Bugi and Cindy says,”What say You..?”

Our Sabah correspondents Bugi Wijaya and Cindy Bernadette files this story from the Land Below the Wind:-

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While the main stream media and bloggers in Peninsular has news of the recent anti-ISA demonstration, the media and the public in Sabah has other topics on their mind.

It is the talk of H1N1 that has hog the coffeeshop talks and rumours has it that there is a serious outbreak of the virus with a number of schools being closed or on the alert.  There are instances of parents who has not sent their children to schools for fear of the outbreak.

A check in local pharmacies shops has revealed a sold out of hand sanitizer liquid and stocks for masks are running low.

In the aftermath of the anti-ISA demo in the nation capital, Audie61 team went out to gather some feedback from the general public.

 According to Ronnie who is a political analyst Sabah is not a stranger to demonstration.  The most negative impact was in the 80s when then opposition PBS were in power in the state.  Everyone from that era can recall the destruction to private properties and civil unrest especially in the Karamunsing area where business and warehouse were affected and burnt down.

People are generally fed of demonstration.  They will just wait patiently for the general elections should they wish to change things.

Meanwhile, the general perception of the public is that it is better to wait than to demonstrate.

Sabah is enjoying growth and development since the Berjaya era and under current Chief Minister Musa Aman the state financial balance has returned to the black.  With Sabah and Sarawak being the fixed deposit for the ruling Barisan Nasional in Malaysia, it is honeymoon period especially for Sabah.

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Currently, it has more Federal Minister than Sarawak and UMNO Vice President Shafie Afdal has the potential to go all the way and may one day be Sabah’s first Prime Minister.

 However, while the top leaders of BN in the state are dedicated and committed to their work, there are also a lot to be desired of some “so-called” leaders.  But with the opposition Pakatan Rakyat and Yong Teck Lee’s SAPP each going their own way, BN is here to stay for a long time.

 What say you?