“Politics No…Lion..Yes”

audie61 and crew wishes all our readers,friends,supporters and ally a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. Surely not everything is politics so lets just sit back and watch the LIONS ……..

B.P. 11/10/09 Coincidental …….

A former VP of  a Barisan component party sms me..Friend whats up in B.P i.e. Bagan Pinang. Joey said to me Boss isnt it this coincidental or just what the sharmans/bomohs has ordered for the people to make the choiceX . Strange but its a FACT …???

Bagan Pinang ..Barisan versus PAS/Pakatan Its a straight fight  1 versus 1 and the voting day is on the 11th and it might just be 1-0 to BN or even better Chinese voters form only 10 percent or about 1,300 voters and observers are expecting them to be evenly split between Pakatan Rakyat and and BN. Could after the 9th by elections will the BN  get the better of Pakatan in the Peninsular. So whats your take on this my friends says Joey to all those who have followed audie 61 so far…..hehehehe

“2005 I already said Merge.It’s already 2009..??”



James,Mawan…’ Why don’t you both just join hands and merge back to just ONE PARTY..? I need BN to be BN3 and not BN4 to fight the ever increasing threat of the opposition against my rule? What are you waiting for and I dont want people to blame me for the breakup of SNAP.? You see SNAP your father and grandfather are blaming me which sees the registration of PRS,SPDP and so the demise of PBDS. Thats my call and act on it.”

So much has happened ever since and PRS was also embroiled in a crisis which was eventually solved this year as the opposition made inroads in Parliament and 308 was the time ROS under instructions had no choice but to recognise James as the legitimate President instead of Larry Sng.

Both factions did make efforts to realise the dream of a “merger’ but more so it was used to camouflage or more so in REALITY USE MERGER to get rid of the other faction. I was also part of the merger team on one side and underneath all that talks was another agenda. Heaven help me if there was not another.Since then a total of 8 divisions plus many of  Larry’s  Supreme Council has joined PKR . (In other words Jump ship when they losts or is there another reason..??)

What is stopping it now? These reports which we wrote earlier plus what has been published will throw a little light on the call for CM Taib for the merging. Click the links below for more:-

What would you do if you were CM..? Don’t you think that he has enough worries to just get himself dirtyto solve this problem? Mawan and James knows who is the boss and one of them needs to eventually step back and give way. Who is going to? Two senior political analysts said very bluntly,” Maybe they are waiting for the Good Lord to call Taib back to his side.” while another said,”This is politics and why should both leaders bow to Taib’s requests.”

We say as always,”There is already tension and CM will not want to wait for November.It only takes a day mind you 4 hours to register PRS..Be warned that CM takes no prisoners.Join Together or Ship out is the word..

Blessings,”Want Me,Why Not..??”


If there is a genuine push by the grassroots I will not decline to go for the posts as No.1 in Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). Could Joseph Entulu be tempted to spill the beans ” if he ” is cornered and interviewed by journalists and reporters of the main stream media? No one should be surprised though as Entulu is very much a media friendly Deputy minister and he does give statements which in itself is ” NEWS ”

His dayak  statement was very controversial and he had to take out a full page supplement to cover what was overplayed by the media seeking fraternity. According to an aide JE was very upset as this was n0t what was intended and he is now very mindful of the press and would not like to be misquoted.  

Will he be trapped into making another ‘MISQUOTED STATEMENT” as the rumours are already swirling of him pushing James Masing PRS President all the way for the No.1 CHAIR. It is interesting to note also a BN component party MIC in their September congress will make amendments to their constitution limiting the terms of the President to 3 terms and other positions to 2 terms. Will James turn round to use this in their upcoming TDC to beg for another term before he hands over the baton.? James Masing is already 60 years old and he will try to buy some more time to cement his footing as the undisputed No.1 in PRS.

The ball is already on Entulu’s foot and its up to him how and what he wants to do with it..? A proverb commonly used in politics goes like this,” He who waits on others misses his opportunities.” Its a game where only the strong survives and with the financial backing accorded and blessings in place Entulu will be looking at a “WASTED GOLDEN CHANCE”

A political analysts said,”Sarawak’s political climate is somewhat calmer now and we cannot SEE WHO THE CROCODILES ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE UP TO. SOMEONE IS DEFINITEDLY STIRRING THE SAND IN PRS” The Tree shaking theory is irrelevant in PRS unlike PBB where once the tree shaking is implemented calm and order will be restored.

