeng of PDP as easy meat if fielded.

Mawan joined PBB to ensure the BN Picture is maintained. He could even have been a PRS parliamentarian if the offer was taken up after some approaches.

Indeed it would have a distorted picture when it unfurls and any political analyst would know there would be “fireworks” and “some unfriendliness” being exchanged at this crucial time between PDP and PRS. 

When it matters most, Mawan remains a strong stumbling BLOCK to PKR quest for a FIRST PARLIAMENTARY IBAN SEAT for PKR. 

BN would make the right choice for the right candidate to be fielded. Every seat matters for BN at this crucial time. 

Mawan a true BN loyalists will adhere to the decisions by the top hierarchy

DAP vs SUPP..Reaching out the Urban way

Call it whatever name be it Coffee Talk by SUPP or Kopitiam Talk by DAP it is still a political talk. It is a very effective way of reaching out to the voters to ensure that they vote for the candidates and the parties they represent who will contest in GE14.

acac1Even before the permitted time given by the ELECTION COMMISSION or permits given by the authorities concerned which is usually the campaigning time both sides of the political divide are already making their presence felt.

Isn’t this a New Political Trend practised now?

Sit Back,Relax and Enjoy our TEATIME…..hehehehehe


GE14 “BN Fortress”

It’s called lobbying and every party in any election would want to put their best candidate in the forefront to be given the mandate by the people.

The favourite topic nationally especially on politics is the argument for all constituencies be it Parliament or State (except Sarawak) will be the final list of candidates.

Who is In? Who is dropped? Why is the person not suitable? What has that person got to offer if he is chosen ?

Many equations and with that comes political manoeuvrings of the highest order. Or could that be called Sabotaging?

Umno secertary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has ordered party members who were not selected to contest to respect the party’s decision.

“Anyone who tries to sabotage the elections will be sacked,” he said.

aaattaThe question is how the hierarchy is going to solve this imbroglio. Of course its not going to be as simple as A,B,C. There will be many factors and reports to take into account and also this will also not satisfy everyone.

There are a lot of “hotly” disputed seats to be solved but to maintain solidarity and unity the winning mentality will not be compromised over preferential seats or personal agenda’s.

The BN fortress is now being persistently and severely  attacked from all angles. It goes without saying Propaganda and the Winning Formula of Each Constituency will need to be addressed thoroughly before the decision is arrived at.

The Pakatan Coalition is using only one symbol to contest in Peninsular there is indeed something to think about for the BN Coalition. The main parliamentary warfare would be centralised in certain states of Kedah,Perak, Terengganu and Johor .

Some of the BN States would need to go on the offensive instead of just protecting the BN Fortress.

In Sarawak the 3 parties of DAP,PKR and Amanah are using their respective symbols but in cohorts together in the same coalition. BN Sarawak who held her State Elections in 2016 would be focussing on the 31 Parliamentary seats.

In 2013, Pakatan Harapan managed to wrestle 6 out of 31 seats. 

The BN  coalition would be depending on Sarawak to deliver the status quo if not better which is needed if on any probability.

The Pakatan forces are not targeting as much on the rural areas which are considered ‘safe” but certain HOSTILITIES and UNHAPPINESS might just backfire on the BN.

The CM Sarawak will be leading his team for his first major outing and the by elections which he led must not be taken into consideration. There are “a number of seats which we do not need to publicize here . No one will want to go to WAR by telling the enemy this is my weakness and this is the trouble spot. 

The BN hierarchy knows that there are elements within its control to address or dire consequences will happen.   

Those dropped from being candidates might on face value accept it but their followers and close aides will not lie idle. The UMNO SG and who doubles up as BN SG has spelt it clearly. 

“Anyone who tries to sabotage the elections will be sacked,”

The BN Sarawak Fortress has been fortified and CM Sarawak will need his team to deliver to the BN.

In his message to all BN components and supporters it is absolutely crystal clear that the State BN will want nothing except Solidarity and Unified effort to face the common enemy. This is not the time for petty disagreements or personal agendas but a WINNING FORMULA.

Sabah BN will need to fend off the forces of the popularity which is building up with the Warisan Party and also its close ally with the Pakatan Sabah coalition. The State and Federal BN knows their strength and they too need to go on the full offensive to win not only in the ballot boxes but to put the best candidate forward .

The mandate will be given by the rakyat but BN fortress will need to ensure they have the right Generals, Captains,Lieutenants and foot soldiers to go into battle with the Pakatan Coalition.

Its no use just being named as a candidate but to have a mentality of Winning is of Upmost importance.

We just need to see whats on offer. 

Only after the Nomination Process can we be rest assured that the names are the final ones which will appear in the Ballot Paper.

DAP Chong v SUPP Sim.Will It Happen in Battle of Stampin?

KuchingNites are willing to see the Battle of the Heavyweights which we published on March 22nd 2018. (see below)

The scenario has changed somewhat and it does seem DAP Chong might just go for the President of SUPP as it will certainly put him high amongst the “GREAT GIANTKILLERS” of Sarawak Politics. 

Will it Happen? Please read the extracted article from an internet portal

The cardiologist-turned-politician recalled joining the then Sarawak Chief Minister for a year-end break in Australia in 2016.

 “It was just a few more hours to 2017. I asked him if he had any wish for the new year. He said none, but when I pressed on, he said he had only one wish – longevity,” said Dr Sim, who is Batu Kawah assemblyman and a state minister.

Eleven days later, said Dr Sim, “he was gone”. Adenan died on Jan 11, after barely three years as Chief Minister.

