Me,Myself and I..”Blogging… “

I was trying to pinch myself when I heard from a fellow blogger who told me,’Bro,now besides some egoistic politicians it has caught on to the bloggers fraternity. There are a select few who prides themselves way above everyone else. The last few weeks we have seen some elite bloggers having their own brotherly guns turned on them.

Naming names or rather their blogs would be a Cardinal Sin as their noses would grow a few more centimetres.

I choose to use this rather powerful statement which might sound sacrilegous to some,”They are above Heaven and Below Hell

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they there?
  • What make them there?
  • Which platform did they use to get there?
  • Whose work is it that got them there?
  • Whom did they ask to get them there?
  • How did they get there?

You got any answers.We would just look at you wouldn’t we?

It musts be Me,Myself and I.

Me the blogger or journalists. what is the difference one might justs asks? Journalism is all about reporting while Blogging is about telling short tales or on the spot news where no one will check you unless you unknowingly *cough cough* go on the wrong side of the law.

Me the person who justs gets into cyberspace and ensure that that particular blogger gets all the attention and create a tsunami type of wave to stay relevant. Me to get the cyberwarriors,cybertroopers,cyberhells angels whatever names we have for them to be the BESTS. It’s you and not me as you are reading this. Carry on and my mind today must have been screwed or some parts are not gelling. Unfortunately you guessed wrong as I am still very focussed. Justs tap you head gently now with your right hand and say Ooooh.!! O.K.

You jumped the gun bro. and we are still at me. Last week we attended a Press Conference and we heard these very words from a politician to another,”Be Wary of One’s EGO it might burn you” Me the ghostswriter,scriptwriter and pumping more accolades where the ‘me’ can go above all and look down with a smirk plus a finger pointing in the direction of I.

Don’t justs stand there go and help your”me”blogger to move higher. He needs the numbers to convince someone with the cash register Ka-ching Ka-ching he deserves the little more extras into his banking account which reads and starts with 6 and finishes with 6. Musts not be less than 600K as that will only get him as far as in HELL The me blogger wants to show that he is cut right to blog.

No worries everyone is entitle to their own opinions within reasons to write in the blogsphere. Everyone will need an outlet somehow to get their thoughts somewhere. You are right.!! We have been going about me and next lets get to Myself.

Myself ..blogging no way and it was a far fetched idea as my life before 8th March 2008 was busy,busy and busy. I was chasing time and days were very short as everything was a matter of getting it spot on. The decisions that was made during that period were vital and looking back ‘Glad that it Happened then”

My firsts posts was May 1st 2008 ( Tun Mahathir  also blogged same day.).he followed me hik hik hik.which was surprisingly “The Birth of Multi Racialism in East Malaysia. “

Cold sweat for sure as my political career took a battering. It was like looking at blank walls hoping that they would be inscriptions to tell you what to do. Even the people who I looked up as my so called political masters deserted us and left us to rot.

Those and that sort of feelings cannot be described unless I put it all in a book. Should I justs put it up soon ? Hmmm,that would have a lot of political repercussions and justs maybe the Timing has to be Perfect or PURRFECT.Somehow,lucky not to be living in one of the dreaded Chinese dynasties.I would be hauled up and maybe you might not even be reading this worthless tale. Chopped! Chopped!

Agree? You would wouldn’t you? But why are you still reading on.Are you depressed or have too much time on your hands. Get your itching fingers moving and write something useful instead of reading this garbage. However,you are justs about to embark on a journey where there are no borders. Who cares whether nobody reads or give you heaps of praises.

Myself,during that period was so depressed that i was on the verge of ending yours truly life. By sheer luck or Gods way I toyed with www.wordpress,com and the many obstacles at that time with their system of posting but today its so simplified which has got me posting with over 1405 articles to date. Crazy right.?

During those wretched time when I turned left and I turned right there were just no voices or no direction. Everything was Sooooo Wrong. One might justs put it nicely to appease myself and I and not you and me that Blogging did really saved my life or the discovery of

Me included in this journey of self discovery have to thank the so many people who I have come across in good times and in bad. Some shower with accolades others with spite plus much hatred in their hearts. Blogging is a very good vehicle for therapy and for that matter writing is such a way of getting out our inner self distrusts to building confidence.

However,”me the elitists bloggers” musts know how to use the blogging world for a PURPOSE of getting your messages across without hatred,defamation nor cutting down a person to size. Blogging is such a god given gift and it should not be taken as a tool to spread lies but getting the correct and actual information across.

The world of blogs have been used for many purposes but recently up to date information tools of facebook and twitters have raced ahead in terms of spreading information fasts. Blogs are still very much in the game as YOU are still reading this.

Remember this YOU INCLUDED with the  ELITIST BLOGGERS “today you are above heaven and below hell” but dont be hookwinked that you will not be cut to size.


This powerful tool BLOG is here to stay and ,”Me,Myself and I” would ensure you take notice or pay the price for your ignorance.


SPDP Updated PC on 25th November 2011

President SPDP William Mawan read from a prepared text but he was still cool eventhough the pressure from the Press/Media was boiler hot. He started like what Peter Nansian said at his PC at MJC  amonth ago but with a twists to it.