In PRS it goes further than that as this particular TREE needs to be uprooted. ( Remember Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie’s divide and rule where it saw birth of PBDS and decimated the once powerful SNAP under James Wong) . Could Entulu be just the perfect politician at this time for the bigger agenda of the POWERFUL CASH RICH  HIDDEN HANDS/PUPPET MASTERS.  

 It is an open secret now that the BLESSINGS are in place no matter how James wants to avoid it. James should know how the CM was on his side when he losts to Tajem/Sng. History does repeat itself  does he need to be reminded.?”

We say as always,”It’s all about timing in Politics and Entulu will need to make up his own decision. We will not be able to push him over the cliff could we..?? 

EXCLUSIVE reply”Sarawak Members of Parliament Full of Decorum”

The English tabloids,blogs and internet portal Malaysiakini are all carrying articles with different headlines amongst which are

  1. Deputy Speaker’s comments-confirmed our worst fears-Dayakbaru blog
  2. Sarawak Parliamentarians under fire-Malaysiakini portal
  3. Deputy Speakers comments incur wrath of BN MPs.-Borneo Posts.

On the home front /coffe shop talk there are so many stories being thrown about and most of course are half truths. Mind you though some do have credibility as they are quite logical. audie61 of course did contact some Sarawak MPs and mosts say its blown out of proportion. Really..?? 

One political secretary said,”the Deputy speaker must have a point.He is afterall sitting on the high chair and if has taken down the facts,statistics and number of times the Sarawak MPs does not have a case against him. Maybe he was trying to wake them up as some are sitting too nicely in their ‘comfort zones” That is his prerogative as he knows bests what he is letting himself into.

We tracked down the MP for Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri and we got this sms from her.This is the actual text,” Actually I dont wish to blow it up.But somebody has to speak d truth of Swak culture. We speak wt full of decorum.We in BN don’t make it a tradition n culture to outsiders,let alone thr d media,it suffices to say tht we did our part as elected leaders. the people cld c fr d media of our involvement. once we publicize our sensitiveness d opposition laugh at us. Thats why once and for all somebody has to respond.Otherwise, d opp will still tap on it saying that its proven BN reps r passive.B4 we make our sttmt we must think first.”

We say as always,”The people/voters are matured enough to vote for/vote out any Member of Parliament who are not carrying out their duties as an elected representative.Lets just not look down on the voters intelligence. Remember,this is not the 70s or 80s………..

” Restless Souls in PKR Sarawak “

It is not even the ” 7th month of the Chinese Calendar  ” when the living remembers their love ones and pays homage to them. According to a editorial staff of an English Tabloid the bickering which is out in the open in PKR Sarawak is ,”Music to the Ears of BN Sarawak” Its a death wish for those who thinks that they can bring the PKR leadership to their knees.

There were a number of calls to Bugi,Natasha and Cindy of audie61 requesting for the name of the new party. This is in the pipeline if and when the negotiations breaksdown after the petition to Anwar is not  entertained. Why are these restless souls doing and contemplating on such actions? Isn’t this  also a way of writing their own DEATH WISH.  Seems Sakawi is a mouthpiece for the whole group adds a PKR member..?  

Over the past few days it has simmered to boiling point as this report shows and even a PKR senior member said,”We should not discount the possibilities of them leaving. Of course,its a Natural Political Process of flushing out the disgruntled and insincere members. PKR will not be stand in their way and will not be held at GUN-POINT .Can you tell them..!!” 

Todays tabloids had the PKR Sarawak liason chief  Mustaffa Kamil Ayub fighting back the claims and allegations by a divisional chief. He said,”There are proper channels within the party for members to lodge complaints and address their grievances.I will have to first get the feedback and explantaions form Piee and Zulrusdi on the actual situation.

Audie61 learnt he is overseas at the moment and from our brief encounter with Mustaffa we know that he will listen to feedbacks first before and will not just jump the gun and fire like an AK47’s.

The whole report is in todays local tabloids and it seems PKR Sarawak is getting its fair share of tabloid coverage.  Reporters with the local tabloids smell that some BLOOD IS ABOUT TO BE SPILLED ” and are now busying themselves trying to be the first to get their articles published.  Will they get anything more from the restless SOULS..?? Or will the reporters turn to get the information from the proper channels within PKR Sarawak..??