The pair enjoyed a close doctor-patient relationship that later turned into a political one. Adenan had once asked Dr Sim if he should accept the Chief Minister’s post and the blunt-speaking doctor told him that if he wanted to live longer, he ought not to take it.

“He made the sacrifice, he set the direction for us and he died for Sarawak,” said Dr Sim.

He said it is now up to Sarawakians to continue what Adenan started. He is asking Sarawakians to give the state Barisan a strong mandate so it can negotiate with the Federal Government on state rights. His slogan: A stronger Sarawak.

Sarawak, which held its state election in 2016, will only see parliamentary contests in the general election. The spotlight will be on the six parliamentary seats that Sarawak Barisan Nasional lost in 2013 – five to DAP and one to PKR.

DAP is finding it challenging to retain its five seats although the party will be using its rocket symbol in the state for the general election.

The party has the upper hand in Chinese seats in the peninsula but Sarawak is likely to remain Barisan Nasional’s fixed deposit.

The post-Adenan era, coupled with the delivery record of Barisan assemblymen and MPs, have helped change public perception of the ruling coalition in the state.

PKR, which won the oil town constituency of Miri in 2013, may be hard pressed to hold it if Barisan fields SUPP secretary-general Datuk Sebastian Ting, who has an awesome reputation as a people’s politician.

The mood has softened; it is nothing like in 2013, but the DAP brand is strong among many Chinese.

Most of the grandest homes in Sarawak’s towns belong to the Chinese. They drive nice cars, eat in expensive restaurants and the richer they are, the more complaints they have about everything.

What is driving this discontent? Voon Kai Chee, a young SUPP politician in Miri, summed it up best when he said that deep down, young Chinese are seeking equality.

They take pride in the state’s reputation for moderation, good race relations and religious tolerance.

Vernacular media have gone to town on the Chinese battleground seats but one in particular, Stampin, has emerged as the seat to watch.

Dr Sim is one of two possible Barisan candidates for the seat. The other is Lo Khere Chiang, the assemblyman for Batu Kitang.

The moment Dr Sim’s name was floated, state DAP chairman Chong Chien Jen declared he would move from his Bandar Kuching stronghold to take on Dr Sim in Stampin.

That immediately set the tone for what DAP has defined as its “king fight king” strategy – or what some Chinese critics have termed “Chinese kill Chinese”.

The potential clash will put the local community in a dilemma because both Chong and Dr Sim have a good image among local Chinese.

Chong, a lawyer who started out in DAP as a reluctant politician, has grown into a fierce state Opposition leader who dared to stand up to former chief minister and now Governor Tun Taib Mahmud .

Chong is the driving force in Sarawak DAP but his standing took a dip when his party failed to do better in the 2016 state polls.

He is frustrated by the fact that Sarawak will remain a fixed deposit state for Barisan in GE14.

He knows Pakatan is unlikely to gain more seats because the street talk is that Miri, Sarikei and Stampin, currently held by Pakatan, may fall to Barisan.

As such, Chong needs to take this risk. If he wins, it will compensate for potential losses elsewhere.

If he loses, it will not be a total loss as he is still Sentosa assemblyman.

Not many people thought Dr Sim, who came in with so much idealism, would survive in the dog-eat-dog world of politics but his sincerity and energy to bring changes to his constituency won him support.

He is also seen as a clean politician which is pretty rare in this time and age. He takes a stand on big issues and has brought a more people-driven agenda to SUPP.

Dr Sim also has his assemblyman status to fall back on. But if he loses, the repercussions will be greater because it will set back the recovery process of his party.

Lawyer Jonathan Chai, secretary-general of Sarawak Dong Zong, noted that the Chinese community has become very divided and it will be tough for them to chose.

“I feel most of us want to see healthy Chinese representation from both sides. We need to exercise our wisdom to make sure that capable candidates win,” said Chai.

Dr Sim’s father was a former deputy chief minister during the early years of Taib’s administration.

“My father used to say the wheel of fortune takes turns to go round,” said Dr Sim.

Which side will it favour this time around? Few dare make a prediction on the looming scenario.

Earlier Article:-


GE14- “14 years ago in 2004”

It’s been one hell of a ride for us since we welcome ‘ourselves‘ in the world of politics. Way back in 2004 the cyber world was just about to identify the right foot from the left foot. Today, in 2018 it has progressed by leaps and bounds and it’s now even got a new name in Digital Economy and Digital Age. Any difference to Politicians?

Not really though. Each aspiring candidate will need to ensure that the people vote them and every strategy which is taught in the book or learning through “hard knocks” must be used. 

After the EC Chairman announced the dates for GE14 both political divides from BN,Pakatan ,PAS or would be “Independent” candidates and supporters have had their ‘political sauces dumped into the date”

Any bearings on whether its the date,day it doesn’t matter. The voters will have to choose who they want to be their representative be it their state assembly or as a Federal Member of Parliament. There are many first timers,fence sitters and also those”tetap tidak lari” from voting their choices election after election.

When we received all the #hashtags and this FUN FACTS on GE14 it got us thinking. It’s after all both sides will suffer and those who have their strategies in place and know how to manoeuvre their tactics will obviously benefit. To those who are eligible to VOTE its time that you practise your democratic rights and VOTE. 


aaditt2004 is 14 years ago and we are glad to be very much part of GE14 in 2018 and to see democracy still in our beloved country of Malaysia. We can criticise, we can slander , we can curse but remember Malaysia is still our Country of Birth.