Even before the prepared speech he said the SC was a normal meeting in preparations for the GE13, receiving reports on the ground from all concerned and also with the goings on he trusts that all members will be matured enough to take a GAG-ORDER from the party. In other words there should be a “cease-fire

This is what he said and we also posted in Facebook,”Today is the saddest day of my life says President of SPDP William Mawan “he said the party has sacked Sylvester Entri” the others are no longer SC members while Tiki Lafe will not be renominated.”

The President has followed the rule of the law according to the constitution of the party and the final say was down to the majority of the members of SC. It was deliberated at length at it took  nearly 3 hours. We were looking at SC members in deep discussion,taking time off to ease themselves and the pressure was mounting as we can see from their faces and their body language.

The party comes  first and the decision was to sack Slyvester Entri from the party and the remaining 4 giving them time to mend their ways and hopefully they will find a way to return. Also Tiki Laffe will not be renominated as the election committee has got a number of names who are ‘winnable” for BN as the ground reports suggests.

President Mawan had to take the decision and he even said we need to use the constitution wisely and not justs throw the book at their wrong doings.

He is a True Gentleman even at Turbulent Times.

SPDP Press Conference 25th Nov.2011


The Supreme Council meeting at Party headquarters will start at 10am says DSG Paul Igai to audie61. We will deliberate according to the agenda of the day with party matters as priority and happenings during the past couple of months.

Of course,the OPEN SECRET of the SPDP5 YBs  would be the findings of the disciplinary committtee which will be presented and tabled to the Supreme Council for the necessary follow ups and action.

Press Conference would be held immediatedly following the Supreme Council. Its highly anticipated by the Press/Media and those connected with party. We shall see all of you at the party headquarters says Paul.

SPDP 5.”Not Bothered.?”

Whatever,Whoever is negotiating for the 5 separatists YBs from SPDP nothing else matters in a couple of days time.The road ahead will either be choppy or smooth sailing for the party.It will come down to the findings of the disciplinary committee. The committee will present it to the Supreme Council and it will be left to the members present this Friday 25th November to “move a motion” to take the necessary actions which are relevant.

Word coming from an insider source close to the SPDP5 is that there are already so much movements. bickering,distrusts and nothing changes. It seems there is a point of no return. The rumours of ‘new party” which have been speculated in the blogs and picked up by mainstream media might turn out to be true afterall.


Approaches have been also made to opposition party members to join the new entity by one of the SPDP5 Ybs. The new entity will be realised very soon as the BN YB is so sure or else there is “no point” in giving an invitation to a number of opposition YB to even consider.

The SPDP 5 has more or less accepted what is coming down on them on Friday the 25th of November and they are ready. They are moving about “arrogantly” says component party member as if they have done nothing wrong. The person who loooks very sad though is the President of SPDP William Mawan. He has to accept the findings of his members and it will be tough months ahead for the party and he needs all loyalists to stay focus and united.

The party will come out stronger if it manages to overcome the choppy seas and let those who have different agendas to move themselves out from the party. SPDP will overcome adversaries eventhough the SPDP5 are “Not Bothered.”

R.E.N.T.A.P. “Welcome,You’re invited..!!”

SPDP ‘friends amongst friends” dinner at Bau Civic Centre on the 19th of November 2011 at 6.30pm will see a huge turnout of over 600 people from Bau and the surrounding areas.

The occasion would be graced by SPDP President William Mawan and mosts of his SC members,divisional, grassroot leaders and members would be in attendance..

A committee member of the function even said that the 5 Ybs have also been invited formally as the dinner theme already suggests its a ‘happy get together” dinner.


Rosey,Entri,Nansian,Tiki and Paulus:- R.E.N.T.A.P should make their presence be felt. “Rentap” in Iban means “Worldshaker” Rentap’s battle cry was Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban!! which means I will fight as long as I will live!!.

In Malaysia, he is not only renowned in Sarawak, but he is also a national hero in both Sabah and the Peninsula as both a national hero and a freedom fighter.


Rela ‘Takes Over”

Cindy of audie61 was curious to say the least. She investigated with the assistance of the security guard at Queen’s court where the Federal Auditing Office is housed. What is actually happening? They saw these two RELA personnels going to each and every car parked and looking at the window screen.

OMG.!! Rela taking over job from JPJ and Police checking Road Tax. Do they have a “right”? If they were accompanied by the Police that should not be a problem. But these two were seen going through the vehicles which was at Queens Court Kuching Sarawak.

Soon JPJ and Police will be irrelevant?

There has been one too many wrong ‘calculated” moves recently by government authorities of late. What if the complaints reach fever pitch as RELA is being nosy and prying into private vehicles surely one will have to answer for this. Someone even commented when we posted in FB-[ What if the Rela personnels come face to face with armed criminals, will the the Rela  be able to handle the criminals?}

Please tell me next also it will be RELA manning ROADBLOCKS checking driving licenses.

Enough of misusing all these funds and there are also too many of them on the beat with the police officers stationed in shophouses. Do we need to take pictures to show everyone.?

Soon it will be a Parliamentary debate …