We say as always,”Why are they so impatient and they should have just waited a little longer for the 7th month in the Chinese Calendar..!!!

“PAS,DAP and PKR In Sarawak..Voices from within”

In the years gone by it was common to hear Bandar Kuching Voters saying,”DAP we vote for Parliament only.State seat we vote for local SUPP”  Today in the local political scene its ,”HOW MANY SUPP  seats will be losts to the opposition DAP..??

 How times have changed especially in the urban areas where the internet,bloggers and information technology has played its part. The government controlled mainstream media knows that they can only do that much for the ruling government.They will still try and as far as they can to give positive coverage BUT one knows its VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to hide any news from the more matured urbanised Sarawakians.

DAP needs no introduction as they have been in Sarawak for well over twenty five years and have earned their stripes. Its only a  question of how many more they can wrestle from SUPP Chinese areas to put more of their man/women in the State assembly. A political secretary from the northern region was very bothered and he was fearful for SUPP seats as he puts it nicely as,”the TIDE has reached the shores.” So the urban areas will see SUPP facing their arch rivals SUPP.

My dad said SKY meaning Sim Kwang Yang (MP for Bandar Kuching 1982-1995)would have been a welcome addition to the new DAP YBS in the state. He did his part for Sarawak and we must be thankful for him.Its a check and balance or else they will not be Progress for the state. Democracy needs opposition to stir the economics and ensure that the ruling government projects are accountable and transparent enough. If its too lopsided the YBs would not be working for their constituencies. On PAS my dad was quick to point out that its the rural malay/melanau areas which PBB is worried. If not why should Awang Tengah worry…??

Yesterdays english tabloid had this headlines,”PAS no threat to State BN;Tengah” The extract:-” Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) senior vice president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan does not think that Parti Islam Malaysia (PAS) will be a threat to Sarawak Barisan Nasional even if the peninsula-based party were to make its so-called “surprise” in the coming state election. The full article can be read here,”http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=52961

A veteran Iban politician said that it seems that most disgruntled and has been Ibans are turning towards PKR as a vehicle to push their agendas forward. In Batang air it was clearly a mismatch and also HIDDEN HANDS played a very significant part in ensuring the PKR machinery is totally helpless and divided. Lets see how the new YB Mussen will do in the next state elections due very soon..he continued.

If only PKR and Anwar and his team do more Soul searching for a brand new team maybe the Iban areas will see new PKR YBs. If PKR maintains as he said earlier the tested and tried polticians,has-beens it will be a total wipeout in the Iban areas. Its time to turn to the young Iban intellectuals to present a new fight and its not Dayakism anymore but fighting for their own constituencies. If for 45 years a longhouse in Machan is deprived of electricity and used mostly as election gimmicks its time to change the YBs in the areas.

This is part of the extract,” We had been waiting for so long for the government to bring clean water supply to our longhouses,” Ringgit Injing, 62, Rumah Samsudin.

Villager, Mad Injing, 68, said: “For more than 50 years, we have been doing this so we asked our assemblyman to provide piped water to our villages, but somehow our request went unanswered.”

Do I need to explain further to the PKR top guns. In the political world its selfishness and a common agenda which will determine whether that party succeeds or fails. They are no handouts in politics and PKR being relatively new as compared to DAP or PAS and it needs its leaders to be more of politically capable,acceptable,qualified and of a certain calibre who will ensure that the partys policies and mission are carried out. Just take SKY for example and he was fighting the might of the BN in Sarawak. If there are a few Iban SKYs Iban areas will not be so left behind. Look towards the young Iban intellectuals and thats the answer to PKR breakthrough.

Obviously there will be many independants who will try thier luck to win a seat in the State legislative Assembly. But today Sarawak will be a different challenge for Sarawak based parties as they will take on National parties in DAP,PAS and PKR. The line is already being drawn and its up to the Sarawak voters to choose. Time is still on the Sarawak CM Pehin Taib to continue to run the state and he has till 2011. Who would deprive him of that..??

We say as always,”If there are voices from within the incumbent YBs will need to work hard to ensure that they are re-elected or all will be losts .We have signalled you YBs and dont blame us….