Bomoh appears at N2 ..Hot seat..!!

Its a 3 way contest in this “semi urban” majority Bidayuh N2 seat of Tasik Biru about 45 minutes drive from Kuching. Incumbent Peter Nansian of BN (SPDP) takes on Frankie Jurem Anak Nyombui (SNAP) and John Tenewi Nuek @ John Tenewi (PKR).

There were some loud protests from SNAP members led by Patrick anak Uren in front of Bau District Council to BN members carrying SUPP flags. After much persuasion from some elderly politicians they managed to diffuse the situation and calm him down. This all happened where hundreds of BN supporters converged waiting for their candidate to appear. There were some PKR and SNAP members at the vicinity too.

What caught the eye today was the appearance of a man who calls himself the Bau bomoh. Yours truly took the photograph and asks our blogger to posts it up. There are some minor issues in this constituency and the candidates will need to get to the bottom of the barrel to be able to win the hearts and minds of the Bau constituents. BN candidate is very much on top of his game as he spoke to us this afternoon. He said to us,” The people will not sacrifice development for just mere promises and there are 3 types of people. One who is action orientated,one who shouts and does nothing and one who appears only during election time.

HOPE IT”s not the BOMOH…..hik hik hik